Nava Durga Stotram

Nava Durga Stotram
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Shakthi worship, aimed at the worship of woman as the power behind everything, is possibly very unique in Hinduism. Though the goddess Shakthi plays a secondary roles as consort of Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Lord Brahma, right from the upanishadic days, her portrayal as the unique power which makes all the gods, Pancha Bhoothas, Ashtadigh Balakas etc to act as they do is well recognized. During the Navarathri (Dusserah) she is worshipped in nine different forms, Nava Durgas are those Shakthi aspects worshipped during different days of Navarathri. The stotra in Sanskrit script is at:]

Shaila Puthri
Daughter of Mountain

Vandhe vanchathalaabhaya, Chandrardha krutha shekaraam,
Vrushaa roodaam soola dharaam Shaila puthri yasaswini.

Salutations to Shaila puthri, the fulfiller of desires,
Who has the moon’s crescent, who rides on a bull.

Unmarried Maid

Dadhaanaa kara padmabhayaam aksha maalam Kamandalu,
Devi praseedhathu mayi, brahchayryam authama

Let the incomparable Goddess Brahmacharini, holding in her,
Lotus like hands the rosary and the water pot shower her grace on me.

Chandra Ghanta
Wearer of Semi Circular Moon

Pindaja pravara aarooda chanda kopasthra kair yutha,
Prasadam thanu they mahyam, Chandre ghantethi visruthaa,

Let the famous Chandra Ghanta, riding on a tiger,
Who is intensely violent and angry, may shower her grace on me.

Little Warm Creator

Suraa sampoorna kalasam rudhirplutha meva cha,
Dadhaana hastha padmabhyam Khooshmanda Shubadasthu may

Let the Goddess Kushmanda, who has two pots,
Full of blood and holds lotus flower in her hand, be kind to me.

Skanda Matha
Mother of Lord Subramanya

Simhasana gatha nithyam, padmasritha kara dwaya,
Shubadasthu sadaa devi Skandamatha Yasaswini.

Let the renowned Skanda Mata who sits on the throne,
Who has lotus flowers in both her hands, be kind to me.

Daughter of Sage Kathyayana

Chandra hasojjwala karaa, sardhula vara vahana,
Kathyayini Shubham dadhya devi dhanava ghathini.

Let Goddess Kathyayini, who holds the shining Chandrahasa,
Who rides on the imperial lion and who is the killer of asuras give me good things.

Kala Rathri
Dark Night

Yeka veni japa karnapuraa, nagnaa khara sthitha,
Lambhoshti karnika karni, thailabhyaktha sareerini,
Vama pado llasad allohalathatha kanda bhooshanaa,
Vardhana murdha dwajaa Krishna Kalarathrir Bhayangari.

Let the fearsome black Kala Rathri, who has one braid,
Who decorates herself with a rose and lotus flower,
Has ornaments in her ears, who is naked,
Who rides on a donkey, who has long lips,
Who has applied oil all over her body,
Who wears several coloured ornaments,
Remove the darkness of my ignorance.

Maha Gauri
Pure White Goddess

Swethe Vrushe samarooda, swethambaradhara suchi,
Maha Gauri shubham dadhyath maha deva pramodhadhaa.

Let the Maha Gauri who rides on a white bull, who is dressed in white,
Who is pure, give me auspiciousness and make Lord Shiva happy.

Siddhi Dhatri
Occult Powers Giver

Siddha Gandharwa yakshaa vaira asurai amarar api,
Sevyamaanaa sadaa bhooyath Sdhidhaa Sidhi Dhayini

Let the Siddhi Dhathri who is always served by
Siddhas, Gandarwas, Yakshas, asuras and devas,
Always give me Victory in every venture.

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