Adhyatma Ramayanam

3.22 Sabari Ashrama Pravesam
[Sabari Hermitage Entry]

After the disappearance of Gandharwa after this talk,
Rama and Lakshmana were pleased,
Went through the very thick horrifying forest slowly,
And entered the very pretty hermitage of Sabari,
That lady saint who was a devotee got up with excitement,
And washed both the lotus feet of Rama,
And with eyes full of tears of joy, she,
Offered seat, water for drinking and washing,
And gave him fruits and roots for his food.

After accepting the worship, very happily,
Those lotus eyed ones who were the sons of the king,
And they were saluted with devotion and she told,
"Due to my past good deeds I am indeed blessed today,
The great saints who were my teachers,
Lived for thousand years worshipping you,
And at that time I was nursing them with care,
And later they reached the world of Brahma."

They told me, "Do not ever feel sorry,
Blessed one, you continue to live here daily,
The divine one who sleeps on a snake,
The great male, the divine soul,
Has taken an incarnation to kill the Rakshasas,
Now to take care of us as well as the Dharma,
And that pure one has come to Chithrakoota,
That Rama would come here and you,
Breath your last after seeing him.
If you do so you will also get salvation definitely."
It has exactly happened that way, for the words of Guru are the truth.

Waiting and waiting for your arrival,
I was living here meditating always on you,
Even for the great sages who were my gurus,
There was no chance to see your feet and salute it.
I am an ignorant fool, born in a very low caste,
And I am sure I do not merit this.

Your form is not the subject of words and mind,
And my being able to see it is due to great luck,
Oh treasure of mercy, this lowly mind,
Does not even know how to salute your holy feet.

Hearing that Sri Rama told Sabari,
"Without sorrow, please hear what I say,
It is not either man or woman nor the state of life,
That is the reason for praying to me in the three worlds,
Except for devotion, there is no other reason for it,
And for getting salvation also there is no other way,
Acts such as bathing in sacred waters, penance, charity or learning of Vedas
Or temples, starving, fire sacrifices and such acts,
Would not make any one able to see me,
Except devotion to me, except which there are no methods.

I will tell you in brief the material path of devotion,
Oh holy one, please hear, for getting salvation,
The most important thing is company of good people,
The second thing is telling and hearing of my story,
Third one is singing of good qualities and the fourth,
In interpretation of my words, the fifth one is,
Serving the great teachers who are born out of me,
The sixth one is doing good deeds and worshipping,
Me without break following all rituals and methods,
Seventh is practicing my chant and eighth,
Oh lady of auspicious character, you have to hear and understand,
Is to see me in everything and having great respect to my devotees,
And also detachment and understanding that all souls are myself,
And ninth is thinking about my philosophy oh lady,
And basis of having a pure mind is the faith in primeval god.

This is the proper methods of devotion, nine in number
Oh good one, If we think who has devotion daily,
Whether it is for birds and animals or foolish,
Ladies or men, when the real devotion comes to them,
Oh Lady, they would start understanding my philosophy,
And once they become an expert in this, they will get salvation,
Oh great lady of penance, among these man is blessed,
And so the reason for salvation is definitely devotion,
Oh Devoted lady who is dear to the gods and sages.

Due to your devotion you were able to see me,
And oh lady sage, your salvation also is very near,
If you know, the path that Sita has taken, please tell me,
Who has taken the very pretty Sita who is dear to me?
Sabari after hearing the words of Rama,.
Told as follows so that their worry would be lessened,
"Your glorious self knows everything as you are know all,
And in spite of that for satisfying the world you are asking me,
Since you have asked, I have to tell.
Sita is living with great sorrow in Lanka,
And please know that she has been taken there by the ten necked one,
And I have seen the daughter of the lotus by my divine sight,
Suppose you travel to some distance slightly to the south,
You would be able to see the Pamba lake and in front of it,
You would be able to see the Rishya Mooka Mountains,
And there lives a monkey noble called Sugreeva,
Along with his four ministers. He is the son of the Sun,
And he is living there being scared of Bali,
For Bali cannot go there being afraid of a sage's curse,
As time progresses, you please kill him.

You enter into a treaty with Sugreeva, and if you do,
All your sorrows will get over and your job will succeed.
And so let me enter in to the fire and merge with,
Your lotus like feet and this is beginning,
Please wait for a little time and by that time,
I have to cut off this tie which is an illusion, Oh treasure of mercy,
And saying like this with devotion, she gave up her body,
And at that time Sabari got salvation.

If that God who loves his devotes showers his grace,
Salvation would reach every one, though they belong to a low caste.
If the lotus eyed one is happy with any being,
There is nothing which is difficult to achieve for them,
Salvation can be got through devotion to Rama,
Daily serve the holy lotus like feet of Rama,
Throw away the rituals using mantra, tantra and dhyana,
And following the teaching of the Guru daily,
Meditate on Rama and always chant the name of Rama,
Hear and tell the stories of Rama,
Worship the devotees of Rama,
And when we know that all over the world only Rama is there,
You can get merged with Rama,
So always chant "Rama, Rama",
Oh pretty woman, Oh gentle lady, Oh Parvathi, oh lotus eyed one.

Like this when Lord Shiva told the story of Rama,
To Parvathi, Parvathi became completely ruled by devotion to Rama,
And fixed her mind there and merged with the devotion,
And the parrot also became greatly joyous,
And told, "Let there be victory to Lord Shiva".

Ithi Adhyathma Ramayane Uma Maheswara samvadhe,
Aaranya Kandam samaptham.

Thus ends the chapter on forests which occurs amidst,
the discussion between Shiva and Parvathi in Adyathma Ramayana.

4. Kishkinda Kandam
[Kishkinda Chapter]

[After Sabari told him to meet Sugreeva, Rama went in search of Sugreeva and reached the Rushya Mooka Mountains. He meets Hanuman there, signs a treaty with Sugreeva with fire as witness to help each other. He kills Vali and rests in a Mountain top during the 4 month rainy season. Sugreeva sends his army of monkeys to search Sita. The monkeys going for search to the southern side are led by Angadha. After lot of search, they meet a hawk called Sampathi who is the elder brother of Jatayu. He is able to see Lanka and tells them that they have to jump 100 yojana distance to reach Lanka. Jambhavan tells Hanuman that he only can do it. Hanuman climbs on the Mahendra Mountain to jump to Lanka.]

Oh child of a parrot, good natured one, please come,
Oh dear one, please tell the story from then on,
I will tell but I will tell the way,
It was told by Lord Shiva to his wife.
The good natured one, the son of Dasaratha,
The son of Kausalya, along with his younger brother,
Reached the banks of the lake Pampa,
Which was prettiest in the world,
And become greatly surprised and said,
Just broad enough so that sound can be carried to the end,
With clear water which would take the pains away,
Full of animals, with fully open lotus flowers,
Water lily and full of blue lotus flowers,
Filled with swan, water fowl, several hens and nightingales,
Served by snakes lion, tiger, wild pigs,
Surrounded by flowering climbers and trees,
Which yield fruits which gives rise to satisfaction,
And seeing all this he became happy, drank water,
Became little recouped and started walking slowly.

