Adhyatma Ramayanam

6.15 Kumbakarnande Neethi Vakhyam
[Kumbhakarna's Just Words]

That king of men later saved Lakshmana,
The son of Sun God who was the king of monkeys and
Neela and other monkeys who were stuck by Ravana's arrows,
By use of divine medicine and,
Also told them about his principles.

The king of Rakshasa told his servants,
Remembering the events that have happened,
"My valour, strength and fame,
The good things and my virility,
Have all been lost and luck has reduced,
I am sure that bad time is coming to me.

Lord Brahma himself, King Anaranya,
Vedavathi, the great Nandikeswara,
Rambha and later Nalakhoobara,
Indra and the devas with him,
Many sages such as Agasthya,
Parvathi who is the consort of Shiva,
Many virtuous women with deep penance,
Who were observing strict virtue,
Have cursed me and I feel that,
They can all never become lies.

[Note: Brahma gave him a boon that he cannot be killed by any one except a man or a monkey. Anaranya was an ancestor of Rama who was killed by Ravana. He cursed and told that Rama will be born in his clan and kill him. Vedavathi was a lady who was doing penance to marry Vishnu. When Ravana caught her hand, she jumped in the fire and died. She cursed him that if he touches any lady without her permission his head will break in to pieces. She was reborn as Sita. Rambha was the lover of Nalakhoobara, the son of Kubhera. When he insulted Rambha they cursed him. He once called Nandikeswara as a monkey and he cursed him that his town will be destroyed by monkeys. He lifted Kailasa and made Parvathi afraid and she cursed him.]

Think about what we can do now,
To again reach victory, Hey,
Go and wake up Kumbhakarna,
Who is equal to god of death, without any delay.
We cannot wait for six months to wake him up,
As he has started sleeping only nine days ago,
Please somehow wake him up with love.

As send by the king of Rakshasas,
Each Rakshasa tried to wake him up,
By playing Aanaka, Dundhubhi and other musical instruments,
And making horse army, Elephant army and soldiers,
Rub, jump on and shout at the top of their voice,
And also created great din, what a surprise.

They poured thousand pots of water,
In Kumbhakarna's ears and they made,
Big elephants pull his nasal hairs,
And made elephants shout,
But that Indra's enemy did not have,
Any botheration but suddenly,
He woke up with a yawn,
And those Rakshasas ran scarred.

They offered thousand pots of Alcoholic drinks,
Thousand pots of blood, hill like cooked rice,
And seeing them becoming happy he got up,
Then he ate meat and other food items,
And became happy, washed his mouth by gargling,
And the servants came before him and saluted him.

When he was informed of all news,
The brother of Ravana heard the reason and told,
"And so I would kill all the enemies.
And come back after solving the sorrows,"
And when he started Mahodara,
Slowly saluted him and told at that time,
"Please see your elder brother, salute him,
And without getting tired, take leave from him."

Hearing what Mahodara told him,
He went and saluted Ravana,
Who embraced him tightly and,
Made his brother sit near him and told,
"Please remember these matters,
And hear the things that happened,
When the cut the nose and breasts,
Of our sister, I went and stole,
Janaki when Rama and Lakshmana,
Were not there and kept her in the hermitage

He built a bridge on the ocean,
And came for war along with a monkey army,
And killed several people including Prahastha,
And without any effort he also cut me,
And sent me killed without killing and because of that,
I became greatly worried and made others to wake you up,
And you please save me by,
Killing all those men and monkeys."

Hearing that Kumbhakarna told,
"Good, very good, only good is good, hear,
He who does not know good and bad,
If he obeys the advice of those,
Who know what is good, then it is good,
For others would good ever happen?
Please give back Sita to Rama
Said our brother to you and that made
You very angry, It is good that you drove him out,
Think of good, you will know,
He got from all places that which is good,
And all his future would be good,
And that is not a crime."

No body can bring good to you,
Worries would come when danger is coming,
Due to time, place and due to principles,
The time of enemies and their valour differs.
If there is a minister who studies,
Enemies and friends and the mediators,
And the changes in wealth and virility,
The four tricks and the six methods,
And then guess as to what is likely to come,
And advices his boss for his good,
Then the boss would get a pleasant life,
And his fame would greatly increase.

Forsaking this type of dharma of a minister,
Telling the king what he likes to hear,
So that what is told gives him happiness in ear,
And acting day by day as if he has great self respect,
And daily see to it that destruction comes to the king,
Are the foolish ministers and to those
Who say that poison is better than them,
Would get the poison of worry and nothing else.

If you obey the advice of foolish ministers,
The country, our life and our clan would be destroyed,
Animals hearing a different sounds, get attracted,
And go there and die because of their problems,
Similarly the butterflies get attracted by fire,
Silently go and fall in the fire and die,
And fishes get attracted by the food offered,
Go get suffering because they catch the hook,
And so if we have too much desire, it leads to danger,
And sometimes it would not be possible to avoid these.

Oh king of Rakshasas, I came to know,
About your growing desire to Sita,
Which is leading to complete destruction,
Of our clan as well as our country,
He who is a slave to his senses,
Will never have a day without any danger,
And to one who can rule over his senses,
No danger will come at any time.

Though we know that a particular thing is not good,
Our desire or interest some times travels to that,
By the interest that we inherited from previous births,
Whatever we try out, we would be in its grip only,
But is there any one who makes his mind detached,
From it by the scientific advice and wisdom, please try to find out?
In our previous discussion did I not,
Tell you the future result of what we are thinking now?
And that has now come in to reality,
And God's will can be stopped by no one.

Rama is not a man but Lord Vishnu,
Who is all worlds and is divine,
Sita is the goddess Yoga Maya,
Please understand this in your mind,
Had I not told this to you earlier,
Oh king, Why did I tell you like that?
One day, in a very big pleasant forest,
In the hermitage of sages Nara and Narayana,
With happiness I saw sage Narada and saluted him

"From which direction have you come.
Please tell me with love, great sage,
And what are the news in the universe,
Please tell me in a plain manner" I asked,
And he told me all the news in detail.

The devas and several sages,
Greatly troubled by Ravana,
Served and told their sorrow,
To Lord Vishnu who is the god of gods,
"Ravana who is the bad one of the three worlds,
Is the son of Poulasthya and is a bad one and also cruel,
And he keeps on troubling all of us,
So that we are not in a position to live anywhere."

Clearly Lord Brahma has earlier told,
That his death will not come by any one other than man,
And so Sir, please take birth as man,
And protect truth and Dharma.
When they told him like this, That Lord Vishnu,
With a mind mixed with mercy told them.

"In this earth I would be born as a son,
To Dasaratha of Ayodhya quickly,
And kill the chief of the Rakshasa clan,
And solve all problems of the three worlds,
And along with his Sakthi, that,
Truth loving God, has come as Rama,
And he would now kill all of you,
And auspiciousness will come to the world,"
Saying that the sage disappeared,
Remember this well in your mind,
Rama is the divine Brahman, the primeval one,
The pretty one who is black like blue lotus flower.

Pray Rama, who has only taken up that form of illusion,
By your body and mind, for Rama would be pleased with devotion,
Devotion is the mother of ultimate wisdom,
Devotion is always the one granting salvation,
To those who do not have devotion, all acts are useless,
Though there are innumerable incarnations,
To the lotus eyed Vishnu, I will tell you,
The opinion of the wise which will,
Help you to throw all doubts far, far away.

