Aswatha Vruksha Stotram

Aswatha Vruksha Stotram
[Prayer to the Banyan tree]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Among the trees Aswatha is the most religious for all Hindus. In most of the places, an idol of God is consecrated below the tree. In Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the family which plants the tree, does sacred thread ceremony to the tree and then conducts its marriage with the neem tree. Most of the serpent temples in Kerala and Ganesa temples in Tamil Nadu are below this tree. Women who are not able to beget children are asked to go round the tree daily. The great shade of the tree is used as the meeting place of senior citizens in every village.]

Moolatho Brahma roopaya, madhyatho Vishnu roopine,
Agratha shiva roopaya Vruksha rajaya they nama. 1

My salutations to the king of trees.
Whose root is the form of Brahma,
Middle is the form of Lord Vishnu,
And top is the form of Lord Shiva.

Aswatha sarva papani satha janma arjithanicha,
Nudhaswa mama vrakshendra, sarva aiswarya pradho bhava. 2

The holy fig (banyan) tree pushes away, all sins earned,
In several hundred births, and Oh king of trees,
Please grant me all different types of wealth.

Ayurbalam yaso varcha, praja pasu vasooni cha,
Brahma prajnam cha medham cha thwam nodehi Vanaspathe. 3

Would you not give me, Oh product of the forest.
Long life, fame, splendour, children, cattle and riches,
As also knowledge of God and intellectual wisdom.

Sathatham varuno raksheth thwamarad vrushtirasrayedh,
Parithasthwam nishevantham thrunani sukhamasthu they. 4

You are always protected by Varuna as you are rain dependent,
And you do not allow any grass to grow in the shade round you.

Akshi spandham bhujaspandham duswapnam dhurvichinthanam,
Sathroonam cha samuthanam hyaswastha samaya Prabho. 5

Oh Lord Aswatha, please control pain in the eye,
Pain of hands, bad dreams, bad and evil thoughts,
And help me in destruction of my enemies.

Aswathaya varenyaya sarva aiswarya pradhayine,
Namo duswapna nasaya, suswapna phala dhayine. 6

Oh Aswatha who blesses us and grants all type of wealth,
My salutations to you, who destroys bad dreams and grants good dreams.

Yaam drushtwa muchythe rogai,
Sprushtwa papapai pramuchyathe,
Yad ashrayath chiran jeevi,
Tham Aswatham namamyaham. 7

I salute that Aswatha,
Seeing which diseases flee,
Touching which sins are destroyed,
And surrendering to which,
You get long healthy life.

Aswatha sumaha bhaga, subhaga, Priya darsana,
Ishta kamam cha may dehi shatrubhyascha parabhavam. 8

Oh great Lord Aswatha, who is pretty and looks pretty,
Please fulfill all my desires and give disappointment to my enemies.

Aayu prajam dhanam dhanyam soubhagyam sarva sampadam,
Dehi deva maha Vruksha, thwam aham saranam gatha. 9

I surrender fully to you and,
So be pleased to give, oh great tree,
Long life, sons, wealth, cereals,
Great luck all types of wealth.

Rig yaju sama manthrathma, sarva roopi, parathpara,
Aswatho veda moolo asou rishibhi prochyathe sada. 10

Great sages go in search of Aswatha,
As it is the soul of Rig, Yajur and sama Vedas
And takes all forms, greater than the greatest,
And is the root of all the three Vedas.

Brahmaha guruha chaiva daridhro vyadhi peeditha,
Aavarthya laksha sankhyam tham sthothram yedath sukhee bhavth. 11

If this prayer is repeated one hundred thousand times,
Even those cursed by Brahma or the teacher,
And those who are poor and diseased,
Would get cured of all ills and lead a pleasant life.

Vyaktha avyaktha swaroopaya, srushti sthithyantha karine,
Adhi madhyanth soonyaya vishtarasravase nama. 12

Salutations to the very stable one,
Who has clear and unclear forms,
Who creates, looks after and destroys,
And who does not have beginning, middle and end.

Ravim rava vadharaogye,
Shivam some Shivaya cha,
Shakthim bhoume jayarthi cha,
Vanijyarthi budhe saran, 13

Gurou gurum cha Vidhyarthi,
Dhanarthi bhargave sriyam,
Sarva dukha vimoksharthee,
Sarvesam mandha vasare. 14

Sarvada sarva devam scha,
Viseshanmada somayo,
Aswatha roopino devan,
Vruksha rajo prapoojayeth. 15

Go round on Sundays and worshipping Sun to get heath,
Go round on Mondays and worshipping Shiva to get pleasant life,
Go round on Tuesdays and worshipping Parvathy,to get victory,,
Go round on Wednesdays and worshipping devas, to get luck in business,
Go round on Thursdays and Worshipping Guru to get good knowledge,
Go round on Fridays and worshipping Goddess Lakshmi to get wealth,
Go round on Saturdays and worshipping the greatest god, to get rid of all sorrow.

Always all gods especially Saturn and the moon,
Worship the God in the form of Aswatha,
And offer prayers to this Lord of all trees.