Rudhra Ashtakam

Rudhra Ashtakam
[Octet on Rudhra]
By Goswami Thulasi Das
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Here is a very rare prayer on Lord Shiva Composed by Goswami Thulasi das, a great Vaishnavite saint and the author of Ramacharith Manas in Hindi.]

Namam Meesana nirvana roopam,
Vibhum vyapakam Brahma Veda swaroopam,
Nijam nirgunam nirvikalpam nireeham,
Chidakasamaakasa vasam Bhajeham. 1

I salute your Eesana form bereft of everything,
Who blesses, who has spread everywhere,
Who the form of Brhamam is as described in Vedas,
Who is true, who is property less, and who is everywhere
Who does not have any differences,
And who is like a sky and resides in the divine cosmos, I pray him.

Niraakara monkaara moolam thureeyam,
Giraa jnana gotheethamesam gireesam,
Karalam maha kala kalam krupalam,
Gunaa gara samsara param nathoham. 2

I salute that God who is without properties,
Who is the source of the holy sound Om,
Who is thureeya*, who is beyond sound, wisdom and senses.
Who is the God of mountains, who is cruel,
Who is the death to God of death, who is merciful,
Who is beyond properties and the bridge to cross life.
The fourth and most holy state of human beings.

Thushaaraadhi sankasa gowram gabheeram,
Mano bhootha koti prabha sree sareeram,
Sphuran mouli kallolini charu ganga,
Lasaddala balendu kante bhujanga. 3

I salute that God who is more whiter,
Than the Himalayas and the conch,
Who is majestic, whose shine,
Is superior to crores of god of love,
On whose head is the holy Ganges with waves,
Who wears the crescent on his forehead,
And a serpent encircles his neck.

Chalath kundalam bru sunethram vishaalam,
Prasannananam neela kandam dhayalam,
Mugadheesa charmambaeam munda malam,
Priyam shankaram sarva nadham bhajami. 4

I salute that God, with swinging ear globes,
Who has broad clear eyes, whose face is happy,
Whose neck is blue, who is merciful,
Who wears the lion's skin and a garland of skulls,
Who is God of all, loving and the destroyer.

Prachandam prakrushtam Prakalbham paresam,
Akhandam ajam bhanu koti prakasam,
Thraya soola nirmoolanam soola panim,
Bhajeham bhavani pathim bhava gamyam. 5

I salute that God who is vehement,
Who is superior, capable and divine,
Who is limitless, who is not born,
Who has the luster of billions of Suns,
Who holds the trident, who completely destroys,
Who holds the spear, who is consort of Parvathi,
And who goes in to the state of divine.

.Kalatheetha kalyani kalpanthakari,
Sada sajjananda datha purari,
Chidananda sandoha mohapahari,
Praseeda praseeda prabho mamamadhari. 6

Oh Lord you are beyond time and ages,
You are the blissful and one who destroys,
This world at the end of the eons,
You are the one who gives happiness to the good,
You are the destroyer of the three cities,
You are the Lord who grants us all,
Eternal bliss and destroy wrong passions,
And Oh killer of God of love, be pleased, be pleased.

Na yavad Umanada padaravindam,
Bhajantheeha loke pare vaa naraanaam,
Na thath sukham shanthi santhapa nasam,
Praseedha prabho Sarva bhoothadhivasam. 7

Till one does not pray the lotus like feet,
Of Lord Shiva, men would not get pleasure,
Peace and freedom from all sorrows
In this world or in the next world,
So please bless me God who lives in all beings.

Na janami yogam, japam, naiva poojaam,
Nathoham sada sarvadha Shambhu thubhyam,
Jara janma dukhogha thathpyamanam,
Prabho pahi aapannamameesa Shambho. 8

I do not know Yoga, chanting nor worship,
But I am always your devotee, Oh Shambho,
I being surrounded by old age, birth and sorrows,
Oh Lord Oh Shambo please save me from these dangers.

Rudhrashtakamidham proktham Viprena hara thoshaye,
Ye padanthi naraa bhakthya thesham Shambhu praseedathi.

This octet on Rudhra has been,
Composed by a Brahmin to please the Lord,
And the man who reads this with devotion,
Would be blessed by the Lord Shambhu.

Ithi Sri Goswami Thulasi dasa krutham Sri Rudhrashtakam sampoornam.

Thus ends The octet on Rudra, composed by Goswami Thulasidas.

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