No other incarnation is equal to Rama,
For just by chanting his name you would get salvation,
The divine Shiva who is the form of wisdom,
Is the one who has taken the human form of Rama,
And he is the one who tells that he is the divine Brahma,.
You please sing the names of Rama,
And cross the ocean of domestic full of misery,
And attain the lotus feet of Rama,
And permanently get rid of sorrow.

The philosophers permanently keep,
Rama in their mind and daily meditate on him,
Tell his story, Chant his names,
See and see the souls of all beings,
Become one with Lord Vishnu,
And easily merge in to the stable joy.
Please throw away these longings of illusion,
And start singing about that idol of joy.

6.16 Kumbhakarna Vadham
[Kumbha Karna's Killing]

Hearing what his brother told,
The ten headed one with very great anger told,
"I did not wake you up to preach wisdom to me,
You immediately go and pleasantly serve your sleep,
I came to know today that you are intelligent,
And from now on I will hear Vedas and Sastras from you,
When my sorrows go away, I would lead a pleasant life,
If yes, immediately go for the war,
And come back after killing Rama and others.

Hearing the words of his elder brother this way,
That Fierce Kumbhakarna started walking,
Leaving out his worries, thinking that,
If Rama kills him in war, he would get salvation,
After crossing the gate like a very tall,
Mountain king, shouting and with great speed,
Carrying his steel trident weighing thousand stones,
When he entered the monkey army,
All the monkey warriors started running away.

Worried at seeing the coming of Kumbhakarna,
With great fear, Rama asked Vibheeshana,
"Who is this very powerful Rakshasa,
Surprisingly he is as tall as the sky",
And as an answer to that Vibeeshana told as answer,
"He is the brother of Ravana and my elder brother,
He is very strong and very wise,
Killer of devas, liable to sleep,
And no one can win over him."
Then he told all his stories,

And of his own accord he fell at the feet of Kumbhakarna,
"Brother, I am Vibheeshana and I am your devotee,
Please bless me with love,
I told with respect to Ravana to give back Sita,
As much as I can and seeing that with a knife in hand,
He was coming near to kill me,
I became scared and with four ministers,
I came here and sought the protection of the consort of Sita.

Hearing these words of Vibheeshana,
With a very happy frame, he hugged him,
And then he patted him on his back and said,
"You are auspicious and nothing else,
Let you live in this world for many years,
Go on serving the lotus feet of Rama,
You who is pure, greatest devotee,
Darling of Lord Vishnu are sure,
To be able to protect our clan,
That is what sage Narada told me,
This world is filled with illusion,.
Go near the lotus feet of Rama.

Hearing that saluting him, with great sorrow,
Shedding lot of tears he retired back,
And reached near Rama and when he was standing thoughtful,
Kumbhakarna with great anger started killing,
The monkeys with his hand and leg,
Getting scared and not able to come near,
The monkeys started running to all sides,
And like an elephant king in rut within half a second,
He killed hundred thousand monkeys.

The king of monkeys seeing that took a Mountain,
And threw it with his hand and this was stooped near the chest,
And Kumbakarna hit Sugreeva with his trident,
And he fell fear stuck and swooned,
Then that Rakshasa carried him,
With great joy and started walking.

When the Rakshasa chief returned,
Winning in the war and taking Sugreeva with him,
The ladies becoming extremely happy,
And with increasing joy, threw at him,
Garlands dipped in rose water and sandal paste,
So that his tiredness will greatly decrease,
And when this fell on the king of monkeys,
He got up from his faint and with great anger,
Using his nose, ears and nails cut off his ties,
And rose up and travelled in the sky very fast.

Getting angry and having lost his face,
And with inner fear and being anointed with blood,
When he was seen coming again, Lakshmana,
Neared him with great preparation,
And went on raining arrows like,
Throwing them on a huge Mountain,
He in turn was swallowing hundred thousand monkeys,
At a time many of them were,
Coming out of his nose and ears but,
Then he continued swallowing them.
That Rakshasa after deep thought,
Disregarding Lakshmana, speedily,
Neared Lord Rama and seeing that,
Rama with great speed sent several arrows,
And cut off his right hand and trident,
Immediately those parts fell on the battle field,
And several monkeys and Rakshasas,
Died due to those falling on them.

Taking a huge tree in his left hand,
That Rakshasa came very near Rama,
He sent Indrasthra and cut it and by,
Falling of which many enemies of Indra died,
And then with great anger that lord of Rakshasas,
Came very near at that time,
Then using two crescent shaped arrows,
He cut off his very tall legs.

For swallowing opening his mouth very wide,
That Lord of Rakshasas again approached him,
Rama filled his mouth with arrows,
And by sending an arrow cut off his head,
And Indra at that time became happy,
And the head went and fell at the gate of the town,
And the body fell on the earth.

6.17 Narada Sthuti
[Narada's Prayer]

Sidhas, Gandharvas, Vidhyadharas, Guhyakas,
Yakshas, Snakes and the group of Apasaras,
Kinnaras, Charnas, Kimpurushas, Pannagas,
Sages and the groups of devas,
Showered flowers and praised.
That divine man, the best among men, who does not have a second.
The great sage among devas Narada at that time,
To do service to him came there with love,
And he started praising Rama who was the son of Dasaratha,
Who is black like a water lily, who is pretty, who holds bow and arrow,
Who resembles the full moon, who is the cream of mercy,
Who is the full sea, Mukunda and always peaceful,
Who is Rama the bewitcher of the world and who is the Rama of the souls,
With great sense of joy.

Salutations to consort of Sita, Rama, king of kings, Raghava,
Sridhara, Sri Nidhi, Sri Purushothama,
Sri Rama, god of devas, lord of the universe,
Narayana and one who does not have any support.

Oh witness of the world, Oh divine soul, Oh primeval one,
Oh Lord of universe, Oh divine Brahman, Oh God,
Daily experiencing pleasure and pain,
Taking the form of a man using illusion,
Being pure philosopher and the form of wisdom,
Form of truth, king of all worlds,
The soul who is within all beings,
The one who likes truthful character,
Permanently being calm having clear and unclear forms,
One having no stains, one having no form,
One having no properties, one who is the meaning of Vedas,
One who is the divine soul, one who is peace and desire less,
One who by his sight does destruction and protection,
In several incarnations, one who punishes,
And also protects dharma and takes daily,
The form of man nature and time,
Oh Divine soul who loves his devotees salutations.

To that soul who is seen by great sages,
Always in their mind with disappointment,
To that great form, my salutations.
Oh God with divine form, oh lord, daily salutations.
Oh God who does not have emotions,
Who has the form of pure wisdom,
And who is the basis of all worlds.
And who is the first, salutations and salutations.
Except by your grace and by no other means,
Your understanding will come to people,
And I have got a chance to see your lotus like feet,
And serve it through your grace.
Oh divine person, Oh Lord, Oh Lord of the universe,
Let the greatness of your mercy live within me always.
Poverty, passion hatred, competition, anger,
Avarice, attachment are our enemies,
In the travel towards the way of salvation,
And I do not have strength to that travel due to your illusion.

Please shower your blessings on me,
To drink the nectar of your stories,
Always think about you in mind,
Do your worship, sing your names,
And travel all over the universe,
Singing your stories and thus become pure,
Oh King of kings, Oh lord of the Raghu clan,
Oh lotus eyed one, Oh Rama, Oh consort of Lakshmi.

