Arunchala Pancha Rathnam

Arunchala Pancha Rathnam
[Five Gems of Mountain of Dawn]
By Ramana Maharshi

[It is a simple attempt to bring out the peripheral meaning of this great Stotra of Hindu Philosophy written by Sage Ramana of Arunachala (Thiruvannamalai.) both in Tamil as well as Sanskrit. I have given both of them followed by meaning. I realize that I am incapable of delving in to its philosophical implications. Those interested can see at:]

1. Aruniraivana amudha kadale,
Viri kathiraal yaavum vizhungum Aruna,
Giri Parama anmaave kilar ulla poo nandrai,
Viri - paridhiyaga Vilangu.

1. Karuna purna Sudhabdhe,
Kabalitha Ghana Viswa roopa kiranavalaya,
Arunachala Paramathman,
Aruno Bhava chitha kanja suvikasaya.

Oh ocean of nectar, filled with grace,
Oh Lord of Arunagiri, Oh ultimate divine soul
Swallow with your ray this Arunagiri,
And get opened fully the lotus of my mind,
Which is about to bloom.

2. Chithiramaam ikththellam chemmalaye - nin pale,
Uttidamai nindre odungidum anithiyamum,
Naan yendru idhayam nadithiduvaiyal un per,
Thaan ihayam yendru iduvaar thaam.

2. Thwaya arunachala Sarvam,
Bhoothwaa Sthithwaa praleenamethachithram,
Hrudyaha mithyathmathaya,
Nruthyasi bhosthe vadanthi hrudayam Nama.

Oh red mountain, all this is but a picture,
Only in you the world rises, exists and sets,
And since you act in the heart, as if all this is only you,
They are saying that your name is the "heart".

3. Aahamukamar andha amala mathi thannal,
Agam ithu thaan engu ezhum yendrai moothe yaga uruvai,
Nangu arimoothum muneer nadhi polum oyume,
Un kan arunachalane yor.

3. Aham ithi kutha aayathi,
Thyanvishyantha pravishtayathya mala dhiyaa,
Avagamya swam roopam,
Samyath Arunachala thwayee Nadheevaabdhou.

By the purest of the brain, the inner mind,
Thinks that "I am this" and after examining where this "I", will rise,
Clearly understands that it will subside like an ocean and a river,
And know that this is in you, Oh Arunachala.

4. Veli vidayam vittu vilangum Arunesa,
Vali yadakka nirkum manathal ulam adanil,
Unnai dhyanithu yogi oli kaanum,
Unnil uyar uvrum idhu un.

4. Thyakthwaa vishatam bahyam,
Rudha pranaaena rudha manasanthasthwaam,
Dhyayan pasyathi yogi,
Dheedithimarunachala thwayee maheeyanthe.

Oh God of Aruna, who shines far away from the external world,
Using the mind that tries to stop the breath,
The Yogi sees the light in you,
And will attain greatness in you and you know this.

5. Unnidathil oppuvitha ullathaal yeppozhudhum,
Unnai kandu yellamum un uruvai, anniyamil,
Anbu cheyyum anon Arunachala velgum,
Inburuvaam unnil aazhndhe.

5. Thwayyarpitha manasaa thwaam,
Pasyan sarvathawaakruthithayaa sathatham,
Bhajathe ananya preethyaa,
Sa jayathya arunachala thwayee sukhe Magna.

Using always the mind that was surrendered to you,
After seeing you, everything appears as your form
And then he starts loving you saying "Arunachala will win",
And starts enjoying himself after getting drowned in you.

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