Maha Sastha Sthuthi

Maha Sastha Sthuthi
[Prayer addressed to Great Sastha]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Sastha is the son of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, who took the form of Mohini. He has two wives, Poorna and Pushkala. There are large number of temples dedicated to Sastha in the Thirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. Many People believe that Ayyanar, the guardian God presiding outside many villages in Tamil Nadu is indeed a form of Sastha. In Kerala he is worshipped as Ayyappan, the son brought up by the King of Pandalam. However Ayyappa is unmarried and is a naishtika Brahmachari. I have taken this stotram from the Tamil magazine Kumudam Bhakthi. Since I have not seen the Devanagari original, some phonetic mistakes may be there. Apart from that this prayer is addressed to Brahadeeswara (great God). I have not seen any reference where Lord Ayyappa is addressed by this name. Indirect references in the prayer does indicate that it is indeed is addressed to Dharma Sastha.]

Sithi hayamadeeruhya sancharantham,
Sritha jana chinthitha poorane pravrutham,
Hithakaramanisam sadhaam mahantham,
Sathathamaham Brahadeeswaram prapadhye. 1

I always salute that God who is very great,
Who travels in a blue coloured horse,
Who fulfills wishes of devotees coming to him,
Who is partial to sages and is always greatest.

Hariharathanu sambhavam supoornam,
Suramuni chitha janaischa vandhyamaanam,
Varasithama vaaranedrayaanam,
Sathathamaham Brahadeeswaram prapadhye. 2

I always salute that God who is very great,
Who was made possible by Lord Vishnu and Shiva,
Who is complete, who is saluted by Sidhas and men,
And who travels on a white exuberant elephant.

Vanabhuvi mrugaayaam sada charantham,
Dhanujaa kulathakarodhya thoru kundam,
Kanakamani vichithra bhooshanam tham,
Sathathamaham Brahadeeswaram prapadhye. 3

I always salute that God who is very great,
Who always hunts animals that wander in the forest,
Who is the reason for destruction of clans of asuras,
Who is armed with a spear and who is ornamented,
With several ornaments made of very rare gems and gold.

Sarad amala sudhamsu bimba vakthram,
Dharani sudhaakara veedhi hothra nethram,
Sura tharu suma bhooshidhoru gathram,
Sathathamaham Brahadeeswaram prapadhye. 4

I always salute that God who is very great,
Whose face is similar to the face of moon of spring,
Who looks at earth with moon like eyes,
And whose limbs are decorated by divine flowers.

Vanabhuvi sanakadhi sevyamaanam,
Manujavarai ranisam prapoojyamaanam,
Jananamruthivihinathaam dhadhaanam,
Sathathamaham Brahadeeswaram prapadhye. 5

I always salute that God who is very great,
Who is being praised by sages like Sanaka in the forest,
Who is always worshipped by noble among humans,
And who removes the fears of birth and death.

Pranavatharu vihangamadhi devam,
Gunamaya samsmruthikananorudhavam,
Ganapathi guha sannudha prabhavam,
Sathathamaham Brahadeeswaram prapadhye. 6

I always salute that God who is very great,
Who lives in the tree of Om like a bird,
Who is the fire which destroys the dark forest of birth and death,
And who is the one who is praised by Lord Ganapathi and Subramanya.

Suraparibrooda sevathangri yugmam,
Guru mahivathma drusaam vishuddha thathwam,
Giri guha rathalesu sannivishtam,
Sathathamaham Brahadeeswaram prapadhye. 7

I always salute that God who is very great,
Whose two feet are served by all devas including Indra,
Who is the form of purity that is the teacher of all,
And who has positioned himself in the cave in the mountain.

Ajama maranadhipam varishtam,
Gaja ripu prushtakathoru rathna peedam,
Vijitha madana sundaram garishtam,
Sathathamaham Brahadeeswaram prapadhye. 8

I always salute that God who is very great,
Who is the noble God who has won over death,
Who sits on a gem studded seat on a lion,
Who is great and wins in beauty, that God of love.

Ithinathi mathulaam Mahesa soono,
Hrudhi nitharamanu chinthayan swaroopam,
SAdhu pasu sitha sampadhaam nivasam,
Pari padathe brahadheeswara prasadaath. 9

If one reads this story of the son of shiva,
Meditating in the mind his form,
Due to blessings of the great God,
He would be blessed with wealth, sons and home.