Today half the load of the earth is gone, because,
Of your killing Kumbhakarna today,
Tomorrow Lakshmana who is the king of snakes,
Would kill Megha Nadha in war,
And on next day you would kill the ten necked one,
And would save all the three worlds,
I am now going to the world of Brahma,
Oh Valorous man, Victory, victory to you"
Saying this, praying and saluting him,
That Narada who was a great devotee,
Took permission from Rama,
Quickly went and disappeared at that time.

6.18 Athikaya Vadham
[Athikaya's Killing]

Ravana heard the news of Khumbakarna's death,
As if he would go mad and fell swooned on earth,
Within a short time he was all right again,
And he started crying telling various things,
That very sad ten faced one was saluted by,
Trisirass, the very big valorous Athikaya,
Devanthaka, Naranthaka, Mahodhara,
Mahaparswa, Matha and Unmatha together,
And they were very strong valorous Rakshasas,
And they all wanted to go to war,
And told the very bad Ravana as follows.

What is the reason for this sorrow,
We can go and kill all the enemies,
If you sent us for war now,
And then there would not be any fear from enemies.

"If it is so, you go and fight the war,
And remove my sorrow," said the ten faced one,
"There is an army which extends beyond sight,
You can take that and kill every one,
The ten headed one gave them weapons
Vehicles and ornaments to a large extent
In the middle of the army spreading like water,
Those eight great warriors started for war,
And as soon as they saw them the monkey army started the attack."

The army which is beyond numbers,
Spread like a sea was sent to,
The house of god of death,
As soon as it was seen, what a surprise?
The Rakshasas seeing the valorous ones,
Armed with stones, Mountains trees,
Started killing those monkey heroes,
By spraying them with arrows within a minute.

The elephants, horses, chariots and army in bare foot,
And very fearful Rakshasa warriors,
Died in large numbers and the rivers of blood,
Were seen in many places,
Endless bodies without heads,
Started dancing in that place.
Seeing that many Rakshasas have died,
With very great anger Naranthaka came near.

Riding on a horse and armed with a spear,
When he speedily came near like the God of death,
Angadha hit him with his fist, wounded and killed him.
Devanthaka armed with an iron pestle,
Neared the grandson of Devendra and so did,
The valorous Mahodhara riding on an elephant,
And Trisiras riding on a chariot,
And Angadha fought with all the three,
And the devas praised Angadha at that time.

Hanuman and Neela who were seeing this,
Ran and came and helped him at that time.
Hanuman killed Devanthaka,
The valorous Neela killed Mahodhara,
And Hanuman beheaded all the,
Heads of Trisiras and killed him.
Maha Parswa came at that time to fight,
And the powerful Vrushabha killed him,
Matha and Unmatha also died,
Fighting with these monkey chiefs.

The universal hero Athikaya at that time,
Riding on a chariot drawn by one thousand horses,
Which was full of weapons, and wearing a bow,
With expertise in arrows and with great pride,
Made a small twang signaling readiness for war,
And when the son of king of Rakshasas came near,
Unable to stand because of fear all the monkeys,
Lifted their tails and started running.

Lakshmana went and fought with,
Athikaya who was greatly clever.
When all the arrows of Lakshmana reached there,
They turned back and fell down,
Becoming thoughtful and not knowing what to do,
When Lakshmana was standing like a blind man,
The wind God took the form of a man,
And told the great Lakshmana as follows.

Long ago Lord Brahma has given him a chain mail shirt,
And because of that no weapon will strike him,
To protect Dharma today, you,
Send a Brahmasthra and kill him.
Later you would kill Indrajith,
And that great Ravana would be,
Killed by Rama and he would protect the world,
Saying this that wind god disappeared.

Lakshmana then fixed the name his brother in his mind,
And sent the Brahmastra and that immediately,
Cut off Athikaya's neck and his head,
Fell on the ground at that time,
And with great joy all the monkeys took it,
And placed it before Rama and saluted him,
Fear stuck the remaining Rakshasas,
Went and told the facts to Ravana, who cried,
Oh, this is fate, shouted he.

6.19 Indrajithinde Vijayam
[Indrajit's Victory]

Sons, younger brothers, nephews,
Very bold army commanders,
Ministers, all of them who were
Dear to me have died, Oh Shiva, Oh God,
Why should now good things happen?
When he was wailing like this,
Indrajit went and saluted his father.

You should not have any sorrow in your mind,
As long as I am alive,
I would kill all the enemies and come,
And so please relax here without any worries
And also bless me to win the war".
Hearing that Ravana hugged his son,
Please go and return with victory.
The great son again saluted his father,
And along with his army started marching.

With an intention of pleasing Lord Shiva,
Indrajit entered the place called Nikumbila,
After collecting the materials for fire sacrifice,
He started the offering in fire at that time,
Wearing a red flower colour cloth garland and
Also applying sandal paste in his body,
With devotion he raised the fire,
With an intention of increasing his power.
That son of the king of Rakshasas,
Chanting clear chants with correct colour and intonation,
And after completing the proper Karmas,
Speedily by the grace of fire god,
He got weapons arrows, bows and chariots,
And also getting the technique of disappearing,
Without any worry completed the fire offering,
And started for a war with Rama and others.

When he entered the battle field, the monkeys,
Fighting with Rakshasas and were shouting and stopping them,
Megha Nadha started sending the arrows,
Like a torrential rain at all of them,
With stone, trees and Mountains,
Those very terrible monkeys,
Started very badly beating him.
The elephant, horses, marching as well the chariot soldiers,
Were sent to the place of God of death,
And seeing that their ends were nearing that son of Ravana,
With sorrow disappeared from there,
And went on sending the collection of Brahmastra at them.
The trees started burning and falling down,
And monkeys also started falling,
And on the bodies of the great monkeys,
Fifty, hundred, two hundred and five hundred
Arrows fell splitting their bodies again and again,
With shivering and fear they fainted and started falling.

Vividha got shot by fifty arrows,
Nine on Mainda, five on Gaja,
Ninty arrows hit Nala,
And same number on Gandhamadhana,
Eighteen arrows struck Neela, forty arrows,
Hit the body of Jambhavan,
Six hit Panasa, seven on Vinatha,
Twelve on Sushena, eight on Kumuda,
Thirty on Vrushabha, fifty six on Kesari,
Ten on Sathabali, nine on Dhoomra,
Eighteen on Pramadhi, thirty five strong,
Arrows on Vega Darsi, Forty on Dadhimukha,
Forty two on Gavaksha, three on Gavaya,
Five on Sarabha, seven on Sumukha,
Twenty four arrows hit Durmukha,
As a gift sixty five on Thara,
Sixty arrows hit Jyothirmukha,
And with sorrow another fifty on Agnivadana,
Seventy five on Angadha and hundred arrows on Sugreeva.

