Hari Narayana Keerthanam

Hari Narayana Keerthanam
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This prayer is written for chanting during Bhajans (mass singing of a parayer). To suite Bhajan, the words should be very musical and easy to follow for all.]

1. Hari Narayana Govinda,
Jaya Narayana Govinda,
Hari Narayana, Jaya Narayana,
Jaya Govinda, Govinda

Hari is Narayana and Govinda,
Victory to Narayana and Govinda,
Hari is Narayana, Victory to Narayana,
Victory to Govinda, Govinda.

2. Bhaktha jana Priya Govinda,
Pankaja lochana Govinda,
Bhaktha jana Priya, Pankaja Lochana,
Paramananda Govinda.

Darling of devotees, Govinda,
Lotus eyed Govinda.
Lotus eyed darling of devotees.
Oh Divine joy, Govinda.

3. Mathsya khalebhara, Govinda,
Vathsakapalaka Govinda,
Mathsya khalebhara, vathsakapalaka,
Sri Vathsankitha Govinda.

God with body of fish, Govinda,
Protector of calves, Govinda,
Fish bodied one who protects calves,
Oh God who is adorned Sri Vathsa, Govinda.

4. Dharma parasraya Govinda.
Karma vinasana Govinda,
Dharma parasraya, Karma vinasana,
Koorma thano jaya Govinda.

Depended by followers of Dharma, Govinda,
Destroyer of Karma, Govinda,
Destroyer of Karma depended by followers of Dharma,
Oh Tortoise bodied Govinda, victory to you.

5. Druthakiti moorthe, Govinda,
Hrudha jagadarthe Govinda,
Druthakiti moorthe, hruda Jagadaethe,
Shubhajana keerthe, Govinda.

God who assumed a form of Hog, Govinda,
God who lifted the earth, Govinda,
The god who assumed the form of a hog and lifted the earth,
Oh God praised by good people, Govinda.

6. Narahari Vigraha Govinda,
Namithanugraha Govinda,
Narahari vigraha Namithanugraha Govinda,
Hatha ripu vigraha Govinda.

God who assumed form of man lion, Govinda,
God who blesses worshippers, Govinda,
God who assumed man-lion form and blessed worshippers,
Oh God who killed his enemies, Govinda.

7. Vamana murthe Govinda,
Pavana keerthe Govinda,
Vamana murthe, Pavana Keerthe,
Mohana murthe Govinda.

God who assumed form of Vamana, Govinda,
God who purifies, Govinda,
God who became Vamana and who purified,
Oh God with a pretty form, Govinda.

8. Bharga mukhasraya Govinda,
Garga nishevitha Govinda,
Bharga mukhasraya, garga nishevitha,
Bhargava Rama, Govinda

God who obeyed words of sage Bhargava, Govinda,
God who followed sage Garga, Govinda,
God who learned from Garga and obeyed Bhargava,
Oh Lord who was born as Rama in Bhargava clan, Govinda.

9. Dasaradha nandana, Govinda,
Dasamukha nasana Govinda,
Dasaratha nandana, dasamukha nasana,
Satha mukha sevitha Govinda

Son of Dasaratha Govinda,
Killer of Ravana, Govinda.
The son of Dasaratha who killed Ravana,
Oh God served by Indra, Govinda

10. Seeravarayudha, Goviunda,
Varijalochana Govinda,
Seeravarayudha, Varijalochana,
Karana Purusha Govinda.

God armed with a plough, Govinda,
Lotus eyed God Govinda,
Lotus eyed God armed with plough,
Oh cause of everything, Govinda

11. Vrushni kuleswara Govinda,
Krishna krupalaya Govinda,
Vrushni kuleswara Krishna krupalaya,
Vrushnee pathee Sakha Govinda

God belonging to clan of Vrushnis, Govinda,
God who is Krishna, the home of mercy, Govinda,
God who is a Vrushni, Krishna and home of mercy,
Oh friend of king of Vrushnees, Govinda

12. Dushkrutha nasana Govinda,
Sath kula palaka Govinda
Dushkrutha nasana, sathkrutha palana,
Gadgi sareera Govinda.

Killer of bad people Govinda,
Helper of good people Govinda,
Killed of bad people and helper of good people,
Oh God who has the form of Kalki, Govinda.

13. Kamla Vallabha Govinda,
Kamala vilochana Govinda,
Kamala vallabha, kamala vilochana Govinda,
Kali mala nasana Govinda

Lord of Lakshmi, Govinda,
Lotus eyed one Govinda,
Lotus eyed lord of Lakshmi,
Oh God who destroys ills of Kali age, Govinda

14. Vasudevathmaja Govinda,
Vasava mada hara Govinda,
Vasudevathmaja, vasava madha hara,
Vasudhga vallabha Govinda

Son of Vasudeva, Govinda,
Destroyer of the pride of Indra, Govinda,
Son of Vasudeva who destroyed the pride of Indra,
Oh God who is the consort of Lakshmi, Govinda.

