Subrahmanya Kavacham

Subrahmanya Kavacham
[Armour of Subrahamanya]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Meditative Prayer

Sindhoora aruna indu kanthi vadanam Keyura haradhipi,
Divyair abharanai vibhooshitha thanum swargadhi soukhya pradham,
Ambhoja bhaya shakthi kukkada dharam, rakthanga rakhojjwalam,
Subrahmanyam upasmahe, pranamatham bheethi pranosodhyatham.

I meditate on subrahmanya,
Who is of the red colour of saffron,
Who has shining face like the moon,
Who wears garlands and crown,
Whose body is decorated by divine ornaments,
Who can provide the happiness of heaven,
Who holds lotus flower, cock in his hands,
Who shows the symbol of protection by his hands,
Who shines in the red powder that he wears,
And who removes fear and blesses his devotees.

Subhramanyo agratha pathu,
Senani pathu prashtatha,
Guho mam dakshine pathu,
Vahnija pathu vamatha. 1

Let Subrahmanya protect my front side,
Let the commander protect my back side,
Let he who lives in caves protect my right,
And let him who was born from fire protect my left.

Shira pathu Maha sena,
Skandho rakshe lalatakam,
Nethre may dwadasksham cha,
Srothre rakshathu viswabruth. 2

Let he who has big army protect my head,
Let my forehead be protected by Skanda,
Let my eyes be protected by the twelve eyed one,
And let my ears be protected by he who looks after the world.

Mukham may Shanmukha pathu,
Nasikam Shankarathmaja,
Oshtou valli pathi pathu,
JIhwam pathu shadanana. 3

Let the God with six faces protect my face,
Let son of Lord Shiva protect my nose,
Let my lips be protected by the consort of Valli.
Let my toungue be protected by God with six faces.

Devasenathipathi dandhan,
Chubhukam bahulatmaja,
Kandam tharaka jitha pathu,
Bahu dwadasa bahu maan. 4

Let the chief of army of Gods protect my teeth,
Let my chin be protected by the child of fire,
Let my neck be protected by he who killed Tharaka,
And let my hands be protected by the twelve handed God.

Hasthou Shakthi dara pathu,
Vaksha pathu sharod bhava,
Hrudayam vahni bhoo pathu,
Kukshim pathwambika sutha. 5

Let he who holds Shakthi protect my hands,
Let he who was born in a bush protect my chest,
Let he who was born out of fire protect my heart,
And let my stomach be protected by Son of Ambika.

Nabhim shambhu sutha pathu,
Katim pathu harathmaja,
Ooru pathu gajaroodo,
Jahnu may Jahnavi sutha. 6

Let my belly be protected by son of Shiva,
Let my hips be protected by son of Hara,
Let my thighs be protected by he who rides the elephant,
And my calves be protected by son of Ganga.

Jangha Vishako may pathu,
Padhou may Shikhi vahana,
Sarvangani bhoothesa,
Saptha dhatumscha pavaki. 7

Let my knees be protected by Vishaka,
Let my feet be protected by he who rides the pea cock,
Let all my organs be protected by Lord of all beings,
And let the son of fire protect the seven minerals.

Sandhya kale niseedhinyam,
Diva prathar jale agneeshu,
Durgame cha maharanye,
Raja dware maha bhaye, 8

Thumale aranya madhye,
Cha Sarva dushta mrugadhishu,
Chorathi sadhwase abhedye,
Jwaradhi vyadhi peedane, 9

Dushta grahadhi bheethou cha,
Durnimirtharthi bheeshane,
Asthra sathra nipathe cha,
Pathu maam krouncharanthra kruth 10

During dawn,dusk and at night,
During day time, noon and early morning,
In deep forest difficult to enter,
In gate of palace and during great fear,
During war and in great forest,
Which has all the cruel wild animals,
From the fear of thieves, in difficult to enter places,
When we are attacked by very high fever,
From the fear of malefic planets,
From the fear of bad omens,
From the following of arrows and other arms,
Protect me, oh God who split the Krouncha Mountains.

Yah Subrahmanya Kavacham,
Ishta sidhi pradha padeth,
Thasya thapathrayam nasthi,
Sathyam sathyam vadamyaham, 11

He who reads this armour of Subrahmanya,
Which blesses with what all we wish to,
Would remove troubles of body, mind and soul,
And this is the truth, this is the truth.

Dharmarthee Labhadhe dharmam,
Artharthee Cha artha mapnuyath,
Kamarthee labhathe kamam,
Moksharthee moksham apnuyath. 12

He who wants dharma will get it,
He who wants wealth will get wealth,
He who wants love, will get love,
And he who wants salvation, will get salvation.

Yathra yathra japeth thathra,
Thathra sannihitho guha,
Pooja prathishta kale cha,
Japa kale paden nidham. 13

Wherever this is chanted,
Lord Subrahamanya would be present there,
And if read at times of worship and installation,
The good effect of such an action would increase.

Sarvabheeshta pradham thasya,
Maha pathaka nasanam,
Ya padeth srunu yath bhakthya,
Nithyam devasya sannidhou. 14

If this is heard or listened to with devotion,
In front of the God,
All wishes would be fulfilled,
And effect of very cruel actions destroyed.

Subrahmanya prasadena,
Hyapa mruthyur vinasyathi,
Ayur arogyam iswaryam,
Puthra pouthrabhi vardhanam,
Sarvan kamaan iha prapya,
Sondhe skanda puram vrueth. 15

By the grace of Lord Subrahamanya,
Bad deaths could be avoided,
Long life, health, wealth,
Sons, grand sons would increase,
And after getting all wishes fulfilled,
At the end he would go to the city of Skanda.

Ithi Kumara thanthre Kousiga prasne maha samihithayam,
Sri Subrahmnya kavcham samaptham

Thus ends the armour of Lord Subrahmanya,
Which occurs in The maha samihitha during questions of Koushika
And in Kumara Thanthra.

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