Like this the sixty seven crores of,
Monkey chiefs fell dead on earth,
And so did twenty seven vellam* of monkeys,
After Sugreeva the son of Sun God fell,
When The devas told among themselves,
Now nothing more can be done
And were standing greatly worried,
With vengeance Megha Nada, the great warrior
Sent an arrow and made Rama fall down,
And the world was drowned in sorrow and became immobile,
And for the victory of the Lord of Rakshasas,
The enemy of Indra blew his conch,
And went inside city of Lanka and stayed there,
And the deva society were drowned in great sorrow.
*A huge number

6.20 Oushadha Harana Yathra
[Journey to Fetch Medicine]

Vibheeshana the son of Kaikasi,
The very wise man and a great devotee,
Thinking that he would avoid danger in future,
Stayed away from the battle field.
With a light of a burning stick,
He was searching for those who were alive,
Among those who were lying there,
And travelled to various parts.
At that time the very powerful Hanuman,
Thinking that he has to search and find out,
Who is available to help him,
Was searching for the live persons,
Among the monkeys who were lying there,
Was walking alone a nd then,
He Saw Vibheeshana the devotee of Rama.

Recognizing each other and becoming sad,
Those pure people walked further.
Jambhavan the son of him who was born out of a lotus,
Due to the blessing of his father, waked up from the swoon.
And when he was not able to open his eyes,
Vibheeshana approached him and asked,
"Oh monkey, are you alive, if so,
Are you able to recognize me?"

"I am not able to open my eyes due to blood,
Hearing your voice I have a feeling,
That you are Vibheeshana, the king of Rakshasas,
Please tell me the real truth."
"True, I am Vibheeshana, myself,
That is the truth", Hearing that he again told,
"You are having consciousness,
It is necessary to do a great search,
To find out if our Hanuman is alive,
Among all the monkeys, who have died,
Hit by the arrows of Meghanadha".
Then Vibheeshana asked, Why,
This special affection to the son of wind God,
Especially when Rama, Lakshmana, Sugreeva and Angadha,
Are there? Why did you ask about Hanuman?
Why are you worried about him more?"

"Then please hear, If Hanuman is there,
There is no sorrow for anyone else, please know,
If the son of wind God has died,
Then no one is there and all are equal to dead."
Hearing these words of son of Brahma,
Hanuman respected him well,
"I am here. I am not dead" saying this,
With joy he fell at the feet of Jambhavan.

Jambhavan hugged Hanuman tightly,
Smelled his head and then told,
"There is nobody except you who can
Bring back to life all the monkeys,
As well as both the Raghavas,.
You have to go even beyond Himalayas,
More distance till the Kailasa Mountain,
Before Kailasa on the Vrushabhadri Mountain,
Please know that the divine medicines exist."

There are four divine medicines, Please hear,
The name of all the four of those,
First is the Visalyakarani, second,
Is the Santhanakarani, third one,
Is the Suvarna Karani and the fourth.
I will tell my friend, is the Mrutha Sanjeevani,
You will find two peaks standing out,
And these medicines are standing in between them."

All these medicines have the shine of the sun,
Understand that they are a form of Vedas,
Crossing the sea, forests, Mountains,
Pretty rivers, countries,
Come near here along with the medicine,
Oh son of wind God, without any delay."
Hearing these words of the son of Brahma,
Saluting with devotion, Hanuman climbed the Mahendra Mountain.

Hanuman grew as tall as Meru Mountain,
Crossed the sea, many great Mountains,
And without any doubt shouted in such a way,
That Lanka as well as the Rakshasas there,
Started shivering, and with a speed of wind,
He jumped and went up the sky,
And he who went crossed Himalayas,
Crossed place of Brahma, Mountain of Shiva,
Crossed the Dara river, Alakapuri the place of Kubhera,
And saw The Meru Mountain as well as Rishabhadri,
And he saw them with great wonder.

6.21 Kala Nemiyude Purappadu
[Kala Nemi's Departure]

The great Spies of Ravana when they,
Came to know that Hanuman has gone,
For the medicines, without any one knowing,
Went and told about it to the king of Rakshasas.
Hearing the words of the spies, Ravana,
For some time thought about it,
And after some time being thoughtful,
Started from his inner house at night,
Without any one accompanying him,
Reached the house of Kalanemi (his uncle),
And seeing him Kalanemi was greatly surprised,
With great joy and fear saluted him,
Hospitably treated him and asked,
"What is the reason for coming here,
Before sun rise and that too,
Without any one accompanying you?

Ravana who was affected by sorrow addressing Kalanemi told,
"What shall I tell about present times?
I came to tell everything to you.
Due to being hit by my Shakthi,
The powerful Lakshmana fell on the floor,
And later my son using the Brahmasthra,
Killed all the monkeys as well as the kings,
And left them to die in the battlefield,
He also arranged to play the victory Drum."

To bring them back to life the son,
Of Wind God has gone for a medicine.
You have to go and create any obstacle for that,
And I will also tell you a trick,
You go in the middle of his way as a sage,
And tell him about how we can destroy sins,
And by attracting him like that,
Somehow create a delay for him."

Hearing these base words, Kalanemi,
Told Ravana as follows,
"Expert in Sama Veda, Know all, king of Lanka,
Please hear my words which are peaceful,
Definitely I do not have any hesitation,
To die for you at this time.
I do not have any doubts,
About dying like Maricha".

After the death of your children, brothers, nephews,
Good son of sons, servants by your living,
Except sorrow, what is the use?
Having this country what is the further use?
What is the use by your Sita?
Alas, what is the use with this your,
Useless body, Please think about it?

You go and return Sita to Rama,
And give your kingdom to your brother,
And become a sage and live in the forest,
And daily with extreme purity of mind,
Get up very early in the dawn,
And see the sun rise with great devotion,
Then complete the worship of dawn,
Sit comfortably in a lonely place, become contented,
Leave out attachments to everything,
Bring to control all the five sense organs,
See in your mind the soul of souls,

The cause for creation, upkeep and destruction,
Of the tree of the universes,
Is the illusion which also gives rise,
To bodies of copper, white and black colour.
Passion and anger are her sons,
Attachment and cruelty are her daughters,
She would attract the soul, through her properties,
And make it in to hers.

Dedicating the role of doer and consumer,
Daily to the soul which is itself God,
And making him, her own she,
Constantly plays with him,
The pure, divine, single soul,
Is seen externally united with her,
And due to her characteristic,
We tend to forget our own soul.

If he were taught by a Guru (teacher)
Who himself is the pure form of wisdom,
He would get rid of the attachments by sense organs,
And would be able to see clearly always see the soul,
And he would get all that he wants,
And seeing the natural characteristics,
He would get salvation by being detached with the body,
You also think always of your soul,
Get freedom from the clutches of illusion,
And understand that soul is different from nature,
And live without desires, winning over passion,
And always live in deep meditation,
And then remember you will always be joyful.

Suppose you are not able to meditate,
Drench the mind with devotion,
Daily depend on the God with a form,
With a greatly pure mind always,
Keep in the lotus of your mind, on a golden platform,
Which is decorated by gems and which is pure,
Which is polished, soft along with Sita,
Served by Lakshmana, Rama holding a bow and arrow,
Sitting like a valorous hero, with broad eyes,
Wearing an yellow silk resembling lightning,
Wearing garland, crown, armlets, rings,
Gem studded ear studs, anklets,
Pretty bangles, golden belts, Kousthubha gem,
Wearing Lotus garland and forest garland,
With Sri Vathsa on his chest, The blessing to Lakshmi,
Vasudeva, Mukunda, Janardhana,
Who is the divine god living in the heart of all,
Who is the divine god of all, who is saluted by truth,
Who likes those who surrender to him,
With great devotion to the divine soul and if you meditate,
You would get salvation definitely.

