Bhaja Gaureesam

Bhaja Gaureesam
[Pray Lord of Gauri]
By Chinthamani
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This octet has similar refrain like the great Bhaja Govindam of Adi Sankara, It also is of philosophical import.]

Bhaja Gaureesam Bhaja Gaureesam,
Gaureesam Bhaja, Manda mathe.

Pray Lord of Gauri, Pray Lord of Gauri,
Oh slow witted one, pray Lord of Gauri.

Jala dusthara jaladhi sutharanam,
Dyeyam chithe Shiva hara charanam,
Anyopayam na hi na hi sathyam,
Geyam Shankara Shankara nithyam. (Bhaja Gaureesam….)

For crossing the impenetrable ocean of life
Keep in your mind, the feet of Lord Shiva,
For truly there is no other method,
Than singing Shankara, Shankara daily. (Pray Lord of Gauri…)

Darapathyam kshetram vitham,
Deham geham Sarvamanithyam,
Ithi paribhavaya sarvamasaram,
Garbha vikruthya swapna vicharam. (Bhaja Gaureesam…)

Husband, wife, children and wealth,
Body and house are all impermanent.
Know all these are the meaningless,
Dreams of the play of creation. (Pray Lord of Gauri..)

Mala vaichitye punaravruthi,
Punarapi janani jatarothpathi,
Punarapyasa kulitham jataram,
Kim nahi munchisi kadayoscitham. (Bhaja Gaureesam…. )

Being in love with this impure world,
Would again make you be born in mother’s womb,
And if you again get worried by desire,
Why not tell your mind to leave away such thoughts. (Pray Lord of Gauri…)

Maya kalpitha indram jalam ,
Na hi thath sathyam drushti vikaram,
Jnathe thathwe sarvamasaaram maa kuru,
Maa kuru vishaya vicharam. (Bhaja Gaureesam…)

This world is a magical trick seen because of illusion,
And so do not see it as truth but as a mirage of sorts,
Once you know this, you will know that all are impermanent,
And so do not start thinking again of the things of pleasure. (Pray Lord of Gauri…)

Rajjou sarpa bramanaaropa,
Sthad brahmani jagatharopa,
Mithya maya moha vikaram,
Manasi vicharaya Baramabaram. (Bhaja Gaureesam..)

Like you see a snake in a rope,
You see the world in Brahmam.
This feeling of illusory attachment is a lie,
Think of this in your mind again and again. (Pray Lord of Gauri…)

Adwara koti Ganga gamanam
Kuruthe yogam cheindriya damanam,
Jnana viheena sarva mathena,
Na bhavathi muktho janam sathena. (Bhaja Gaureesam…)

In spite of crores of visit to Ganga,
Doing Yoga and controlling of senses,
He who is not wise, all people say,
Never gets freedom form birth, even in hundred lives. (Pray Lord of Gauri…)

Soham hamso bramhaivaham,
Sudhananda thatwa paroham,
Advaithoham sanga viheene,
Chendriya aathmani nikhile leene. (Bhaja Gaureesam….)

In the state of Hamsa when you become a part of Brahman,
You become the meaning of pure bliss,
And you become alone but realize that there is no two,
And the senses become dissolved in this Aathman..

Sankara kinkara Ma kuru chintham,
Chinthamanina virachitham ethath,
Ya sadbhakthya padathi hi nithyam.,
Brahmani leenobhavathi hi sathyam.

Hey Servant of Shiva, do not start worrying,
For this prayer which is composed by Chinthamani,
If daily read with pure devotion,
Would truly make you merge with the brahmam.