Subrahmanya Pancharatnam

Subrahmanya Pancharatnam
[The five gems about Lord Subrahamanya]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This stotra is about the Lord Subrahamanya who has a temple at Kukke Subrahamanya, which is in the banks of the river Kumaradhara which is about 100 km from Mangalore in Karnataka. Adhi Sankara Bhagawat Pada is known to have camped in this temple for a few days.]

Shadananam, chandana lepithangam,
Mahorasam, divya mayoora vahanam,
Rudrasya soonum, sura loka nadam,
Brahmanya devam, saranam prapadye. 1

I seek refuge with the god, who is Brahman,
Who has six faces,
Who applies sandal paste,
All over his body.
Who is the great essence,
Who rides on a peacock,
Who is the son of Lord Shiva,
And who is the lord of the heaven.

Jajwalyamanam, sura brunda vandyam,
Kumaradhara thada mandirastham,
Kandarpa roopam, Kamaneeya gathram,
Brahmanya devam, saranam prapadye. 2

I seek refuge with the god, who is Brahman,
Who shines all over,
Who is saluted by all devas,
Who has a temple,
In the banks of Kumaradhara,
Who has an enticing personality,
And who has a very attractive body.

Dwishadbujam dwadasa divya nethram,
Trayee thanum soolamasim dadhanam,
Seshavatharam, kamaneeya roopam,
Brahmanya devam, saranam prapadye. 3

I seek refuge with the god, who is Brahman,
Who has two sets of six hands,
Who has twelve holy eyes,
Who is the son of the three eyed one,
Who gave him his weapon “Soola”
Who is the incarnation of Sesha,
And who has a very pretty looks.

Surari gorahava shobhamanam,
Surothamam shakthi daram kumaram,
Sudhaara shakthyayudha shobhi hastham,
Brahmanya devam, saranam prapadye. 4

I seek refuge with the god, who is Brahman,
Who appears as fearful light,
To the enemies of devas,
Who is the greatest among devas,
Whom Shakthi holds as her on,
And who shines with the Shakthi in his hand.

Ishtartha sidhi pradha meesa puthram,
Ishtannadham bhoosura kamadhenum,
Gangodbhavam sarva jananukoolam,
Brahmanya devam, saranam prapadye. 5

I seek refuge with the god, who is Brahman,
Who is the son of Lord Shiva,
Who grants all that is asked for,
Who grants desired food,
Who is the wish giving cow,
To all the Brahmins,
Who rose out of river Ganga,
And who helps all people.

Ya slokamidham padatheeha bhakthya,
Brahmanya deva nivesitha manasa san,
Prapnothi bhogamakilam bhuvi yadyadishtam,
Anthe cha gachathi muda guha samyameva. 6

Those who read these five stanzas with devotion,
With mind full of that God, who is Brahman himself,
Would enjoy all the pleasures till they are in this earth,
And at the end reach the presence of Lord Subrahamanya.
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