Janaki Panchakam

Janaki Panchakam
[Pentet on the daughter of Janaka]
By Animesh Kumar
Sanskrit Text Source: Stutimandal
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Here is a very rare prayer addressed to Sita, the consort of Lord Rama.]

Mathruke, sarva viswaika dhathreem kshamaam,
Thwam sudham, sheethalaam puthra puthrinutham,
Sneha vathsalya dharayutham, janakim,
Thaam, namam ishwareem matharam premadham. 1

Oh Mother, who is the goddess
Who is the loving mother,
Who cares for the entire world,
Who is patience personified,
Who is the nectar itself,
Who is very comforting,
Who is saluted by sons and daughters,
Who carries love and affection,
And who is the daughter of Janaka,
My salutations to you.

Noopuranandadham, kinkani mekhalam,
Shathakumbhangadham, hara rathnakaram,
Kundalaa bhooshanaam, mouli heerojjwalam,
Thaam, namam ishwareem matharam premadham. 2

Oh Mother, who is the goddess
Who is the loving mother,
Whose anklets grant happiness,
Who wears tinkling waist belts,
Who has necklace with hundreds of jewels,
Who wears chains made of precious jewels,
Who wears ear studs as ornament,
And who has a diamond studded crest,
My salutations to you.

Megha vrundalakam, manda hasa prabham,
Kanthi gehokshanee, swarna varnasrayam,
Raktha bimbhadaram srimukheem sundareem,
Thaam, namam ishwareem matharam premadham. 3

Oh Mother, who is the goddess
Who is the loving mother,
Who has cloud like tresses,
Who shines with her slow smile,
Whose eyes shine with light,
Who has the golden colour,
Who has blood red lips like bimba fruits,
Who has face like goddess Lakshmi,
And who is extremely pretty,
My salutations to you.

Padma maladaram, Padma pushparitham,
Padma varnambaram, Pani padmasrayam,
Padma peeta sthitham, Pada padmavrutham,
Thaam, namam ishwareem matharam premadham. 4

Oh Mother, who is the goddess
Who is the loving mother,
Who wears the lotus garland,
Who is adorned by lotus flowers,
Who wears dress of the colour of lotus,
Who holds a lotus flower in her hand,
Who sits on the lotus flower,
And whose feet is decorated by lotus flower,
My salutations to you.

Bhukthi mukthi pradham, pushti thusti pradham,
Jnana vidhyadhadhaam pushkalanandadham,
Shudhidham, budhidham, shakthidham, sidhidham,
Thaam, namam ishwareem matharam premadham. 5

Oh Mother, who is the goddess
Who is the loving mother,
Who grants wealth and also salvation,
Who grants health and happiness,
Who grants knowledge and skill,
Who grants great bliss of the ultimate,
Who grants cleanliness,
Who grants great wisdom,
Who grants great strength,
And who grants occult powers,
My salutations to you.

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