Parasurama Shiva Sthuthi

Parasurama Shiva Sthuthi
[Prayer of Lord Shiva by Lord Parasurama]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Sri Parasurama Uvacha:
Lord Parasurama said: -

1. Eesa, thwam sthothum icchami sarvadha sthothum akshama,
Akshara Akshaya bheejam kim vaa stoumi nireehakam.

Oh God, I desire to pray you and pray you always impatiently,
You are the never decaying and never dying seed and how do I pray you without any desire.

2. Na yojanaam karthum Eso devesam sthoumi Mooda dhee,
Vedaa na sakthaa yam stothum ka sthowam iheswara.

I am planning as to how I can with a foolish brain pray you God,
And not being devoted to Vedas can I pray this way or How should I pray you Oh God

3. Vag Budhi Manasaam dhooram, saraath saram, parath param,
Jnana mathrena sadhyam cha sidham sidhair nishevitham.

Far away from words, brain and mind, essence of essence, superior to the best,
Possible to reach just by thought, and attained by Sidhas using their divine power.

4. Yamakasam ivadhyantha Madhya heenam thadha avyayam,
Viswa thanthram athanthram cha swathanthram, thanthra bheejakam.

Like the sky of great restraint, without having beginning, middle and end and also imperishable,
Having universal system, without system, independent of a system and see of a system.

5. Dhyana asadhyam duraradhyam athisadhyam krupa nidhim,
Thrahi maam karuna sindho dheena bandho athi dheenakam.

Oh God impossible to meditate, difficult to approach and easily approachable treasure of mercy,
Oh ocean of mercy, please save me, the friend of the oppressed and the greatly miserable.

6. Adhya may sapham janma, jeevitham cha sujeevitham,
Swapne apya drushtam bhavathaisha aadhunaa pasyami chakshusha.

If I want this birth to be fruitful and make this life in to a good life,
I should be able to see you even in dream and in water oh Lord and now be able to see by my eyes.

7. Sakradhaya sura ganaa kalayaa yasya sambhava,
Charachara kalamsena tham namami maheswaram.

If Devas and Indra are to happen and present along with the moon,
By the crescent portion of, movable and immovable

8. Sthree roopam, kleeva roopam cha pourusham cha vibhibharthi ya,
Sarvadharam sarva roopam tham namami Maheswaram.

He bears the feminine form, the form of the impotents and also the form of a man,
He is the support of all and he has the form of all and I salute that great God.

9. Yam Bhaskara swaroopam cha sasi roopam huthasanam,
Jala roopam, vayu roopam tham namami Maheswaram.

He takes the form of the sun, he takes the form of moon, fire,
Water and wing and so I salute that great God.

10. Anantha Viswa srustinaam samharthaaram bhayankaram,
Kshanena leela mathrena, tham namami maheswaram.

He horrifyingly destroys all the creations in this wide world,
In a second, just like a sport and I salute that great God.

Phala Sruthi

11. Ithyevam ukthwaa Brugu papatha charanambuje,
Aasisham cha dadhou thasmai samuthpanno Babhoova sa.

After saying like this Parasurama fell at his lotus like feet,
And after receiving the blessings he rose up and was again blessed.

12. Jamadagnya krutham stotram ya padeth bhakthi samyutha,
Sarva papa vinirmuktha sHivalokam sa gachathi.

This prayer which was composed by the son of Jamadagni, if read with devotion,
Would save one from all sins and he would go to world of Shiva.

Ithi Sri Brahma vaivartha Maha purane Ganapathi Khande
Sri Parasurama krutha Sri Shiva Sthuthi sampoornam

Thus ends the prayer addressed to Shiva composed by sage Parasurama,
Which occurs in the book of Ganesa in the Brahma Vaivartha Purana.