Hanumath Badavanala Stotram

Hanumath Badavanala Stotram
[The Sea fire like prayer to Hanuman]
By King Vibheeshana
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Om asya Sri Hanumath badavanala stotras mantrasya,
Sri Ramachandra rishi, Sri Badavanala hanuman devatha, mama samastha roga prasamanartham, ayur arogya Aiswaryadhi abivrudhyartham, Samastha papa kshayartham, Seetha Rama chandra preethyartham Hanumath badavanala stotra japam ahangarishye.

Om for the chant of the sea fire like prayer addressed to Hanuman,, the sage is Sri Ramachandra, The God addressed is the sea fire Hanuman, And this is being chanted by me to cure all my diseases, for increase of longevity, heath and wealth, For destroying all sins committed and for pleasing Sri Ramachandra and we are proud to chant the forest fire like prayer to addressed to Hanuman.

Om Hraam hrem Om Namo bhagwathe Sri Maha hanumathe prakata parakrama sakala ding mandala yaso vidhana davali krutha jagath trithaya.

Om Hraam, Hreem Om salutation to God, Oh great Hanuman who exhibits his valour, whose fame is spread in all places in all directions, Who makes everything whoite and is the heart of the world,

Vajra deha, rudravathara, Lanka puree dahana, uma amala mantra, Udahadhi bandhana, Dasa sira kruthanthaka, Sitaswasana, Vayu puthra, Anjani Garbha sambhootha Sri Ramalakshmana Ananda kara, Kapi sainya praakaara, Sugreeva saahya, Rathna pravathothpatana,

He with a diamond like body, He who is incarnation of Shiva, He who burnt city of Lahma, He who is the pure mantra of Parvathi, He who put and end to activities of ten headed one He who consoled Sita,

He who is the son of wind god, He who was the son of Anjani, He who gave happiness to Lord Rama and Lord Lakshmana, He who lead the army of monkeys, He who helped Sugreeva, He who broke from the mountain of gems,

Kumara Brahmacharin, Gambheera nadha, Sarva papa grahanivarana, Sarva jwarochadana, Dakini vidwamsana,

He who is a young Brahmachari, He who has has a regal voice, He who cures all sins and effect of planets, he who cures all fevers, He who destroys all Dakinis,

Om Hraam, hreem Om Namo Bhagawathe, maha veera veerayaSarva dukha nivaranaya, Graha mandala sarva Bhootha mandala sarva pisacha mandalochadane, Bhootha jwara yekahika jwaradwa yavahika jwara, trayayika jwaras, chathurthika jwaras, santhapa jwara, vishama jwara, thapa jwara Maheswara Vaishnava jwaraan, Chindi bhindi yaksha Brahma Rakshasa, Bhootha pretha pisachaan uchadaya uchadaya,

Om Hraam, hreem, Om salutations to God, He who is greatly valorous, He who removes all sorrow, He who removes all problems due to all planets, all ghosts and all devils, who destroys the fever due to ghosts, the one fever, the second fever, the third fever, the fourth fever, fever due to sorrow, fever that troubles, fever due to worry, fever due top Lord Vishnu and Parameswara, destroy Yakshas, Brahma Rakshasas, ghosts, dead souls, and devils.

Om Hraam Sreem Om namo bhagawathe Sri Maha Hanumathe Om hraam hreem hroom hraim hrom hrah, Aam haam Haam Haam ham Om soum yehi yehi yehi Om ham Om Ham Om Namo bhagwathe Sri Maha Hanumathe.

Om Hraam sreem Om salutations to God The great Hanuman, Om hraam hreem hroom hraim hrom hrah, Aam haam Haam Haam ham Om soum yehi yehi yehi Om ham Om Ham Om Namo, Om Salutations to God The great Hanuman,

Sravana chakshur bhoothaanaam Sakini Dakineenaam Vishama dushtanaam Sarva visham hara hara

Destroy, destroy the ghosts of ear and eyes, Sakinis, Dakinis, The naughty bad people and all type of poison.

Akasa bhuvanam bhedhaya bhedhaya

Break break the sky and earth.

Chedhaya, chedhaya, maraya, maraya, soshaya soshya, mohaya, mohaya, jwalaya jwalaya , praharaya praharaya sakala mayaam bhedhaya.

Cut, cut, kill, kill, make weak, make weak, attrat, attract , burn, burn, beat beat, break all illusions.

Om Hraam hreem Om Namo Bhagwathe Sri Maha Hanumathe Sarva graham uchatana para bhalam kshobhaya, kshobhaya

Om Hraam. Hreem, Om salutations to God, The great Hanuman, Agitate, agitate the evil effects of all planets and remove them.

Sakala bandhana mokshanam kuru kuru

Free, free from all ties and imprisonments,

Soola gulma soola sarva soola nirmoolaya nirmoolaya

Completely remove, completely remove, rheumatism, gout, enlargement of spleen

Naga pasa anantha Vasuki Thaksha, Karkodaka Kaliyaan , Yaksha kula jala gatha , bila gatha, Rathrinchara, divaachara sarvaan nirvisham kuru kuru swaha

Make, make poisonless, the tie of the serpents like Anantha, Vasuki, Thaksha, Karkodaka and Kaliya, the people from Yaksha clan, The animals of water, the animals who live in caves, animals that move at night and animals that move in day time.

Raja bhaya, chora bhaya apara manthra, apara Yanthra,apara thanthra, aparvidhyaa chedhaya chedhaya

Cut, cut the fear of king, The fear of thieves, evil mantras, evil Yanthras, evil thanthra and evil knowledge.
Swamanthra, swayanthra, swa thanthra, swa vidhyaa, prakataya prakataya

Display display your own mantras, your own Yanthras, your own thanthras and your own knowledge

Sarvarishta nasaya nasaya

Destroy, destroy all disasters.

Sarva Shathrun nasaya nasaya

Destroy, destroy all my enemies,

Asadhyam sadhaya, sadhaya

Make possible the impossible

Hum Phat Swaha
Hum Phat Swaha

Ithi Vibheeshanakrutha hanumath badavanala stotram sampoornam

Thus ends the prayer od the sea fire of Hanuman composed by Vibheesana.

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