Hanumath Bhujanga Stotram

Hanumath Bhujanga Prayatha Stotram
[Prayer to Lord Hanuman in Bhujanga meter]
[Also Known as Anjaneya Bhujanga Stotram]
[Attributed to Adi Shankara - not in the list of Sankara’s Complete Works]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Prapannanuragam, prabha kanchanabham,
Jagat geetha souryam, thusharadri dairyam,
Thruneekruthya hethim ranodhyad vibhoothim,
Bhaje vayu puthram, pavithrath pavithram.1

I pray that son of the God of wind,
Who is the holiest among the holy,
Who loves his devotees,
Who shines like gold,
Whose heroism is sung by the world,
Who is as heroic as the cold mountain,
Who made the fire, look as small as the grass,
And got incomparable fame in the field of war.

Bhaje hemarambhavanenithyavasam,
Bhaje bala bhanu prabhacharu bhasam,
Bhaje chandrika kunda mandarahasam,
Bhaja santhatham ramabhoopaladasam.2

I always sing about him who,
Is always the servant of the king Rama,
Who lives daily in the golden orchard of banana,
Who has the same dazzle as the infant sun,
And whose smile is similar,
To the moon light, jasmine and mandara flowers.

Bhaje lakshmana prana raksha sudaksham,
Bhaje thoshitha sesha geervana paksham,
Bhaje gora sangrama seemahathaksham,
Bhaje rama namanu sampraptha laksham.3

I salute that Hanuman who showed great capability,
In saving the life of Lakshmana,
Who satisfied and made happy all the devas,
Who killed the asura called Aksha*,
At the end of a fierce battle,
And who has reached his grand aim,
By chanting the holy name of Rama.
*Aksha was the on of Ravana.

Krutha bheethi nadam kshithi kshiptha padam,
Ghanakrantha jangam kati sthodu jangam,
Ajandastha kesam bhjaslishta dasam,
Jaya sree sametham, bhaje ramadhootham. 4

I pray that victorious emissary of Rama,
Who heralded the promise of protection,
Who firmly stood on earth by his feet,
Who shook his hips and grew as tall as the skies,
And arrested all the directions within his arm length.

Chalath bala gathad brama chakravalam,
Kadorattahasath prabhinnaja bhandam,
Maha simha nada dwiseerna trilokam,
Bhaje chanjaneyam prabhum vajra kayam. 5

I pray that son of Anjana who is the lord,
With the body as hard as the diamond,
Who by the beat of his tail shook the horizon,
Who by his strong shout broke the universe,
And who by his lion like roar stifled all the three worlds.

Rane bheeshane megha nadadhi nadhe,
Sarosham samavapya soumithramamse,
Khaganaam ghanaanam suranam cha marge,
Natantham namantham hanumanthamede. 6

I meditate on that Hanuman,
Who in the horrific war against Megha nada*,
Full of horrific sound of sounds,
Carried the son of Sumithra,
And saluted and danced with frenzy,
In the path of birds, clouds and devas.
* Indrajit, the son of Ravana Who had voice like thunder.

Nakha pastha jambhari dambolidharam,
Karadwandwa nirdhooha karogra dandam,
Pada gatha bheethahi rajadhi vasam,
Rana kshobha daksham bhaje pingalaksham. 7

I pray that red eyed one,
Who has nails which are fiercer than,
The diamond mace of Lord Indra,
Who has hands much stronger than,
Than the fierce stick of god of death,
Who has fierce steps which make ,
The patala* world tremble with fear,
And who is great at the times of fierce warfare.
* Patala - The world underneath the earth.

Pradoshe prabhathe thada cha ardha rathre,
Shubangam jitha nanga leela prasangam,
Sada bhavayan manaseamum vadhedhya,
Ssa dhanyassa maanyo na chaasyopadasthe. 8

Whether it is dusk, dawn or midnight,
If one is clean and wins over his desires and passion,
And chants this prayer of Hanuman,
Meditating always on him,
He alone is blessed and a great man,
And will never be subject to any danger.

Viladwari bhoopalakadwari ghore,
Gaja vyagra simha kularanya bhage,
Saranyaya varnyaya devair namasthe,
Namasthe kapi sreshta rama priyaya. 9

Whether it is in the opening of caves,
Or in the gate of the kings palace,
Or in the dark forests full of,
Elephants, tigers and lion,
My salutations to the chief of monkeys,
Who is the darling of Rama,
And who is the God who takes care of his devotees.