4.1. Hanuman Samagamam
[Hanuman Meeting]

In the spring season, in the good cold earth,
When the two sons of the king, after resting,
Near the Rishya Mooka Mountain,
Breathed well and with tears,
And crying due to parting with Sita,
And prattling due to non-fulfillment of passion,
Were walking along with great mental pain,
Sugreeva, the son of Sun God became scared.

He jumped immediately and with the ministers,
And rushed and climbed up to the tip of the Mountain,
And with fear and told to Hanuman,
"Who are these two people who are coming prepared?
You go and find out and come back quickly,
From looks they appear to be courageous people,
Are they being sent by my elder brother,
To eradicate me, here?

They appear to be valorous and are sparkling,
For you see all the directions are alight because of them,
Though they have dressed in the form of sages,
They are armed with bow, arrow, sword and other weapons.

You please dress yourself as a Brahmin,
Oh son of wind and go and enquire and know,
And try to understand their thoughts,
By their face, eyes and talk and expression,
And inform us by showing your hand,
Whether they are our enemies, and by,
Happy face and smile tell us,
Whether they are friendly to us.

As soon as he heard the words of Son of Sun god,
He dressed himself as a bachelor Brahmin,
And that son of Anjana with pleasing manners
Went and saluted the lotus like feet of those masters.

Saluting those blue eyed human,
Elephants and with great humility,
"I desire to know about you both,
Who have the luster greater than god of love,
And are seen in this fashion here,
And so please tell it directly to me."

Because of your souls all directions are shining,
And I think you are the sun and the moon,
Looking at your face I think that you are,
The elements which make the three worlds work,
Are you the aswini devas who are,
Most valorous of the world,
You both are the supreme form of gods,
Who are the cause of this universe,
And definitely you are chief purushas
Who for the sake of humanity are travelling with illusion,
Who as if it is a sport would reduce,
The burden of this earth and to,
Look after your devotees.

The blessed men are born in a royal family,
And they are people of fully good character,
Who are engaged in ruling and punishing in the world,
And engaged in sports they are always independent,
And in my mind I feel that they are,
The Nara and Narayana who grant salvation,
And seeing that devotee who told like this,
And was standing saluting him, Rama told.

Look friend, Oh one in the Brahmachari's form and oh Lakshmana,
He has studied the science of grammar thoroughly,
In the entire talk there is no bad word anywhere,
This Brahmachari is definitely a grammarian",
And that human hero then told,
Addressing that great monkey in a proper manner.

"My name is Rama, and I am the son,
Of the great king Dasaratha, he is,
Lakshmana who is my brother, please hear,
The truth with attention and a pleased mind, Oh intelligent one,
There is a Sita who is also called Janaki,
Who is my respectful wife, with us,
We were sent by our father to the forest,
To do penance after becoming saintly persons,
When we were living in Dandakaranya forest,
One very bad and angry Rakshasa came,
And kidnapped the lady Janaki.
We are searching for in this forest,
And till now we were not able to find her anywhere,
But we found you, who are you my friend,
Please tell" Hanuman who heard this,
Happily saluted them and told.

Oh lord of Raghu clan, Sugreeva the monkey,
King is living on the top of this Mountain,
And with him we four ministers are also there,
And we always live without forsaking each other,
His elder brother Bali, who is the monkey king,
Who is terrible one drove his younger brother out,
And he also kept as wife, the wife of his brother,
Rushya Mooka Mountain became his residence,
Where the son of Sun God could live with faith,
I am the servant of Sugreeva,
And the son of the wind god.

My name is Hanuman, son of Anjana,
Please end my sorrow and protect me,
If you have a treaty with Sugreeva,
Both of you can kill your enemies,
For that purpose I would do maximum possible work,
And oh God, I will not do any delay,
If you agree to this, please get up,
And oh treasure of mercy, all the,
Sorrow in your mind will go away.

After telling this he assumed his real form,
And before them stood that Hanuman,
"Let us go, you please climb on my shoulders,
Throw away the look of worry,
And then that lotus eyed one,
Thought of the words of Sabari and gave permission.

4.2 Sugreeva Sakhyam
[Sugreeva Companionship]

Taking Sri Rama and Lakshmana on his neck,
That Hanuman walked very easily further,
And took them before Sugreeva,
"Throw away that restlessness, Oh son of Sun god,
Luck, great luck more than what we wished has come,
These are Rama and his younger brother Lakshmana,
Who belong to the clan of Sun God and,
Have come here to fulfill desire of you."

He told like this to Sugreeva,
On the top of the Mountain,
And below the shade of a very big tree,
And those lads who are lords of the earth,
Stood relieved and not tired,
And that son of wind god becoming extremely happy,
Told the son of Sun God with great justice.

"Throw away your fear, this Rama,
And Lakshmana are the kings of yoga,
Born in the clan of Sun god, since,
They have come, you need not be afraid of any one,
Go speedily salute them and sign a treaty,
And live as one very dear to the God."

Sugreeva who was greatly pleased,
Got up respectfully and quickly,
Broke soft tender leaves and spread,
Them along with tender grass so that.
The lord of earth can take his seat,
And all people happily sat on them,
And their crowd of sorrows vanished.

Lakshmana then told the son of Sun God,
All the stories of Rama at that time,
And that brave son of Sun god told happily,
"I will definitely seek and find out,
That gem of a lady Goddess Janaki,
And get her back to you,
Under your orders I will work as your friend,
For exterminating the enemy completely,
And so do not think about it and be sad,
I will definitely remove all your worries,
After killing Ravana along with his clan,
I would definitely bring back the lady."

Oh valorous man, one day I saw an incident,
Please listen carefully, When once Me and my
Four ministers were living on the top of the Mountain,
One Rakshasa lord was taking a lotus eyed lady,
Through the way of the sky and at that time,
That pretty one, broken down, since there was,
No one to save her, was chanting "Rama, Rama"
And I am sure that she is your wife only.

"That virtuous lady seeing us at the top of the Mountain,
Being subdued, tied all her ornaments in her upper cloth,
Put all of them on the top of the Mountain,
And I saw that and took them and kept safely,
And if you want to see them, you can see them now,
Oh valorous man, if they are ornaments,
Of Lady Janaki, you may be able to identify them."
Saying this he brought them from some place,
And kept them all in front of the king.

When the lotus eyed took them and saw,
His tears were the ones which enquired the welfare,
"Did you also part like me from her,
Who is the slender limbed Vaidehi, alas,
Hey Sita, Hey daughter of Janaka, Hey my wife,
Hey darling, Hey lady with eyes like lotus petals,
Crying like this with great sorrow he,
Took the packet of ornaments and pressed it against his chest,
And like the very ordinary men,
That Lord of all world started crying,
Lakshmana told that Rama,
Who had fainted with great sorrow.

"Do not be sad, along with the help of,
The chief of monkeys without delay,
We will kill Ravana, and take back,
The lotus eyed Sita, Please My Lord, Hare",
Sugreeva also told hearing that,
"Do not be restless, I would give back Sita,
After killing Ravana and so take,
Courage, Oh King of the land, Oh Lord."