If you spend all your time,
By reading or hearing his story,
And always chanting "Rama, Rama",
How can new re births take place,
And definitely the stain in you,
Which has been accumulated,
Would be completely destroyed.

Ending your enmity, along with devotion,
You please sing about that God Rama,
He is god who is complete, single,
And who is always there and keep that divine form
Of that Purusha In your heart
The one who does not have a form or name,
And who is ancient and peaceful and is the God Rama.

After hearing the nectar like words,
That were spoken by Kalanemi,
The king of Rakshasas became red eyed with anger,
And took his sword to cut Kalanemi's neck and told,
"Now all other things are only after,
Cutting you, the rest can be thought of later",
And then the Rakshasa Kalanemi,
Thought of all the fundamentals and told.

"Ok Rakshasa king, Oh bad soul, this is sufficient,
What is the benefit of this angry form of yours?
I would obey your orders,
Please understand it is for my good,
Without any hesitation, I am prepared,
To deceive the person of the form of truth."

After saying this, very near the Himalaya Mountains,
He went and sat in the garb of a sage,
A hermitage was seen there due to illusion,
Where he was being served by many sages,
As well as disciples, people and servants,
Seeing the hermitage of saint there, the son of wind god,
Stood there thoughtfully, "What is the basis,
Of this hermitage here? I have not seen this earlier,
Has a some blockade come in my way,
I think this is only an imagination of my mind?
I will some how see the saint quench my thirst,
By some drinks. and I will see the great medicine,
Which is on the very high Mountain called,
Dronachalam by the blessing of the great Rama."

After deciding like this he entered without any difficulty,
One yojana long very big hermitage of illusion,
Which had a forest of Plantain, jack fruit. Dates,
Coconut and mango which was complete,
With a lake of plenty of fresh water,
And there the Rakshasa Kalanemi.
Was performing the Indra yaga, as the chief performer,
For getting the blessings of Lord Shiva,
And seeing him living there doing the worship of Shiva with devotion,
Hanuman saluted that sage who was a chief Rakshasa,
And that son of wind God told him like this.

"I am the emissary of Rama, my name,
Is Hanuman, I am son of wind God and Anjana,
I am going to the ocean of milk, for the work,
Of Rama with joy, oh great sage,
I came here to protect my body,
I am terribly thirsty and I want,
Some water to drink, please tell me,
Where is it available as I do not,
Want to wait at any place."

That Rakshasa hearing what Hanuman told,
In a tone which was mixed with great mercy,
"Please drink as much water you want from my water pot,
And after eating sweet ripe fruits,
Throw away your sorrow and sleep for some time,
And do not have any worries from now on,
I would be able to see by my divine sight,
Your past present and also the future,
And since it is very clear I will tell you,
Since the monkeys and Lakshmana are,
Under the supervision of the great human hero,
They have all awoken from the trance,
And are standing together for sacrifice."

Hearing that, the great monkey told,
"You appear to be most merciful one,
My thirst is of very great intensity,
And so the water in your water pot is,
Not sufficient for my need."

When the son of wind God told this,
He sent a Brahmin boy made created by illusion,
And told him to show the lake of water,
And then Kalanemi told Hanuman,
"Close your eyes and drink the water,
And then reach me back quickly,
And then I would teach you a chant,
Which would make it easy for finding out the divine medicine."

Hearing that with belief, Hanuman,
Went along with the Brahmin boy who was sent,
Closing his eyes, and when he reached the bank of the lake,
And when he was about to drink the water,
One very big she crocodile came,
And when it was trying to swallow the big monkey,
The great monkey opened his eyes and saw.

Seeing that she crocodile with an open mouth,
That monkey with his hands spilt her holding to her mouth,
And she went up leaving her body,
And that body also appeared like lightning, wonder of wonders,
And he saw her in a sacred aero plane,
As a lady with divine form,
And as an Apsara maiden who was extremely pretty,
And she told the son of wind God at that time.

Due to your having mercy, Today,
I got freedom from my curse, Oh monkey chief,
I was an Apasara maiden earlier and due to,
The curse of a sage I became a Rakshasi,
My name is Dhanyamala, Oh great one,
Gentle person, you have to understand one thing more,
The sage that that you saw in the holy hermitage,
Is a Rakshasa called Kalanemi who is a bad one.
He has come here as per the wishes of Ravana,
To create roadblocks on your way,
That one who troubles sages, devas and Brahmins,
Has put on the garb of a sage.
Speedily kill that one throw him away,
Reach the drona Mountain with great joy,
And take away the divine medicines,
And completely destroy the Rakshasa clan,
I am now going to the land of Brahma,
Oh monkey warrior good luck and health to you.

After she went away, Hanuman,
Went to Kalanemi the magician,
And that Rakshasa told him,
"Why this delay in coming back?
Do not waste more time and come to me,
I would now teach you the root chant,
And then you salute me and give my fees,
And then you would become an expert."
Immediately that monkey chief moved his,
Strong fist speedily towards the head of Rakshasa chief,
And beat him once with that, and he,
Went and reached the place of God of death.

6.22 Divya Oushadha Phalam
[Divine Medicine Effect]

After saluting the ocean of milk and the Drona Mountain,
Hanuman also saluted Vrushabadri, the home of medicines,
But he could not see any medicine there,
Becoming angry because he was not able to see,
He uprooted the Mountain, holding it like the moon,
With love he placed it before Rama,
And put an end to the problem of the army.

Sri Rama became very happy,
And Lord Shiva was also happy Because of that,
And when the wind of the medicine touched them,
Every one got up because the ill was lifted off,
"Without any doubt This Mountain has to be,
Placed wherever it was otherwise,
How can we kill the Rakshasas."
As soon as it was told by him,
Hanuman took the Mountain and rose up,
And within half a minute he came back.
Because as per the orders of the Rakshasa king,
The corpses of the dear Rakshasa soldiers,
Were daily put in the sea, none of them came alive.

6.23 Megha Nadha Vadham
[Megha Nadha Killing]

The Raghavas and the great monkey warriors,
Left off their sorrow and started becoming normal,
Sugreeva and Angadha told the monkey chiefs,
"No monkey now should be outside the city,
All cross in, break its walls, keep fire in all houses,
Go on cutting all trees one by one,
Fill up the wells and lakes, level up,
The moats and towers and gates,
Almost all the Rakshasas have been subdued,
And if there are courageous one left among them,
Being baked in fire they will come out,
Send them immediately to the land of God of death."

Hearing that, along with burning wooden sticks,
They entered and started setting fire to one by one,
The homes towers, mansions, simple dwellings,
And Black lead, gold, silver and copper,
Armories, ornaments, places where fire sacrifice is conducted,
Bath rooms, groups of elephants and horses,
Chariots started burning and becoming ash.

The Rakshasa ladies being burnt and started running,
And with increasing pain died one after other,
And Sri Rama belonging to the clan of the sun god,
Rained sharp and pointed arrows at them,
And told that the victory of the enemy of Indra,
Was really surprising and unexpected,
And the sound of the shouting of the Rakshasas,
The sound of the cry of the Rakshasa ladies,
The sound of the twanging of the bow of the king among men,
The sound and shouting of elephants that were being burnt,
The sound of the monkeys standing and shouting,
And the sound of the very pitiable horses,
Went on filling and echoing the surroundings,
And being greatly worried the valorous ten headed one,
Immediately told Kumbha, the elder of the sons,
Of Kumbakarna to go to the war.

