Adhyatma Ramayanam

6.5 Ravana Kumbakarna Sambhashanam
[Ravana and Kumbhakarna Conversation]

Then, after leaving out his sleep in the middle,
Kumbhakarna went to his elder brother and saluted him.
Ravana caressed him with a very tight embrace,
And made him sit on a seat,
And told all the news to his younger brother,
And after making him hear it with love,
Kumbhakarna with a great fear in his mind,
Told the King of Rakshasas as follows.

More than living in this world, it is,
Better to get the godliness,
And all the things that you have done now,
Are leading to your death, please understand,
If Rama finds you out, at that instant,
He will not allow you to live in this earth,
If you are interested in living,
Go and serve Rama daily,
For Rama is not a man and he is,
Maha Vishnu, the Narayana,
Who does not have any two.

Sita is the real Goddess Lakshmi,
And has been born to kill you.
Attracted by the difference in sounds,
The animals move to their death,
The fishes attracted by interesting food,
Go themselves and swallow the fish hook and die,
The moths get attracted to the fire,
And invite death silently,
And you because you were attracted to Sita,
Would get your death.

Though understanding that, it is not good for me within the mind,
Your mind would travel towards that only,
Because of the inclination created in previous birth,
And nobody can prevent this,
Even punishment will not stifle that desire,
Even for the very intelligent divine people,
And need we tell more about it for the ignorant people.

Whatever you have done is injustice,
And it would bring danger to people of the country also,
I would go and suppress Rama and all other monkeys,
You go and enjoy Sita, without any sorrow in the mind,
The body would embrace death soon, and,
Even before that you fulfill your desires,
To the man who is the slave to senses,
Definitely danger would come soon, remember this,
And to the man who controls his senses,
All good as well as pleasures would come of its own.

Hearing the words of Kumbhakarna who is the enemy of Indra,
Indrajit told with great respect,
"I will go and kill that man Rama,
As well as all the monkeys, I would,
Go and come back soon, if you give permission."
Said he to the king of Rakshasas.

6.6 Ravana Vibheeshana Sambhashanam
The talk between Rama and Vibheeshana.

Vibheeshana who came at that time,
Saluted his blessed his elder brother,
Ravana made him sit near himself,
And Vibheeshana at that time told him.

Hey king of Rakshasas, Hey hero, Hey ten faced one,
Today you have to hear my words,
Good things should be told to you by all the people
Who are ours and also by the wise people,
What is auspicious for the clan,
Should be thought over by all people,
Please remember, oh king of Rakshasas,
That in war there is no one to face Rama in all the three worlds.

Matha, Unmatha, Prahastha, Vikata,
Supthagna, Yagnathaka and,
Kumbhakarna, Jambumali, Prajanga,
Kumbha, Nikumbha, Akambhana Kambhana,
Vamba, Mahodhara Maha Parswa,
Kumbaha, Trisirass, Athikaya,
Devanthaka, Naranthaka and,
Enemies of Devas of heroes like Vajra Damshtra,
Yupaksha, Sonithaksha and
Virupaksha, Dhoomraksha, Makaraksha,
Indrajith who imprisoned Indra in war,
All cannot win against Rama.

Please do not think in your mind,
Of directly fighting and winning with Sri Rama,
Please hear, Sri Rama is not a human being,
There is also nobody to know who he is,
He is not Devendra nor is he fire,
He is not Vaivaswatha Manu nor is he Niryathi,
He is not Vanuna nor is he the wind,
He is not Khubera nor is he Lord Shiva,
He is not Brahma nor is he the lord of snakes,
He is neither Sun nor Rudhra nor Vasus.

He is the real Maha Vishnu who is the divine Narayana,
He can grant salvation and he is the cause of creation, upkeep and destruction,
Earlier he killed Hiranyaksha,
By taking the form of boar to bring back the earth,
Later he took the form of Man Lion,
And killed the very valorous Hiranya Kasipu,
Later that lord of all worlds, became Vamana,
And took all the three worlds from Bali,
And then becoming Rama he killed,
Twenty one generations of kings,
Because they were having Asura spirit in them,
And for killing Asuras, time after time,
He who pervades the world takes incarnation in this world.

He who has come today as the son of Dasaratha,
Has come to kill you, understand this.
The God who is truthful, should not come,
For no purpose, just because he wants it, this is definite,
Then why am I telling this, If you have,
Any doubt I will tell you about it,
He is the one who gives protection to those serving him,
He is God, merciful one, one who is alone,
He likes his devotees, is divine and Lord of everything,
He is the Janardhana who gives wealth and salvation,
He likes people depending on him, He is one with lotus eyes,
He is God, the husband of Lakshmi, Kesava,
With devotion serve his feet daily without hesitation.

Take lady Sita and give her to him,
And salute at his lotus feet,
If you fold your hands and say save me,
He will pardon all your mistakes,
And give you his world,
For there are none who is merciful as our lord.

When he entered the forest he was a small boy,
And he killed Thadaga with just one arrow.
For the protection of fire sacrifice of Kousiga,
He gave death to Subahu and other Rakshasas,
Just by keeping feet on the stone which was Ahalya,
He completely destroyed all her sins, do you not know,
After breaking the bow called Trayambaka, when,
He was taking away the Sita with lovely eyes, wonder of wonders,
On the way he defeated Bhargava whose weapon was axe,
Later he killed Viradha and killed Khara and others who went to enquire,
And later he killed the very great Bali,
And was not all this done by Raghava.
The Maruthi jumped and crossed the sea, came here,
And met and talked with the lotus eyed one,
And offered the city of Lanka to the fire,
And went back victoriously,
And all these without leaving anything out,
Is known to you and in spite of that,
There is your great pride, I think.

Unnecessary enmity with good people is bad,
Without hesitation give the pretty lady back,
Remember that the ministers who are without any brain,
Would tell things to your liking and lead you to death,
Suppose you don't want to go to the city of death,
Without any further delay, give back, Sita,
If a weak person in his mind tries to,
Compete with a famous one,
Later he would lose his soul, city and army,
And later also lose his life within half a second.
All the relatives who tell words that please you now,
Will not be with you at the time of your suffering.

Your friends and relations will say,
That this happened due to your bad conduct,
And for that we are not in any way responsible,
And they would go and serve the one who is famous,
And king, there is no use to think this at that time.
When you are hit by the arrow and about to die,
There would be great pain in my heart, and so,
I am advising you directly now, now,
Without delay give back the daughter of earth,
For when in the war your entire army is destroyed,
Leading to complete loss of all your wealth,
And at that time, if you feel like returning that lady,
There would be no chance to do that.

You have to think about the result,
That will come to any weak one fighting against the strong,
You should know that If you start a fight with Sri Rama,
Remember that no one will protect you,
Please remember that Lord Shiva and others,
Live by serving that lotus eyed one,
Oh king of Rakshasas, be victorious, and be victorious,
Do not quarrel with the real great god,
And return the Goddess Janaki to Sri Rama,
And live happily forever,
Without any doubt return that lady,
And please do not completely destroy our clan.

Like this when Vibheeshana told again and again,
That which is good for him,
The ten faced one who was the king of Rakshasas,
Became very angry and told his brother and told,
"It is not enemies who become your enemies,
Those enemies who move with friendliness near you,
Are the real enemies for everyone,
They will definitely bring death.
If you talk like this further to me,
There is no doubt that you will be killed."