Hearing the words of Lakshmana and Sugreeva,
That son of Dasaratha, reduced his sorrow a lot,
And at that time Hanuman the monkey chief,
Made fire there and seeing an auspicious,
Lagna, the treaty was made between,
Sugreeva and Rama with fire as the witness,
After signing the treaty and having got hope,
That both their aims would be achieved,
They left their intense sorrow,
And stayed at the top of that tall Mountain.
Sugreeva at that time told the reason,
For the quarrel to develop between him and Bali.

4.3. Bali Sugreeva Kalaha Kadha
[Bali and Sugreeva Quarrel Story]

In olden times there was a Rakshasa called Mayavi,
He was the son of the asura architect Maya,
When he was getting bored due to the fact,
That there was no one to fight with him,
And when he was wandering with exuberance,
He entered the city of Kishkinda and he called,
Bali who was the king of monkeys to a fight,
And hearing that he was being called to fight,
The very angry Bali started immediately,
And hit that asura using his two fists,
And that bad Rakshasa got scared and ran,
And the chief of monkeys ran behind him,
And seeing that I also went behind him
And that Rakshasa, went and hid himself in a cave,
And the chief of monkey told as follows.

"I am going inside to subdue one who has gone inside,
You please stand without fear in the opening of the cave,
If milk comes out of it assume that the Rakshasa died,
But if blood comes out of it, close it, go and live".
Telling like this Bali entered the cave,
And I stood waiting near the mouth of the cave.

"One month went by and still,
The god of the monkeys did not come out,
And then blood came out of the mouth of the cave,
And within me came great pity,
And deciding that my elder brother,
Was killed by the great Asura called Mayavi,
I went back with sorrow to Kishkinda,
And all monkey heroes became very sad,
And the chiefs of monkeys performed,
Coronation ceremony to me as their king."

Some more time went by speedily,
One day the very strong Bali came out,
Bali got angry with me thinking that,
I closed the cave by a stone to kill him,
And came to kill me and I with fear,
Fled to all the places all round,
And for a lot of time I walked here and there,
I came to know that Bali will not come to Rushya Mooka,
Due to a curse and I came and started living here,
I lived with great faith, oh lord of universe, Oh Lord,
And that foolish Bali took for himself
With love my wife, I am sad because,
I have lost my country, my city, my wife and my home.

Due to the reason of being able to touch your lotus feet,
Now I am having a happy pleasant time.
Hearing the words of the son of Sun god, later,
Being sad due to the sorrow of his friend, Rama,
Told along with mind drenched in mercy,
"I will kill your enemy and see to it that,
Your wife, country and wealth are returned to you,
This is an oath and this is the oath of Rama."

Hearing the words of the king among men,
Becoming clear that son of Sun told like this,
"To kill Bali who is the son of Devendra,
There is lot of difficulty involved,
No one has as much strength as him,
And I will tell you about the strength of Bali."

Once a great Rakshasa called Dundubhi came,
To the gate of Kishkinda in the form of a buffalo,
And when he called Bali for a war,
Bali became greatly angry, went there,
And catching hold of his horns, made him fall on earth,
And broke his body and pulled out his horns,
And threw his head after rotating it,
And the blood from that fell in the hermitage of Mathanga.

If that Bali who has spoiled the sanctity of the hermitage,
Ever comes to the Rushya Mooka Mountain,
His head will break in to pieces,
And he go the place of God of death,
Due to the power of my words,
So cursed the sage and the king of monkeys,
From that day onwards never comes here.

Because of that I am living here,
Permanently without fear of the mind,
You please see the head of Dundhubi lying here,
It is lying like a huge Mountain,
The person who can take this and throw it,
Would definitely be able to kill that great monkey.
Hearing that, the great one of Raghu clan laughed,
And using the thumb of his holy feet,
He lifted it and threw it up in the sky,
And it went and fell down about twenty miles from there,
Seeing this Sugreeva became more clear,
And all his ministers were filled with wonder,
And They praised and praised "Good, Very good",
And all of them again and again saluted Rama.

And again the son of Sun God told,
King, these are the seven sala trees,
Please know that these are the trees meant,
To be wrestled by Bali, when the son of,
Indra shakes them; the leaves of all seven trees will fall,
If by sending one arrow you are able,
To break them, which are standing in a circle,
You definitely can kill Bali.

Hearing the words of the son of the Sun god,
Rama who is the descendent of the Sun God,
Twanged his bow and send a shining arrow,
Which drilled through all the seven sala trees,
And went further pierced the earth and Mountain,
And arrow came back shiningly and,
Went inside its own quiver with love,
And the son of the Sun god,
Who was surprised smilingly,
Saluted Rama and told.

It is definite that you are real lord of universe,
The divine god and the witness to all happenings.
I have the luck to see you, possibly because,
Of some good deed that I might have done earlier.
The pure ones sing about your feet,
And when I have got you who grants salvation,
I would not ask you anything except salvation,
The son, the wife, the wealth and the country
Are all useless since they have been created by your illusion,
So my great god, the God of the devas,
I do not have any other desire, Lord of earth, please be kind to me.

I have reached you who is fully divine joy,
Due to the rise of luck in my life,
Oh Lord of Raghu clan, like getting a treasure,
When one digs the earth to get some mud.

By following dharma, charity, penance,
Bathing in sacred waters, meditation,
Completion of rituals and fire sacrifice,
Do not lead to destruction of birth death chain,
Without devotion to your feet, which,
Would lead to seeing of your lotus like feet,
My getting you at this time is due to strength of your grace,
And he whose mind does not waver,
From the thought of your lotus like feet,
Even for quarter of a second, would,
Easily get rid of his ignorance.

Even if mind does not get firm on you, if,
With great devotion if we chant Rama, Rama,
All sufferings will be uprooted to the one who chants,
And he would become a good man and become pure.

Whether he is a drunkard or a great saint,
He would get freedom by chanting your name,
I do not have any desire in my mind for victory over an enemy,
Or the pleasure that is got through a wife
And I do not want anything except devotion,
For getting salvation, Oh Mukunda, Oh treasure of mercy.

Oh lord of the three worlds, please destroy,
All my sins by teaching me the way to your devotion,
The illusion of differences between the enemy,
Friend and one in the middle has gone away from my mind, Oh king,
By the serving of your lotus like feet,
I have now developed sufficient wisdom,
And Oh lord of the universe the connection,
Of son and wife is due to the power of your illusion.

Oh consort of Lakshmi, your lotus like feet,
Should firmly get established in my mind,
My tongue, should shamelessly,
Become in love with chanting of your names,
My hands should always be able,
To offer flowers at your lotus like feet,
My eyes should be always be in a position,
To be able to see your very pretty form,
And my ears should always be able to hear,
Your pretty history, Oh lord of mercy.

My pair of feet should always travel, Oh Lord of Raghu Clan,
To the temples of Lord Vishnu, always,
Oh lord of universe, let the water washing your feet,
Be always be sprinkled on all my body parts,
And I should be able to again and again salute,
With my head and with devotion, your great self.

Rama with a very satisfied and happy mind,
Hugged and caressed Sugreeva who praised him like this,
And to that auspicious Sugreeva who has completely lost,
All the dirt in his mind due to the touch of his body,
That treasure of mercy again made him one with desire,
For the sake of success in his aim.

4.4 Bali Sugreeva Yudham
[Bali and Sugreeva Fight]

That personification of truth told with a smile,
"My friend, all that you told is true.
You please go and challenge Bali for a fight,
Without any further delay, please,
I will kill Bali and crown you as a king,
And look after you definitely.

