Palayachyutha Stotra

Palayachyutha Stotra
[Prayer of Protection addressed to Achyutha]
By Srimath Vadhi Raja Theertha
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Srimath Vadhi Raja Theertha was a great saint cum poet of The Madhwa hierarchy. He is considered as one of the greatest saint after Madhwa in the Dwaitha system of philosophy. In this great prayer he appeals to the God Sri Krishna of Udupi (in Karnataka) to protect him. The Krishna idol in Udupi is believed to be the one which was being worshipped by Rukmani in Dwaraka. After Dwaraka was swallowed by the sea, this idol is supposed to have been brought to Udupi. In this prayer Udupi is referred as Raupya Peeta meaning silver place.]

Palayachyutha palayajitha playa kamalalaya,
Leelaya drutha bhoodharamburuhodhra swajanodhara

Please nurture me Achyutha,
Please nurture me undefeated one,
Please nurture me the abode of Lakshmi,
Who playfully lifted the mountain,
Who keeps all the word within himself,
And who makes his people his own.

Madhwa manasa padma bhanu samam smara prathimam (sam) smara,
Snighdha nirmala seethe kanthila sanmukham karunonmukham,
Hrudhya kambhu samana kandharamakshayam durithakshayam,
Snigdha samsthutha roupya peeta kruthalayam harimalayam. 1

Meditate till the end on that Hari,
Who is the sun which opens
The lotus mind of Madhwacharya,
Who is the most pretty one,
Who has bright moon like face,
Which is soft and blemishless,
Who is personification of mercy,
Whose neck is like a pretty conch,
Who never ever decays,
Who cures all sufferings,
And who has made Udupi his home.

Angadhadhi sushobhi pani yugena samkshubhithainasam,
Thunga malya manindra hara sarorasam khala nerasam,
Mangalapradha manda dhahama virajitham bhajathajitham,
Tham grena vara roupya peeta kruthalayam harimalayam. 2

Meditate till the end on that Hari,
Whose hands make his amulets shine,
And the churn and the rope which do good,
Whose chest is adorned with long garlands,
Garlands made of gems and necklaces,
Who is the total destroyer of sins,
Who makes wicked people inactive,
Who can be won over by devotion,
And who has made the great Udupi as his home.

Peena ramya thanudharam bhaja hey mana shubha hey mana,
Svanubhava nidharsanaya disantha mardhisu santhamam,
Aanathosmi nijarjuna priya sadhakam khalabhadhakam,
Heenathojijjatharaoupya peeta kruthalayam harimalayam. 3

Meditate till the end on that Hari,
Whose pretty slender golden belly is bewitching,
Who in order to give personal experience of himself,
Grants salvation and wealth to his devotees,
Who is a great lover of Arjuna,
And who destroyer of wicked people,
And lives in the blemish less Udupi.

Hema malika kinkini malikarasanchitham thamavanchitham,
Rathna kanchana chithra vasthrakateem Ghana prabhaya ghanam,
Kamra naga karopa moru mana mayam shubhadhee mayam,
Naumyaham vara roupya peeta kruthalayam harimalayam. 4

Meditate till the end on that Hari,
Who is graced by waist belt,
In which small golden bells are strung,
Who cannot be cheated by bad ones,
Who wears a golden cloth inlaid with pearls,
Tied around his pretty waist,
Whose body shines like the black clouds,
Who has pretty thighs similar to elephant’ss trunk,
Who is free of all blemishes,
Who is full of bliss and knowledge,
And who has made the great Udupi as his home.

Vrutha janu manojna janga mamohadham paramohadham,
Rathna kalpa nakhathwisha hrutha hruththamasthathimuthamam,
Prathyaham rachitharchanam ramaya swayaagathaya swayam,
Chitha chinthya roupya peeta kruthalayam harimalayam. 5

Meditate till the end on that Hari,
Who has bewitching knees and shanks,
Who does not give illusion to his devotees,
Who gives illusion to the wicked,
Who by the luster of his pearl like nails,
Destroys the darkness of the mind,
Who is the storehouse of all that is good,
Who is daily being worshipped,
By his consort goddess Lakshmi herself,
And Oh mind meditate constantly on him,
Who has made Udupi his home.

Charu pada saroja yugma rucha amarochayachamaro,
Dhara mordh a jabhara mandala ranchakam kali bhanchakam,
Veerathothuchitha bhooshanam vara noopuam swathanuparam,
Dharayaathmani roupya peeta kruthalayam harimalayam. 6

Meditate till the end on that Hari,
Who by the brightness of his two,
Lotus like feet brightens even,
The fan like long thick and dense,
Tuft of the prostrating group of devas,
Who destroys the evil of kali age,
Who wears ornaments suitable to a hero,
Who wears exquisite anklets,
And who resides within our bodies,
And carry within our mind,
Him who has Udupi his home.

Sushka vadhi mano aathidhoora tharagamothsava dagamam,
Sath kaveendra vacho vilasa mahodhaam maahithodhayam,
Lakshyami yatheeswarai krutha poojanam guna bhajanam,
Ddhikruthopama roupya peeta kruthalayam harimalayam. 7

Meditate till the end on that Hari,
Who is far beyond the reach of the feeble debators,
Basing their arguments not on our holy books,
Who gives great happiness to them, who,
Are the king of poets who understand such books,
Who bestows on his devotees eternal happiness,
Who is worshipped by god like sages,
Who is the storehouse of all that is good,
And who lives in Udupi which is beyond comparison.

Narada priyamavishambhuruhekshanam nija lakshanam,
Tharakopama charu dheepa chayanthare gatha chinthare,
Dheera manasa poorna Chandra samanamachyuthamanama,
Dhwarakopama roupya peeta kruthalayam harimalayam. 8

Oh brave man, get rid of all worries,
By meditating on the full moon like Achyutha,
And meditate till the end on that Hari,
Who is dear to sage Narada,
Who has eyes like the lotus,
Whose reality is himself alone,
Who really protects his devotees,
Who is like the moon among,
The lamps which are like stars,
And who has made Dwaraka like Udupi his home.

Phala Sruthi

Roupyapeeta kruthalayasya hare priyam durithaapriyam,
Thad padarchaka Vadhi raja yatiritham guna pooritham,
Gopyamashtakam edathuchamudhe mamasthivaha nirmama,
Prapya shudha phalaya thathra sukomalam hruthadheemalam.

This octet, which pertains to the cowherd who,
Who has made the temple of Udupi as his home,
And which is dear to Lord Hari
Which removes all sorrows,
Which is full of good qualities and is pretty,
Which destroys the impurities of the mind
Which is composed by the great Sage,
Vadhiraja submitting his mind at the feet of the lord,
Would provide great happiness in this world
And later make one devoid of ignorance
And provide blemish less well being in the other world.