As soon as the king of Rakshasas told like this,
That Vibheeshana who was a great devotee thought,
"To the man who is in the arms of death,
No divine medicines would work,
Whatever I have told him is enough,
Can the dictates of fate be moved by valour?
I do not have any other protection,
Other than the lotus like feet of Rama,
I will go and fall at his feet and always,
Serve him, till this life exists for me."

Immediately along with four ministers,
He took a decision like this and started,
I would forsake wife, wealth, home and servants,
And then fix the lotus like feet in my mind and become happy,
And then he saluted the feet of his brother,
And Ravana with great anger at that time told,
"You are the one who brings danger to me,
You go and serve Rama and I do not have,
Any pain because of that in my mind,
If you do not go you would become,
Lonely food to my sword Chandrahasa."

Hearing that Vibheeshana told,
"You are equal to my father,
If I obey your orders,
That would only bring happiness to me,
Because of me you should not have any sorrow,
And so I am going speedily from here."

You please live long happily along with,
Sons, friends, money and wives,
And to completely annihilate you,
Rama has been born in the house of Dasaratha,
And the goddess of death is born in Janaka's house,
With a name Sita and to reduce,
The burden of earth both of them have come over here.

Oh Lord, when that is the case, how would,
The advice meant for your good told by me,
Enter in to your mind, please know for killing Ravana,
In the earth as per the request of Lord Brahma,
Definitely Lord Rama was born,
How can this change in to another now,
Before the entire Rakshasa clan is destroyed,
I am going to seek the protection of son of Dasaratha.

6.7 Vibheeshanan Rama Sannidhiyil
[Vibheesha in the Presence of Rama]

Vibheeshana has sent by Ravana,
For doing service to lotus like feet of God of Gods,
Without sorrow and with four ministers,
Travelled through the sky very speedily,
And came at the spot where Rama was there,
And with clear words and a high tone told,
With devotion, humility and with clarity and power.

Oh Rama, Oh husband of Lakshmi, Oh lord of three worlds,
Oh lord, victory, victory, Oh Lord Victory, Victory,
Oh lotus eyed one, Oh Mukunda, Victory, Victory,
Oh crest jewel of kings, Oh husband of Sita, victory,
I am the brother of Ravana, I bid farewell to them,
For doing service to you, Oh treasure of mercy,
Oh God of Vedas, Oh Lord of Raghu clan, Oh Lord of Lakshmi,
My name is Vibheeshana, I am a devotee who is your servant.

I told Ravana for his good that,
"Your stealing of the lady is wrong",
And "Please take and give her back to Rama,"
I told to the best of my capacity, several times,
And I tried to advice him in a scientific way,
And because he is ignorant, he did not agree.

Whatever I told him for his own good,
Appeared to him as bad due to fate
He neared me with a sword to kill me,
With a speed of a black Cobra, that King of Lanka,
Due to fear of death, I came flying from there,
Worried and with great speed,
Along with four ministers I bid farewell,
And Oh God I do not have any support,
I came for salvation from birth death process,
And Oh ocean of mercy, your lotus like feet is my support.

As soon as these words of Vibheeshana were heard,
Sugreeva got up and said as follows,
"Oh lord of the world, This Rakshasa is a magician,
Besides, he being specially the brother,
Of Ravana he must be having valour,
And those ministers who came with him are armed,
And definitely must be experts in magic,
If our security appears to be less,
They may even kill us in sleep."

Think about it and send the monkeys,
He is one who has to be killed without any doubt,
Believing one's own enemies as friends is better than,
Believing people of the enemies side as our friends,
Please think about it deeply and come to a conclusion and tell us,
Other monkeys also thought and expressed different opinions.

At that time Hanuman stood up, saluted and told,
"Vibheeshana is a very good person,
My opinion is that we should protect,
Those who come seeking protection from us.
Is it a fact that all those born as Rakshasas,
Are all our enemies for all people,
Should know that good people are also there among them.
It is not for the name of the caste but,
It is the difference in the character,
That should be considered, opine the wise.
The permanent dharma for all kings,
Is to protect those who depend on them, say Sasthras."

After hearing the several talks of different persons,
Rama understood all of them and told,
"I think that what was told by Hanuman is proper,
Oh valorous one, Oh son of Sun God, come here,
All of you please hear what is said by me,
Oh great givers of law like Jambhavan,
If one becomes a king then he should,
Always protect those who depend on him,
Though that person is a dog or a dalit."

If he does not protect he is one with sin of killing a Brahmin,
And the one who protects is the blessed one who has done Aswamedha,
Says all the Vedas as well as shastras,
So you should not know about sin and blessing.
Once upon a time a dove with his lady dove,
Wandered inside a big forest,
On a big very tall tree,
And there that dove was killed by arrow of a hunter.

After crying due to the great sorrow,
Of its partner in love being killed,
When he was sitting there forgetting all,
A big rain and wind came and the sun,
Went and disappeared in the divine ocean,
That hunter came very tired due to hunger,
And stood below the tree where he was sitting,
Seeing that hunter standing pitiably,
That dove with great mercy,
Brought fire from somewhere and gave him.

He baked the dove that was with him,
In the fire and then ate it,
But since his hunger was not satiated,
That hunter was standing there miserably,
And that dove gave him his body,
By falling in to the fire and became his food.
It is like this, that those who depend on us,
Should be protected and if is a man, need we tell,
This one has come here to see protection,
And so I would always give protection to him.

Then you please something special,
There is no one who can deceive me,
For me it is not a problem,
To create, protect and destroy,
The protectors of the world,
As well as the entire world that we see in a minute.
So whom should I be afraid of, unnecessarily,
Without hesitation ask him to come,
Do not have any worry about it,
Oh Sugreeva, you go and bring him,
I would speedily give protection,
To all those who seek it from me,
And also understand that after that,
There would not be any sorrow of domestic life for them.

That monkey hero after hearing the word nectar,
From Rama, made Vibheeshana come there,
And he fell at the feet of Rama and saluted him,
And with rising joy again saluted him, and saw
Rama, the broad eyed one, One who has,
Black similar to leaf of Indivaraksha plant
The pretty one oh expert in science of arrows,
The lotus faced one with face resembling the moon,
The fulfiller of desires, the god who looks like God of love,
Consort of Lakshmi, the shining one, the merciful one,
The God with lotus like eyes, the peaceful one,
The God who protects who surrender to you,
The giver of boons, the God who is with Lakshmana,
The Raghava who is served by clan of chief monkeys,
Saluted him and with utmost humility,
Started praying the Lord of the world,
Who loves his devotees with great devotion.

Sri Rama, pretty one of Sita, Raghava,
Sri Rama, King of kings, lotus eyed one,
Sri Rama, the exterminator of Rakshasa clan,
I always salute the lotus feet of Rama,
One born in the clan of Sun, salutations and salutations,
One who holds the fearsome Kodanda bow, salutations and salutations,
The shining part of the lotus like heart of the learned,
One who is fond of the fearsome axe, salutations and salutations,
Rama, friend of Sugreeva, lord,
Rama, one who is forever, limitless one, peaceful one,
Rama, one who is studied by Vedanthas,
One who bewitches the entire world,
Rama Bhadra, salutations and salutations,
Oh cause of the creation, upkeep and destruction,
Of the world, One who is the world, form of the world,
Salutations and salutations,
Salutations to the perennial and primeval householder,
One who is forever, the truth, purity, salutations to you,
One who likes devotees, Rama, God,
One who grants salvation, Mukunda, salutations to you.