As soon he heard that Sugreeva walked,
Towards the town of Kishkinda without any confusion,
Rama who was born in the family of Sun God,
The heroic Lakshmana as well as the four ministers,
Went along with Sugreeva to the town of Kishkinda,
Where he called Bali for a war,
And Rama and others hid behind a tree in a friendly manner.

The very angry Bali came shouting,
And son of sun God hit him on the chest,
And the son of Indra gave the son of Sun God.
A Hit fiercer by ten or even hundred times,
And due the enmity between them,
The was became extremely fearsome,
And both of them drenched in blood looked alike,
And when they were fighting with each other with great strength,
It was not possible for anyone to identify,
Which was the son of Indra and which the son of Sun God.

Rama with a doubt of his destroying his friend by mistake,
At that time did not send an arrow,
And with hit of fist by the son of Devendra,
The son of Sun god vomited blood and ran,
Immediately with great pain,
And the son of Devendra went back to his house,
The son of Sun god who came greatly fear stuck,
Addressing Rama who wonderfully follows his friend,
Told some very unkind words with great pain.

I am not knowing whether in your mind,
You are thinking of getting me killed by enemy,
And If you think, I should die, you could have,
Killed me by your arrows, yourself,
I thought that truth is for sure, and,
In that I did great mistake, Oh treasure of mercy,
I thought that you are the guardian of truth,
And that became useless, Oh lover of those who surrender.

Hearing this type of painful reply from son of a Sun God,
Lord Rama replied after hugging him with a tear,
Filled eyes, "My friend, do not get scared in the mind,
In the middle of very fast fight with great emotions,
I was not able to identify you both, and,
Due to fear of killing a friend, understand, I did not send an arrow."

For avoiding confusion of mind, Oh son of Sun god,
I shall make an identification on you,
And you go immediately and invite for fight,
Your enemy, the son of Devendra.your elder brother,
And you get confirmed that he would be dead,
This is my vow, if I am Rama,
What I say should not become an imagination.

After consoling the son of Sun God like this,
Rama told the son of Sumithra,
"You put a flower garland on the neck,
Of the son of Sun god and send him to fight",
The elder brother of Shathrugna tied a garland,
And sent the son of Sun god to the temple of joy.

4.5 Bali Vadham
[Bali Killing]

Again the son of Sun God called,
The son of Devendra to a fight,
With great anger and standing at,
The gate of the town of Kishkinda,
And he also shouted like a lion.
Hearing that call which was with great anger,
Bali who was greatly surprised,
Wearing the battle cloth, immediately,
With great enmity started for the war,
And at that time there went Thara,
With eyes full of tears and stopping him told.

How come you have started without any doubt,
I have a suspicion, please hear that,
What is the reason for Sugreeva,
Who was defeated in the fight to come back,
And it is definite that he has the great support,
Of a friend who has very great valour."

Bali then told Thara,
"Young lady, there is no need to get any doubt,
Please allow me to go, because it should not be late,
Dear, You have to understand one aspect,
Who is there who is a friend to Sugreeva,
And as for me no one has enmity with me.

Suppose he has many friends and is with many,
He definitely is one who should be killed,
And when the enemy comes to our house,
And when one hears his calling him for a war,
Will a valorous man simply keep quiet,
Will he remain shut as a coward, please tell,
I will kill the enemy soon and come back,
Oh wife, wait with braveness.

Hearing that Thara told him,
"Oh head gem of valour, If so hear what I say,
When my son Angadha went for hunting,
He heard a story which he told me,
Hear that and do what you think is proper,
Dasaratha is a king of Ayodhya,
He has a son called Rama,
And he along with his brother and,
His wife Sita who is equal to goddess Lakshmi,
Came to the Dandaka forest,
And living there he was doing penance.

The Rakshasa Ravana who is very bad,
Has stolen his wife, and searching for her with Lakshmana,
He has come now to the Rushya Mooka Mountain.
There he has seen the son of Sun God,
And they have signed a treaty with fire as witness,
That they will live together as friends,
And for achieving the removal of sorrow,
Rama has taken an oath, "Oh son of Sun God,
I will kill the son of Indra and make you,
Who is the son of Sun God as a king there"
And immediately at that time, the son of Sun God,
Also took an oath as reciprocation that
"I will search and find out Sita Devi and find her out",
And that is the reason why he has come,
And so forsake all enmity towards Sugreeva,
And live by making him the junior king
And you go and speedily surrender to Rama,
So that you can save Angadha, our kingdom and clan."

Telling like this crying and holding his feet,
And when Thara was saluting him,
Without sorrow hugging and hugging her,
Bali told her with great deal of love,
"The habit of women is to get scared,
But hear me wife, there is n need for fear,
If Sri Rama and Lakshmana have come here,
It is definite that they will join with me,
For nobody has love to him as much as I have,
And Rama is the real great Lord Vishnu,
And he has taken an incarnation in earth,
To lighten the burden of mother earth,
This is what I hear".

God does not have favoritism
He is one without properties, lonely,
One who entertains the soul and God,
I would fall at his feet and salute him,
And with his consent I will bring him here,
For the help that I can provide him,
Is more than what Sugreeva can, remember this,
And God does not have the habit of,
Praying the one who is praising him,
For hey wife, God is one who recognizes devotion,
And considering devotion, no one has it as much as I have,
And so live in home after removing this sorrow,
Oh lady with lotus eyes, Oh a full lake of good qualities.

Consoling her like this that son of Devendra,
Immediately angrily dressed for a battle,
And left home to do the war,
So that he can kill Sugreeva angrily,
And Thara shedding and shedding drops of tears,
And with increasing sorrow went inside.

Bali biting his teeth and shouting,
Rushed saying stop, stop and at that time,
Sugreeva hit Bali by his fist and the exuberant,
Bali did the same to Sugreeva,
When he beat him with his closed fists,
They caught each other, hit each others,
Legs and arms, hit each other by their,
Knees as well as their head, caught each other,
Bit each other, fell down, rolled in the mud,
Angrily hurt with their nails,
Jumped on them, jumped together,
Hit and defended it, gave more hits than the other,
Chased each other and faded with sweat,
Called each other names, neared each other with anger,
Sweat covering the body, with nerves expanding,
And those who saw this great fist fight,
Enjoyed it and praised both of them,
And it is definite that the war between Shiva and the God of death,
Was in no way equal to war between Bali and Sugreeva.
It was like two oceans fighting with each other,
It was like two Mountains fighting with each other,
And those who saw shouted as well as praised them,
And no tiredness was seen in case of both,
And Bali was wearing the garland given by his father,
And Sugreeva was wearing one given by Lord Rama,
And though there was no difference between them,
The body of the son of Sun God had grievous wounds.

Sugreeva became more tired,
And saw with sorrow Sri Rama,
For getting hit by the fist of his elder brother,
Sugreeva had become extremely weak,
And seeing this with mercy and great speed,
The One living in Vaikunta and the son of Daratha,
Hiding behind a tree and Aiming at the chest of Bali,
Placed the Mahendra arrow on the bow, pulling it well,
And sent speedily and that went and hit Bali's chest,
And he fell down with a great shout and when he slightly fainted,
And that son of wind god saluted Rama and prayed.