His younger brother Nikumba at that time,
Saying I would be first started immediately,
Kumbha, Prajanga, the great Yoopaksha,
And Sanithaksha with a great army,
Also started for the war and with great mirth,
The monkey warriors also neared them.

Shouting at night and then coming near and fighting,
The Rakshasas were dying in large numbers,
And the monkeys were getting their bodies split,
By the very sharp arrows and weapons and
Were falling on the ground and also,
BY catching beating hitting biting and powdering,
And becoming angry were uprooting trees,
And shouting that by trees we would not be defeated,
The Rakshasa monkey fighting was going on,
And acting that they were all proud,
They were sacrificing their body,

After about two hours were past,
Several Rakshasas went to the place of God of death.
At that time a Rakshasa called Kambana,
Came to attack with force and many monkeys,
Died because of the hit of arrows from him.
At that time Angadha (the son of the son of enemy of Jamba) got angry
Seeing that they were destroying without any sense,
And after he killed Kambana,
Following him neared three asuras called,
Prajangana, Yoopaksha and Sonitha Nethra,
And Angadha getting angry neared them,
And fighting with those three Rakshasas,
The son of Bali became very tired.

Mainda and Vividha at that time,
Came near and joined the fight,
The son of Thara killed Prajangana,
And similarly the very strong Vividha,
Killed the Rakshasa called Sonithanethra,
And Mainda killed Yoopaksha,
After those four Rakshasas
Entered the world of death,
Kumbha came near and started showering arrows,
And those powerful monkeys ran away.

Sugreeva then jumped on his chariot,
Fell there and with fierceness broke his bow,
And when they were doing fist fight,
Suddenly Sugreeva threw Kumbha in to the ocean,
And after churning the ocean the very fierce Kumbha,
Came out of the ocean climbing,
And seeing that, the son of Sun God became angry,
And sent him to the place of the son of Sun God (Yama - the god of death).

When Sugreeva killed his elder brother,
The very powerful Nikhumbha along with a iron pestle,
Like Lord Shiva at the time of destruction,
Neared making a sound of a lion,
Hanuman replaced Sugreeva,
And immediately opposed NIkhumbha from near by,
Nikumbha with the iron pestle beat on the chest of Hanuman,
And that iron pestle broke in to pieces and fell on the floor,
And the son of the life breath of the world,
Becoming very angry took away Nikhumbha's head and threw it.

The remaining Rakshasas fled out of fear,
And the monkey warriors followed and neared them,
And entering Lanka they started breaking it,
And this news was informed to the king of Lanka,
And hearing about the death of Kumbha and others,
That enemy of Indra became very scared.

Then addressing Makaraksha the son of Khara,
With very great anger the ten faced one told,
"You please go and win over Rama and others,
And come back" and hearing that Makaraksha,
Along with his army started and,
With preparation neared the battle field.

He showered snake like arrows,
In the form of flames of fire,
And the scared monkeys not able to stand,
Went and requested protection from Lord Rama,
And that Ramachandra as soon as he heard it,
Positioned the bow and twanged it,
And shouting stop, to the best among archers,
And showered arrows at him.

For each arrow Makaraksha sent another arrow,
And the body of the lotus eyed one was wounded,
And when they were fighting with each other,
The son of Khara became little tired,
And then Rama cut off his flag, umbrella and horse,
And the bow that he was having in his hand,
And also powdered his chariot and also,
Killed his charioteer at that time,
Using the Pavakasthra he cut off the head,
Of Makraksha who jumped on earth,
And was approaching him with a trident.
And this way he reduced the danger to the devas.

Indrajit who came to know of this became angry,
Drove away all those who came to inform this,
And informed Ravana about it,
And hearing that Ravana was the the death of all devas,
Started along with his assistants,
Making the fourteen words shiver.

Seeing that his son Indrajit,
Bowed to both of his feet and said,
"Now I will kill all the enemies,
And remove the sorrow from your mind,
You retire to the private quarters and be there,
And you should not have any sorrow because of this."
Saying this he saluted his father,
And that Indrajit started for the war.

Seeing the preparations for war, Lakshmana,
Went to Sri Rama and told him,
"Daily hiding himself this son of Ravana,
Kills us and the monkeys sending arrows.
How long should we tolerate it?
Let us send Brahmasthra and completely,
Destroy the clan of the Rakshasas."

Hearing the words of Lakshmana,
That God Rama Bhadra told as follows,
"In a war We should not use Brahmasthra against,
Those who are running away from the battle,
Those who have lost their weapons,
Those who do not come in front of us,
And those who out of fear come and fall at our feet,
If we do it, it is a sin for every person,
I will do war against him and all of you,
Without any fear see what I do."

Saying this when he twanged his bow,
And was standing ready for the battle,
Indrajit thought and ordered, went,
Inside the city of Lanka, kept a illusory Sita,
In the chariot and came out of the western gate.
All the monkeys stood without moving at that time,
And seeing the illusory Sita in the chariot they felt sad,
And because of it Hanuman also got worried.

While all the monkey warriors were looking,
He cut the head of Sita without any mercy,
And she with an open mouth entreated,
"Alas, Lord Rama, Rama", The blood spread,
And seeing that Hanuman thought,
Further war will not have any shine,
And Oh God what thing can be more dangerous than this,
Let us retreat now and we have to inform,
Our lord about the death of Sita urgently.,

Seeing the sad Hanuman going behind,
All the monkey chiefs Rama told,
Jambhavan with worry,
"Why is Hanuman coming here?
He is not one who shows his back in the battle.
You please go there urgently,
Oh son of Brahma, we should not see anything."
Hearing this Jambhavan went along,
With the other monkey chiefs and asked lightly,
"Why did you retreat from the battle,
What is the reason, you go back there itself."
And at that time Hanuman told him,
"I am not retreating because of fear,
There some thing happened and,
I have to tel it to the Lord of the universe.
You also please come along with me."
And immediately Hanuman went along with Jambhavan,
And after saluting Rama, told him,
About the news of destroying of Sita."

Rama fell on the ground and swooned,
And Lakshmana at that time, took,
His head and kept it on his lap,
And his feet was kept in his lap by Hanuman,
And seeing that the entire monkeys,
Stood complexly numb and Lakshmana,
Started telling them words of consolation,
And Vibheeshana wondering in his mind,
The reason for this unusual sound came there,
And when he asked Lakshmana told him,
About the news that was told by Hanuman.

Vibheeshana clapped his hand and laughed,
"Alas, Oh lord what do these monkeys know,
There is no one in the three worlds,
Who can kill the goddess of the world.
Indrajit is an expert in magic and please hear,
Why he did this now?
He wanted to go to Nikumbila and do,
Fire sacrifice there without being troubled by monkeys,
This trick of his to go to Nikumbila is indeed wonderful,
We have to go there and stop this fire sacrifice,
Otherwise nobody can kill him."

"Oh Rama, Oh God, victory, victory,
Oh treasure of mercy, get up after leaving out all sorrow,
Me, Lakshmana and the monkey clan chiefs,
Would go together, without wasting any time,
Please give us permission to go" said Vibheeshana,
And hearing that and getting out of the sorrow,
That king gave all of them permission to go,
And That Rama understanding the real facts,
Became very happy and blessed,
His brother, the brother of the king of Rakshasas,
As well as all the monkeys and asked them,
To go and kill the son of the ten headed one and return.

