Sarada Mahimnah Stotram

Sarada Mahimnah Stotram
By Swami Sachidananda Shivabhinava Nrusimha Bharathi Swami of Sringeri Peetam
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Sarada is the presiding deity of Sringeri. She is considered as the form of Goddess Saraswathi. This strotra is written by the 33rd Pontiff of the Sringeri Sarada Peeta who lived between 1858-1912.]

1. Srungadri Vasaya, vidhi priyaya,
Karunya varambudhaye nathaya,
Vijnana dayakhila bogadhaya,
Sri Saradakhyaya namo Mahimne

Salutaions to greatness of her known as Sarada,
Who lives on Sringa mountain, who is very dear to Lord Brahma,
Who is the ocean of mercy to her devotees,
And who grants them knowledge, mercy and al type of pleasures.

2. Thunga thata vasa kruthadharaya,
Brungali vidweshi kuchojjwalaya,
Angadari bhootha manojna hemne,
Srungara semnesthu namo mahimne

Salutaions to greatness of goddess who has lovely parting of hair,
Who living on banks of Thunga is honoured,
Whose shining breasts hates swarm of bees,
And who wears lovely golden ornaments on her limbs.

3. Veenalasad pani saroruhaya,
Sonadaraya, akhila bhagyadaya,
Kaanadha sastra pramukeshu chanda,
Prajna pradhayasthu, namo Mahimne

Salutations to greatness of goddess sitting on a lotus,
Holding Veena in her hands, who has red lips,
Who grants all luck to, experts in Sastra like Kanadha,
And who grants very great wisdom.

4. Chandra prabhayesa sahodharaya,
Chandrarbha kalakrutha masthakaya,
Indradhi devothama poojithaya,
Karunya santhraya namo Mahimne

Salutations to greatness of Goddess who has nmmon as her brother,
Who wears on her head the crescent of moon from the killer of God of death,
Who is worshiped by Indra and other Devas and who is full of mercy.

 Ithi Sri Jagad Guru Srunga giri Sri SachidanandaShivabhinava
 Nrusimha Bharathi Swamiji Virachitha Sarada Mahimna stotram

Thus ends the Sarada Mahimna Stotra written by
Sri Sachidananda Shivabhinava Nrusimha Bharathi of Sringeri peetam.

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