For a little time he got fainted and then,
He became conscious and Bali saw,
Rama at a little distance before him,
Holding the arrow on his right hand.
And holding the bow in the other hand,
Wearing a dress of tree bark, having a quiver,
And a soft smiling face, With a tuft worn like a crown,
Wearing a forest garland on his chest,
With pretty and very long hands,
With a body of the colour of leaves of Doorva grass,
Being served on both sides,
By both Lakshmana and Sugreeva,
And understanding who it is and with,
Anger tinged with sorrow and pain Bali told.

"What mistake have I done to you,
Why did you murder me unnecessarily,
How come you did not follow the king's dharma,
And have adopted the Dharma of the thief,
What fame have you got because of this,
Think about it, are you nor born in a royal family?
If you are following the Dharma of a hero,
And were doing it for getting fame,
You should have fought directly with me and won,
What is that which Sugreeva has done to you,
Which one I could not have done?
Because the great Rakshasa kidnapped your wife,
You came and surrendered with son of Sun God,
And though you have killed me now,
Have you not heard about my prowess.
Who is there in the three worlds,
Who do not know my strength as a hero?
Within ten minutes and without any doubt,
I would have brought the town of Lanka,
With its three Mountains as well as,
The arrested Ravana in front of you,
And would have saluted you, with respect.
Oh Lord of Raghu clan, good people,
Of the world claim that you defend Dharma?
What Dharma did you get out of,
Killing like a hunter a monkey,
By deceiving him and killing him,
What respect did you get, please tell,
Oh king why did the thought,
Of eating the meat of monkey come in your mind?

To the Bali who talked too much,
That Sri Rama gave the following answer,
"Without any competition I am walking everywhere,
Along with weapons to protect Dharma.
You being a sinner going against the cannons of Dharma,
I wanted to remove that sin and establish Dharma,
And that is why I killed you, though you were passionate,
You yourself do not know about yourself,
According to Vedas, daughter, sister,
The wife of the brother, wife of the son,
And mother are treated to be in same way.
If one takes any of them as wife due to passion,
He is the greatest sinner among all the sinners,
And so because of that they will get suffering.

The valorous kings kill,
Those who do not follow the propriety of conduct,
And would bring back the rule of law in this world,
You are a pure soul, think about this,
For cleaning up this world,
The kings who look after it would wander at all places,
And so do not unnecessarily talk any further,
And if you do your sins will further increase.

Hearing all that was told by Sri Rama,
The mind of the king of monkeys was cleansed,
And he understood that Rama is Narayana himself,
And when the base quality disappeared, with nervousness,
He told, "Please pardon my mistake,
Oh Sri Rama, Oh Rama, Oh great soul, Oh Raghava,
It is definite that you are Lord Narayana,
Whatever I have told without proper thought,
May please be pardoned by you with great mercy.

When you are witnessing and seeing,
The end came by the arrow of yours,
And the luck to leave my body like that,
Is indeed a great luck, every one will tell.
And this is difficult to get even by great sages,
Oh consort of Lakshmi, Just seeing you is salvation,
And to the man who with self mortification,
Tells your name when he is about to die,
Will always definitely get salvation.
To be able to see you god who lives in the town,
And getting the luck of dying by your arrow,
With love and great love to you,
Is indeed my great luck, Who will ever get this.

You who are Lord Vishnu, and Lady Janaki,
Is the mother of earth, Lakshmi Bhagawathi,
And as per the request Of Lord Brahma,
You were born as the son of Dasaratha,
To kill the ten headed Ravana,
And this is known to me, Oh lotus eyed one.

Oh god please give your blessings to me,
Who is on the way to your place,
Please take special care of Angadadha,
My son who is equal in my strength,
And please accept the son of Sun God,
And Angadha for my sake,
Please remove the arrow and with your holy hand,
Pat me slowly and with great love.

Hearing that Sri Rama took out the arrow,
And patted him slowly with great love,
And seeing the lotus like face of the human hero,
Bali left the body of the monkey,
And went to the world, which is,
Difficult to achieve to even groups of great sages.

When Bali entered the feet of Rama,
Through Rama who is the divine god,
The collection of monkeys ran very fast due to fear,
And entered in side the city of Kishkinda,
And those monkeys told to Thara,
Our king of monkeys has gone to heaven,
Due to the arrow of Rama during the war.
Oh Thara, without delay make your son as the king,
And shut all the four entrances to the city,
And make the town of Kishkinda impenetrable,
And give orders to the ministers that,
Our enemies should not be allowed inside."

Hearing the death of Bali, Thara,
With tears dripping drop by drop for her eyes,
Which hit on her chest again and again,
And with stuttering voice said several times,
"What is the need of son and country to me,
What is the need of this purpose less life,
Without any hesitation I would also,
Enter the land of dead along with my husband."

Like that crying and crying and seeing,
Her husband's body decorated by blood and mud,
She fainted and wanting to embrace death,
That Thara fell at the feet of her husband,
And started crying and wailing in several ways,
"Shoot and kill me also now, because,
I cannot tolerate to live without my husband,
And if you send me along with my husband,
Then you will get the effect of giving in charity a maid,
And as a gentleman Oh, Lord of Raghu clan,
Already are you not aware of the sorrow,
Of parting with your wife, and Oh Sugreeva,
Now after getting over your sorrow,
You live with Ruma and enjoy,
Pleasures of the position of a king.

To Thara who told like this and was crying,
The chief of Raghu clan told as answer,
Merciful words as a philosophical teaching,
So that her oorow of parting with her husband will reduce.

4.6 Tharopadesam
[Thara Advice]

Why this is unnecessary sorrow? Please hear,
Oh pretty one, there is no relation to it,
But was your husband his soul or his body?
Oh blessed one tell the truth to me,
The five elements make the body, but this corpse,
Is only a collection of skin, flesh, blood and bone, is it not?

Remember the body is equal to an immobile piece of wood,
And it is definite that the being is soul,
There is no birth nor death for it,
And so do not get worried thinking about it,
It will not stand nor walk, here,
And it is not matter of sorrow, definitely,
It does not have the state of man or woman or eunuch,
And know that it also does not feel hot or cold,
Knowing all the soul is alone, divine, without a second,
Non changing, similar to the sky, without any name,
Always pure, lives forever and is the philosophical,
Principle of illusion, What is the need for sorrow.
Hearing the nectar like words of Rama,
She again asked the following to Rama,
"When the body is equal to immobile piece of wood,
And the soul is the divine soul which is forever,
Please tell me, who among these has,
Connection with sorrow and pleasure,
Please tell this, Oh treasure of mercy.

Hearing that, the blessed Raghava told,
"Blessed one, please hear this which is kept as secret,
Till the day that the body has a relation,
Caused by differences in body, sense organs
And pride with the soul, It will have,
Touch with domestic life till then.

When we think about it the domestic life.
Which is a body of imagination,
Would never change by itself,
And be pleased to hear about the man
Who keeps on thinking about many things,
The domestic life is only just like,
The happenings of a dream.
Please now hear what is truth.