You who are the lord of the entire universe,
Is the cause of creation, upkeep and destruction of the world,
Always you are spread within and without,
Of all living and non living things, Oh God.

The Parabrahma in non wise people,
Is always covered by your great illusion,
And they go through birth and death,
Caused by sin and blessed deeds,
And till this is uncovered,
They think that this materialistic,
World is the truth.

How many days should we continue,
Without knowing the divine Brahman,
Which cannot be divided further,
We get attracted by sons and wife,
And always enjoy the feeling of possession,
Without knowing the soul, definitely,
We have to see the soul, the soul of all beings,
And the attraction to the senses leads to sorrow,
If we think of all in the end, the non soul,
Would make everything to appear to be pleasant,
And that is in the mind of people without wisdom,
If we think that Indra, Fire, Yama, Varuna, Vayu,
Chandra, Shiva, Brahma and Adhi Sesha are you yourself,
Oh God who does not have beginning or end.

The greatest among Raghu clan became happy,
On seeing the devotee who was praying with great devotion,
And that lover of devotees, becoming divinely happy,
With a very happy smile told like this,
"You choose the boon that you like,
For being happy I want to give you a boon,
Please remember that once somebody finds me out,
He will never have problems afterwards."
Vibheeshana hearing the nectar like words of Rama,
With great joy told the following.

"I have become blessed and contented,
Oh blessed one, I have become one whose desires are fulfilled,
By the sight of your lotus like feet,
I have become detached, there is no doubt about it,
In this world there is no blessed person equal to me,
There is also no one as pure as me,
Because of my ability to see your form.
For getting detached of the ties of Karma,
Oh Raghava give me the pure knowledge about you,
I do not have any other desires in my mind,
I should get devotion to your lotus like feet,
Daily with great stability, oh treasure of mercy."

After hearing this the very highly pleased Raghava,
Told the Lord of the Rakshasas as follows,
"In the minds of the jnanis who exist,
Daily without attachment to anything, with peace,
With a pure mind where devotion has grown,
I would happily stay along with Sita.
So daily meditate on me always,
And live so that you would get salvation,
And not only that he who reads or hears daily with a pure mind,
The prayer drenched in devotion composed by you,
He would definitely attain salvation."

That lover of devotees, then told like this,
To Lakshmana with great propriety,
"The result of seeing me with softness,
I want to be seen and implemented today itself,
Without any doubt and with love,
Crown him as the ruler of Lanka,
Go and bring the water from the ocean,
Along with the lords of tree branches,
And let him live as ruler of Lanka,
As long as the sun, earth and the sky,
And my story exist, Let the Lanka prosper,
Under the rule of the great pure devotee Vibheeshana.

Lakshmana obeying the words of the lotus eyed,
Anointed Vibheeshana as the king of Lanka,
With playing of musical instruments,
Along with very powerful monkey kings,
And the entire three worlds said, "Good, good",
And good people were happy because of this,
And the great devas showered flowers,
Becoming bereft of their sorrows.

The Apsara ladies also prayed to the great Purusha,
By dancing and by songs,
Gandharwas, Kinnaras and Kimpurushas, Sidhas,
And Vidhyadharas with ebbing happiness in their mind,
Praised Sri Rama and prayed him,
All the devas played drums and high musical sound was produced,
Sugreeva hugged the very holy Vibheeshana and told.
You are the chief among Rama's servants,
Who rule over the fourteen worlds,
Please do as much as possible,
To help us to kill Ravana immediately,
From now onwards we would be,
Simply walking in front,
So that by service we would get his blessings.

Hearing the words of Sugreeva, Vibheeshana,
With a smile told him,
"He is the god of all who pervades everywhere,
And since he is the witness to all happenings,
What help can I do to him and hear,
He does not have any one as relation or enemy,
And our soul which is full of joy and is the universal one,
Has to depend only on the God who does not change with time.

The thought that we can help him, within us is foolish,
For due to the secret three fold characters,
And by the strength of illusion, understand that,
We are all under his control and we should serve him,
With a feeling that there is no division of two,
And hearing the opinion of the Rakshasa,
Sugreeva who is a devotee became more clear.

6.8 Shuka Bandanam
[Sukha's Imprisonment]

Due to the orders of Ravana, the king of Rakshasas,
The Rakshasa called Shuka came there immediately,
And standing on the sky he called and told,
Sugreeva, the king of monkeys like this,
"Please hear the words of king of Rakshasas,
Oh son of Sun God, Oh ocean of valour,
Oh Son of Bhaskara the sun god, the sea of good luck,
Oh one who is born in the great clan of monkeys."

Since you are the brother of the son of Devendra,
You are definitely like a brother to me,
I do not have any enmity with you,
And you also do not have enmity with me,
What is the objection for you in my bringing,
By deceit the wife of the prince Rama,
My army is much bigger than the army of monkeys,
And so you please go back to the city of Kishkinda".

My city of Lanka is one of those,
Which cannot be approached by even devas,
Why have few weak men and a,
Powerless group of monkeys,
Come here and with what intention,
Do not unnecessarily think of silly things.

When the monkeys heard these words of Sukha,
They stood up and speedily jumped and caught him,
And with fist hits that Sukha became very weak,
And he started crying and he wailed,
"Oh Rama, Oh Lord Rama, Oh ocean of mercy,
Oh Rama, Oh Lord, please save me lord of Raghu clan,
From ancient times the emissary is never killed,
And Lord, please protect this Dharma,
By reining these monkeys,
Oh valorous man save me who am about to die."

Hearing these entreaties of Shuka,
That lover of devotees, The one who blesses and the best among men,
Made the monkeys leave him,
And that Sukha became happy, rose up,
And told Sugreeva, "What should,
I inform the ten faced one, please tell that",
And hearing that Sugreeva told,
"Like the valorous Bali, I have to kill you,
Along with your sons and army and then,
And then kill the thief who stole the wife of Rama,
And bring back that Janaki to Kishkinda,
There is no two opinions on this, please tell him."

When he clearly understood the words of Sugreeva,
The one born in the clan of Sun told,
"Monkeys, tie Sukha properly,
And guard him carefully,
Till I tell you to leave him out"
As son as Rama told this with joy,
The monkeys caught and tied him,
And very carefully guarded him,
That monkey group as valorous as a lion,
And one Rakshasa called Sardhula saw this,
And getting worried told Ravana.

After hearing the true news completely,
Ravana the god of Rakshasas,
With great sorrow, taking very deep breaths,
With sorrow in his mind, several times,
Exhaled deeply and could not find any other solution.

6.9 Sethu Bandanam
[Bridge Building]

Then Rama who was born in the clan of the sun,
Started discussion with, the monkey who was son of Sun God,
With Vibheeshana the chief of Rakshasas and,
With Lakshmana and requested them,
"You all join together and tell me,
The method to cross this ocean."
Hearing that, they discussed among themselves,
And after coming to a decision told together.

"If we pray the deva chief Varuna,
Then he will show us the way",
Hearing that Rama told,
"Good that thought came to you, we will do that,"
And then on the banks of ocean, facing the east,
That lotus eyed Rama saluted, spread Durba,
Saluted again and that wonderful hero,
With great devotion did penance of fasting,
For three day and nights, that Lord of three worlds.

