Pratama Kunja Vihariyashtakam

Pratama Kunja Vihariyashtakam
[First Octet on Lord who enjoys in forest]
By Sri Rupa Goswami
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Rupa Goswami (1489-1564 CE) is a devotional teacher, poet and philosopher from the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition of Hinduism. Alongside Sanatana Goswami he was considered as the leader of the Six Goswamis of Vrindavan - a highly influential group of devotees made up from a number of disciples of the Vaishnava saint, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu - Wikipedia.]

Indra neela mani manjula varna,
Phulla neepa kusumanchitha karna,
Krishna labhir krusorasiharee,
Sundaro jayathi kunja vihari. 1

Victory to the pretty Lord, who enjoys himself in a forest,
Who is of the charming colour of the blue sapphire,
Who wears blossoming Kadamba flowers on his ears,
And whose chest is decorated by the garland of Gunja .

Radhika vadana chandra chakora,
Sarva vallava vadhoo dhrithi chora,
Charcharee chathura thanuchitha charee,
Charutho Jayathi kunja vihari. 2

Victory to the experienced Lord who enjoys himself in a forest,
Who drinks the face of Radha like the Chakora bird drinks moon light,
Who is the thief who steals the peace from the brides of Gopas,
Who keeps beat and walks prettily to the rhythm of music.

Sarvadh praditha koulaka parva,
Dhwamsanena hrutha vasava garva,
Goshta rakshana kruthe giridhari,
Leelaya jayathi kunja vihari. 3

Victory to the playful Lord who enjoys himself in a forest,
Who stopped the family practice of holding sacrifice,
Who pulverized the pride which was in the heart of Indra,
And who lifted the mountain and protected all his people.

Ragha mandala vibhooshitha vamsee,
Vibhramena madanothsava samsee,
Sthuyamana carithah sad vruja naree,
Srenibhir jayathi Kunja vihari. 4

Victory to the popular Lord who enjoys himself in a forest,
Who plays playful tunes using his decorated flute,
Increasing the passion in the festivals of love,
And whose story is praised by the odd women of Vruja.

Saatha kumbha ruchi hari dhukoola,
Keki chandraka virajitha chooda,
Nava youvana lasad vruja naaree,
Ranchano jayathi kunja vihari. 5

Victory to the delightful Lord who enjoys himself in a forest,
Who wears dresses eclipsing the splendor of Gold,
Who decorates his hair with the feathers of peacock,
Who delights the Vruja maidens shining in their new youth.

Sthasakee krutha sugandhi pateera,
Swarna Kanchi pari shobi kateera,
Radhi thonnatha payodhara varee,
Kunjaro jayathi Kunja vihari. 6

Victory to the pretty Lord who enjoys himself in a forest,
Who is anointed with the paste of sweet smelling sandalwood,
Who wears round his hips the belt made of Gold,
And who is the elephant tied by the high breasts of Radha.

Goura dathu thilakojjwala phala,
Keli chanchalitha champaka mala,
Adhri kandhara graheshwabhisaree,
Subhryvam jayathi Kunja vihari. 7

Victory to the pretty Lord who enjoys himself in a forest,
Who has a splendid forehead decorated by Golden Thilaka,
Who wears the playfully moving garland of Champaka,
Who searches for playful women in the mountain caves.

Vibhramochala druganjala nruthya,
Kshiptha gopa lalanakhila kruthya,
Prema matha vrusha bhanu kumaree,
Nagaro jayathi kunja vihari, 8

Victory to the pretty Lord who enjoys himself in a forest,
Who frees all gopa maidens from their duties,
By his dances and loving side long glances,
And who is the hero of the love intoxicated daughter of Vrisha Bhanu.

Ashtakam Madura kunjara vihari,
Kreedaya padathi ya kila hari,
Sa prayathi vilasad parabhagam,
Thasya pada kamalarchana ragam. 9

This pretty octet on the lord who enjoys himself in a forest,
Which describes the playful acts of the Lord in the forest,
If read,would take one to the place of splendid virtues,
And he would be doing worship of Lord�s feet by lotus.

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