Definitely due to the primeval relation of Negative knowledge,
The egoism mixed with pride for that purpose,
Creates the domestic life, which is meaningless,
Because domestic life is mixed with passion and anger,
Mind builds a relation with domestic life,
And because soul and mind are on equal footing,
The soul also builds a similar relation.

By coming in to contact with red blood,
A pure crystal also appears to be red,
But if you see in reality, it has not taken that colour,
Think about this in your mind and conclude properly,
The soul appears to have a relation with domestic life,
Only due to its being influenced by intelligence and senses.

The soul uses the mind which is its creation,
And embraces it with great interest,
And serves the desire which is a character of the mind,
Attached by its own properties like Satwa, rajas and Thamas,
And due to it becomes greatly weakened,
And as a result of this undergoes suffering in domestic life.

Initially the mind creates these characters,
And observes the various rituals indicated by Vedas,
Which are a mixture of White (Sathwa), Red (Rajasa),
And Black (Thamasa), and while doing most of these Karmas,
This soul due to the actions of these,
Continues to live till the deluge, When all the bodies perish.

Then at the time of death of all, the soul,
Getting tangled with primeval negative knowledge,
Due to the memories left in there, and again,
At the time of creation, along with the,
Memories of the past, takes birth,
Like a time machine with embedded memories,
And who can prevent this rotation of time?

At that time by the effect of good deeds that one does,
When his mind gets company of holy people.
To the peaceful soul who is devoted to me,
His mind firmly gets attached to me,
He gets interested in hearing my stories,
And when in his mind the pure knowledge of soul enters,
Then by the grace of a good Guru,
He would start realizing the chief sayings of Vedas.

Understand definitely that the soul is different,
From body, organs, mind and life and is,
Truth, joyful, alone, divine, one without second,
Forever, matchless, stain less and character less.
As soon as you understand this you get free immediately,
What I say is truth, what I say is truth,
And to the one who thinks like this,
There is no sorrow due to life in his mind.

Please remember what I have told you, become pure,
And leave out the stupor created by illusion, Oh pretty one,
Get detached from the ties of Karma, immediately,
Please get merged in the very pure Brahman,
Due to the great devotion that you had in last birth to me,
I showed my real form to you,
Throw away the sorrow, completely from your mind,
And if you meditate on my form that you see,
And remember the words that I just told you,
You would definitely get salvation,
And what I told you is not falsehood.

After joyfully hearing the words of Rama,
Thara was wonderstruck and saluted him,
Her mind awoke from the stupor,
And she lost all sorrow emanating from the body,
And becoming contended due to realization of soul,
Due to the teaching, she attained salvation,
Even when she was alive.

Thara with the company of Rama who can grant salvation,
For such a short time, became ripened in her devotion,
And got detached from the primeval relations,
And got salvation, and though she was a lady,
All her perplexity vanished and her mind became clear,
And Sugreeva after hearing all these,
Lost all his ignorance, became happy,
And got contentment by divine knowledge.

4.7 Sugreeva Rajyabhishekam
[Sugreeva's Crowning]

Then later Rama told Sugreeva,
"Please perform the death rites of your brother,
Making Angadha taking the lead,
Till the purification period comes again,"
Sugreeva understanding Rama's order,
Started making preparations for the rites.
The very peaceful Thara, her son,
Brahmins, the important ministers,
And the citizens, in a way suitable to the king,
Along with playing of drums and other musical instruments,
Completed the rituals as per Sastras,
And after taking bath He appeared before Rama.

That monkey chief along with the ministers,
Saluted the lotus feet of Rama and with joy told,
"Your honorable self has to look,
After and protect the kingdom now,
I being your lowly slave would,
Always obey your commands,
Oh God of gods, I would serve,
Your lotus like feet like Lakshmana.

As soon as he heard the words of Sugreeva like this,
That great one of Raghu clan smiled in front and told,
"You are myself, there is no doubt about that,
As per my order, you go back pleased,
Because I have given the kingship to you,
And now go and get the crowning done."

I will not definitely enter a town,
For fourteen long years.
And so Lakshmana will do the crowning,
Also please crown the intelligent boy,
As the junior king, Oh lord,
And friend, the entire kingdom is under your control,
And now look after it exactly as Bali did,
And also look after the boy very well.
I would live on the top of the Mountain,
Because of the starting of four months penance,
And after the rains are over,
You make efforts to enquire, and once you,
Find out the place where the pretty lady is staying,
You have to come and tell me, my friend,
Till that time you live in the town,
With daily pleasures along with wife and son.

After getting the blessings of Sri Rama,
Sugreeva went speedily along with Lakshmana,
Went inside the town and got crowned.
Then son of Sumithra came back to Rama,
Rama along with his brother,
Went to the to live on the Pravarshana Mountain,

After entering the top peak of the Mountain,
When they stood they saw one cave,
And that cave had the light of a crystal,
And was a golden place studded with gems.
And was not affected by wind, rain, and cold,
And was full of trees which had fruits and roots,
And since they liked living there,
Rama and Lakshmana continued to live there.

The Sidhas, great yogis as well as devotes.
Took the form of birds and animals,
And seeing Lord Narayana in human form,
Started singing about the one with bird on his flag,
And all the moving and not moving beings,
Also became very happy to be seeing the God.

Once when Rama had come out of the Samadhi,
And was living in a place of solitude,
Lakshmana saluted him with love and asked,
"I have the wish to ask you to tell, the method of worship,
Which leads to salvation, Oh lord of the three worlds,
It seems it is the method of salvation for the householder,
Kindly tell about in detail to me."

Sages like Narada and Vyasa and God Brahma,
Through daily worship of Narayana always,
Achieve Dharama, wealth, desire and salvation,
Say the great sages with great devotion, that is what I hear,
Please tell me who is your devotee and slave,
The way to salvation, Oh Lord of the world,
And if you tell it, it would also become useful to the world,
And when Lakshmana made this request,
Immediately The God Rama told him as follows.

4.8 Kriya Margopadesam
[Worship Method Teaching]

Then hear the method of my worship,
Which really does not have an end,
Still I will tell you with a lot of summarization,
Due to the maturing of great affection towards you,
When each and every one follows his own secret method,
In the earth these methods multiplied to more than two,
So you have to ask your Guru about the proper chant,
And have to worship me in front of your Guru.

It can be done in the our lotus heart,
Or can be done before the fire god,
Or important idols or in place of worship,
Or in water or in leveled seat of worship,
Or to the suitable Salagrama* stone,
Which is the most appropriate.
* Stones from Gandagi river, Nepal.

Using the chants or tantric rites said in the Vedas,
Using the rites of cleaning with mud,
After taking bath in the morning for cleanliness of the body,
Understanding the correct root chant,
After performing the rituals of dawn,
After performing the daily rituals,
Do the meditation to clean your actions,
And then assuming that I am your teacher,
Worship daily with great devotion.

Give bath to the statue for its auspiciousness,
Then it has to be cleaned and dried, and to the one
Who later worships using sandal and flowers,
All his desires would be fulfilled, please know this,
Decoration of the main statue,
Gives me lot of joy, please know this.