That time the Rakshasa chief and the monkey army,
Walked along With Lakshmana,
Mainda, Vividha, Sushena, Nala, Neela,
The grandson of Indra, Kesari and Thara,
Soora, Vrushabha, Sarabha, Vinatha,
Veera, Panasa, Kumudha and Vikata,
Hanuman, Vega Darsi and Visala,
Jyothirmukha, Sumukha, Bali Pungava,
Swetha Dadhi Mukha, Agni Mukha, Gaja,
Medura, Dhooma, Gavaya and Gavaksha,
And many other famous monkeys.

In the front Vibheeshana walked,
And they went to Nikumbila and filled it,
And when they completely surrounded the Rakshasas,
Indrajith stooped for a moment and started the Homa again,
And the monkeys carrying stones, trees and Mountains,
And neared that place and the Rakshasa soldiers,
Started falling one by one and,
Understanding that he cannot complete the Homa,
And thinking that it can be started again afterwards,
Indrajit took the bow and arrows and started the war.

Then the son of the ten faced one
After coming on the platform at Nikumbila,
Stopped the son of wind God,
Who speedily came near to him,
And Vibheeshana saw Lakshmana,
And told him after removing his worry,
"Hey valorous one, if he has not completed the Homa,
He cannot certainly be able to be seen in light,
Did you not see him come in person,
After getting angry on the son of wind god?
It indicates that the time of his death is near,
And so start the war, without delay."

At the time that was specified by Vibheeshana,
Lakshmana also sent arrows and other weapons,
And Indrajit stopped them by proper arrows and weapons,
And he also sent very powerful arrows,
At that time Lakshmana was lifted,
On to his shoulder by Hanuman with love,
And seeing Vibheeshana who was near Lakshmana,
The son of the ten faced one told immediately.

"You were born in the caste of Rakshasas,
And unfortunately you are the brother of my father,
When we think about your working like a servant,
To our enemies for the sake of destroying,
Our friends and sons and their families,
We can only tell "Good, Good" and nothing else,
To those who lead to the destruction of their own clan,
There is definitely no salvation as far as we know and see,
For the travel to the higher worlds is made possible
Due to our children say the learned ones,
You who are a great thinker are working,
For destruction of your own clan, great surprise."

Hearing that Vibheeshana told,
"Good, you and your father should know,
That the clan is being destroyed by you both.
There is no doubt about it in my mind,
I would be able to protect our clan,
Due to the blessing of Lord Rama."

When they were talking like this,
Lakshmana went on spraying arrows non stop,
And he cut of all those by sending suitable arrows,
And he then told Lakshmana as follows,
"Lad, have you not seen the power
Of my hand on two days, specially?
Know about that or otherwise today,
I will make you food suitable for beasts."

After saying this with seven arrows,
He wounded the body of Lakshmana,
And with ten arrows he wounded Hanuman,
And with one hundred arrows he wounded Vibheeshana,
And the monkey warrior was greatly wounded and retreated,
And Lakshmana immediately started sending,
Arrows on the enemy of Indra,
And that Indrajit with one thousand arrows,
Broke in to pieces the armour of Lakshmana.

The body of Rakshasa and son of Sumithra,
Was completely drenched in blood,
And then he sent another five arrows,
Powdered his chariot, killed his horses,
Cut of the head of his charioteer,
And also cut off his very great bow.

He made another bow ready,
And sprayed endless number of arrows,
But he sent three arrows and cut of his bow,
And that king, the son of the ten necked one,
Took another very big bow and made it ready,
Went on sending several arrows,
That son of Ravana immediately went
Inside Lanka and came very speedily out,
And nobody knew about his going or returning,
And sage Narada appreciated that.
Watching the very ferocious war in between them,
Brahma and other devas said,
"Till now a war like this has never happened,
And a war will like this will not happen again,
See, are there valorous men,
Like these in this world like these two",
Like this many people were praising,
And in between three days passed speedily.

After the expiry of three days,
Lakshmana took the Indrasthra,
And gently tied it with his hand,
And meditated on Rama in his mind,
And after some thought sent that arrow,
And that went and cut off the neck of Indrajit,
Went and dipped itself in sea and after becoming clean,
And that arrow went in to his quiver.
The body of Indrajit fell on the ground,
And the sorrow came to an end for all the three worlds,
And the devas became extremely happy,
And started praying Lakshmana.

They showered flowers and then,
Apsara ladies started dancing,
And the thousand eyes of Indra became bright,
And that Indra became greatly happy,
The saints and devas started praising,
Him after their problems came to an end,
And sound of Dhundhubi drums rose up,
And Lord Brahma also became very happy.

Without any doubt he gave a small twang using his bow,
Blew the conch and roared like a lion,
And Lakshmana along with the monkeys speedily,
Went and saluted the king of man's lotus like feet,
Rama hugged him tightly,
And with great joy smelled his head,
And laughingly told Lakshmana,
"The job done by you is extremely difficult,
Know that Ravana is also dead,
Because Indrajit has died,
And that ten faced one would come,
For war with us now due to great anger."

6.24 Ravana Vilapam
[Ravana's Wailing]

When they were talking to each other like this,
Ravana heard about the death of his son,
He fell on the ground and swooned,
And being greatly tired he started wailing,
"Ha, Ha, lad, son of Mandodhari,
Ha, Ha, pretty one, hero, handsome one,
What shall I tell about the ills of my Karma,
When shall I forget this sorrow from my mind,
The devas, Brahmins and sages,
Would sleep extremely well today,
And no one will be afraid of us,
And oh god, my life has become extremely useless."

Recounting the good qualities of his great son,
And when his sorrow became great, he started crying,
"The reason for the death of my son is Sita.
And because of that my sorrow will never end,
Unless I kill her and drink her blood"
Saying this with open sword, laughing, shouting,
And with very great anger he went there.

Seeing the very bad Ravana, Sita,
Became extremely scared and with a shaking body,
Went on chanting Rama, Rama, Rama,
And while she was in the stage of waiting,
Suparswa* who was intelligent, diplomat,
Very good, a good Rakshasa, one of good conduct,
Stopped Ravana and said to him,
All the just things that can be told.
* Brother of Prahastha.

You are one born in the Brahmin caste,
Who is agreed as pure by all the three worlds,
And even Lord Subramanya and Adi Sesha,
Would not be able to describe your good qualities,
You are one of the chief devotees of Shiva,
Who is the god of gods and enemy of Tripura,
Your brother Khubera who is from Paulasthya clan,
Is one saluted by the three worlds,
And is the chief of blessed people
You are an expert in Sama Veda,
And one who is the temple of all knowledge,
You are one who is as great as sage Vama Deva,
You have won the control over your senses,
You are one learning Vedas, observing bath and penance,
You are wise, disciple of sage Shukra and one with humility.

When it is like this, what you told,
Today after the war is good, very good,
But your attempting to kill a lady,
Is something which will increase your bad fame,
Oh great king of the Rakshasas, Oh lord,
Please come along with me for the war,
After killing all the monkeys and men,
By doing a war with great respect,
Please do take Sita to yourself,
And remove all the pain in the mind.

