Mukthaka Mangalam

Mukthaka Mangalam
By Manavala Mamuni
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This mangalam is normally sung during worship in most of the Vaishnava temples of South India. The sanskrit original can be found at:]

Thaniyan (poem about the author)

Sri Sailesa dhaya pathram Dhee bhkthyadhi gunarnavam,
Yatheendra pravanam vandhe ramya jamatharam munim.

To One to who received the mercy of Srisailesa,
To One who is the ocean of wisdom, devotion etc,
To One who was respected by the king of saints,
And to the sage who is the attractive father in law, my salutations

(This is a poem praising the sage Manavala Mamuni and is supposed to be written by Lord Ranganatha himself on his 60th birthday)

1. Lakshmi charana laakshanga sakshi Sri Vathsa vakshase,
Kshemangaraya sarveshaam, Sri Rangesaya mangalam.

Auspiciousness to Lord Ranganatha, who grants comfort to all,
And who has Srivathsa on his chest, which is the evidence,
Of the lac paint on the toes of Goddess Lakshmi.

(This is addressed to sri Ranganatha of Sri Rangam)

2. Sriya kaanthaya kalyana nidhaye nidhayerthinaam,
Sri Venkata nivasaya Sri nivasaya Mangalam,

Mangalam to the abode of Lakshmi, who lives in the Venkata mountain,
Who is the consort of Lakshmi and the treasure to those who ask.

(This is addressed to Lord Venkidachalapathy of Thirupathi)

3. Asthu sri sthana kasthuri vasanaa vasithorase,
Sri Hasthi giri nathaya, devarajaya mangalam.

Mangalam to the king of devas who lives in hasthigiri,
Who has the perfume of the musk applied by Lakshmi on her breasts.

(This mangalam is addressed to Lord Vardaraja of Kanchipuram)

4. Kamala kucha kasthuri kardhamangitha vakshase,
Yadavadri nivasaya sampath puthraya mangalam

Mangalam to Sampath kumara, who lives on the Yadavagiri,
Whose chest is coated with the musk applied on Lakshmi's breast

(This is addressed to the Sampathkumara -the uthsava idol of Melkote, Karnataka)

5. Srinagarya Mahapuryoo Thamrapurnya uthare thate,
Sri thinthrini moola dhaamne satakopaaya mangalam

Mangalam to Satakopa who has his original place below a tamarind tree
In the great city of Srinagara which is in northern shore of Thamraparni.

(Addressed to Sri Satakopa of Azhvar Thirunagari (Srinagara) of Thirunelveli district)

6. Srimathyai vishnudatharya mano nandana hethave,
Nanda nandana sundaryai Godhaayai nithya mangala

Mangalam for ever to Aandal, who is the pretty one of son of Nanda,
Who is the daughter of Vishnu datha and gave great joy to his mind

(This is addressed to Andal of Srivilliputhur)

7. Srimad Maha boothapure Sri Kesava Yajjwana,
Kanthimathyaam prasoothaaya yathirajaya mangalam.

Mangalam to the king of saints Ramanuja who was the son of Kanthimathi,
Who was the descendent of Sri Kesava of Sri maha bhootha pura

(This is addressed tp Saint Ramanuja who hailed from Sriperumbudur also called Bhoothapuri)

8. Mangalasasana parai madacharyapurogamai,
Sarvaischa poorvairacharyai sathkruthayasthu mangalam

Mangalam to all the acharyas who have done holy deeds,
And to those who were followers of our Acharya,
And wrote auspicious poems about temples.

(General poem addressed to all acharyas of Vaishnavism)

9. Pithre brahmopadeshte may gurave daivathaya cha,
Prapyaya prapakaayasthu Venkatesya mangalam.

Mangalam to Venkata natha, who is attainment and means of attainment,
And he was to me father giving me Brahmopadesam, teacher and God.

(Written about Srimad Vedantha desika by his son Sri varadaryaa)

10. Srimathe ramya jamathru muneendraya mahathmane,
Sriranga vasine bhooyath mangalam nithya mangalam.

Mangalam and daily Mangalam to he who lived in Sriranga,
Who was the son in law of a great saint and great soul.

(Again addressed to Lord Ranganatha of Sri Rangam.)

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