Sastha Kalyana Manjari

Sastha Kalyana Manjari
By Villivakkam Sri Ayyappa Bhajanai Sangam
Translated by P. R. Ramachander


Bhajanai or Hindu Community Prayer was brought to South India by great teachers like Bodhendraal, Sridhara Yaaval and Gopala Krishna Bhagawathar. The Bhajan Sampradaya which was enunciated by these great Gurus were adopted to sing Bhajans of Lord Sastha or Ayyapa both in case of Ayyappan Vilakku and Sastha Preethi by many people. Side by side with the development of the Bhajan Sampradaya, the Kalyana Uthsavam (Celebration of Marriage) of the Goddesses like Radha, Sita and Rukmani were being celebrated by the devotees. Apart from the normal procedure of Bhajans, these also include enacting of the marriage of the Goddesses, along with an adaptation of the ceremony with music as well as dance. The most popular among these appears to be Radha Kalyanam. Possibly based on these, the devotees of Villivakkam of Madras, who were worshipping the Kalyana Varada Sastha along with his consorts Poorna and Pushkala, under the leadership of Sri R. Viswanatha Sarma, systematized the procedure for celebrating Sastha Kalyanam or the marriage of Sastha with his consorts Poorna and Pushkala.

Lord Sastha, the son of Lord Vishnu in his incarnation as Mohini and Lord Shiva, is being worshipped all over Tamil Nadu in the form of Sastha and Ayyanar. In both these cases, Lord Sastha was considered to be married to Poorna and Pushkala. Ayyappa or Mani Kanda, who was an Avathar of Lord Sastha and who lived as the adopted son of the Pandya King of Pandalam was a Nithya Brahmachari. Though in Arayankav temple of Kerala, it is believed that he married Pushkala Devi (some say Prabhavathi) of the Saurashtrian community. He is consecrated with his wives Poorna and Pushkala in Achal Kovil temple of Kerala. Legend says that the temples of Achan Kovil and Aryankav were consecrated by Lord Parasurama himself much before the incarnation of Lord Sastha as Ayyappa. Lord Sastha also is supposed to have a son called Sathyaka, referred to as Chella Pillai (darling son). Pushkala is supposed to be the daughter of Palinja Varman, who ruled over Nepal. Poorna is supposed to be the daughter of a King called Pinchaka Varman who was supposed to have ruled over the Cochin kingdom of Kerala. It seems Palinja Varman of Nepal wanted to sacrifice his daughter Pushkala in search of immortality for himself. When Pushkala prayed to Lord Shiva to protect her, it is believed that he sent Lord Sastha for protecting her. Lord Sastha saved her and also made King Palinja Varman leave out his idea of getting immortality. The King requested Sastha to marry his daughter Pushkala and he accepted that and married her. Afterwards the King Pinchaka Varman of Cochin, who went for hunting in the forest, was attacked by devils and ghosts. It seems he prayed to Lord Sastha. Lord Sastha came and drove away the ghosts and devils. The King Pinchaka Varman offered his daughter Poorna to lord Sastha, who married her also. When King Palinja Varman knew about another marriage of Sastha, it is believed that he cursed Lord Sastha, that he would be born as a human being and would live as a Brahmachari.

But there are differing opinions on this story. According to Brahmanda Purana, Poorna was the sister of Upendra and got married to Lord Sastha on Chithra Pournami day. There is also a story that Poorna was the daughter of a King of Kanchipuram called Shivapala and it is believed that Lord Sastha got married to her in Kanchipuram temple. There is a temple for Lord Sastha along with Poorna and Pushkala in Kanchipuram. In Aryankav. it is believed that a group of Saurashtra weavers settled in Madurai were passing through the temple and at the time a girl with them called Pushkala (some say Prabhavathi) attained maturity. They entrusted the girl to the priest of Aryankav and went to do their trade. By the time they came back, it seems that girl got married to Sastha in that place. In memory of this. even today the people of Saurashtra community visit the Aryankav temple and celebrate the marriage of their girl to Lord Sastha following Saurasthra customs.

In Sankara Samhitha it has been told that Poorna and Pushkala were born from two eyes of a great sage called Sathya Poorna and they both did penance and got married to Lord Sastha.

In the Sastha Kalyanam, it is assumed that Poorna and Pushkala were the consorts of Sastha and were the daughters of Palinja Varman of Nepal and Pinjaka Varman of Cochin. The Kalyanam is performed imitating the rituals of a Tamil Brahmin wedding. The Sastha Kalyanam by the Villivakkam group of devotees is being performed for the past many years. In 1975, they brought out a compilation of the procedure used to perform this Kalyanam along with songs, stotras as well as Marriage Manthras. A new edition of the book was brought out by them in 2006. I was given a copy of this book by my friend Sri P. V. Ananta Narayanan. The book can be purchased from Sri Ayyappa Bhajana Sangham, 29 Vadakku Masi Veethi, Villivakkam, Chennai - 49. More particulars of the Villivakkam temple and its activities can be seen at

I was drenched in devotion when I was translating this great work. My Ananthakoti Namaskarams to Guruswami Brahmasri Viswanatha Sarma who is the soul and spirit behind the Villivakkam group of devotees. My heartfelt thanks to Sri P. V. Anantha Narayanan who had sent me this book.

Poorna Pushkala Avahana Manthram

1. Dhayayeth devam maha veeram,
Swarga sthithi layadhikam,
NIrgunam, nishkalam, nithyam,
Manovachama gocharam.

I meditate on that God who is greatly valorous,
Who is in heaven and is merged with it,
Who does not have any characteristics,
Who does not have any stains, who is forever,
And who is visible to the Mind and words.

2. Loka veeram jagat vandhyam,
Sarva karma phala pradham,
Sarvtabheeta pradaatharam,
Sarva mangala karanam.

The hero of the world, whom the world salutes,
Who gives good results to all actions,
Who fulfils all our desires,
And is the cause of all auspiciousness.

3. Sasthaaram sarva devaanaam,
Makudena virajitham,
Lalada patta samrajya,
Thilakena sushobitham.

He who is Lord Sastha for all devas,
Who shines wearing a crown,
And shines wearing a Thilaka,
On his kingdom like forehead.

4. Chathurbahum gajaroodam,
Lochana dwaya samyutham,
Swarna rathna kachitha,
Kundalabhyaam prakasitha.

He who with four hands rides on an elephant,
Who has two eyes, and shines,
In Gem studded gold ear studs.

5. Aasyama komala thanum,
Divya gandhanu lepitham,
Divyoraskam divya harai,
Divya pushpaischa vasitham.

He who has a black body,
Which has been applied with divine sandal,
Who is divine and has divine garlands,
In which there exists divine flowers.

6. Suvarna rathna kachitha,
Thadanga aabarananvitham,
Nanalankara samyukthuam,
Sabari peeda vasinam.

He who wears anklets,
Made of gold and studded with gems,
Who is decorated in various ways,
And who lives on the Sabari Peeda.

7. Gajaaroodam maha devam,
Vichithra vasananvitham,
Annadhana prabhum devam,
Saranagatha vathsalam.

The great god riding on an elephant,
Who is wearing peculiar dresses,
Who is the god giving charity of food,
And who likes those who surrender to him.

8. Anjam thu Ganesasya,
Shanmukhasyayathi priyam,
Vishnu shambo priyam sunum,
Sarva bhakthai susevitham.

He who is the younger brother of Ganesa,
Who is very dear to Lord Subramanya,
Who is the dear son of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva,
And who is well served by all his devotees.

9. Nija dakshina bhagasthaam,
Sarva mangala dhayineem,
Poornaam poorna swaropaanaam,
Kunthaladhyai alankruthaam.

She who is truly on the right side,
Who grants us all auspicious things,
Who is Poorna, having the complete form,
And who has decorated her hair and other parts.

10. Rajeevayatha nethraanaam,
Nelothphala dalekshanaam,
Suvarna rathna kachitha,
Kanchi dhama virajithaam.

She who has eyes resembling the lotus,
Who is similar to the blue lotus,
And who shines in the girdle,
Made of gold and inlaid with gems.

11. Samalinga priyaam poornaam,
Poorna roopaam vara pradham,
Suvasinir sahasraisthu,
Sarvadhaa sevithaam shubhaam.

She who is Poorna who likes to be embraced,
Who has a full form, who grants boons,
And who is auspicious and is always served by,
Thousands of sweet smelling ladies.

12. Vaamange samsthithaam devim,
Balarka kiranarunaam,
Apanga veekshanenaiva,
Manoratha bala prathaam.

The goddess who is on the left side,
Who is of the red colour of infant sun,
And by whose sight by the corner of her eyes,
All desires of mind be fulfilled.

13. Pushkalam pushpa samveethaam,
Divya haarair alankruthaam,
Swarna kankana samyuktha,
Buja dwaya samanvithaam.

Pushkala who has decorated,
Her hair with flowers,
And has two hands which,
Are decorated by golden bangles.

14. Pushparagair mokthikascha,
Suvinirmitha kundalaam,
Padaka aabharanopedham,
Bhaktha soubhagya dhayinim.

She who wears well set ear globes,
Made of pearl and topaz,
Who wears ornaments on her legs,
And who brings luck to her devotees.

15. Yethaabhyaam nija deveebhyaam,
Sthithaabhyaam swa swa parswayo,
Samyuktham deva devesam,
Para Brahma swaroopinim.

These two great goddesses,
Who are standing very near each other,
Along with the god of gods,
Are but the form of divine Brahman.