There was no movement in the ocean and
The very angry red eyed Lord said,
"Bring my bow and arrows, Lakshmana,
You all now see my prowess with the arrow,
If today I am not able to find a big path,
I would turn the ocean in to ashes,
This ocean which was grown by my ancestors,
Would be made nothing today by me.
He has forgotten the name "Sagara",
And is living without any worries,
And I would see that there is no water there,
So that the monkey clan can walk on it and cross it."

After telling this he fixed his bow, twanged it,
And that Rama told as follows to the sea.
"Let all beings see the unstoppable power of my arrow,
I am going to turn this ocean in to ash,
And all of you stand and see this wonderful act."

As soon as these words of Rama were heard,
The trees, the forest fires and the earth,
Shivered, Sun became dim, darkness filled the earth,
The ocean roared and its waters ebbed out,
And then came an extremely high wave,
The fearsome crocodiles, whales and fishes,
Became fear stuck and greatly worried.

Then the ocean greatly scared, took a divine form,
Decorated by divine jewels,
With emanating light filling all the ten directions,
Came holding various jewels in his hand,
And with great worry, placed them at the feet of Rama,
And also saluted him by falling on ground,
And saluted with devotion that Rama,
With a reddish angry eye and started praying him.

Protect me, protect me, Oh God who looks after the three worlds,
Protect me, protect me, Oh Lord Vishnu, Oh Lord of universe,
Protect me, protect me, killer of Ravana,
Protect me, protect me, Rama, consort of Lakshmi,
In the ancient times due to the property of illusion,
You created all beings and then later,
You, who were having the form of time,
Created the five great elements in a gross form,
But you created them with mindless forms,
Alas, who can change your decision in this.

Later even specially more inanimate,
You created me again and,
Who has the power and strength to change,
That character which you have given me earlier,
Those elements which have base qualities,
Would have only base conduct, oh lord,
And since base quality is the inanimate nature,
Passion, avarice and pride are base qualities.

When You who do not have illusion and
With no properties of your own,
Recognized the properties of illusion,
You became the ultimate man and had,
The soul with properties that are good,
And then in that ultimate nature,
Became your properties,
And then the devas were created.

From your Sathwa qualities arose devas,
From your regal qualities the Prajapathis,
And from your base qualities arose Lord Shiva,
Oh best of men, Oh Rama, Oh treasure of mercy,
Hidden by illusion as a man who loves sports,
You have taken the qualities of Maya always,
And has become one without properties,
And having more positive divine qualities,
Without decay and without forms
And also you are the giver of salvation,
How can I who is foolish understand this?

The punishment given by good people
For the good of the ignorant ones,
Makes the ignorant know the proper way,
Like the stick that leads the bad cows,
It is your duty to punish the bad ones,
You are God Rama, divine and lover of devotees,
You are the causal man and ocean of mercy,
I take refuge in Narayana who is the greatest Purusha,
I come and take refuge in the God Rama,
Always give me protection oh Ramachandra,
Oh Rama I will give you the way to Lanka.

To the Varuna who saluted and prayed like this,
The best of men told like this,
"My arrow is one which gets result,
So it needs to have an aim now,
What is the aim for it now?
Do, oh treasure of water, show,
Me a proper aim for that."

That Lord of the sea Told at that time,
"Oh complete ocean of mercy, Oh Lord of universe,
In the north, on my shore in earth,
In a pretty forest called Kulya Desa, which is wealthy,
There are very sinful Rakshasas,
And they trouble all people too much,
So please send your arrow there,
And it would definitely be helpful to all the world."

At that time Rama sent his arrow,
It searched everywhere for that bad place
In the place of cowherds
And destroyed the diseased parts,
And speedily came back and went inside the quiver.
Due to the destruction of the area of cowherds,
That place became auspicious,
And that place belonging to that clan,
Became a very important part of the world always.

At that time, that ocean told with respect,
"Without any difficulty on my waters,
Let the great monkey Nala, build a bridge,
No problem would come to him at that time,
For he is the son of Viswakarma, the deva architect,
And is an expert on buildings in the world,
And that bridge would be something,
Which would put an end to problems of the world,
And would have a fame that fills the entire world,"
Saying this and saluting Rama, he disappeared.

The contented and Happy Ramachandra then,
Thought along with Sugreeva and Lakshmana,
Called Nala who was an expert,
And ordered him to build the bridge.
Immediately that monkey chief Nala,
Saluted the lotus eyed one and quickly,
The monkeys who had Mountain like bodies,
Who were also having unbeatable valour,
Collected Mountain bits, stones and trees,
From all over the place very speedily,
And Nala got them from them and,
Arranged them in to a bed without any effort

When the bed was formed with hundred yojanas length
And ten yojanas broad, Rama, son of Dasaratha,
Who is the God of the universe, established,
At a holy time a statute of Sankara, the divine god,
Who has sky as his hair and called that God as Rameswara,
For destroying sins and for the good of the world,
Worshipped saluted and saluted on the ground with devotion,
And that lotus eyed one told.

Any man who comes here with respect,
And after seeing this bridge and worships,
This God Rameswara, he would get rid of,
Sins like Brahma Hathyaa, become greatly pure,
And due to my blessings will get salvation, definitely."

After taking bath by dipping near this bridge,
And after seeing and saluting Lord Shiva who is Rameswara,
If one gets purified and without any laziness,
Goes to Varanasi, take bath in Ganga, without tiredness,
Bring the water of Ganges with great respect,
And anoint Rameswara with that water,
And throw away all their they luggage in the sea,
And takes bath there, would without doubt,
Get salvation from me.

Rama told thus and all people saluted and served Rameswara,
And after that Nala the son of Viswakarma,
Started building the bridge with confidence,
Immediately using Mountain, stones and trees,
First day fourteen yojanas were completed,
Next day another twenty yojanas were completed,
And on the third day Twenty one yojanas were built,
And on the fourth day it became twenty two,
And on the fifth day it was twenty three yojanas,
And thus within five days, hundred yojanas of the bridge was built,
Without any problems and after completing it,
The monkeys walked over the bridge,
And without any worries started crossing over to Lanka.
Rama rode on the neck of Hanuman,
And Lakshmana rode the neck of Angadha,
And riding like that, they went to the Subela Mountain,
Along with the great monkey army,
For destroying the city of Lanka,
Reaching on the top of Subela Mountain,
He saw the city of Lanka which,
Is equal to the city of Devendra,

In the building was a wall of golden glitter,
With hanging ornaments which are pretty,
With a tower resembling the Kailasa Mountain,
Along with iron pestles and cannons,
And on the top of that building, in a very broad place,
Ravana was sitting with the opulence of Indra,
On a gem studded throne with all his ministers,
Also shining with umbrellas with gem studded handles,
With chowries, and round fans,
Which were fanned by young lasses,
With ten shining crowns having the glitter of a blue Mountain,
And was resembling a blue cloud and this was seen by Rama.
With great wonder growing in his heart,
He told the monkeys with a pretty smile.

Speedily release the Sukhasura,
Who was imprisoned by us,
Let him tell all the facts and happenings,
Without even leaving one without delay.

6.10 Ravana Shuka Samvadam
[Ravana and Shuka Dialogue]

The talk between Ravana and Shuka
Ravana with ten faces then asked him,
"Please tell me why is there delay in your return?
Did the chief monkeys catch you and insult you?
Please leave out the sorrow in your mind,
And tell the reason for your tiredness"
Shuka hearing the words of the king of Rakshasa,
Told the ten faced one the truth.

