Venkatesa Stotram [1]

Sri Venkatesa Stotra
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Kamala kucha choochuka kumkumatho,
Niyatharuni thaathula neela thano,
Kamalayatha lochana loka pathe,
Vijayee bhava venkata shaila pathe. 1

Victory to the lord of Venkata Mountain,
Whose blue body coated with vermillion
From the breasts of Lakshmi appears red,
And who is the lord of the universe,
With eyes reminding us of lotus flower.

Sa chaturmukha shanmukha panchamukha,
Pramukhakhila daivatha mouli mane,
Saranagatha vathsala sara nidhe,
Paripalaya maam vrusha shaila pathe. 2

Please protect me oh, Lord of Vrusha mountain,
Who is the crown jewel among all the gods,
With four faces, six faces and five faces,
And who is the ultimate treasure who loves,
Those who come and surrender to him,

Athivelathaya thava durvishahai,
Anuvela kruthai, aparadha sathai,
Bharitham thwaritham vrusha shaila pathe,
Parayaa krupayaa pari pahi hare. 3

Greatly trembling for having committed various sins,
And also trembling for having done hundreds of wrongs,
I have rushed speedily for surrendering to you, Lord of Vrusha,
And so Oh, Hari, please shower on me your eternal mercy,

Adhi venkata shailamudharamathe,
Janathabhi mathaadhika dhana rathaath,
Para devathaya gathi thaan nigamai,
Kamala dayithaan param kalaye. 4

There is none greater to you, Oh Lord of Lakshmi,
Who is merciful by nature residing on Venkata mountain,
Who blesses his devotees with much more than they desire,
And who is saluted by other gods and books that show the way.

Kalavenuravasa gopavadhoo,
Sathakodi vruthaath, smarakodi samath,
Prathi vallavikabhimadath sukhadath,
Vasudeva suthaan na param kallaye. 5

There is no comparison to the son of Vasudeva,
Who attracts the gopa maidens, by music from his flute,
And fulfills the desire of each gopi and gives her pleasure,
Much More than hundreds of crores of penances
And prayers addressed to crores of similar Gods.

Abhirama gunakara dasarathe,
Jagadeka dhanurdhara dheeramathe,
Raghu nayaka rama, Ramesa Vibho,
Varadho bhava, deva dayajaladhe. 6

Become the boon giver, Oh sea of mercy,
Oh matchless doer of good, Oh son of Dasaratha,
Oh only archer of the world, oh god with a brave heart,
Oh Rama the lord of Raghu clan,
And Oh God who is the Lord of Lakshmi.

Avaneethanaya kamaneeya karam,
Rajanikara charu mukhambhuruham,
Rajanichara raja thamo mihiram,
Mahaneeyam aham raghrama maye. 7

I seek refuge in the great Rama of Raghu clan,
Whose pretty hands are held by the daughter of earth,
Who has a pretty lotus like face, similar to the moon,
And who as a king walks at night and destroys darkness like the sun.

Sumukham suhrudham sulabham sukhadham,
Savanujam cha sukhayam amogha saram,
Apahaya raghudwaham anyam aham,
Na kathanchana kanchana jaathu bhaje. 8

You are with pleasant face, good heart,
Very easy to reach and giver of pleasures,
Along with your brothers and with never ending stream of arrows,
So leaving you, I would never at any time, even for a second,
Pray any one else, Oh Jewel of the Raghu clan.

Vina Venkatesam na natho na natha,
Sada venkatesam smarami, smarami,
Hare Venkatesa, praseedha praseedha,
Priyam Venkatesa, prayacha prayacha. 9

I do not have any Lord except Venkatesa,
I remember and remember only Lord Venkatesa,
So Hey Venkatesa, be pleased with me,
I request you to give me only what you like.

Aham dhooradasthe padambhoja yugma,
Pranamechaya agathya sevam karomi,
Sakruth sevaya nithya seva balam thwam,
Prayacha praycha prabho Venkatesa 10

I was far away from your two lotus like feet,
And have come with a wish to serve them,
And so I request and request you, Lord Venkatesa,
To please allow me to do good service to you.

Agnaninam maya doshan,
Aseshan vihithan hare,
Kshamasva thwam, kshamasva thwam,
Sesha shail shika mane. 11

Please pardon, please pardon,
Oh crest jewel of the Sesha mountain,
This ignorant sinner of the sins committed,
Due to sheer helplessness, Oh Hari.