With respect we have to offer Havis (cooked food) to the fire,
Or if it is the leveled place outside, it should be offered to the Sun,
It is necessary that before we start, all the necessary material
For worship should be collected earlier.
Even water offered to me with attention,
If given by a devotee is greatly liked by me
I shall be more pleased, if I am offered sandal,
Flowers, sacred rice, and eatables are offered.
Seat made of cloth, deer skin or grass,
Are good and holy and should be used,
You have to go with peace before God,
And do the ritual chanting with lips along with joy,
And then do the spiritual rituals,
And due the fivefold ritual of the cage to my statue,
And this has to be followed by ritual chants,
Keep in front of you, on the left a water pot,
And on the right side flowers and other materials,
And you have to collect all these with complete devotion.

The fruits and flowers for Arghya, water as Padhya,
Madhuparka,* water for inner cleansing, are,
The four vessels that should be kept before us.
Without any other thought in the mind,
You have to meditate on my crescent which is symbol of life,
Which shines like lightning, firmly.
* Mixture of curd, ghee, water, honey and sugar.

Then we should firmly believe that you are,
Completely spread all over my body, without any doubt,
And then bring in to the statue my crescent,
And meditate it as the form of God,
Afterwards, Arghya, Padhya and Madhu parka,
Should be offered, followed by,
Offering of bath and cloth and other decorations,
The amount of respect and hospitality that is offered to me,
I would be satisfied to that extent.

As per the instruction of Vedas, offer lighted camphor,
Incense, light and food offering in a detailed manner,
And If these are offered with sincerity and faith,
Know that I also accept them with sincerity,
And lad you remember me by chanting the root chant,
Or chant Purusha Sooktha with great devotion,
In the fire sacrifice done in the fire,
Lighted according to specification of sage Agasthya.

In the fire of Oupasana* offer rice cooked with butter and milk,
As the sacred offering and this way you do the fire sacrifice,
The knowing one during the fire sacrifice meditates,
Me as situated in the middle of the fire,
Which shines equal to the molten gold,
As one who is decorated by divine ornaments.
* The sacred fire maintained by the householder.

Then offer sacrifice to those devas who are present there,
And bring to an end the fire sacrifice,
Chant with devotion the manthra in silence,
Give betel leaf and other material which brings scent to the mouth,
And later in front of me offer dance, music, and chanting of prayers,
Fixing me in their mind, wear the prasada* which is given by me,
On the head and with great happiness pray,
"Please protect me from the horrible life of birth and death".
And after this offer salutation by falling on the ground,
Bring to an auspicious end the Kriya yoga,
And you have to do this daily, my friend.
* The offering made to God.

The man who is blessed with devotion, if,
He happily observes this Kriya Yoga daily,
On his death, he would merge with me,
And also when he is alive, he would get pleasures of the world.
If this Kriya Yoga which has been told by me,
Is daily read or heard along with devotion,
He would get the effect of daily worship."
Said the God who loves his devotees, at that time.

After telling like this in great detail,
To Lakshmana who is born with the power of Adhi Sesha,
That divine Narayana, who is filled with illusion,
Assumed the illusion and started feeling sad,
"Hey daughter of Janaka, Hey Sita, Hey pretty one,
Hey bewitcher of the world. Hey dear, Hey my darling,"
Like this he was wailing and
Sleep did not come to that god of gods at that time.
And Lakshmana using his nectar like words,
For some time consoled him to become peaceful.

4.9 Hanuman Sugreeva Samvadam
[Hanuman and Sugrreva Dialogue]

While they were living like this one day,
In Kishkinda town, Hanuman stood near,
And saluted Sugreeva, when they were alone and told,
" Please hear me king of monkeys, I am telling,
These words which are meant for your good.
The best among Raghu clan completed your job,
Earlier as he is a follower of truth and the best among men,
But after that I feel, you have not given
Any thought in your mind, it seems."

Bali was greatly strong, the best among monkeys,
One recognized by all three worlds,
The son of Devendra, died because of you,
Your wants have been fulfilled earlier,
You have been crowned and you,
Are staying here along with Thara, worshipped by all,
You have to think in your mind,
As to how many days you can prolong like this,
There is no doubt that death can come today.
Or tomorrow or any other day,
And the man who forgets gratitude,
Is equal to a dead body, even when he is alive.
On the top of the Mountain along with his brother,
The god of the land is living pathetically,
Waiting for you, as the time agreed to has come,
But you have not understood this,
Like a monkey attracted by your wife,
Drinking alcohol, you have forgotten everything,
And are living without understanding the march of day and night,
And you are feeling that everything is great.
Like your elder brother who was son of Devendra,
It is definite that you also would be killed.

Hearing the words of the son of Anjana,
Sugreeva who was greatly terrified,
Told this as an answer to him,
"Whatever you have told is the truth,
When one has a minister who tells like this,
The king will never get in to danger."

You please send messengers to all ten directions,
Along with my order, that the chiefs of monkeys,
In the seven islands should come here immediately,
Send ten thousand monkeys with,
This message from me immediately.

The monkey chiefs should come within fifteen days,
And if they come after the end of fifteen days,
There is no doubt that he would be killed,
When I tell the truth, it will never get changed."
Telling like this to Hanuman, Sugreeva,
Went inside his very pretty house.
As per the orders of his boss, the son,
Of wind God send the monkey soldiers,
To all the ten directions along with,
The orders communicated by the king.
They went with the speed of wind,
To summon the chief of the monkeys,
With great satisfaction, out of pay and respects to them,
Speedily for doing the work of the illusory man.

4.10 Sri Ramande Viraha Thapam
[Sri Rama's Separation Affliction]

Rama leading a life separated from his wife,
On the top of the Mountain was sorrowful,
And with great pain told Lakshmana,
"Poor one, alas, See mine oh lad,
Has the lady Sita died perhaps,
Or is she living with great pain in mind,
We do not know about the thing that we decided,
Suppose they tell me that she is,
Living with mental satisfaction,
He would become very dear to me,
And suppose they see she is living somewhere,
I will definitely go and bring her here."

If I see that thief who stole the lady Janaki,
Due to anger in my mind, I will kill him,
I would completely destroy his clan,
There is no doubt about this definitely,
When I would be able to see you, who is,
Sorrowful as, you are not able to see me, Oh darling,
Oh lady with a moon like face, because of parting with you,
Even the moon is burning me like the sun,
Oh moon, Along with your cooling rays, go there,
Slowly pat her, caress her and then,
Come here to caress me, after all does she,
Not belong to your clan.

Sugreeva appears to be greatly merciless,
For has he not forgotten me who is sad?
When he got the kingdom without enemies,
He is a lover who spends day and night,
With pretty ladies along with his desire for alcohol,
Oh Lakshmana, it is clear that he is ungrateful,
And in spite of his knowing that the spring has arrived,
He has not come as earlier promised, my friend,
It is definite that he leads the list of ungrateful people,
Because he has forgotten to search for Sita,
And locate her and tell me about it,
In spite of the help rendered by me earlier.

Remember that Sugreeva leads the bad people,
Who forget those people who love them,
I will kill that monkey chief along with,
Kishkinda and along with his relations,
There is no doubt that Sugreeva,
Has to go in the path of his elder brother.

Addressing Sri Rama who told like this,
The very angry son of Sumithra told,
"Speedily give me orders to kill and bid farewell,
To Sugreeva, who has to be killed",
So said the very wise son of Sumithra."

