Kameshwari Sthuthi

Kameshwari Sthuthi
[Prayer to the Goddess of Attachment]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This is taken from the Hindi religious magazine called Kalyan, published by Gita press, Gorakhpur. Kameswari can also be translated as the Goddess of passion. She is the presiding deity of the famous temple of Kamakhya, in Gauhathi, Assam.]

Namasthe paramesani brahma roope sanathani,
Surasura jagathvandho Kameswari namosthuthe. 1

Salutations to the divine goddess, who is ancient and form of Brahma,
Salutations to Kameswari who is being worshipped by devas, Asuras and the world.

Na they prabhavam jananthi Brahmadhya thridaseswara,
Praseedha jagan mathe, Kameswari namosthuthe. 2

Even Brahma and other thirty three gods do not realize your power,
Shower your grace, oh mother of the world, salutations to Kameswari.

Anadhi parama vidhya dehinaam deha dharini,
Thwamevasi jagat vandhyo kameswari namosthuthe. 3

Oh divine knowledge without beginning and she who gives body to the persons,
You are the one saluted by the universe, salutations to Kameswari.

Thwam bheejam sarva bhoothanaam. Thwam budhi schethana druthi,
Thwam prabodhascha nidhra cha kameswari namosthuthe. 4

You are the root cause of all beings, you are brain, consciousness and joyous nature,
You are consciousness as well as sleep, salutations to Kameswari.

Thwam Aardhya Maheshopi, krutha kruthyam hi manyathe,
Aathmaanaam paramathmapi, kameswari namosthuthe. 5

After worshipping you, even Lord Shiva felt satisfied of doing his duty,
In quest of the soul as well as the divine soul, salutations to Kameswari.

Durvrutha vrutha samharthri, papa punya phala pradhe,
Lokaanaam thapa samharthri, kameswari namosthuthe. 6

You are one who destroys ones with bad conduct, granter of results of sin and bliss,
And also the one who puts an end to suffering of beings, salutations to Kameswari.

Thwameka sarva lokaanaam srushti sthithyantha karini,
Karla vadhane kali, kameswari namosthuthe. 7

Alone you are the cause of creation, upkeep and destruction of all the world,
One with fearsome face, one who is black, salutations to Kameswari.

Prapannarthi hare matha suprasanna mukhambhuje,
Praseedha parame poorne, kameswari namosthuthe. 8

Oh mother, the absolver of pains of life who has a lotus like pleasing face,
Shower your grace of fully divine one, salutations to Kameswari

Thwam ashrayanthi ye bhakthya, yanthi chasrayatham thu the,
Jagatham tri jagath dhathri, kameshwari namosthuthe. 9

To those devotees who depend on you, you provide full support,
Oh Goddess you are the world and its mother, salutations to Kameswari.

Shudha jnana maye poorna prakruthi srushti bhavini,
Thwameva mathar viwesi kameswari namosthuthe, 10

Oh goddess who is the pure divine knowledge who creates the entire nature,
You are the mother of entire universe, salutations to Kameswari.