16. Sanathanam, sarva vandhyam,
Mohini preethi bhajanam,
Aavahayami jagathaam,
Easwaram, parameswaram.

He who is primeval and is being saluted by all
Who is the darling child of Lord Mohini,
Is being invited by the world,
To be their God, their lord of the world.

17. Swathma samasthamajam shuddham,
Thwaam aadhyam parameshwaram,
Aaranyaamiva haryayam,
Moorthim aavahayamyaham.

Oh pure unborn one who is the soul of all,
You are the first and the divine God,
And I invite that form of yours,
Which loves the forest.

If facilities are there to bring the lord in a marriage procession from a nearby temple and read out the notice fixing the date and time of his marriage and distribute sugar candy and sandal paste to the devotees assembled.

Then the entire night the names of Sastha should be chanted without break and it should end with the Dolothsava (swinging the lord in a cradle).

On the morning of the day of the festival, Rudram, Chamakam, Sri Suktham and Purusha Suktham should be chanted. And this should be followed by anointment of the god worship using Lalitha Sahasranama and also Harihara Puthra Sahasranama. The Unchavruthi (singing god's name and marching in the streets) also should be done.

Before the marriage ceremony starts the sumangali ladies (married ladies whose husbands are alive) should if possible bring Cheer (presents) to the brides. The devotees could sing songs and accompany them.

Sastha Varavu Vendal
[Request for Lord Sastha to Come]

1. Akilamellam pugazhum anbane nee vaa vaa,
2. Aariyankavil vaazhum arase nee vaa vaa,
3. Iha para sukham arulum inbaa nee vaa vaa,
4. Eerezhu lokam pothum iraivaa nee vaa vaa,
5. Utham bhakthar pothum uyire nee vaa vaa,
6. Oozh vinai theethu arulum ooraala nee vaa vaa,
7. Yen appa, yen ayya yen arase nee vaa vaa,
8. Ezhai naan yethum ariyen, yere nee vaa vaa,
9. Iyane, amuthame meyyane nee vaa vaa
10. Oyyara gambheera, singaaraa nee vaa vaa

1. Oh Dear one who is praised all over the world, you please come, come.
2. Oh lord who lives in Aryan Kavu, you please come, come.
3. Oh sweet one who gives pleasures here and beyond, you please come, come.
4. Oh God who is praised in all the fourteen worlds, you please come, come.
5. Oh Soul who is praised by true devotees, you please come, come.
6. Oh king who puts an end to karmic bonds, you please come, come.
7. Oh king, Oh my friend, oh lord, you please come, come.
8. Oh lion this poor man does not know anything, you please come, come.
9. Oh Lord, Oh nectar, oh truth, you please come, come.
10. Oh stylish god, oh serious god, oh pretty god, you please come, come.

11. Odi vaa, thedi vanthen, modi cheyyathe, nee vaa vaa,
12. Oudarya soundarya swaroopa nee vaa vaa,
13. Karpaka tharuve, mei kaniye nee vaa vaa,
14. Kantha malai meethu vaazhum kaavalaa nee vaa vaa,
15. Sabari peedathipaa chaithanyaa nee vaa vaa
16. Saaloka sammeepa sayujya nee vaa vaa,
17. Santhane santhi swaroopa nee vaa vaa
18. Mohini eendra balaa mohanaa nee vaa vaa,
19. Mohamai thaham konden swami nee vaa vaa
20. Bhava kadalai thandidave padagai nee vaa vaa,

11. Come running, I came in search of you, do not play tricks, you please come, come.
12. Oh God with generous and pretty form, you please come, come.
13. Oh Wish giving tree, Oh true fruit, you please come, come.
14. Oh Guard who lives on Kanthamalai, you please come, come.
15. Oh universal spirit, Oh Lord of Sabari Peeda, you please come, come.
16. Oh God near me who is in this world, Oh god giving salvation, you please come, come.
17. Oh peaceful one, Oh God with peaceful form, you please come, come.
18. Oh pretty one born to Mohini, you please come, come.
19. I became passionately thirsty oh god, you please come, come.
20. Oh God, to cross this sea of birth come as a boat, you please come, come.

21. Paar pugazhum cheer miguntha page nee vaa vaa,
22. Olamittu azhaithen omkara, nee vaa vaa,
23. Odi vaa thedi vanthen modi cheyyathe nee vaa vaa,
24. Sabari giriyil vaazhum sasthaa nee vaa vaa
25. Santhane santhi swaroopa nee vaa vaa

21. Oh God who is full of auspiciousness, who is praised by the world, you please come, come.
22. Oh God of the form of "Om", I cried for you in a very loud voice, you please come, come.
23. Come running, I came in search of you, do not play tricks, you please come, come.
24. Oh Sastha who lives in Sabari mountain, you please come, come.
25. Oh peaceful one, Oh God with peaceful form, you please come, come.

The Kalyana Uthsavam is actually assuming the God as the lover and his lovers as our soul, the yearning of our soul to attain god, sending message to Him about our love, the prediction of the soothsayer (Kurathi) of how we will attain God, raising of our Kundalini to open the thousand petalled lotus, assuming that our mind is a parrot and telling God about our state and detailing various ways to attain God. In this case the God is Dharma Sastha and the lovers are his consorts Poorna and Pushkala.

Thozhi Vidhu Dhoothu
[Message sent through she friend]

1. Iyam yenum peranidam kadal konden thozhi,
Iyappan yendru avani thannil arivayadi Thozhi,
Yendan ullam kollai konda kalvanadi thozhi,
Kandhamalai mevukindra kanthanadi thozhi.

Oh friend I fell in love with the great one called Iyan,
Oh friend in this world you know him as Ayyappan,
Oh friend, he is a thief who stole my heart,
Oh friend, He is a magician of the magnetic mountain.

2. Naanendra akanthai kondaal thaalanadi thozhi,
Naan illa koyilinil kudiyiruppan thozhi,
Saranamappa yendru avar mun odi varuvaan thozhi,
Saranam saranam yendru avanai pothiduvom vaadi.

Oh friend, he cannot tolerate if we have pride of being "I",
Oh friend, he would live in temples where "I" is not there,
If we say Lord I surrender, he would come running, oh friend,
Oh friend come and let us praise him saying "I surrender", "I surrender".

3. Pandalesan pathu katha balanadi thozhi,
Bhakthargalukku varam alikkum paramanadi thozhi,
Umbarukku thunbam matha piranthanadi thozhi,
Pambayile chiru pillayai azhuthavanadi thozhi.

Oh Friend he was the boy who was looked after by king of Pandala,
Oh friend, he is the god who gives boons to devotees,
Oh friend, he was the one born to remove the sorrow of devas,
Oh friend, he was the baby who cried in Pambai.

4. Neyyabishekam paarkka nethranandam thozhi,
Nittamamavan ninaippavarkku needu padam thozhi,
Sabari chendru parppomadi manikandanai thozhi,
Saranam saranam yendru avanai pothiduvom thozhi.

Oh friend to see his anointing with ghee is the joy to the eyes,
Oh friend, to those who think of him, he is the way,
Oh friend, let us go to Sabari and see Manikandan,
Oh friend come and let us praise him saying "I surrender", "I surrender".

Another Message

Saranam Ayyappa yendru oru murai chonnal,
Ullam kuzhayuthadi sakhiye, oonum uruguthadi

Oh friend if we tell once "I surrender Ayyappa",
Then my heart melts and the body also melts.

Veera manikandarukku varisayai
naan yezhuthum, Olayum kirukku achuthe sakhiye,
Ullavum kirukkachuthe

Oh friend the letter that I wrote to valorous Manikanta,
Has become a scribble, it has become a scribble.

Kadu malai chendraal yenna,
Kallum mullum thaithaal yenna,
Kanthamalai jyothiyadi Sakhiye,
Kantham pol izhukkathadi

What if we go to forest and mountain,
What if stone and thorns cause wound,
Oh friend, he is the flame of Kanthamalai,
And it pulls me like a diamond.

Friend Replies

Ragam Deva Gandhari
Thalam Aadhi


Yarivan arivayodi, ivanidathil,
Moham unakkenadi sakhiye.


Sakthiyai thai yendru azhaithidum pillai-Maha,
Lakshmiyai yevvitham azhaippathendre thavikkum


Aathankarayoram amarnthavan or thamayan,
Mathavano kura valli manavalan,
Pichai yeduthu alayum pithanum-pirar veetil,
Ichayudan thirudum maayon inainthu petha


Who is this do you know,
Oh friend, why love towards him.


He is a boy calling Parvathi as mother,
And he is confused how to address Maha Lakshmi.


One elder brother sits by the banks of the river,
And the other one is the husband of the gypsy called Valli,
He was born to the mad one who wanders everywhere begging,
And the imposter who steals with desire.

Reply by Poorna and Pushkala

Ragam Thodi
Thalam Aadhi


Thaye unakku oru kodi vanakkam - yengal,
Veera mani kandar mele bveen pazhi chollathe.


Pithan magan yendraalum, kalvan avan yendaralum,
Chitham avanidame thavi maruvathadi


1. Poongavanathil oru naal pandala balan,
Sondamudan yennudane vilayadinaan,
Manda hasa vadanan, kodi ravi prakasan, yen,
Chinthai thanile kalanthu chirai yeduthanadi.

2. Kalakalil chalangai konja, kai valai kulunga,
Muthu malaikal aninthasaya aadi vanthaan,
Nadan magizhndu isai paadum sabari giri,
Nadan ivan pol deivam ammamma naan kandathillai


Oh mother, billions of salute to you.
Please do not find unnecessary faults on our Valorous Mani Kanda.


