Dainya Ashtakam

By Hari Dasa
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[A prayer from one of those saints who was the exponent of Pushti Marg of Sri Vallabhacharya.]

1. Sri Krishna Gokuladheesa, nanda gopa thanuthbhava,
Yasoda Garbha Samoothbhava, mayi dheene krupam kuru.

Oh Krishna, Oh Lord of Gokula, of son of Nanda Gopa,
Oh Lord born to Yasodha, please show mercy on me who is pitiable.

2. Vrujananda, vrujavasa, Vruja sthree hrudhya sthitha,
Vruja leela krutha nithyam mayi dheene krupam kuru

Oh God who was happy in Vraja, who lived in Vraja, who was in the heart of Vraja maidens,
Oh God who played in Vraja country, daily show mercy on me who is pitiable.

3. Sri Bhagwatha bhavartha rasathman Rasikathmaka,
Nama leela vilasartham, mayi dheene krupaam kuru.

Oh God who is learned in the divine meaning and one enjoys it and who is the soul of connoisseur
For the Sake of the sport attached to your name show mercy on me who is pitiable.

4. Yasoda hrudayananda vihithangana ringana,
Alkavrutha vakthrabja, mayi dheene krupaam kuru.

Oh God who made mind of Yasoda happy Oh God who was mischievous to the approved extent,
Oh God covered by his curly hair, Oh God with lotus like face, show mercy on me who is pitiable.

5. Viraharthi vruthasthathma, anguna Ghana sruthi Priya,
Maha dainya dhayoth Bhootha, mayi dheene krupaam kuru.

Oh God whose nature is being love sick, Oh God who is interested in hearing numerous songs with sruthi,
Oh God who has great pity on those who are pitiable, show mercy on me who is pitiable.

6. Athyasaktha janasakthaa, paroksha bhajana Priya,
Paramananda Sandoha, mayi dheene krupaam kuru.

Oh good who has great desire, Oh God who likes people, Oh God Who likes singing about him,
Oh bundle of divine joy, show mercy on me who is pitiable.

7. Nirodha Shuddha hrudaya dayitha, Geetha mohithaa,
Aathyanthika viyogathmana, mayi dheene krupaam kuru.

Oh God who has commitment to give a good heart, Oh God who likes songs,
Oh God who has a soul of great separation, Show mercy on me who is pitiable.

8. Swachaarya hrudaya sthayi leelaa, Sathyudha prabho,
Sarvadhaa Saranam yathe, mayi dheene krupaam kuru.

Oh God who has permanently sport filled mind as a habit, Oh Lord with hundred weapons,
I am always surrendering to you, show mercy on me who is pitiable.

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