Taking bow, arrows, quiver and sword,
When his angry brother was about to go,
Sri Rama again told him,
"I have one thing more to tell you,
Sugreeva is not one to be killed, my friend,
But you come back, after definitely scaring him,
"Understand that you would soon,
Go to the city of death like Bali",
If you tell like this to him,
And hear what he has to say,
And come back very speedily,
And depending on that,
We would take decision,
As to what should be done.

4.11 Lakshmanande Purappadu
[Lakshmana's Starting]

As per the orders of his elder brother, the son of Sumithra,
Started walking towards the kingdom of Sugreeva,
And it appeared as if that Kishkinda would be burnt,
Along with the entire clan of monkeys,
And that personification of divine wisdom,
Who knows everything and who is drowned in divine joy,
Walked like an ignorant man who tries to destroy his sorrow,
For the purpose of world getting rid of bad ones and turn peaceful.

Due to the effect of penance done earlier by Dasaratha,
And for bringing his divine power to the world,
And for removing the sorrow that,
Occurred to Brahma and other devas and save them,
That divine among divines, that personification of joy,
The God who pervades in the universe, thinking,
About how ordinary people who desire due to illusion,
Who get their mind completely filled with ignorance
Would attain salvation, that real god Vishnu,
Ordered that the divine story, which,
Would destroy the illusion filling the world,
Should be made famous, where in,
Rama was born in the form of a human being,
And lived as detailed in Ramayana, which brings joy,
And that Man of joy who wanted that this good story,
Would be made famous all over the world,
Assumed in his mind, anger, attachment, passion, melody,
Sorrow and all for completing the actions of the world,
And did all those as per the needs of time and place,
It appears that, that man without any properties,
Is interested in properties like Satva habit,
That divine one is who is a witness, has a soul with divine joy,
One who is really powerful, one who is not clear, one who has no two,
One who is touched by desires, one without any relation,
One who is spread like sky, one who is endless, one who does not have any stain,
Some sages like Sanaka understand that one whose soul is everywhere.

It is told that, to the devotees who have a pure soul,
He will appear as true form and,
That giver of salvation, that one saluted by sages
And that honoured one is born as per the wish of the devotees.

Lakshmana reached the city of Kishkinda,
And made a small twang with his bow,
And the monkeys got scared on seeing him,
And due to fear they made a sound "Kila, Kila".
All the stones and trees flew above the walls,
And those who were holding it due to surprise,
Went to pee and pooh and started jumping here and there.

That son of Sumitra who had come ready,
To completely suppress the monkey herd,
Twanged his bow fiercely and pulled the thread,
And the group of monkeys were greatly perplexed,
And as soon as he knew that Lakshmana has come,
Immediately Angadha came running there.

After driving away those animals on tree branch,
Angadha went alone and saluted Lakshmana,
And Lakshmana with love hugged him and told,
"Please go lad, meet the brother of your father,
The job that you have done has erred greatly,
If you deceive one who fulfilled your wishes,
Then the wealth would get delayed,
My ferocious elder brother told me,
"I would kill Sugreeva in a second,
If In Sugreeva's mind there is desire,
To go I n the same path as his brother,
Then that would be realized"
Go and tell this to Sugreeva,
Hearing what was told, the son of Bali,
With great fear accumulating in his mind,
Went and saluted Sugreeva and told.

"A very angry Lakshmana has come and,
Standing near the city gate, outside the city,
Now leave out your monkey nature,
And go and salute him, otherwise,
Great danger would definitely come."
The fear stuck Sugreeva, hearing that told,
After great thought to Hanuman,
Who was his chief minister and Angada,
"You both go together and satisfy,
Lakshmana and bring here,
The peaceful Lakshmana."
After sending Hanuman,
The son of the sun God told Thara,
"Oh moon faced one, you have to go urgently,
Oh Thara, Oh pretty one, go near,
Lakshmana and reduce his anger,
Using intelligent and sweet words,
And after wards, quickly bring him here,
And showing me and also reduce his foul mood.

As soon she heard these words from son of Sun god,
She entered the intermediate chamber and stood there,
The son of Thara and Hanuman together,
Went and saluted the brother of Rama,
After enquiring about his welfare with devotion,
Hanuman told the son of Sumithra as follows.

"Why are you standing out side,
Please come inside the private chambers and see,
Wives of kings and splendour of the town,
And if you see Sugreeva and salute him
And talk to him with tenderness everything will be achieved soon."
Saying this holding Lakshmana's hands, slowly,
And slowly they walked in to the city,
Seeing the gem studded palaces of the nobles,
And after seeing the splendour of the town,
Happily they entered the intermediate chamber,
And there the lady who has a face like the moon,
Thara, beauty of the world, pretty one,
Was standing equal to goddess Lakshmi,
And she humbly saluted Lakshmana,
And with a pleasing smile told him,
"Did you not know that this is your home?

Suppose you get angry at the king of monkeys.
Who is your devotee as well as servant,
What refuge is there for him?
Please remember these groups are fickle by nature,
And this monkey hero for a very long time,
Was suffering only sorrow being pitiable.
And due to your grace, for the present time,
Since he is being protected, he is living,
Mixing it with pleasure and please do not make it negative,
Oh treasure of mercy, Oh Saviour of devotees.

He had sent ten thousand messengers to the ten directions,
To get Monkeys living in places in various directions,
And you can see the monkey nobles,
From all the directions have come and assembled here,
And so now there is definitely no problems,
All these monkey lords are sufficiently strong,
To control different clans of Rakshasas,
Having seen your servant Sugreeva along with,
His sons, wives and friends and,
Having saluted the lotus like feet of Rama,
Please understand that we would be able to do our work.
Though he heard the words of Thara,
Lakshmana also went and saw Sugreeva,
And he was ashamed and afraid,
Became emotional and was with a red eyes full of fear,
And seeing that monkey lord, Lakshmana with,
Anger asked the son of Sun God,
"How did you forget about the great one of Raghu clan?"

Remember that the arrow that killed son of Devendra
Is still in the possession of that gentleman,
And the Lord told, it looks like that,
Sugreeva also wants to go in the same path as his brother."
Hearing these words of the son of Sumithra,
As an answer the son of wind god told.

"What is the reason for telling like this,
The monkey chief is a great devotee of the great Purusha,
And when we think as much as the son of Sumithra,
And the god of monkeys will not break promises,
And he is awake to the needs of Rama.
Without any delay and he definitely has not forgotten,
And Sir did not see during the wonderful journey.
The valorous monkeys who have come speedily,
From different directions which are far away,
Our monkey chief, would without any trouble,
Achieve the work needed by Rama."

During the time when Lakshmana was standing with increasing shame,
Hearing the words of Maruthi Sugreeva offered,
Water to drink and wash and also offered worship,
To Lakshmana and saluted him by falling at his feet.

I am the slave of Rama and I have
Been protected by a little of Rama's mercy,
And I know that Rama within half a second,
Can win over all the three worlds,
And the service that we do to him,
Is only obeying his commands.
Hearing the words of son of Sun God,
Opening his heart told,
"Since you are very great, please pardon,
The bad words told by me when sad,
I told these out of great sorrow,
Because I like you a lot,
Without delay, let us go to the forest,
Because Sri Rama is there alone.