Guru Dasakam

Guru Dasakam
By H. H. Sankara Vijayendra Saraswathi of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Vijayendra Saraswathi Swaigal is also called "Bala Periyaval" by his devotees and this is the prayer addressed to his Guru, Swami Chandra Shekara Saraswathi well known as "Maha Periyavaa".]

1. Sruthi Smrithi purano uktha Dharma Marga ratham gurum,
Bhakthaanaam hitha vakthaaram Namasye Chitha Shudhaye

I pay homage to him who cleans the mind, who talks for the good of devotees,
Who is the Guru delighted in showing the path of Dharma in Vedas, Tradition and Epics.

2. Advaithananda Bharitham sadhoonaam upakarinam,
Sarva Sashtra vidham, Namasye Chitha Shudhaye

I pay homage to him who cleans the mind, who is filled with joy of non-duality,
Who helps saints and who was an expert in all Sashtras.

3. Karma Bhakthi, Jnana Marga prachare badha kankanam,
Anugraha pradatharam, namasye chitha Shudhaye.

I pay homage to him who cleans the mind, who was very firm,
In giving publicity to the ways of right action, devotion and wisdom

4. Bhagwat Pada Padabhja Vinivesitha chethasa,
Sri Chandra Shekara Guro prasado Mayi Jayatham

Oh Guru Chandara Shekara, who has placed his mind at the lotus feet,
Of Adhi Sankara, be pleased with me and bless for my victory.

5. Kshethra theertha Kadhabigna, Sachidananda Vigraha,
Chandra Shekara Varyo may sannidathaam sadaa hrudhi.

Oh Excellent Chandra Shekara, who is an expert in temples, sacred waters and stories,
Oh Form of divine joy, May my mind be always with you.

6. Poshane Veda Sasthraanaam datha chitha maharnisam,
Kshethra yathra ratham Vandhe Sadgurum Chandra Shekaram.

I salute the great Guru Chandra Shekara who cherished the Vedas and Sastras,
Giving his mind away to that great ocean and who was interested in Pilgrimage.

7. Veda Jnana Veda Bhashya Jnana karthum yasya samudhyama,
Gurur Yasya Mahadeva, tham Vandhe Chandrashekaram.

I salute That Guru Chandra Shekara who had Knowledge of Vedas and their interpretation,
And who was doing the great job of protecting them and who was a Guru Like the great Lord Shiva.

8. Manivachaka Godhadhi Bhakthi Vag amruthair brusam,
Balanam Bhawad Bhakthim Vardhyanatham Gurum Bhaja

I sing about that Guru who was interested in the nectar like works,
Of Manikka Vachaka and Andal and who increased the devotion of Gods among children.

9. Laghu upadesai Nasthikya bhavam artha kovidham,
Shivam smithamukham Santham pranathosmi Jagat gurum.

I Salute the Guru of the world who was an expert who could give simple teachings,
Pregnant with meaning to the atheists who was gracious, peaceful and with a smiling face.

10. Vinayena prarthayeham Vidhyaam bodhaya may Guro,
Margamanyam na janeham bhavantham saranam gatha.

I am praying you with humility, Oh Guru please teach me knowledge,
As I do not know any other way except surrendering at your feet.

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