Bala Satha Nama Stotra

Bala Satha Nama Stotram
[Prayer to Bala using 100 names]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Bala is the form of Parvathi when she is a young. She is energetic, playful, heroic and kind.]

Aruna kirana jwala, ranchitha, savakasa,
Vidhrutha japa vatika, pusthika Bheethi hastha,
Ithara kara varadya, phulla kalhara samstha,
Nivasathu hrudhi Bala, nithya kalyana roopa.

Let that Bala, who is perennially good,
Who is reddish like the morning sun,
Who unites people and who is slow and careful,
Who meditates with help of the prayer rosary,
Who has a book in her hand and other offers protection,
Who has the sign of blessing in the other hand,
And who stands on the fully open lotus flower.
Live in my mind as goddess Bala.

Arunaroopa, maharoopa, jyothiroopa, maheswari,
Parvathi vara roopa cha para brahma swaroopini. 1

Colured red she is, great form she has,
Shines like a light she is, greatest god she is,
Daughter of mountain she is, blessed form she has,
And she has the eternal divine form.

Lakshmi, Lakshmi swaroopa, cha laksha laksha swaroopini,
Gayatri chaiva savithri, sandhya Saraswathi, sthuthi. 2

Lakshmi she is, form of wealth she is,
Attainable she is but also unattainable she is,
Gayatri she is, Savithri she is,
Dawn and dusk she is, Goddess of learning she is,
And she is the Vedas taught by hearing.

Veda bheja, Brahma bheeja, Viswa bheeja, Kavi Priya,
Iccha Shakthi, Kriya Shakthi, Athma shakthir Bhayangari. 3

Seed of Vedas she is, Seed of Brahma she is,
Seed of Universe she is, lover of poets she is,
Power of self will she is, Power of work she is,
Power of the soul she is and she has fearsome mien.

Kalika, Kamala, Kali, Kankali, Kala roopini,
Upasthihi swaroopa, cha pralaya, laya karini. 4

Time she is, Lotus she is, black she is,
Skeleton she is, form of ages she is,
She is the form of accomplishment,
She is the final deluge and the reason for that deluge.

Hingula, Thwaritha, Chandi, Chamunda, Munda Malini,
Renuka, Bhadra kalicha Mathangi, Shiva Shambhavi. 5

Vermillion she is, Speed she is, Killer of Chanda she is,
Fearsome form of Kali she is, Wearer of skull garland she is,
Mother of Parasurama she is, She is Kali the protector,
Daughter of Sage Mathanga she is and She is Shambahavi the consort of Shiva,

Yogula, mangala Gauri, Girija, Gomathi, Gaya,
Kamakshi, Kama roopa cha, Kamini, Kamaroopini. 6

The sweet Yoga she is, She is the Gauri who does good,
She is daughter of mountain, Soft like a cow she is and Gaya* she is,
Passionate eyes she has, she can assume the desired form,
She loves all and she is the form of love.
* One of the Thanthras.

Yogini, yogaroopa cha yoga gnana shiva priya,
Uma Kathyayani Chandi Ambika Tripura sundari 7

An adept in Yoga she is, She is of the form of Yoga,
She is dear to Shiva because of her knowledge of yoga,
Daughter of Mainaka she is, Daughter of Kathyayana she is,
She is the killer of Chanda, Mother she is,
The most beautiful in the three worlds she is.

Aruna, tharuni, santhi, sarva sidhi, sumangala,
Shivaa, sidhimatha cha sidhividhya, haripriya. 8

Colour of the dawn she has, She is young,
Peaceful she is, She is all the divine powers,
Good she always does, She is the consort of Shiva,
She is the mother of the divine powers,
She is the knowledge of divine powers,
And she is very dear to Lord Vishnu.

Padmavathi Padma varna Padmakshi Padma Sambhava,
Dharini, dharithri, dhathri, agamya gamyavahini 9

Sits she on lotus, She has the colour of lotus,
Eyes like lotus she has and she is born out of a lotus,
She carries the world, She is the earth,
Mother she is, She cannot be reached,
She is the vehicle which takes us everywhere

Vidhyavathi Manthrashakthi Manthrasidhi parayani,
Virad dharini, dhatri, varahi viswa roopini 10

She is wisdom personified, she is the power behind chants,
She is the fruit of chants, attached to her devotees she is,
She is the one who bears the primeval Godhead,
She is the mother, the female aspect of Varaha she is,
And she is the one who assumes the form of universe.

Para pasya, Para Madhya, divya vadhya vilasini,
Nadha Bindu, Kala Jyothir vijaya Bhuvaneswari. 11

She is beyond sight, she is in the middle of everything,
She enjoys divine music, She is the centre of musical note,
She is brilliance of arts, Victorious she is,
And the mother of the entire universe she is.

Aiimkarini Bhayakari, Kleemkari, Kamala priya,
Saim kari Shiva Pathni, cha para Thathwa prakasini. 12

She is the one who chants Aiim, She is very fearsome,
She is the one who chants Kleem, She likes lotus,
She is the one who chants Saim, She is consort of Shiva,
And she is the one who sheds light on the supreme knowledge.

Hreemkari Aadhimaya cha Manthramoorthiparayani,
Idham Tripura sundarya namam ashtothara shatam. 13

She is the one who chants Hreem, She is the primeval illusion,
She is the form of chants, attached to her devotees she is,
These are the 108 names of Tripurasundari.

Prathakale paden nithyam sarva sampathi dayakam,
Dwikale paden nithyam bhkthi mukthi pradayakam. 14

Chanting this in the morning leads to all sorts of wealth,
Reading this twice daily leads one to devotion and salvation.

Trikale paden nithyam sarva sidhi pradhayakam,
Ashtothara sahasrena labhathe vanchitham phalam. 15

Reading this three times a day gives one all divine powers,
Reading it 1008 times gives one whatever he desires.

Ayur arogyamaiswarya, Jnana vitham Yaso Balam,
Ashtothara satham divyam nama stotram prakeerthitham. 16

One who sings these one hundred eight names,
Would get long life, health, wealth, wisdom, money, fame and strength.

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