Though he is the son of a mad one and though he is a thief,
My mind jumps to him and lives there.


1. One day in the garden that boy of Pandala,
Played with me in a companionship way,
He has a face of a slow smile which shines like billion suns,
And he mixed in my mind and made me his prisoner.

2. WIth anklets in his legs making tingling sound,
And with his pearl necklaces shaking, he came running,
And I have never seen a god like him,
Who is the Lord of Sabarigiri, who sings joyously there.

Expression of Poorna and Pushkala

Yendan meethu yethu kopam sakhiye,
Annal vara kaanenadi,
Kannal maaran yeitha kanai yennudaya anganglil,
Aruvi pola paayuthadi Sakhiye,
Charuvi valai vizhuguthadi,
Maa nilavu kandathu pol panitha nal maalaikalum,
Naninthu miga vaaduthadi kangal,
Manikandarai theduthadi,
Nithirayumyenthanukku sathuruvai ponathadi,
Nenjil ayyan thantha mayyal sakhiye,
Nanjai miga minjuthadi,
Chandanam javvathu manam chenthanalai veesuthadi,
Jathi panner kothikkuthadi athile,
Yendan manam veguthadi,
Kodi janmam yeduthalum,
Ariyankavu ayyan thannai,
Kooti vara vendu madi sakhiye,
Nattam veru illayadi.

Oh friend why this anger at me,
I am not able to see my lord coming,
The arrow shot at me by the god of love,
Flows like a stream in my limbs,
And the bangles are falling down and slipping from my hands,
The good garlands which bloomed like they have seen the full moon,
Have completely become faded and my eyes,
Are searching for my lord Manikanda,
Sleep has become like an enemy to me,
And the love given in my heart by the lord,
Is becoming like poison there,
The scent of sandal and Javvathu fans like a red burning ember,
The pure rose water is boiling and in that,
My mind is being cooked,
Oh friend, even if I take billions of lives,
You have to go and bring the lord of Aryankavu,
As I do not have any other desire.

Kurathi Dhoothu
[Soothsaying Gypsy as Messenger]

Thedi vanthen, oru china kurathi,
Padi vanthan, oru vanna kurathi,
Keladi kuri ondru cholluven, penne,
Yaradi varubhavar, cholluven kanne,

I came in search of you, a small Kurathi (a soothsayer gypsy),
I came singing, the one coloured Kurathi,
Oh girl, hear, I will tell a prediction,
Which male will come, I will tell you darling.

Kanne paaradi, Mugathai thiruppadi,
Kayai neetadi, kuriyai keladi,

Darling see, Turn your face,
Extend your hand, and hear the prediction.

Seethaikku ramar varuvathai chonnen,
Nalanum Damayanthi chervathai chonnen,
Radaikkum kannanidam porutham chonnen,
Un manathu ullavar yaarendru cholven, kanne

I told Seetha about the coming of Rama,
I foretold that Nala would join Damayanthi,
I also told the matching of Radha with Krishna,
Darling, I will tell who is within your mind,

Un manam un vasam indru ingu illai,
Yaaridam pari koduthai thelivillai,
Yeppo varuvaar yenpathe thollai, athai,
Yenni yenni kannil thookamum illai

Your mind is not with you today and it is not here,
It is not clear to whom you gave it,
The trouble is to know when will he come,
And thinking of that there is no sleep in your eye.

Kurathi Pattu [2]
[Poorna and Pushkala chide the Kurathi]

Raga Atana
Thala Aadhi

Yaradi, yaradi, nee ingu vanthu,
Mattu mariyadai indri,
Kattu kadai alakkum, yaradi

Who are you, who are you who have come here,
And without method or respect,
Telling imaginary tales, who are you.

Kuri cholla vandhayo,
Kuzhappida vandhayo,
Ariyatha pethai yennai,
Vambizhukka vandhayo

Did you come to foretell,
Did you come here to confuse,
Me who am an innocent girl,
Or did you come here to tell gossip.

Evarayo paarthenaam, manam,
Pari koduthenaam,
Yennennamo cholkiraal,
Innum meethi vaikkiraal,
Cholvathendraal ival,
Muzhuvadhum cholla vendum,
Oorenna, perenna,
Yaarendru cholla vendum,
Yeppo vaeruvaar yendru,
Ippothe cholla vendum.,

It seems I saw some one,
It seems I lost my mind,
She keeps on telling various things,
She leaves out lot without telling,
If she is going to tell,
She has to tell it completely,
What is his native place, what is his name,
When will he come,
She has to tell it all just now.

Kurathi Replies

Ragam Useni
Thalam Yekam

Vanchi malai vaazhum malai kuravar amme,
Mathenaku oruthiyundum, mangai aval amme,
Thanjamendra perkku udavum thandai veeranamme,
Darma valli perenakku, santhathi rendu amme,
Thenum thinai maavum dinamum thindru iruppom amme,
Chithuruvaai paasi mani chiramnthanivom, amme,
Kanamathil paran virithu kathiruppom amme,
Karadi puli yali simham kadithadippom amme,
Uchitha kandangi chelai uvanthu uduppom, amme,
Oru kai thannil koodai petti vaithiruppom, amme,
Kolli malai yengal pen kodutha malai, amme,
Minthar varam thantharulum chori muthayyan, amme,
Paaril mala vassal mania pugunthom nangal amme,
Paraman sabari malai nadhan yendriduvom, amme.

Oh mother we are the gypsies living on Western Ghats,
I have a lady with me, who is my mother, oh mother,
My father is a valorous one helping those who tell "I surrender",
My name is Dharma Valli, and I have two children,
We would eat Ragi flour and honey daily, oh mother,
We are small and would wear gems of the colour of algae, Oh mother,
We would build platforms in the field and wait, oh mother,
We would easily beat the bear, tiger, Yali (a mythical animal) and lion, oh mother,
We would with joy wear the good quality Kandangi saris (Saris of Madurai), mother,
In one hand we would be keeping a bamboo basket, oh mother,
Kolli Mountain is the mountain where we have given our daughters,
My son is the boon giving Sori Muthayyan (Sastha),* oh mother,
In the earth we enter in the house at the top, oh mother,
We would tell that our god is the Lord of Sabari Mountain, oh mother.
* God of a temple near Kallidai Kuruichi.

Pambu Kanni
[Serpent Stanza]

Achanaar kovilile muttayiitu, thiru,
Aarinkavinil kunju porithu,
Kunjukku irai thedi pona Pambe,
Guruswami per cholli aadu pambe,
Aadhimaalaran andru eendra balan,
Anbai Kulathoor pathi vaazhum jalan,
Jothi kantha malayil thondum seelan -Sabari,
Muthayyan per cholli aadu Pambe.

After laying egg in the Achan Kovil and,
Hatching it in Aariyankavu,
Oh snake which went in search of food for its baby,
Please dance telling the name of Guru Swami,
Please dance telling the name of Muthayyan,
Who is son, who in olden times was born to Vishnu and Shiva,
The miraculous one who lives lovingly in Kulathoor,
And The good one who appears as a flame in Kanthamalai.

[Trumpet used by snake charmers]

Paavana sastha, puli vahana Sastha,
Madhava Sastha, Guhan sodara Sastha,
Maabala Sastha, puli kavala Sastha,
Jothiye Sastha, marai aadhiye Sastha,
Iyane Sastha, Uyar meyyane Sastha,
Harihara Sastha, devar bhaya hara Sastha,
Poorana Sastha, Punya karana Sastha,
Dheerane Sastha, thirumal suthaa Sastha.

The holy Sastha, Sastha who rides on a tiger,
Sastha of great penance, Sastha who is brother of Subramanya,
Sastha of great strength, Sastha who guards the tigers,
Sastha who is the flame, Sastha who is the primeval Veda,
The Lord Sastha, the great truth who is Sastha,
The Harihara Sastha, Sastha who removes fear of devas,
The complete Sastha, Sastha who is the cause of good deeds,
The courageous Sastha, Sastha who is the son of Lord Vishnu.

Kili Kanni
[Parrot Stanza]

Thanga koodu thanilie kiliye, Thangi valarthene,
Cholam thinna kothum kiliye, Chelvan Kanthamalai
Aalum eesar ivar than kiliye, arputha sannidhiyil,
Yenthanukkakave than kiliye, indru nee yeka vendum,
Sathiyam nee yenakku kiliye, avasiyam chollugiren,
Yenthanidathil nindru kiliye, indru koluvil chendru,
Chenthirupadam kandu kiliye, chinthai magizhvu kondu,
Vanthida vendumadi kiliye, mannavar malai vaangi,
Thanthida vendumadi kiliye, santhoshamai karathil,
Chandana kavu thanil kiliye, Swami koluviruppar,
Vindhayaam devathaikal kiliye, methavum kaval undu,
Payave chella vendum kiliye, Bhakthiyai chella vendum,
Ayyan mun chella vendum kiliye, anbathai unna vendum,
Indru nee poi varuvai kiliye, eesan malai tharuvaar,
Kandu nee balam peruvai kiliye, nalla cheythi tharuvai

Oh Parrot in the golden cage, I looked after you,
Oh parrot which pecks to eat maize, Oh parrot,
This is the young one who is the lord and who rules over Kantha malai,
In his wonderful presence for my sake, you should go oh parrot,
Oh parrot you are my truth and I will definitely tell you,
Oh Parrot you should go from me and go to his royal presence
And see his two holy feet and become extremely happy, oh parrot,
And you should come back oh parrot and oh parrot,
You should get the garland of the king and give it to me in my hand.
Oh Parrot in the sandal temple, the Lord would be sitting,
Oh parrot, it would be guarded by by very wonderful devas,
Oh parrot, you should go there slowly along with devotion,
Oh parrot, you should go before the lord and then eat away his love,
Oh Parrot, you go and return today, the god will give you a garland,
Oh parrot seeing that you will become strong and bring good news to me.