Oh great king of Rakshasas, victory, victory,
I will tell you in an advice - form leading to salvation,
When I went to the northern shore of the ocean,
And Told your words fully to them,
They caught me and when they started killing me,
I shouted "Hey Rama, Rama, lord, save and save."
With sorrow and tears, that lord heard that and told,
That merciful one, with great respect
"He is an emissary, send him away."
Since the monkeys send me,
I leaving out all fear walked at length,
And saw all the army of the monkeys,
As per the order of the valorous human being.
And later the best of the Raghu clan told me,
"You please go and tell Ravana,
Either return Sita or without delay start the war,
Start speedily either of them,
As both are same as far as I am concerned."

The power that you showed in stealing Sita,
Being stationed there, if you think it is sufficient,
Immediately start for a war with me,
Without any doubt with my arrows,
I would powder the city of Lanka,
As well as the army of Rakshasas,
And if you enter here I would destroy your pride,
And if you the great one of the Rakshasa clan,
Is strong enough, start immediately for a war."

After saying this he sat down.
Along with your brother Vibheeshana,
Sugreeva, Lakshmana have appeared,
In your battle field to kill you.
Please also see the innumerable strength,
Oh Lord with ten necks, which is controlled by monkey lords,
Which consists of Mountain like monkeys,
Who are roaring like lions making the world shiver,
And are standing with great pride and no fear,
So that they can turn the entire world in to ash.

No one can compute their numbers,
Which would be difficult even for Lord Subrahmanya,
Please hear about the chiefs,
In the monkey army which is standing saying "hum",
Standing facing and staring at the city of Lanka,
Shouting innumerable number of times,
Along with hundred thousand army to,
Turn in to ash his enemies with a raised tail,
Who even creates fear in god of death,
Is the commander Neela who is the son of fire.

The junior king of monkeys is Angadha,
Who is having the luster of the lotus tendrils,
He beats and beats the earth with his tail,
He is the son of Bali and is similar to a Mountain,
The one who stands near him is the son of wind God,
Who is the one who killed your son and he is very dear to Rama,
The one who talks with Sugreeva,
Is the terrible Swetha who shines like silver,
Ramban stands little away and the
One who stands in front of him is Sarba who is powerful.

The next one is Maindan, his younger brother Vividhan,
And they are the sons of the doctors of devas,
Next is Nala who built the bridge,
Who is the very wise Viswa Karma's son,
Thara, Panasa, Kumudha, Vinatha,
Veera, Vrushabha, Vikata, Visala,
Kesari the father of Hanuman. The very heroic Pramadhi, Sathabali,
The very wise Jambhavan, Vega darsi,
Veera, Gaja, Gavaya, Gavaksha,
Soora, Dadhi Mukha, Jyothir Mukha,
Athi Ghora, Sumukha, Durmukha, Gomukha,
Are the many, many monkey chiefs,
Oh Lord how can I say about them in particular.

Please know that there are sixty seven crores,
Of such great monkey chieftains,
They have an army of one thousand twenty one
Vellam (a huge number) of army with them,
All of them are persons born with,
A part of deva power born to kill enemies of devas.

Sri Rama also is not a man,
He is the primeval Narayana, the divine Purushothama,
Sita is the Yoga Maya Devi,
And brother Lakshmana is the Aadhi Sesha,
The father and mother of the world,
Are Sri Rama and Sita respectively.

How did your enmity got created with them,
You please think about the reason in your mind,
This body which is the mixture of five elements,
And for all people death would definitely happen.
Made with the twenty five principles,
And tied with sins and good deeds one earns,
The sin and good deeds would become attached,
And the body gets a very bad smell being mixed with,
The flesh, fat, bone, urine and stool,
And the concept that "I am that",
Comes from there for the ignorant people, remember this.

Alas, What a great attachment is developed,
To this soul less body even by the wise,
That body by which sins like Brahma Hathyaa,
And crowds of crimes leading to our fall are done,
That body which enjoys passion, within a second,
Would fall down dead due to diseases definitely,
And along with sin and good deeds, the soul,
Is also got tied by the pleasures and pains of the body.
Due to illusion we consider that body is me,
And keep on doing activities due to weakness,
And to all those who are caught by illusion,
The birth and death keep on coming to them,
So if you want to remove sorrow, old age and death,
Leave out this attachment to the body,
The soul is pure, non-decaying, cannot be divided,
And so see the soul within the soul and become clear,
Always think of that soul,
And later go and merge yourself with soul.

Without desire in son, wife wealth and home,
Live with complete detachment,
For whether it is in the body of pig or horse,
Passion is there or even in hell it is there.
With body becoming wise and then,
Getting the status of the twice born,
In the Bharatha Kanda which is the land of Karma,
If pure knowledge of Brahman is got,
Will there be desire for passion for such a one,
And then he becomes blessed, Oh greatly wise one.

You are great Brahmin, being grandson of sage Poulasthya,
All the three worlds honour you; you have done great penance,
When this is like this like an ignorant person,
Why this desire for passion again?
From today get rid of all relations well in the mind,
Always think of only Rama,
For Rama is the divine Athma who does not have two,
Take Sita and give her back to him,
And become one who serves his lotus like feet.

You would get freedom from all sins,
You would go to the divine land of Vishnu,
Otherwise you would go down and further down,
And without any doubt reach the hell.
Whatever I have told is for your good,
You can verify it from good people.

By chanting of Rama, Rama,
You get rid of sins and get salvation,
Along with good company if you,
Permanently meditate with on Ramachandra,
Who is dear to his devotees, Who protects the world,
With whom people seek protection, God,
Who has the shine of emerald, who is served by Lakshmi,
Who is Raghava armed with bow and arrows,
Who is served by Sugreeva, who is with Lakshmana,
Who is an expert in protection, Who is served by Vibheeshana,
You would definitely get salvation.
Ravana hearing these words of Shuka,
Which destroys ignorance, became red eyed with anger,
And with great emotion saw and told
As if Shuka would be burnt in to ashes,
"You who is a servant is talking to me like a teacher,
And how come you started shamelessly to teach me?
Remembering the good deeds done to me by you,
I have some mercy on you, and because of that,
I am not killing you today, and I order you,
To speedily to go from my vision and hide yourself,
And I do not have patience to hear,
These words which cannot be heard by any one,
Do not stand even a quarter of a second before me,
Definitely death would come to you today itself."

Scared and shivering by these words,
Sukha went to his home and remained there.

6.11 Shukande Poorva Vruthantham
[Shukha's Earlier Story]

Once Shuka was a great Brahmin who was pure,
Who always protected the rules of Brahmanism.
He lived in a forest as a semi retired life,
And was recognized as one of the greatly wise man,
And daily used to do rituals for betterment of devas,
And for the destruction of the enemies of Devas.
Towards this end he used to do fire sacrifices,
And meditate on the divine Brahma assuming a yogic pose.
When he was living like this for good of devas,
Berating all Rakshasas, One Vajradamshtra,
Who was a very bad Rakshasa and when he was waiting,
For the proper time to trouble Shuka,
Sage Agasthya born out of a pot reached,
The hermitage of Shuka accidentally.

Sage Agasthya who was worshipped,
Was invited for taking meals with him,
And when that pot born sage went to take bath,
Vajra Damshtra the chief of Rakshasas,
Went in between taking the form of Agasthya,
And told Shuka with a smile.