Hearing the words of the just Suparswa,
The king of Rakshasas became contended,
And went and sat in the main chamber of meeting,
And after discussing with his ministers,
Started for the war with great enthusiasm,
Along with the remaining Rakshasas.

The powerful army of Rakshasas went,
And fought with Rama and he killed all of them,
And then Ravana fought with that king,
He fought without interval and without fear,
And then Rama shooting arrows after arrows,
Made the body of Ravana into pieces,
And then being wounded, tired and disoriented,
Leaving out his courage the ten faced one retreated,
Thinking that this war is sufficient,
He went back to the city of Lanka as a coward.

6.25 Ravanande Homa Vignam
[Ravana's Homa Stoppage]

Ravana went and saluted sage Shukra,
And with very dried up face told,
"The monkeys lead by the son of Sun God,
And Rama belonging to the clan of the Sun,
Have come together, crossed the ocean,
Reached the city of Lanka and killed,
All Rakshasas who are enemies of Indra,
And today I have become all alone,
Completely filled by sorrow in my mind,
Oh good teacher, Oh lord, am I not your disciple.

To the very intelligent Ravana,
The great sage Shukra who was thus requested,
Advised "if so you have to please the devas,
You construct a cave with great speed,
And sit In a very secret place and conduct a Homa,
For getting your enemies defeated,
And if you do so, victory would come to you."

If you are able to do it without any roadblocks,
From the pit of fire will emerge,
Arrow, quiver, bow, horses and chariots,
And once you get it even devas cannot win over you.
Please take the root chant from me,
And without any doubt please conduct the Homa,"
Then after learning the root chant from the great sage Shukra,
That Ravana who is the chief of all Rakshasas,
Constructed inside his house a cave,
Which was like the land of snakes.

For the sacred Homa using ghee, incense and other materials,
He arranged all the needed materials to be collected,
After shutting all doors leading to the town,
Without any doubt went inside, became purified,
With great concentration prayed for all that is good,
And observing penance of Silence started the Homa,

Seeing the smoke of Homa rising from,
The sky, the brother of Ravana Showed,
It to Ramachandra and told,
"Oh king Ravana has started the Homa,
If the Homa is completed then always,
We would get defeated by him in great war.
So sent with preparation monkey warriors,
To put a stop to that Homa."

Under the orders of Sugreeva and Rama,
Hanuman, Angadha and other leaders,
Along with an army of one hundred crore,
Crossed the great wall, and reached the house of Ravana,
And then killed all the security staff of the town,
And all the monkey warriors together without confusion,
Powdered the elephant horses and chariots,
And searched for the place of Homa of the ten faced one,
And Sarama the wife of Vibheeshana by signs,
Indicated the place of Homa of the ten headed one.

Without any effort Angadha broke,
The big stone used to close the cave,
And when he went inside the cave,
He saw there the king of Rakshasas,
And all others as per the orders of Angadha,
They descended inside the cave and the monkeys,
Saw Ravana who was meditating with closed eyes,
They hit him, attacked all his servants,
And threw the collection of Homa materials,
Together in the fire and cut off,
The cave in the Mountain range.

Hanuman snatched the great spoon,
From the hands of Ravana,
And speedily hit him with that.
As a sport that powerful monkey lord,
Using his nails and teeth,
Went on creating wounds all over Ravana's body,
And there was no change in his deep meditation,
As that Ravana had victory as aim in his mind.
Then he caught hold of Mandodhari dragged her there,
And broke all her ornaments and make up.

With her hair untied, without dress to cover her breasts,
She became very fear stuck and started wailing,
"Oh God, what bad acts did I do,
To be beaten by these monkeys?
Oh king of Rakshasas don't you have any shame?
No one else has as much self respect as you.
In front of you these monkeys,
Are holding my hair and,
Dragging me all over the floor,
Oh idiot, is this not sufficient for you to see."

What is the need for your meditation and Homa,
What are your thoughts oh blockhead,
The love for life is perhaps uppermost in your mind,
Ha, this play of fate is greatly surprising,
Is not the wife, half of a person in this world,
To any one death is more preferable than,
Seeing her being caught hold of by your enemies,
And her being troubled by them endlessly,
You do not need a wife as well as shame,
Because of the fear for life of this fool and greatly wicked person.

Hearing the wailing of his wife,
Bereft of his courage, along with the sword.
Went near Angadha and those monkeys,
Being of a very tall body,
Leaving out the wife of that Rakshasa,
And shouting loudly all of them came out,
And went near Rama and saluted him,
And told, "We have completely stopped the Homa".

Softly the very learned ten faced one,
At that time told his wife Mandodhari,
"Darling, Understand that everything is the wish of God,
To anyone who is born, before he dies,
All that has been fated should be experienced.
For us the present time is like this,
Depending on wisdom, leave out this sorrow,
Understand that destruction of wisdom is sorrow,
And the experience of ignorance also is sorrow,
And also that pride is the product of ignorance."

The belief in the purely temporary body,
Is again a happening out of ignorance, as also
The relation with son and wife is through the body,
As the domestic life to the being is through that.
Sorrow, fear, anger, avarice, attachment, longing,
Sensations, happiness, old age, death and birth,
Are all ignorance to all the beings,
And so throw out this ignorance far- far away.

The soul has the form of pure wisdom,
Is divine, cannot be divided, is full of joy,
Is one that cannot be moulded and,
It does not have separation from anything.
Seeing the soul like this and after understanding it,
Remove the sorrow from the soul, my wife.
I will now come after killing of Rama,
Lakshmana and the monkeys,
Otherwise without any doubt, I will get,
Salvation by the piercing of the arrow of Rama.
If Rama kills me, kill Sita immediately,
And along with me fall in the fire,
With great faith, and if so you will get salvation.

Hearing his worries Mandodhari,
At that time told the ten necked one,
"Nobody can win over Sri Rama,
In all the three worlds, understand this,
He is the very real Purushothama,
The Narayana who gives salvation,
Who has taken the form of Rama."

The god took the incarnation of a fish,
And saved the Vaivaswatha Manu,
And The lotus eyed one once took the form,
Of a tortoise with one lakh yojanas broad,
And during the time of churning of milk ocean,
Lifted the horrible Mandara Mountain on his back,
And Becoming a boar, he killed Hiranyaksha,
And lifted the earth on his horns,
And tore the chest of horrible Hiranya Kasipu by his nails,
And he begged for three feet of ground from Mahabali,
And later measured the three worlds by three feet,
And for killing in war the asuras born as Kshatriyas,
Took birth as the son of Jamadagni and wore the name of Rama,
And He Is this same Rama himself.

Rama was born in the clan of the sun,
As the son of Dasaratha,
And married the daughter of earth,
For killing you in the form of a man,
He has been born in earth, please understand,
For causing the destruction of your sons,
And for causing your own death,
You went and stole his wife, unnecessarily,
And so you are a shame, you fool, idiotic lord,
Go and give back Sita to Rama,
And give your kingdom to your brother,
Rama is very greatly merciful and would let us
Both go to forest for doing penance.

Hearing the words of Mandodhari,
The very valorous Ravana that time told,
"Having brought death to sons, friends,
Ministers and friends, if I go to forest alone,
It is not proper to live like that,
Nothing will happen as we think,
And I will fight the war with Rama,
And would enjoy the stay in Vaikunta.