Coming of Sastha [1]

1. Van puli meleri varum, yengal,
Veera mani kandane, vaa, un,
Veera vilayadalkalai pada,
Vaani thadai kooravillai.

Oh, our valorous Mani Kanda,
Come riding on a very big tiger,
Saraswathi has not forbidden us,
To sing about your valorous sports.

Konji konji pesi varum undan,
Pinju mozhi kettidave antha,
Pandalathor cheytha thavam, indha,
Paamaran naan cheyyavillayo.

Did I not do sufficient penance,
Like the people of Pandalam,
To be lucky to hear your prattling and lisping talk,
And lucky to hear the baby talks from you.

Paal yedukka puli yetharkko, un,
Parvai than sakthiyathatho,
Arut parvaiyathu pothumappa, Jnana,
Paal pozhiya vendumappa.

What is the need of a tiger to get milk?
Does your sight lacks power to do that?
Your graceful look is sufficient,
Oh God, shower the milk of wisdom.

Villum ambum kayyil etharkko, antha,
Vaavarai than vethi kollavo?
Un bhaktharkalin thuyar kalaye nee,
\Vettayaadi virattidavo?

What is the need of bow and arrow in your hands?
Is it for getting victory over that Vaavar?
Would you hunt and drive away,
All the sorrows of your devotees?

Kantha malai jothi yengalai-oru,
Kantham pol izhukkuthappa,
Kanchi kamakoti nadhan kankalil, unnai,
Kaana arul puriyumappa.

The flame of the KanthamalaI,
Is pulling us like a magnet,
Please shower your grace so that,
We can see you in the eyes.
Of the Lord of Kama koti.

Coming of Sastha [2]

Ragam Yathu kula Khambodhi
Thalam Jambai

Varugirar itho swami yengal kula deivam,
Hari hara puthiraraam, yengal kula deivam.

Here he is coming, the god of our family,
The God of the family, who is son of Vishnu and Shiva.

Kulathooril kudiyirkkum, engal kula deivam,
Chithirai kani porulaam yengal kula deivam.

Our family god who lives in Kulathoor,
The family god who is the fruit of Chithirai (April-May) Month.

Aariyankavu mevum ayyan, engal kula deivam,
Than kalyana kakshi tharum engal kula deivam

Our family god who is in Aryan Kavu
Our family God who shows us the scene of his marriage.

Kali yugathil avatharithaar yengal kula deivam,
Thiru dharma Raja kakshi tharum achan koil deivam.

Our family God was born in the kali age,
He is the God of Achan Koil who is the king of Dharma.

Sabari giri samsthitharaam yengal kula deivam,
Sarana gosha keertthitharaam saranyargal deivam.

Our family God lives on the Sabari Mountain,
Our God of his devotees is being sung with "Saranam".

Dheepa oli veesivarum kanthamalai deivam,
Nithyananda kaakshi tharum yogananda deivam.

He is the God of Kantha Malai who comes with the blowing light of a lamp,
He is the god of joyful yoga who shows me himself, daily as joy.

Coming of Sastha [3]

Ragam Ataana
Thalam Chapu


Ayyan ezhundarulinaar, Sri Bhootha nathan,
Ayyan yezhundarulinaar


The Lord came,
Lord Bhoothanatha came


Vaikam pugazh yengum meyyan Kaliyuga,
Varadan paramanandan ullasamai


Praised by all the world, who is true everywhere,
The Lord who blesses in Kali age, the divinely happy one, joyfully


Munnadi deivam mun nadakka mathoru,
Deivam pudu vanna kudai pidikka,
Mannan, chella pillai udan nadakka, choozhndhu,
Pei bhootham vattamittu kudhikka


While the God was walking in front,
While another God was holding a coloured umbrella,
While Lord was walking with Chella Pillai,
And while surrounding ghosts and devils were jumping in circle.

Duritha Nadai

Mannavar vandadi potha, vinnavar poomalar chatha
Mannar sabayai naada, mathar koothada

While the people of earth were worshipping his feet,
While devas were showering flowers,
When the king was coming and ladies were dancing

Sangu nadham yengum muzhanga,
Beri maddalathudan murrasu olikka,
Angusam soolamum aayudhamum thangi,
Engume bhoothangal aadi vara

While the sound of conch was being heard everywhere,
While the small drums and big drums were being played,
Everywhere the Bhoothas holding goad, trident and other weapons were dancing

Duritha Nadai

Sangili bhootham koothada, charakkuruttiyum aada,
Thunga veerabhadran chada, verikkal yakshiyum koothada

While Sangili Bhootham danced, while Charakkurutti danced,
With Thunga Veerabhadra jumping and Verikkal Yakshi was also dancing.

Lord's Coming to Auditorium

Manikandar koluvaaga vanthaar, indha,
Manilamellam magizhndhume kaaka

The Manikanda came to the decorative hall,
To protect all this world along with joy.

1. Animani aadaikal; aada-vegu,
Apsara pengal nadangal aada,
Muni naradar geetham paada - nalla,
Azhakutha Gandarvar kaithalam poda

With ornaments and dress shaking,
With Apsara damsels dancing,
With sage Narada singing songs,
And with pretty Gandarwas clapping their hands.

2. Velli pirambu kai kondu,
Padam panivorkku arul cheigumo vendru,
Pulli puli meethil nindru - Bhakthar,
Poojayai kai kondu paalipomendru.

Holding a silver cane in his hand,
With intention of blessing devotees saluting his feet,
Standing on a spotted tiger and to accept,
The worship done by all his devotees.

3. Vetala bhootham nadikka -vinthai,
Yagave yellorum ivar pugazh padikka,
Theethara ven kudai pidikka -polla,
Dushta vanchakarellam bhayam kondu thudikka

With Vetalas and Bhoothas acting,
With all people singing his praise in a wonderful manner,
With people holding white umbrella properly,
With the bad men and cheaters shivering in fear.

4. Poorana pushkalai yendru -iru,
Poovayarudan nalla arul mevi nindru,
Naranan balakan yendru -pari,
Poornananda puravi mel nindru

Along with two pretty ladies called.,
Poorna and Pushkala and showering his good grace,
Telling that he was the son of Lord Vishnu,
He stood on the horse called divine joy.

5. Devathi devargal choozha -paaril,
Anaivarum bhakthiyai kai koopi thaazha,
Jeeva vanchakar mainthu vizha -indha,
Jakamellam chezhithongi ksemamai vaazha

Surrounded by all the devas and saluted,
With folded hands by all those on earth,
With cheats and bad ones dying and falling,
For the entire world to prosper and continue to live

Shobhana Kummi

Vinnavar choozhum kali vara naatinil,
Veeramani kandar shobhaname,
Vaazhumennattinil divya panguni,
Matham Pathinainthaam thithi thanil,
Aadaravakiya Utharayanathil,
Ponnakum Panchami nalinile,
Cheeraana velli kizhamayile, nalam,
Cherntha thiruonam nalathile,
Pon poovum pon mazhai peyyum diathil,
Poorna pushkalai poo malanthaal,
Karpaka mathukal yezhu per kannimaar,
Kalyana pennayum kootti vanthaar.

In the blessed land of Kali where devas assemble,
Auspicious wishes to Veera Mani Kanda.
In the land where he lives, in the divine Panguni (March-April) month,
On the fifteenth day of that month,
In the Utharayana which is very supportive,
On the golden Panchami day,
On the very sacred Friday which is very good,
On the day whose star is Thiru Onam (Sravana),
On the day when golden flowers and rain are showering,
The flower of Poorna and Pushkala opened,
And at that time seven pretty maids,
Brought there the bride.


Ragam Madhyamavathi
Thalam Aadhi

Shobhaname kanthmalai swarna maya kshethrathil.
Bhoopaiyai than vilangum bhoothanatha jaya jaya,
Pooranayaal por kodiyaam pushkalayaam iru mathar,
Aariyanka muthayyanai malayida virumbi vanthaar.

Auspiciousness, in the golden temple at Kantha Malai,
Bhoothanatha sits as a king, victory to him,
Poorna as well as the golden climber like Pushkala,
Came to marry the Muthayyan of Aryankav with desire.

Nallorai paarthu jaya mangalam paadi vara,
Vedhiyargal choozha varum bhoothanatha jaya jaya,
POn chivigai meethu vantha maappillai muthayyan,
Velvi cheyyum mandapathil mun chellum vallaikkal,
Bhoothathaan tholianile Hariharanaar magan chella,
Pooranayaal malayittal, pushkalayum pin thodara,
Iyappanum maru malai mathi vida thampathiyar,
Poonchivigai meethinile bhavani varum shobhaname,
Kaana kan kodi perum kanthamalai vasavanin kalyana vaibhogame.

Seeing the good people singing "Jaya Mangalam",
The Bhoothanatha is coming surrounded by Brahmins,
The groom Muthayyan who was coming in the golden palanquin,
Climbed on the shoulder of Vellaikkal Bhootham and went first,
And when that son of Harihara entered the hall where fire sacrifice was being done,
Poorna garlanded him and Pushkala also followed her,
And Ayyappa garlanded them in return and the married couple,
Went on a flower palanquin and let that procession be auspicious,
We should have billions of eyes to see the marriage of he who lives in Kanthamalai,
Let the marriage be a great festival.