"Since long time I have not taken food along with meat,
And I want to take very tasty food today?
I want the meat of goat today as side dish,
And you are one who sacrifices and a great Brahmin,"
And as soon as he heard this, He told that,
To his wife and she told "So be it",
And he took the form of the wife of Shuka,
And made her swoon by his illusion,
And with love he served human meat,
And immediately Vajra Damshtra disappeared.

Seeing the human meat, Agasthya,
Became very angry and immediately cursed Shuka,
"Due to the power of my penance, you live,
In this world as Rakshasa who eats human beings."
Shuka when he heard this curse told,
"This is strange, why was this done?
No one else but you came and told,
That you wanted to eat meat,
Is it someone else? Why did you get,
Angry and curse me. It is only my bad fate?

Please tell me, what did you tell me?
You have to tell me about this good story."

Hearing that Sukha addressing Agasthya,
Told at that time the real truth,
"After going to take your bath,
You came back and again told me,
That you want that the side dishes,
Should be made of meat and.
Hearing that I did as you wanted,"
And hearing these words of Shuka,
Agasthya thought for some time in his mind,
And realizing that truth only has been told,
With great pain in his mind Agasthya told

I have been deceived, this has,
Been definitely done by a Rakshasa,
And I also became a great fool,
My decisions can never be changed at any time,
And my words should not become useless,
And since you are the great votary of truth,
Good things will definitely happen to you,
And also gave him auspicious redemption from the curse.

Ravana would take the wife Rama,
And definitely keep her in a garden,
You also would become a servant to him.
And you also would become his friend,
Without any pain Ragahava would enter,
The city of Lanka along with the monkey army,
And when the city is surrounded on all sides,
Ravana would send you to find out the news,
And on that day, you should go,
And bow Lord Rama with respect,
And later go and tell all the news,
And tell all of it to the ten faced one.

After teaching the philosophy of soul Ravana,
You would come back as one dear to devas,
And you would completely leave out the Rakshasa form,
And definitely you would assume the form of a Brahmin,
And thus blessed him, that Agasthya.
The words of the sage are pretty and true.

6.12 Malyavande Vakyam
[Malayavan's Declaration]

After the well-meaning Shuka went away,
To the house where the terrible Ravana was living,
Came the father of Ravana's mother,
To see and ask Ravana with sorrow,
Ravana treated him hospitably,
And after enquiring about his welfare,
That Rakshasa offered him a seat suitable to him,
The intelligent father of Kaikasi who had humility.
Told the son of Kaikasi as follows.

I am telling all this for your own good,
And you follow them as per your wish,
Very many bad omens are being,
Seen in Lanka after the arrival of Sita,
Are you not able to see the reason for this destruction,
Oh Lord with ten necks, think it over in your mind.

Daily thunders strike in a fierce way,
Blood flows warm as rain,
Statues of Gods shake and sweat
The Goddess Kali along with her horrifying teeth,
Is seen everywhere laughing,
Donkeys are born to cows,
The rats fight with cats,
And fiercely with mongoose also.

Definitely hoards of snakes are,
Opposing and fighting with Garuda,
With shaved head, protruding large teeth,
With always in the colour of brownish black.
We are able to see God of death everywhere
It is definite that time is dangerous,
As this type of ill omens are seen,
We have to take up peaceful means.

We have to preserve and protect our clan,
Without any doubt, Without delay take Sita,
Keep her at the feet of Rama and salute him,
For Rama is Vishnu, the Narayana,
Forsake all hatred and start praying,
The division less divine soul which is without stains,
With the boat of the feet of Rama,
The yogis cross the ocean of domestic life.

Cleaning their insides with devotion,
The wise ones manage to attain salvation,
You who are bad taking recourse to the pure devotion,
And without wasting any more time
Save the clan of Rakshasas,
Go and serve the real Mukunda,
All that I have told is the truth,
And what I said is good for you,
Think deeply about it in your mind.

Hearing the consoling words told to
The ten faced one by the peaceful Malyavan,
For the sake of protecting his clan, Ravana,
Who was not able to take those words told Malyavan,
"What is the reason for respecting Rama,
Who is only a debased human being?
If one thinks in his mind that depending on monkeys,
Is an intelligent act, then he is extremely foolish,
It is definite that you are talking me for peaceful means,
Because you have been sent by Rama."

Go early and on the day of need,
I would definitely send for you,
After saying this along with his ministers,
The ten necked one went upstairs to his palace.

6.13 Yuddharambham
[War Commencement]

When after seeing the monkey army,
They were developing respect for it,
And when the Rakshasa army,
Was getting prepared for the war,
And were marching forward,
The God Rama got angry on seeing Ravana,
And took his bow from Lakshmana,
Seeing Ravana with ten crowns, with twenty legs and hands,
With a body like Indra, with great valour,
Rama cut off his ten umbrellas and ten crowns,
By half a minute and at that time,
Ravana was ashamed, got down because of fear,
And was walking carefully looking for more arrows.

After the important chiefs like,
Prahastha and others saluted and went,
"Go for war, we will not live locked inside,
The fort because, we are afraid,."
With Instruments like Bheri, Mrudanga, Dakka,
Panava, big drums, Gomukha, riding in vehicles like,
Elephant, horses, camels, donkeys, lions,
Tigers, bison, chariots armed with,
Sword, trident, bow, spear, stick,
Iron nailed mace and Vel,
Without any fear and with pride,
And fully prepared for war and with great expectations,
They came out and the ocean, Mountains and earth shook,
And rose up to the land of Brahma.

Prahastha came out from the eastern gate,
Vajra Damshtra on the southern gate,
The enemy of Indra, Meghanadha,
Came out of the western gate and along.
With friends, ministers and servants,
The ten necked one entered the northern gate.

Neela and army were at the eastern tower,
Angadha the son of Bali in the southern tower,
Hanuman the son of wind god in the western tower,
The Narayana who is the man of illusion,
Sugreeva, the son of Sun, Lakshmana, Vibheeshana,
Along with their friends were on the northern side,
And thus the war between Rama and Ravana,
Started in a wonderful manner.
Thousand crores and great crores,
One thousand billions, one thousand Sankha,
One thousand Pushpa, one thousand Kalpa,
One thousand lakhs, one thousand dandas,
One thousand Dhooli, one thousand thousands,
Like the water at the time of deluge,
Were the strength of monkey army mixed with numbers,
And they surrounded the city of Lanka speedily.

With stones which were broken out,
With fists, with iron pestles,
With trees and with Mountains,
They started breaking the entire city of Lanka,
After breaking the fort walls and moats,
They crowded shouted and when they were nearing,
Like rain, arrows were showered at them,
With swords they were split into pieces,
Those Rakshasas also killed.
With arrows, arms, wheels, Shakthis,
With arrows with crescent shaped ends,
Swords, tridents, spears, Pointed spears,
With rows of horned maces, slings,
With steel instruments, with iron fists,
With fire arms shining like Sun,
And with powerful Vajra arms.

When the ten headed one became sad because
Of the power of the war
To know about inside facts of Rama and his army
He sent Sardhhoola and other Rakshasas,
And they went at night in the form of monkeys,
But the monkey chiefs found them out and,
When they started beating them which became severe,
These Rakshasas started crying in pain,
Hearing which Rama with mercy,
Granted them protection speedily.

Those people who returned, told like Sukha and Charana,
And hearing that Ravana became worried,
And with chants along with Vidyujjihwa,
That Ravana went to the place where Sita was there,
And kept something before Sita and told her,
This is the head of Rama and this is his bow,
And also told that he killed him in war,
And seeing those magical things,
Sita thought that it was the truth,
Cried and swooned and fell there,
And at that time one emissary came,
And speedily took Ravana with him.