Sudha sindhumuulangya sadhoni ssedhe,
Kshanadrona shaileyasarena nethum,
Bhavantham vina ko hi loke samartha. 10

In this whole world who but you are capable of,
Crossing the ocean in the pitch of dark at night,
And in a moment, bring the herb which gives life,
Protected by the Sudhandhas*, along with,
The peak of the drona mountain?
* The devas guarding the mountain and its herb.

Samudhram tharangadhi roudhram vinidhram,
Vilamghoru jhanga sthutha marthya sangha,
Nirathanga lankam vilankam vidhaya,
Pithevasi seethathitha papa hari.11

After crossing the fierce sea which is,
Always full of tides and enjoying the songs of praise,
Sung by the crowds of devas, you entered,
The city of Lanka which had no worries,
And you killed the goddess of Lanka,
And also consoled the sorrow of Sita like a father.

Remanadha Ramaam kshamanadha ramaam,
Yaso hethu bhootham visokam vidhaya,
Vanam santhahantham javaddhana vaanam,
Sada chinthaye sree hanumanthameva.12

I always think about that Hanuman,
Who consoled Goddess Sita, who is the wife of Rama,
Who was the reason for the fame of Rama, king of patience,
And who burnt and destroyed the forest of Rakshasas.

Jarabharatho bhooripeeda sareere,
Irooda ranaa rooda bhooriprathapa,
Bhavath pada bhakthim bhavad bhakthi rakthim,
Kuru sri hanumath prabho, may dayalo. 13

Since my body is full of creeping age and all its ills,
Hey Hanuman, You who have unalloyed fame,
Please create in me the devotion to your feet and,
Passion for such a devotion in my mind.

Udharantharangam sada rama bhaktham,
Samuddhanda vruthim dwishaddhanda lolam,
Amoghanubhavam thamougagna daksham,
Thanmath prabhavam Hanumantha meede.14

I meditate on that Hanuman,
Who has a very broad heart,
Who always has devotion to Lord Rama,
Who controls all his actions,
Who is the enemy of god of death,
Who is greatly merciful,
Who is capable of removing ,
Darkness created by ignorance,
And who exhibits the extreme limit of his strength.

Karothbhasi tangam kireetidhwajangam,
Hathaseshapangam rane nirvisangam,
Jwalath kundalangam trilokee mrukangam,
Ranath basma lankaam, Bhaje nishkalankam. 15

I pray that innocent Hanuman,
Who carries a hatchet in his hand,
Who is seen in the flag of Arjuna,
Who can remove all sins without a trace,
Who extremely shines in a battle,
Who wears dazzling ear studs,
Who is the moon to the three worlds,
And who made Lanka in to ash in the war.

Maha bhootha peedam mahothpada peedam,
Maha vyadhi peedam, mahadhipra peedam,
Hara swasritha bheeshta dana pradhayin,
Namasthe namasthe kapeendra prasathe. 16

Salutations and salutation to him,
Who is famous as the Indra among monkeys,
And who fulfills the wishes of his devotees,
With a humble request to
Put an end, to the great problems from ghosts,
To the Great dangers arising suddenly,
To the sufferings due to diseases,
And to the sufferings due to great sorrows.

Namasthe maha sathwa vahaya thubhyam,
Namasthe maha vajra rekhaya thubhyam,
Namasthe maha kalakalaaya thubhyam,
Namasthe maha deerga valaya thubhyam. 17

Salutations to Him who,
Is the great carrier of good qualities,
Salutations to Him who,
Is like a great diamond line,
Salutations to Him who,
Is the death to god of death,
And salutations to Him who,
Has a very long tail.

Namasthe mahasouri thulyaya thubhyam,
Namasthe phalee bhootha sooryaya thubhyam,
Namasthe maha marthya kayaya thubhyam,
Namasthe mahath brahma charyaya thubhyam. 18

Salutations to Him who,
Is a great warrior,
Salutations to Him who,
Thought that Sun is a fruit,
Salutations to Him who,
Wears the form of a man,
And salutations to Him who,
Observed the great vow of chastity*.
*Hanuman observed Brahmacharya

Hanumath bhujangam prabhatha prayathe,
Prayane pradhoshe padan vai satopi,
Vimukthwagha sangha sada rama bhaktha,
Kruthartho bhavishyathyupatha pramodha. 19

He who reads this prayer of Hanuman,
Either after dawn or before dusk,
Even if he is an adamant sinner,
Would get rid of all his sins,
Become a great devotee of Lord Rama,
And Would become greatly happy,
And also would be greatly proud of himself.

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