Ragam Sankarabharanam
Thalam Aadhi

Poorna kalyana vaibhogame,
Pushkala kalyana vaibhogame

The marriage of Poorna greatly celebrated
The marriage of Pushkala greatly celebrated

Harihara bhavam yekam, Sachidananda roopam,
Bhava bhaya hara padam, bhavanaa gamya moorthim.

The one body of Harihara was the form of divine joy,
His feet removes the fear of birth and is the form that goes in to the mind.

Sakala bhuvana hethum, Sathya dharmanukoolam,
Sritha jana kula paalam, dharma sastharameede.

He is the cause of all worlds and favours truth and Dharma,
He looks after families of those who depend on him,
And let that Dharma Sastha be praised.

Muni jana gana sevyam, moorthi samrajya moolam,
Vidhitha sakala Thathwa Jnana manthropadesam.

He who is served by sages and his form is the root of a country,
And he teaches us all prescribed principles and wisdom.

Upanishad upapathyam om ithi dhyana gamyam,
Muni jana hrudhi chinthyam Dharma Sastharameede

He who has proved all Upanishads, He who can be approached by meditating on "Om",
He who is thought over in their mind by sages and let that Dharma Sastha be praised.

Exchanging of Garland

Malai mathinaal Poornaa,
Malai matrinaal,

Poorna exchanged the garlands,
She exchanged garlands

Maal aranum eendredutha,
Balakanin marbile,
Mayyalaal thayyalaal,
Men malar karathinaal (Malai.)

On to the chest of the lad,
Who was born to Vishnu and Shiva,
That one who loves, that pretty damsel,
With her soft flower like hands (exchanged).

Sundaranganai anbar pandalesanai,
Jayathi manthiram koori indha,
Viswamellam vaazhthida,
Anbudan inbamai,
Pon Malar Karithinaal (Malai.)

That pretty one telling the manthra of victory,
Along with the greetings of all the world,
With pleasure and love Garlanded the,
King of Pandala with her hands which are like a golden flower.

Sastha Kalyana Ashtapadi
[Eight Stanza Prayer about Marriage of Sastha]

Poorna Pushkala Nayagane, Gana sevithane Bhootha Nadha,
Darani kathidum pooranane -undan,
Aariyankaa mana kkolam thannai,
Parkka pallayiram kan vendum-yengal,
Par pugazh Sabareesan kalyana vaibhavathai (Parkka)

Oh Lord of Poorna and Pushkala, Oh God served by Ganas, Oh Lord of Bhoothas,
Oh complete one who protects the earth,
To see your marriage scene of Aryankavu,
Several thousand eyes are required, to see,
Marriage of scene of Lord of Sabari who is praised by the world.

1. Sethuvum imayavum ondru chervathu pol, vanchi,
Nepala mangayar ondraana vaibhavathai (parka)

To see the festival in which the girl of Nepal and Kerala come together,
Which is similar to Rameswara and Himalaya coming together.

2. Mathula marbanum Mathuru kondu andru,
Mathoru Paganai koodi,
Medhiniyum pugazha avatharitha paranai,
Mathu iru pudai choozha maamalai meethinile (Parka)

Lord Vishnu with a lady on his chest, took the form of a lady and that day,
Joined with Shiva who had a lady as his part,
And this divine god, praised by the world, who was born then,
Was surrounded by two ladies and to see him on the hill.

3. Devargal thuyar theera arul mazhai pozhiyavum,
Makishiyai vathithangu aadavum,
Theeratha vali maara van puli paaledukka,
Manikandanaaka, pambai karai thanile thavazhndavanai (Paarkka)

For raining the shower of grace so that the sorrows of devas would end,
For killing Mahishi and then dance,
And for bringing milk of a big tiger so the cureless pain will end,
He crawled in the shores of Pamba river as Manikanda and to see him.

4. Varanamayiram choozha valam cheithu,
Naaranan mainthanai naadi,
poorna por kodi mai vizhi nilam nokki,
Thorana nuzhai vaayil varugindra nadai azhagai,

After going round being surrounded by thousand elephants,
After seeking the son of Narayana,
When with black eyes, the golden climbing plant, like Poorna saw the floor,
And with a pretty walk went towards the decorated door, to see that we need billion eyes

5. Kathir oli dheepam kalasamudan yenthi,
Sadir ils mangayar choozha,
Palinjan arut kumari Pushkala perum devi,
Mathi mukha malar yenthi varum nadayazhagai

Holding the lighted lamp and water pot,
Surrounded by young dancing girls,
When the lady Pushkala who is the dear daughter of king Palinjan,
With her moon like face walked prettily, to see that we need billion eyes.

6. Nandi maddalam kotta, Naradar yaazh meeta,
Rambhadhi mangayar aada,
Chinthai magizh vaanor chenni mel karam koopa,
Munthum valiyudaya Vellai kkal meethu iyanai (Paarkka.)

With Nandi playing the drums, with Narada playing the Veena,
With Ramba and other divine damsels dancing,
With very happy devas raising their hand above their head and saluting,
When the Lord is travelling on the very powerful Vellakkal Bhootham, to see we need billion eyes.

7. Kantha gireesanum Poorana pushkalayum,
Nidru yethir malaiakal chooda,
Anthanar marai otha, munivargal thudhi paada,
Mangala oli muzhanga, poomari pozhiya (Parkka)

Whre the God of Kanthamalai and Poorna and Pushkala,
Stood facing each other and exchanged garlands,
When Brahmins were reciting Vedas, When sages were singing praises,
When auspicious sound was booming and when it was raining flowers, to see we need billion eyes.

8. Mukkannan umayavalum achuthan ilaaumiyum,
Brahmanum vaniyum choozha,
Muppathu mundru kodi devarkalum paniya,
Viswamellam pothum iyan kalyani vaibhavathai (Parkka.)

Surrounded by Lord Shiva and Parvathi, Vishnu and Lakshmi,
As well as Lord Brahma and Goddess Saraswathi,
And with thirty three crores of devas saluting,
The marriage of Lord Ayyappan praised by all the world in a grand manner,
And we need billions of eyes to see that.

Muthu Kuthuthal [1]
[Pounding of Holy Rice (Akshatha)]

1. Swami saranam, bhoothanatha swami saranam,
Bhuvana natha swami saranam, Bhoothanadha yendru paaduvom.

I surrender to God, I surrender to God Bhoothanadha,
I surrender to God Bhoothanadha, we will sing, "Oh Bhoothanadha"

2. Anthamil azhaku vaintha Aaryankaavathanile,
Sundramaam mana maganin suvadi pothuvom.

In the Aryankavu which has endless beauty,
Let us praise the feet of the pretty groom.

3. Saramparuthi malayai vittu Sathya sudar veesidave,
Arava mani rudhranin sudhanai paaduvom.

When the flame of truth blew from Saramparuthi mountain,
We will sing about the son of Rudra who wears the serpent gem.

4. Keralathil deivamagi, gokulathil kan valar,
Paralantha mayavanathu makanai paaduvom,

We would sing about him who became God in Kerala,
And who is the son of the enchanter who slept in Gokula and measured the world.

5. Kuvalayathil vandhu uditha ganapathiyin sodaranai,
Kavalai theera kai vanangi kanithu paaduvom.

We would sing about the brother of Ganesha who was born in this world,
Saluting him so that all our worries would end.

6. Maamalayin meethu irundhu manilathai kaathidum,
Thamarai mukathavanin saranam koruvom.

We would request for protection of the lotus faced one,
Who sits on the mountain and looks after the country.

7. Kanthamalai meethu anbar kaanum dheepa jyothiyagi,
Santhi tharum devanai naam chernthu paaduvom.

We would join together and sing about the god who gives peace,
Who has become the flame over Kanthamalai which devotees see.

8. Malikai purathile devigal koluvirukka,
Aali muthugil Bhavani varum iyan saraname.

With the Devis sitting royally in Malikapuram,
Let us seek the protection of the lord who comes on a procession sitting on the ghost.

Akshathai Yeduthu Pokum Paadal
[Song to take Sacred Rice]

1. Bhoothanatha Sadananda, Bhoothnadha Sadananda,
Bhootha nadha Sadaanandhaya Mangalam.

The ever blissful Lord of Bhoothas, the ever blissful Lord of Bhoothas,
Auspiciousness to the ever blissful Lord of Bhoothas.

2. Poorna pushkaleswaraya, Bhootha sanga sevithaya,
Swarna Rathna bhooshanaya Bhoori Mangalam.

To the God of Poorna and Pushkala, to the God served by group of Bhoothas,
To the god decorated by gold and gems, total auspiciousness.

3. Bhakthi mukthi dhayakaya, Dharma pari paalanaaya,
Sathya santha rakshanaaya, sadhu Mangalam.

To the one who gives devotion and salvation, to the one who looks after Dharma,
To the one who protects truthful people, peaceful auspiciousness.

4. Ishta sidhi Dhayakaya, Arishta jala nasanaya,
Drushti dosha banjanaya, charu Mangalam.

To the one who fulfills our wishes, to him who destroys the magic of bad people,
To the one who destroys effect of evil eye, pretty auspiciousness.

5. Kantha saila vasithaya, Thulasi dhama malikaya,
Santha sanu charchithya, Bhavathu Mangalam.

To him who lives in Kanthamalai, to him who wears garland of Thulasi,
To him who is worshipped on the mountain by sages, Let there be auspiciousness.

6. Sakala loka palanaya, sarva bhaktha jana priyaya,
Sakala jeeva rakshanaya, Swami Mangalam

To him who looks after all the worlds, to him who is liked by all devotees,
To him who protects all beings, divine auspiciousness.