Sarasa* told Lady Sita,
"You throw out this sorrow at a distance,
Understand that all this is but cheating,
And more of such things will come in another four days,
And there is no doubt about it, auspicious goddess,
Your husband would kill Ravana definitely",
And hearing these soft words of Sarasa,
The mind of Sita was cleared of doubts.
* Wife of Vibheeshana

As per the orders of the auspicious Rama,
Angadha met Ravana and told him,
"Either bring Sita and place her before me,
Or start for a war with me or,
Becoming afraid close yourself in the city,
And in such a case I would be using my arrows,
Kill the Rakshasa army, destroy city of Lanka,
Along with you, the king of Rakshasas,
Have you not heard the roar of a lion,
Do you not have any sense of shame in your mind."

Hearing these very insulting words,
The Rakshasa hero who became very angry,
Ordered to the chief Rakshasas to,
Kill the son of the son of the enemy of Vruthra,
And those Rakshasa soldiers went and caught Angadha,
And he killed all of them and threw them in the air,
And later breaking that palace, he jumped up,
And speedily went to the king Rama, saluted him,
And told all that happened in great detail.
Then Sushena, Kumudha, Nala, Gaja,
Dhanya, Gavaya, Gavesha, Hanuman,
And other heroes like them,
Surrounded and started filling up the moat,
And when they were carrying stones,
Mountains and trees and approaching,
With bows and arrows, swords and shields,
White shining axe creating fear for life,
With sticks, pestles maces, slings,
Horned maces, wheels, spears,
Saws and many other weapons,
They came to attack them.

The sound raised by elephants, that of horses,
The sound of chariots, the sound of twanging the bow,
The sound raised by Rakshasas, the sound of lions,
And the very pointed sound of monkeys,
Crowded, blared and echoed in the world,
And was being heard every where.

Indra, devas, Kinnaras, Kimpurushas,
Groups of snakes, Gandharwas, Sidhas,
Vidhyadharas, charanas who normally,
Travel in the sky and saints such as Narada,
To see the very fierce battle along with their ladies,
Came riding on air planes and filled the sky.

The great Indrajith at that time,
Fought with Angadha and that king of monkeys,
Killed his charioteer and powdered his chariot,
And Meghanadha got in to another Chariot,
The very bold Rakshasa called Jambumali,
Wounded Hanuman with his spear,
And Hanuman broke his chariot,
And along with his charioteer killed him.

Sugreeva fought with Prahastha,
The valorous Vibheeshana fought with Mithrari,
Neela fought with Nikumbha and thapana,
Was sent to place of death by Mahagaja,
Lakshmana fought with Viroopaksha,
And Rakshadwaja and Agni Dwaja,
Fought with the greatest of Raghu clan,
Who was the consort of Lakshmi,
And they were sent to death.

At that time when victory was coming to the monkeys,
The Sun went down in the ocean,
And Indrajit who was defeated by Angadha,
Grandson Of Indra
Suddenly became invisible in the sky and,
By sending Nagasthra he put in to swoon,
Rama as well as all the monkeys,
And he claimed that he has won over the men,
As well as all the monkeys who have come to fight,
And he made his soldiers play the big drum,
As the sign of victory and went back to city of Lanka.

The crowd of sages as well as devas,
Became sad and the valorous Vibheeshana,
Became greatly sad and when he fainted,
And at that time the killer of the serpents,
Who was like a golden Mountain came,
Making the seven islands, seven oceans,
And seven Mountains shake, with,
A luster of one billion suns, making,
The waters of the ocean split in to two,
Shaking all the three worlds by his two wings,
And that enemy of the serpent saluted Rama's feet,
And immediately the tie of Nagasthra came to an end.

The monkeys freed from the effect of the arrow,
With their sorrows coming to an end, were looking alert
The lover of devotees with happiness and with affection,
Gave his blessings to Garuda and he saluted Rama with folded hands,
And took his leave and that Garuda disappeared in the sky,
Being much stronger than before in speed and strength,
The monkeys as per the orders of the king,
Started throwing stones, trees and hills on Lanka,

"My son has killed all the enemies who have come,
And even before he has gone to his home,
Surprisingly they have come back,
I can only say "good", "good",
Please go and find out why this sound?"
When the ten faced one told like this,
His emissaries went and became wise about it,
And they told everything in detail.

The monkeys who are those of the son of Sun God,
With valour, strength and adventure,
With burning torches in their hand,
Are standing on the top of walls shouting,
If you have any sense of shame come out,
After thinking well, provided you are male,
Have you not heard this., " hearing this,
As told by them the ten faced one said with anger.

To kill those men and more than that those,
Exuberant monkeys, Dhoomraksha you go,
Along with an army and come back,
Quickly after winning the war."
Sending him after blessing thus,
And that very angry Dhoomraksha,
Started marching along with loud,
Playing of several musical instruments,
And he went out of the western gate,
And there he fought with Hanuman,
And that war was greatly fierce.

Armed with Vel, sword, white axe, spear, bow,
Trident, pestle, iron stick and mace,
Riding on elephant, horse, chariot,
With great courage those Rakshasa warriors,
Armed with stone, tree and hills,
Having a Mountain like body those monkeys,
Fought with each other and died,
Here and there those greatly valorous ones.

Blood flowed like a river in various streams,
And Hanuman who was greatly valorous,
Uprooted a tall peak of a hill,
And threw it at his adversary,
And Doomraksha taking a mace from,
His chariot jumped on to the floor,
And his chariot as well as horses were powdered,
Anger increased in the mind of Hanuman,
And he started killing the Rakshasas,
Seeing that the problem was increasing,
Dommraksha beat Hanuman with the mace with great courage
And without any problems and with great sense of anger,
Hanuman threw another hill at him.

Being hit by it Dhoomaraksha went to,
The city of death and there lived happily,
And the remaining Rakshasas went inside the fort,
And the ladies there loudly cried and wept,
Hearing the happenings, the ten faced one,
With pain in the mind told.

Let Vajra Damshtra who is very strong,
And foremost among enemies of Indra go to war,
And win over the men and monkeys,
And return back with respect and fame"
Saying this Ravana sent them,
And they started through the southern tower,
Without bothering about that bad omens seen,
Opposed Angadha the grandson of Indra
And that strong one fought with the monkeys.

In that great battle lots of Rakshasas died,
By the raining of trees, stones and Mountains,
And innumerable monkeys also died by use of,
Sword, other weapons, arrow as well as Shakthi,
That great army which had ten divisions,
Was completely lost to the Rakshasas,
The river of blood started flowing in various streams,
And the headless dead bodies started dancing.

When Angadha and Vajra Damshtra,
Were fighting with each other,
Angadha snatched the sword from Vajra Damshtra,
And cut off his neck and threw it away,
Hearing that story, the king of Rakshasas,
Sent the very brave Akambana with,
A very great army at that time,
The chief of the enemy of Indra, that Akambana,
Started his war through the western gate,
And fought with Hanuman and speedily,
He forsook his real body and went to the place of God of death.

All the world praised Hanuman,
And for the ten necked one fear increased,
And so he travelled in to the army of Rakshasas,
And that ten faced one at that time saw,
That the monkey army was spread all over,
In Rameswaram, on the top of the bridge,
As well as the entire Subela Mountains,
And saw his broken forts and afterwards,
He quickly ordered, "Quickly bring Prahastha."
And he immediately appeared before him.

