Santhoshi Mata Aarthi

Santhoshi Mata ki Aarthi
[The worship of Mother Santhoshi]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Santoshi Mata (mother of contentment) is supposed to the sister (daughter?) of Ganesha. Her worship gained ground during the middle of twentieth centaury. Nothing is mentioned about her in any of the ancient holy books of Hinduism.]

Jai Santhoshi maa, Maiya Jai Santhoshi Mata,
Apne sevaka jana ki sukha sampathi datha. 1

Victory to Santhoshi Mata, my mother Santhoshi Mata,
Who blesses her devotees with joy and wealth.

Sundara cheer sunahari, maan dharana keenho,
Hira paana dhamke, tana shringar leenho. 2

You are well dressed oh mother, with golden garments,
And bedecked with shining emeralds and diamonds.

Geru Laal chata chavi, badan kamal sohe,
Manda hamsath karunamayi, tribhuvan man mohe. 3

Oh merciful mother, the reddish tinge in your face
Makes it look like a lotus flower,
And your smile enchants the three worlds.

Suvarna simhasana baithi, chanvara duare pyare,
Dhuupa dhipa madshu meva mogh dhare nyare. 4

You are seated on a golden throne,
With a devotee fanning you with love,
With incense and lamps shown before you,
And honey and dry fruits are lying before you.

Gur aur chana paramapriya thamen santhosh kiyo,
Santhoshi kahlaii, bhakthana vaibhava diyo. 5

Jaggery and gram are your favorites,
Which satisfy and make you happy,
And you being incarnation of happiness,
Would bless your devotees with affluence.

Shukra vara priya manath, aaj divasa sohi,
Bhaktha mandali chahi, katha sunatha mohi. 6

You consider Friday as your most liked day,
And today also happens to be Friday,
And your devotees have assembled here,
With desire to hear your story.

Mandira jagamaga jyothi, mangala dwani chaaii,
Vinaya kare there balaka charana sira naaii. 7

Your temple lights are glittering and sparkling,
The sound coming from there is auspicious
And your children are bowing their heads,
And paying homage to your feet.

Bhakthi bhavamayee pooja angikrutha kee jai,
Bahu dhana dhanya bhare ghar sukha saubhagya diye. 8

Please approve our worship,
Which is done with devotion,
And give us a house full of,
Grains, wealth, pleasure and luck.

Dhyana dharo tero mana vanchitha phala payo,
Puja katha shravana kara, gara anand aayo. 9

He who meditated upon you,
Got all that he desired,
Please fill our homes with happiness,
By our doing worship and hearing your story,

Sharana gahe kilaja rakhiyo jagadambe,
Sankata thu hee nivare daya mayi ambe. 10

Oh mother of the universe,
Honour him who seeks your refuge,
And cure him of all his sorrow,
Oh mother who is full of mercy.

Santhoshi maa ki aarth, jo oijana gavai,
Ridhi sidhi suka sampathi, ji bhar ke pavai. 11

He who sings with devotion,
This aarthi of Santhoshi mata,
Would get to his hearts content,
Prosperity, achievement, happiness and wealth.