15. Chakra Gadhadhara Govinda,
Sakra nishevitha Govinda,
Chakra Gadha dhara, sakra nishevitha,
Nakra madhapaha Govinda

God holding mace and wheel, Govinda,
God served by Indra, Govinda,
God who was Holding mace and was served by Indra,
Oh God who destroyed pride of Crocodile, Govinda.

16. Neerajalochana Govinda,
Neeradha mechake Govinda,
Neeraja lochana meeradha mechaka,
Narada Sevitha Govinda.

Oh God with lotus like eye, Govinda,
Oh God who is black like a cloud, Govinda,
Lotus eyed one coloured like a black cloud,
Oh God who served by Narada, Govinda.

17. Nanda kumaraka Govinda,
Vrundavana chara Govinda,
Nanda Kumaraka vrundavana chara Govinda,
Vandhitha jana vara Govinda.

Son of Nanda, Govinda,
Wanderer in Brindavan, Govinda,
Son of Nanda who wanders in Brindavan,
Oh God saluted by great people, Govinda.

18. Kalmasha nasaka, Govinda,
Janma vinasana, Govinda,
Kalmasha nasana, janma vinasana,
Sanmaya, chinmaya, Govinda.

Destroyer of deficiencies, Govinda,
Destroyer of ills of birth, Govinda,
Destroyer of deficiencies and ills of birth,
Oh God who is full of goodness and divinity, Govinda.

19. Nischala, nishkala Govinda,
Nithya niramaya Govinda,
Nischala, nishkala, nithya niramaya,
Nirmala nirupama, Govinda.

Motionless, spotless, Govinda,
God forever devoid of blemishes, Govinda,
Motionless, spotless, always devoid of blemishes,
God who is pure and incomparable, Govinda.

20. Sita vallabha, Govinda,
Radha vallabha, Govinda,
Sita Vallabha, Radha vallabha,
Bhama Vallabha, Govinda

Consort of Sita, Govinda,
Consort of Radha, Govinda,
Consort of Sita and Radha,
Consort of Bhama, Govinda.

21. Lakshmi vallabha Govinda,
Lakshmana poorvaja Govinda,
Lakshmi Vallabha, Lakshmana poorvaja,
Pakshi varasana, Govinda.

Consort of Lakshmi, Govinda,
Elder brother of Lakshmana, Govinda,
Consort of Lakshmi who is elder brother of Lakshmana,
Oh God who sits on the Garuda, Govinda.

22. Rama Raghuthama Govinda,
Rama Bhruguthama Govinda,
Rama Raghuthama, Rama Bhrugutham,
Rama Yadhuthama Govinda.

Rama who is the best in Raghu clan, Govinda,
Rama who is the best in Bhrugu clan, Govinda,
Rama who is best in Raghu and Bhrugu clan,
Rama who is the best in Yadhu clan, Govinda

23. Ugra parakrama Govinda,
Vigraha bheeshana Govinda,
Ugra parakrama, Vigraha Bheshana,
Sugreeva Priya, Govinda,

Fierce and valorous, Govinda,
Fearsome to his enemies, Govinda,
Fierce and valorous and fearsome to his enemies,
And friend of Sugreeva, Govinda.

24. Sri vathsangitha, Govinda,
Govathsa Priya, Govinda,
Sri vathsanmgitha, govathsa Priya,
Hanumath sevitha, Govinda

God with Sri vathsa on him, Govinda,
God who likes sons of cows, Govinda,
God with Sri Vathsa who likes sons of cows,
And served by Hanuman, Govinda.

25. Kesava, Madhava, Govinda,
Madhave, Kesava, Govinda,
Kesava, Madhava, Madhava, Kesava,
Kaliya mardhana Govinda.

Kesava, Madhava who is Govinda,
Madhava, Kesava who is Govinda,
Kesava, Madhava, Madhava, Kesava,
Who subdued Kaliya, Govinda

26. Athasee mechaka Govinda,
Thulasi bhooshana Govinda,
Athasee mechaka, Thulasi bhooshana,
Kala mrudhu bhasana, Govinda

Blue coloured like flax, Govinda,
Decorated with Thulasi, Govinda,
Blue coloured one decorated by Thulasi,
Who talks softly and sweetly, Govinda.

27. Hara may duritham, Govinda,
Kuru may kusulam, Govinda,
Hara may duritham, kuru may Kusalam,
Bhava may saranam, Govinda.

Put an end to my problems, Govinda,
Take care of my welfare, Govinda,
Put an end to problems and take care of me,
And I surrender to you, Govinda.