When he asked "did you not know all the facts,
Do we not have leaders for our army?
We cannot simply sit here when,
All the Rakshasa heroes who go are getting killed,
Either me, or you or my elder son has to go to the war,
So that the men and monkeys are subdued.
Please tell me who will go?"
And Prahastha saluting him told, "I will go."

He then summoned the four ministers,
As well as the four winged army,
The great hero Prahastha was the,
Controller of the quarter army of Lanka,
And the four ministers, Kumbha,
Mahanadha, Durmuka and Samunnatha,
Who was a great hero enemy of Devendra,
Marched along with a very dense big army.

Though he saw ill omens on the way,
Determined in his mind, well prepared,
He started through the eastern gate,
And fought with Nila, the son of fire God,
The monkeys using stones, trees and Mountains,
Started decimating the Rakshasa army,
And the wheel, sword, spear, sakthi and arrows,
Fell on the monkeys and many of them died.

Great elephants and horses died,
And their blood ran like a river,
Jambhavan the son of Lord Brahma,
Killed Kubha Hanu and Durmukha,
And also Mahanadha and Saamunnatha,
And later Prahastha the great warrior,
Fought one to one in fist fight with Neela,
And was sent to the city of God of death.
Hearing the death of the army and their commander,
Ravana who had great self respect became blind with anger.

6.14 Ravanande Pada Purappadu
[Ravana's Army March]

"I will not send any one else to the war,
I can go and win over them myself,
Those who are with me, please come,
And let my chariot come " told he,
And like a full moon and others holding umbrella,
He climbed on to a golden chariot,

With round fans and white chowries,
With blue decorations, pearl umbrellas,
He climbed on a chariot with wind like speed,
Drawn by one thousand horses.,
Along with crowns which were like peaks in Meru Mountain,
With garlands and other many ornaments,
With ten faces, twenty hands,
And holding bow and arrow in his hands,
Looking like a blue Mountain, that Lord of Rakshasas,
Departed with much din and fanfare.

At that time all the great warriors of Lanka,
Without doubt departed with him and at that time,
His sons, ministers, brothers,
Nephews, relations, chief of armies,
Crowding and crowding the northern tower
Which was the most important gate,
And seeing so many valorous Rakshasas,
Outside the town Rama smiled and making signs with the eye,
He slowly told Vibheeshana.

"See here very many heroes are coming,
Please tell about them to me in order."
Hearing that Vibheeshana told Rama with a smile,
"He who comes with luster of young son,
Carrying bow and arrow and riding on an elephant is Akambana,
Riding on a chariot with a lion in the flag,
And carrying bow and arrows Is one as valorous as a lion,
And is Indrajit who is the son of Ravana,
And one who defeated us earlier.
Riding on a long chariot, with a big body,
And wearing many ornaments,
Is the son of Ravanantha".

The one wearing gold and riding on elephant's neck,
Is a great one and is called Mahodara, oh king,
The one riding on a horse and rotating an iron pestle,
Is one of the chief soldiers called Naranthakan,
Riding on a white buffalo, holding a trident,
And keeps on jumping and laughing is Trisiras,
Another son of Ravana who is on other side,
Is Devanthaka who comes riding on a chariot,
Next one is Kumbha, the son of Kumbhakarna,
And next is Nikumba armed with mace and is his brother,
And Ravana the killer of the clan of devas,
Is riding with all to kill all of us.

"Please give me permission to fight,
With this great one and bless me"
Begged the son of Sumithra,
And the king replied at that time.

Even Indra would get defeated if he,
Fights with Ravana, please understand this,
And all Rakshasas have magical powers,
And they never observe justice in war,
And he is the one liked by Lord Shiva,
And he has got the sword called Chandrahasa,
Thinking about of these, with a firm,
Mind only we have to go for a war with him,"
And when he told all this as if he was a student,
Lakshmana saluted him and went back.

Seeing the thief of the Janaki,
The monkey chief Hanuman,
Jumped and fell on his chariot,
And chief of Rakshasas was worried,
And extending his right hand,
That son of wind god told the Rakshasa lord.

"To you who daily troubles devas, sages,
Good people and other people.
The danger has come from the clan of monkey.
If you are really valorous, try to remove me,
Who has come here to beat and kill you,
I am the one who killed your very,
Valorous son Aksha Kumara"
Saying this that king of monkeys beat him,
And that ten necked one shivered and fell.

He got up and told, "Among all the,
Monkeys that have come today are you not the best".
"What good did I get because of that,
No one is there who does not die once they get my beating,
And death has not come to you, so,
I have become weaker than you,
Let us fight little more",
When he told like this, the ten faced one hit him once,
And the great monkey swooned and fell.

Neela at that time jumped, climbed,
On Ravana and started dancing on,
His ten crowns, on his bow, on his flag post,
And with happiness on his ten heads,
One after another and at that time,
Narada started singing.

Using the arrow of fire Ravana pushed,
Away the son of fire God,
Immediately Lakshmana became angry,
And speedily fought with Ravana at that time,
Both of them rained arrows at each other,
And the battle field became invisible,
Lakshmana cut off the bow of Ravana,
And that ten necked one stood worried.
He then threw a Vel given by Maya,
On to the chest of Lakshmana,
Since he was not able to stop it by arrows,
Lakshmana fell down hit by the spear,
That Ravana tried to lift,
That young man who fell tired,
But to him who could lift the Kailasa Mountain,
That boy's body appeared immovable.

He then thought about possible weight of Rama,
And became nonplussed and,
Hanuman who was seeing all this,
Jumped and with full force hit Ravana,
And Ravana fell down vomiting blood on the chariot,
And Hanuman immediately carried,
Lakshmana like a flower and with respect,
Placed him before Lord Rama.

That spear given by Maya, went away,
From the chest of Lakshmana and went to Ravana's hands,
And Rama the lord of all the three worlds,
Started war with Ravana belonging to the clan of Pulasthya.

At that time the son of the scent carrier saluted and told,
"For the war with the ten faced one,
Climb on my neck and be comfortable,
And without any effort kill the ten headed one"
Rama hearing what was told by Hanuman,
Climbed on the neck of Hanuman,
And told that Ravana as follows,
"I have had great desire to see you from near,
And since that luck has come to me,
I would look after the three worlds,
By killing you and all those who have come with you,
Please stand in front of me for half a second,"

After seeing this he rained arrows and weapons,
And Ravana also counted each one of them by another,
And war at that time became very terrible,
And the sea got shaken and churned,
When Ravana sent an arrow and wounded Hanuman,
God Rama became extremely angry,
And becoming very bold sent an arrow,
Aimed at the heart of Ravana speedily,
And when the arrow hit him with speed,
The bow of Ravana fell on the floor.

Seeing the weak state of the ten faced one,
Immediately Rama destroyed his,
Chariot, flag, umbrella, horses and pretty crowns,
And also killed his charioteer,
And Ravana stood there with increasing sorrow,

Rama then told Ravana at that time,
"In your mind there is great tension,
You go today without any fear,
You can go to Lanka and be there today,
Along with weapons, and vehicles,
You have to come tomorrow well prepared."
Hearing these words of Sri Rama,
The ten faced one started walking fast,
Under the fear that Rama's arrows,
Were following him, with great worry,
He was looking back several times,
And reached his palace with body full of sweat,
And became worried because of the problems that he faced.