Muthu Kuthuthal [2]

Ragam Saurashtram Thalam Chapu

1. Iya aaryankavayya, un,
Kalyana vaibhavam kaanpoma?

Lord, lord of Aryankavu,
Would we see the celebration of your marriage?

2. Sankaranum, jagan mohananum, thanthai,
Thayena vandha cheer balane deva.

Oh good lad who came with Lord Shiva,
And Lord Vishnu as father and mother.

3. Thingalai otha mukhathazhagaa, shiva,
Chinmayam kaattum karathazhakaa, vaa

Oh lord with a pretty moon like face,
Oh Lord whose pretty hand points out to Shiva's divinity, please come.

4. Sathiya bala, santham mikunthavaa,
Sathiya yoga singathanam konda vaa

Oh truthful lad, Oh God who has lot of peace,
Oh Lord who has the throne of truth.

5. Vilali veera, veera manikanda,
Van puli yeridum chanda prasanda

Oh heroic archer, Oh valorous Manikanda,
Oh famous courageous one, who rode the big tiger.

6. Poorna pushkalaa natha -pari,
Poorna Jnana Vinodhane devaa.

Lord of Poorna and Pushkala, Oh God,
Who entertains himself with full divine knowledge.

Muthu Kuthuthal [3]

Harihara puthra, ambuja nethra pahi,
Chandana charchitha Kasthuri shobhitha paahi,
Poornendu vadana, Pushkala Ramana pahi,
Indradhi vandhitha, sura muni sevuitha paahi
Bhaktha manasollasa Kantha giri vaasa paahi
Kouusthubha shobitha kamitha varada paahi
Sajjana palaka samagana Priya paahi,
Kalyana dhayaka kalyani roopa paahi

Protect Oh son of Harihara, oh lotus eyed one,
Protect Oh God anointed with sandal, anointed with musk
Protect Oh God with full moon face, Oh Lord of Pushkala,
Protect Oh God saluted by Indra and others, Oh God served by sages
Protect Oh God who enthuses the mind of devotees, Oh Lord who lives on Kanthagiri,
Protect Oh God shining with Kausthubha, Oh God fulfiller of wishes,
Protect Oh God who looks after good people, Oh God who likes singing of Sama Veda,
Protect Oh God who makes good things happen, Oh God with auspicious form.

Mix all Akshathas (holy rice). Then the decorated pestle would be held with both hands by devotees and they will dance with joy to the tune of the following eight stanza prayer.

(Lalitha Lavanga Tune)
Jaya hari hara sutha Mohini balaka,
Natha jana muni gana vandhya padambuja,
Jaya jaya karunaabdhe.

Victory to pretty son of Mohini who is Harihara
Oh God whose lotus like feet is saluted by sages and devotees.
Victory, victory oh ocean of mercy.

1. Sakala Kaladhara, shanmukha sodara,
Sathrayyane Bhootha Nadhaa,
Nikila bhulokavum keerthiyaam,
Amboruha nethrane Bhoothanadha.

He who is an expert in all arts, the brother of Shanmukha,
Oh Lord Sastha, who is lord of Bhoothas,
Who has fame all over the world,
Oh Lord of Bhoothas with lotus like eye.

2. Anthi pakalum umathu adi paninthen,
Akhilandavane Bhoothanadhaa,
Chenthiru velavarkku Aadharavakiya,
Sodharane Bhootha nadhaa.

Day and night I bow before your feet,
Oh God of the world, oh lord of Bhoothas,
Oh lord of Bhoothas who is a great support,
To his brother the Lord Subramanya.

3. Aiynthu malayil vaazhum arputhane, yengal,
Aariyane Bhoothanadhaa,
Andamellam padaithaLum sri Harihara
Puthirane Bhootha Nadha.

Oh Wonderful God who lives on five mountains, our Arya, our Bhoothanatha,
Oh son of Harihara who is the lord of Bhoothas who creates and rules over the world.

4. Indiran mudhalana devargal pugazhthidum, eeaswarane, bhoothanatha,
Chinthayil un padam naan maraven, jagatheeswarane, bhoothanatha.

Oh God, Oh Lord of Bhoothas who is praised by Indra and other devas,
I will not forget your feet in my thought, oh God of universe, Oh Lord of Bhoothas.

5. Archanai aayiram cheithidum adiyavarkku arulbhavane, Bhoothanadha,
Prasasidhamaam Sabari giri thanil vaazhum saswathane Bhoothanadha.

Oh Bhoothanadha who showers his grace on those who worship him thousand times,
Oh Bhoothanadha, Who is permanent and lives on the famous Sabarigiri.

6. Yethanayop pizhai cheikinum porutharul puribhavane Bhoothanadha,
Sakthi jadadhari Sankari mainthanaam Sastrayyane Bhoothanadha.

Oh Bhoothanadha who pardons any number of mistakes done and showers his grace,
Oh Bhoothanadha, Oh Lord Sastha who is son of Sakthi, Sankari and one with hair.

7. Pandiyan deviyarkkaga vana puli azhaithavane, Bhoothanadha,
Aandavanagiya Kanthamalai thannil thandavane, Bhoothanadha

Oh Bhoothanadha who for the sake of queens of Pandya called the big tigers,
Oh Bhoothanadha who danced in Kanthamalai which is God.

8. iSrimathi choodum viswam makizhnthida arul tharum chinmayane, Bhoothanadha,
Cheer perugum sachithananda desika sad guruve, Bhoothanadha.

Oh Bhoothanadha who is full of divinity and blesses,
So that Goddess Lakshmi, who wears the world is pleased,
Oh Bhoothanadha, the good Guru with divine joy, who increases wealth.

Mangala Snanam
[Auspicious Bath]

Harihara suthane Ayyappa,
Mathiyani porulanum, nithipathikku adhipanum,
Madanathu madanathil mathi thannai maraithittu,
Vidhiyathan vayappada, sathipathi athisutha,
Harihara suthane Ayyappa,
Madhava suthane Ayyappa,
Mohini Balaka Ayyappa,
Mangala snanamithe - Shobhaane

Oh Ayyappa, son of Hari and Hara,
The god who has the moon and the lord of the goddess of wealth,
Got caught in the snare of god of love, forgot their brain,
Got caught by fate and became husband and wife and their son,
Oh Ayyappa son of Hari and Hara,
Oh Ayyappa the son of God Vishnu.
Oh Lad of Mohini, Oh Ayyappa,
This is the auspicious bath-let it be good.

Athi vimarisayai varuvai,
Aariru padiyudan mooviru padikalum,
Chernthida irumudi chumanthidum adiyaar,
Malar adi podi ivan yenum nilaiarulida,
Athi vimarisayaai varuvaai,
Thuthi pala purinthudum adiyaar,
Nadhi pala neerum yeduppar,
Ananda snanamithe - Shobhane.

Please come with great pomp,
When by way of twelve steps along with another six steps,
The devotees who carry the two section bundle (Iru Mudi),
And they seek the flower like dust of his feet,
And you please come with great pomp,
They will collect water from several rivers,
And this is the joyful bath and let it be good.

Agathiyan paniyum Ayyappa,
Nilai ithu porulena malayathan mugalinil,
Silai yena amarnthidum marai porul vadivinan,
Inayadi kazhalinai thunaiyena paninthida
Agathiyan paniyum Ayyappa,
Ananda Vazhvumalippai,
Sathiya jnanam arulvai,
Arputha snanamithe Sobhane

Oh Ayyappa whom sage Agasthya worships,
Deciding that is your place, you stood as a statue,
On the top of the mountain, Oh God who is the form of Vedas,
Thinking your two feet and leg are the only help,
Oh Ayyappa, sage Agasthya saluted you,
Please grant me a life full of joy,
Please also bless me with true wisdom,
This is a wonderful bath and let it be good.

Thalandu Shobhanai

1. Sri Sastha, sathayani, poorna Pushkala samethuduni,
Narathadu Sthuthi cheyya, nagarambulona (Shobhane)

When Narada started praying Sastha, Sastha,
When he was along with Poorna and Pushkala, he entered the town. That is good

2. Bangaru peedamuna, baguga velaku, swamiki,
Sangathikaa sampangi thailamuna indiri (Shobhane)

Place the golden seat in a nice manner and keep,
The Oil of Jasmine as offering to the God. Let there be good.

3. Satdulella koothukoni, chakka padalu paadi,
Pathi yaiyna Sasthruki,
Poorna (Pushkala) namaskainji.

Afterwards good people would sit together and sing good songs,
And Poorna (Pushkala) would salute Sastha who is their husband. Let there be good.

4. Mangala snanamu chesi, rangu vasthramu darinchi,
Srungara bhooshanamu Poorna (Pushkala) dariyinchinu.

After taking auspicious bath, after wearing pretty coloured dress,
Poorna (Pushkala) wore very lovely ornaments, Let there be good.

5. Sri Sabari giri nilaya, Poorna Pushkala Ramana,
Karunaa paraavara, kausha samhara.

Oh Lord who sits of Sabari mountain, the darling of Poorna and Pushkala,
Who is merciful to those who are his and destroys those bad people, Let there be good.

6. Shobhaname, Sasthakku, Shobhanam Poorna Pushkalaku,
Shobhaname nanukanna shubhakara Valliki ippudu.

All the god for Sastha, All the good for Poorna and Pushkala,
All that is good now for all those who are better than me.

Dharma Sastha Kalyana Choornikai

Thathra khalu Kantha girou Manoradha Mahaarnava,
Paramananda jaradhou nimaghnou,
Palinja Pinchaka varmaanou nrupathi
Jagathraya samrakshana Deekshithasya,
Vivaha Mahothsavaaya,
Kshithiradwara pooritha manoradha athiradha maharadha,
Saparivaramaneeya sathkruthya naanaavidha,
Kramukha, nalikera rambhadhi phalayutha,
Sahasra saatha kumbha sthambha bhooshithe
Jambhari chira kamkshithe,
Paripoorna manoradha parammamodha,
Poura bhaktha jana paraspara krutha sallape,
Sakala jana manohara aalape,
Naanaa desa gatha raja varya brundhe,
Lochanaanandhe, naanaa vidha varna,
Swarna pushpa sthambaka koti thedheepya maana,
Malaya Chandana karu gugulu kokrutha,
Divya parimala vaasanathi vasthu gumugumaya mana,
Sabhaanthare niratha mani kachitha mukura parampare,
Hema Jambunatha aneka koti ravi kantha spatika,
Sangathitha marakatha, vara vaidooryathi,
Nava rathna kachitha kanaka maya mandape,
Beri mrudanga maddala kahala dundhubhi dhooree,
Dumburu veena venu noopura mattuka dindima,
Damaruka jajjari Jallari davala sankha,
Panavada ashtaadasa vadhya ghosha,
Santhatha sabdhayamaana sakala diganthare,
Aneka kodi Hiranya vasthrabharana bhoodhanaa,
Bahumaana santhoshithaa pithra bhoothobhaya,
Bala, Thala, pingala, brukaa, veerabaahwathi,
Senaanaam aadhipathyo sahithamcha,
Kinnchith arabdha tharunyam,
Natha janaika karunyam,
Parihrutha muni jana thapam,
Dinakara kula vamsa dheepam,
Sampooritha bhaktha jana kaamam,
Sakala jala dara shyamam,
Jayaathi sakthi sama sevyamaanaam,
Sakshath Sri rama Chandra swaroopinam,
Sri dharma Saasathaaram,
Mangala pradodhvaaha darsnaartham, Sannivesya.

In the Kanthagiri, immersed in the flow of great sea of thoughts of divine knowledge,
The kings who were called Palincha and Pinchaka Varma, having taken the decision of protecting the three worlds,
In the great celebration of marriage, for the fast fulfillment of the desires of the mind,
Did a good job assisted by the great heroes of battle along with their army,
Decorated using different types of betel nut, coconut and various fruits,
Erected the hall with thousands of pots as well as pillars,
Which was for a long time as desired by Indra,
Amidst the talk with each other of citizen devotees,
Whose desire was completely fulfilled and they were very happy.
Amidst the talk of all the people.
And the crowd of kings belonging to various countries,
Giving happiness to the eyes with various types of colours
With bunches of golden lamps which were like billions of suns,
Which were cool like the sandal of the mountain providing a cool balm,
Spreading out the divine scent everywhere, making the place great,
Inside the hall which was decorated with groups of jasmine flowers,
With billions of golden ornaments, and crystals shining like the sun,
And further decorated by collection of emeralds and cat's eye gems,
That hall which was decorated by the nine gems
With sounds from Big drums, Small drums, Dhundhbi, Dhori,
Veena, Dumburu, flute and other musical instruments,
With other accompaniments like Damaruka, Jajjari etc
And further with the sound of eighteen other instruments,
That entire area was filled with sound all the different directions,
And with billions of dhana (gift to Brahmins) of gold, cloths, ornaments and land,
With respecting of manes who were made happy,
With commanders of various types of armies like,
Bala, Thala, Red, Bruka and infantry with great strength,
With the budding youth,
With mercy of the devotees,
With the pain of falling sages
The light of the clan of Sun God,
Who was filled with the affection of devotees,
Who was black like the rich cloud,
Who has the form like the real Lord Rama,
That Dharma Sastha came,
So that auspicious events should begin.

Sri Poornambal

Kethaki champaka kunthaladhyr alankrutha,
Neelalaka venim, karunaava lochanim,
Anagha mani kachith megandimn,
Swara jitha kala kandeem,
Haataka mani maya thatakalankrutha kapolaam,
Aganitha kalyani guna seelaam,
Aravindha Sundara mandahasa mukheem,
Sree Poornaam, poorna swaroopineem,
Sri sasthru Dakshine Bhage sannivesya.

With her blue braid decorated by Ketaka, Champaka and jasmine flowers,
With eyes filled with mercy, with a belt studded with invaluable gems,
With several ornaments of the neck making sound,
With her cheeks decorated by gold and several gems,
She with innumerable good qualities, she with a pretty lotus like face,
That Poorna who had a full form came and occupied his right side.

Sri Pushkalambaal

Mallikaadhi pushpa samveethaam,
Divya haarair alankruthaam,
Swarna kankana samyukthaam,
Pushpa ragaira mokthikaischa,
Suvinirmitha kundalaam,
Pathakaabharno pethaam,
Pushkala deveem,
Sri Dharma Sashthu Vama bhage sannivesya,

Decorated by jasmine and other flowers, with her decorated divine braid,
Wearing golden bangles, With well made ear globes made of topaz and pearl,
Wearing many ornaments which were hanging down, the Goddess Pushkala,
Came and occupied the left side of Dharma Sastha.

Sri Poorna Pushkala Sametha Sri Hariharathmajasya vaivahika maha vaibhavam paraspara pani grahgana vidhinaa kramasa aarabandha Choornikai poorthi

The great celebration of the marriage of Poorna and Pushkala with the son of Hari and Hara started with the holding of hands of each other and this description is complete.

Vasthram Othi Ida
[Ceremonially hand over the dress]

Sathyyas vahethyaha sathyurvai Purusha satha veerya aayureva veeryam varunthe,
Sahasrayas vahethyaaha aayarvai sahasraM Ayureva varunthe sarvasmai swahethyaaha,
Aparimethamevaa varunthe srayo vasiya, aayuthsam bhootham bhootham chithra Kethu,
Prabhanaabhaan sambaan jyothishmaahum Swathejas vaanaa thapagum sthapan abhidhavan,
Rochano, rochamana, Shobhana Shobhamaana kalyaana.
(This is in Vedic Sanskrit and I got it in Tamil script. So I am not translating it.)

Sri poorna pushkalodwaha Mahothsavathil Bhagwan Sriu Harihara puthra swamikku Mamanaar Palinja (Pinchaka) Maharajan samarppanam pathram pushpam, sakala soubhagyam getti varahan.

During the marriage ceremony of Poorna/Pushkala with the God who is the son of Hari and Hara, the father in law Palinja/Pinchaka is submitting leaf, flower, all sort of luck and bundles of gold.

Poornavukku Vasthram koduppath
Pushkalavukku Vasthram koduppathu

Poorna Devi Pravaram
[Lineage of Poorna Devi]

Chathur veda shakadhyayinim,
Sakala sasthrartha swaroopineem,
Chathurdasa bhuvanadheeswareem,
Akhilanda kodi Brahmanda nayakim,
Thathwa swaroopineem, Sarnagatha vathsalaam,
Padmalankrutha kara kamalaam,
Samsaroddhara gothrothbhavaam,
Chandra vamsa pradeepikaam,
Sarva mangala Dhayineem,
Pinchaka varmana puthreem,
Sri Poornaa namneem Sakshath Lakshmi swaroopineem,
Imam kanyaam, Sankalpa thanayaam.

Belonging to the four Vedas,
Having the form the meaning of all the Sastras,
The goddess of all the fourteen worlds,
The Lord the entire Universe of billion parts,
With the form of all philosophy, One who loves those who surrender to her,
One who has decorated herself with lotus and has a hand like lotus,
One born in the clan that lifted up the entire world,
The light of the clan of the moon God,
One who gives all auspiciousness,
The daughter of Pinchaka Verma,
One whose name is Poorna and has the real form of Goddess Lakshmi,
Is the maid who is my daughter of this declaration.

Sri Pushkala devi pravaram
Chathur veda shakadhyayinim,
Sakala sasthrartha swaroopineem,
Chathurdasa bhuvanadheeswareem,
Akhilanda kodi Brahmanda nayakim,
Thathwa swaroopineem, Sarnagatha vathsalaam,
Samsorathara gothrodhbhavaam,
Chidagni kunda sambhoothaam,
Chandra vamsa pradheepikaam,
Bhaktha soubhagya dhayinim Jagan matharam,
Palinjavarmana puthrim,
Sri Pushkalaa namneem, sakshad Durga swaroopinim,
Imam kanyaam Sankalpa thanayam.

Belonging to the four Vedas,
Having the form the meaning of all the Sasthras,
The goddess of all the fourteen worlds,
The Lord the entire Universe of billion parts,
With the form of all philosophy, One who loves those who surrender to her,
Belonging to the clan that lifts the earth,
Who was born out of the raging fire of Yaga,
Who is the one shining in the clan of moon god,
Who is the mother of universe who grants luck to her devotees,
Who is the daughter of Pinja Verma,
Whose name is Pushkala and who has the real form of Durga,
Is the maid who is my daughter of this declaration.

Sri Hari Hara Puthra Pravaram

Chathurveda Sakhadhyayine,
Sarnagatha uddharaya gothraya,
Sakala sasthrartha swaroopaya,
Chathurdasa bhuvanaadheesaya,
Akhilanda kodi Brahmanda Nayakaya,
Thwaadheesaya, parathparaaya,
Soma vamsa pradheepaaya,
Aadhi madhyantha rahitha sachidananda,
Para brahma swaroopa shiva puthraya, ayonijaaya,
Uthra Phalguni nakshatre, kanya rasou jaathaya,
Sri Hariharathmaja varaaya.

Belonging to all the four Vedas,
Belonging to the clan that uplifts those who surrender to them,
Who has the form of the meaning of all Shastras,
Who is the God of all the fourteen worlds,
Who is the lord of billions of globes belonging to the universe,
Who is the lord of philosophy, Who is most divine,
Who is the light of the clan of Soma,
Who does not have beginning, middle or end, Who is divinely joyous,
Who is the son of Shiva who has the form of divine Brahman, Who is not born from the womb,
And who is born on Uthara Phalguni (Uthram) Star of Kanya Rasi,
Is the bride groom who is the son of Hari and Hara.

Kannika Dhanam

1. Iyam Poornaa mama suthaa Saha dharma charee thava,
Pratheecha chainaam badaram they paanim,
Krusheeshwa paanina

2. Pushkaleyam Mama suthaa sahadharma charee thava,
Ptheecha chainaam bhadram they,
Paanim kurusheeshwa paaninaa

3. Ithi Sri poorna(Pushkalaa) devim,
Srimathe Hariharathmajaaya,
Sobhana manthrakshathaa,
Hiranyodhaka tharaa sahitham,
Mandasmithaam kanyaam,
Kanaka sampannam,
Sarvaabharana bhooshithaam,
Sri poornaam (Sri Pushkalam) Sri Hariharaputhra,
Kararavindhe samarpayaa maasa

1. Hereby I am handing over my daughter Poorna,
To be made your constant companion on your west side,
Please look after her safely and hold her hand by yours.

2. Hereby I am handing over my daughter Pushkala,
To be made a constant companion of the east side
Please look after her safely and hold her hand by yours.

3. Thus Poorna (Pushkala) goddesses,
Are handed over to the son of Hari and Hara,
Along with auspicious divine non germinating grains,
Along with golden water and star,
Who are maids with a smile in their face,
Ornamented fully in gold,
Wearing all types of ornaments,
And I hand over Poorna (Pushkala) in the hands of son of Hari and Hara.

Chanting these Manthras twice, adding water, the maids have to be given to the groom and the God is offered betel leaf, betel nut and banana fruits as well as shown the light of Camphor. The People who are singing should put the Pearl like rice that they pounded telling the following eight verses of Mangalashtakam. While doing so, the God should be behind a screen and those who sing should sit outside it.

Mangala Ashtakam

1. Sri Narayano Mangaleswara sutha,
Sasthaa prasnno Bhuvi,
Pooja padathi poorvakam krutha midham,
Stotram prasrunvan vibhu,
Bhoomer bHootha vaasinaam cha krupayaa,
Santhim mudhaam prapayan,
Poornaa Sasthru Vivaha mangala dhine,
Kuryatha sadaa Mangalam.
(Sulagne savadhana sumuhurthe savadhana)

The son of Lord Vishnu, the god of auspiciousness,
Let The God Sastha be happy with the world,
Oh Lord be pleased to hear this prayer,
Done along with the worship according to rituals.
Let the people who are living in this earth,
Mercifully get peace and joy,
Please always make auspicious,
The day of the wedding of Poorna and Sastha.
(This is being done in auspicious lagna in the auspicious time.)

2. Brahmendarathi samastha deva vinutha s,
Trilokya raksha karo,
Daivagna ganeswarajaayam,
Gambheera gathro druda,
Gandhai pushpitha mallikaa vagulakai,
Sampoojitho bhoothale,
Sastha Pushkalaa pani Padma grahane,
Kuryath sadaa Mangalam.
(Sulagne savadhana sumuhurthe savadhana)

Oh God to whom Brahma, Indra and others,
Are devotees, please protect the three worlds,
Oh God who is the younger brother of God Ganesa,
Who has a healthy body and is serious looking,
Who is worshipped by sandal paste and fully open,
Flowers of Jasmine and Vagula flowers in the earth,
Let the holding of lotus like hand of Pushkala by Sastha
Be always auspicious.
(This is being done in auspicious lagna in the auspicious time.)

3. Shadanana Ganesayos saha janee,
Sastha samasthai sthutha,
Sarveshamcha hithaishinaam karunayaa,
Sankalp porrthim kara
Pampa theera samagathair jana ganai,
Uthoshitho bhoothare
Poornaa sathru Vivaha mangala dhine,
Kurayayath sadaa mangalam.
(Sulagne savadhana sumuhurthe savadhana)

Oh God who was born along with Ganesa and Subramanya,
Oh Sastha who is prayed by all,
For the sake of the good of all the people,
Please make real our wishes,
Please make happy the crowd of people,
Who are assembled in the bank of Pampa,
On the auspicious day of the marriage of Poorna and Sastha,
Please make everything always auspicious.
(This is being done in auspicious lagna in the auspicious time.)

4. Jaiminyadhi Maharshi brunda vinutho,
Veeragra poongair vrutha,
Vishnvesana chathurmukhaischa baritha,
Sasthaa swayam basathe.
Gandarva apsarasaam vinotha rasiko,
Gananuliptho Priya,
Sastha Pushkala pani Padma karane,
Kuryath sadaa mangalam.
(Sulagne savadhana sumuhurthe savadhana)

Oh God to whom Jaimini and other crowd of great sages are devotees,
Oh Most eminent God who has taken great valour as penance,
The God Sastha shines along with Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma,
Oh God who is greatly liked by Gandarwas and apsaras,
Oh God who enjoys music every minute,
Please always make everything auspicious,
The marriage of Lord Sastha with Poornaa.
(This is being done in auspicious lagna in the auspicious time.)

5. Bheri vaadhya mrudanga rasikor,
Vaivahike mangale,
Sathye narthana darsanoth sukaryam,
Sastha prasathim kara,
Pathneekair samaruth ganair dwija ganair,
Ranvair sampoojithi,
Poorna Sasthru Vivaha mangala dhine,
Kuryath sadaa mangalam.
(Sulagne savadhana sumuhurthe savadhana)

In the auspicious ceremony of wedding,
Accompanied by the playing of Big drums and Mrudanga,
Sastha truly enjoys the performance of dance,
And let that Sastha add to the fame of,
His wives, the Maruths and the crowd of Brahmins,
Please always make everything auspicious,
The marriage of Lord Sastha with Poornaa.
(This is being done in auspicious lagna in the auspicious time.)

6. Kuryath sadaa mangalam,
Aanandhaadhi Parasara prabruthibhi,
Samsthooyamano Prabhu,
Sidhair KInnara Gandharvadhi suganais,
Samkeeyamaano vibhu,
Srimath Sankara sad guru prabruthibhi,
Samsevyamano pura,
Sastha Pushkala pani Padma grahane,
Kuryath sadaa mangalam.
(Sulagne savadhana sumuhurthe savadhana)

Make it always auspicious,
For the joyful Parasara and other sages,
Who keep on praising the lord,
For the Sidhas, Kinnaras, Gandharwas and other good ones,
Who keep on singing about the lord,
And to the the great Gurus like Sankara,
Who were serving him in olden times,
And make it always auspicious,
The holding of the lotus hand of Pushkala by Sastha.
(This is being done in auspicious lagna in the auspicious time.)

7. Srimad Kousika brunda sevitha padho,
Sooryadhi dik palakai,
Nithyam sevitha pada Padma yugalo,
Krishnaadhibhi soochitha,
Thapam bhoothala vasinam samayithum,
Bhakthanukampi gaga,
Poorna Sasthru Vivaha Mangala dhine,
Kurath sadaa Mangalam,
(Sulagne savadhana sumuhurthe savadhana)

Oh God whose feet is served by Kousika and other sages,
Whose two feet are daily served by Sun and other guardians of eight directions,
Please bring down the sufferings of people,
As was indicated by Lord Krishna.
As you are the one who has pity on your devotees,
On the day of the wedding of Poorna and Sastha,
Please make all day long as auspicious.
(This is being done in auspicious lagna in the auspicious time.)

8. Lokaan saasayithum prasanna Vadana,
Sasthaa harer aajnayaa,
Shambho Preethikaro abheeshta murthy sadrusa,
Sastheeha punyaam imam,
Bhakthaa Vaidheeka dhana dharma nirathaa,
Poornaascha Sasthu sthale,
Sastha Pushkala pani Padma grahane,
Kuryath sadaa mangalam.

The Sastha with a pleasant smiling face,
Rules over people as per the wish of Lord Hari,
And that one who is dear to Lord Shiva,
The divine Sastha who has the form of fulfilling wishes,
Now surrounded by devotees and priests,
Is busy in acts of charities in the place of Poorna and Sastha,
Please make always auspicious,
The time of the holding of the lotus hands of Pushkala by Sastha.

Mangalya Dharanam

Chanting the manthra, the Mangalya is first given to the hands of Sastha, after it is worshipped. Then one is tied to Poorna and another to Pushkala.

Mangalyam thanthunaanena, Jagad jeevana hethunaa,
Kande badnami Subhage thwam jeeva sarada satham

I am giving you the Mangalya oh pretty one and tying it on your neck,
For the sake of welfare of the world and let you live for hundred autumns.

Camphor Haarathi is taken accompanied by playing of several instruments and all people say

Mangalya dharana Muhurtha sumuhorthasthu.

Let the time of wearing Mangalya become an auspicious time.

All the assembled say together

Sri Poorna Pushkala Kanthane Saranam Ayyappa

We surrender to Ayyappa who is the husband of Poorna and Pushkala.

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