Adhyatma Ramayanam

1.8 Killing of Thataka

They then reached the forest of Thataka,
And Viswamithra told with a mysterious smile,
"Oh Raghava, Oh ocean of valour, Oh Rama,
These times nobody goes these way,
Do you see this forest, This is a horrible place,
Where Thataka who can take any form lives.
And fearing her none of the people of earth,
walks on this straight road, Oh lord of earth, salutations,
When the great saint told, "You have to kill her, "
there are no problems, to whatever group or clan she belongs,
Rama twanged the string of his bow slightly,
And at that time when the entire world shivered,
That Thataka who travels at night became very angry,
Rushed towards Rama to eat him,
And Rama at that time sent an arrow,
And that arrow of Rama went and hit the chest of Thataka,
And that horrible looking Thataka fell on the ground,
Like a Mountain falling on earth when its wings are cut,
And there a pretty Yakshi decorated fully,
With ornaments of Gold and jewels appeared,
And when she told that she became a Rakshasi,
Due to a curse, Rama permitted her to go and
She reached the world of devas, and
That great sage called Kausika taught,
Both Rama and Lakshmana several divine arrows.
Those pure lords and that great sage,
Lived in the Kamasrama* in that pretty forest,
And after the night, they completed their morning rituals,
And they are started their travel in the early morning.
* Place where God of love was killed by Lord Shiva.

Then they entered the Sidhasramam of Viswamithra,
And they were received there by the chief sages,
They also saluted them at that time and Rama,
As well as Lakshmana also saluted the sages.
With great love the sages treated them hospitably,
And after taking rest the honourable Rama,
Looked at sage Viswamithra and asked with love,
"Oh great sage, please conduct your fire sacrifices now,
And by doing whatever is needed, I would protect it,
Without much trouble to you all, if you show,
Those very bad asuras, I would destroy with my arrows."

Sage Koushika started observing Yaga at that time,
And the Rakshasas came there with an army,
And at after noon, they started the rain of blood,
And without even seeing them, Rama sent two arrows,
Aimed at the heroes called Mareecha and Subahu,
And one of those arrows immediately killed Subahu,
And at that time With great fear Mareecha started running away,
But the Arrow of Rama followed him again and again,
And the very tired Mareecha ran for another Yojana distance,
And That Marrecha went and fell in to the sea,
But even there the arrow went to burn him.

Later since there was no other method to save himself.
He surrendered to Rama saying "Pease save me",
And since that lover of devotees gave him protection,
Mareecha from that time became a devotee of Rama,
And the god of death to his enemies Lakshmana,
Killed by his arrows all the rest of their army,
The devas rained flowers due to great happiness,
The deva drummers at that time their drums loudly,
Yakshas, Kinnaras, Sidhas, Charanas and Gandharwas,
Immediately saluted them and started singing their praise,
And sage Viswamithra became extremely happy,
Caressed them and with his lotus like eyes full of tears,
Hugged them tightly and gave them his divine blessings.
With great love he offered food to those lads,
And for the next three days sage Kousika related,
The epics and made them extremely happy.

After telling this on the fourth day the sage again told,
"You should not unnecessarily waste time doing nothing,
The great king Janaka is conducting a great fire sacrifice,
And hey lads, we would go to see it without delay,
There is a famous bow belonging to the great god Shiva,
Called Trayambaka in the kingdom of Videha king,
It has been kept there at olden times by Lord Shiva himself,
And it is daily being worshipped by the rulers of earth,
And so you who were born in a family that rules the earth,
Should see that gem of a bow which is a great holy thing."

He also told like this to the great sages who were there,
And Viswamithra went along with the sons of the king.
They reached the shore of Ganga and there they say the hermitage of Gowthama,
Which was having a great luster, which was holy and capable of giving joy.
It was full of divine trees which were laden with flowers and fruits,
It was greatly pretty and was bereft of the traffic of animals.
Rama saw that and became curious and seeing Viswamithra asked,
"To whom does this pretty hermitage, which is suitable for living,
Which does not have various types of animals, belong?
My mind is full of positive emotions of joy,
And see kindly tell me, why is that?"

1.9 Ahalya Moksham
[Ahalya's Salvation]

Hearing this, sage Viswamithra told,
The divine one who sleeps on a snake, please,
Hear the truth about what happened in the past, Oh prince,
When Sage Gowthama who did very great unfading penance,
At the shore of river Ganges, in a very good hermitage,
Was living here, which is auspicious and suitable for penance,
Lord Brahma gave his daughter Ahalya, who was prettiest in the world,
And who was a divine damsel to sage Gowthama to marry.
With happiness those wife as well as husband. Sage Gowthama,
Observing her service to the husband and living according to Dharma,
Became very pleased with her, lived with his wife Ahalya in this hermitage for some time.

Seeing the form of Ahalya who was bewitcher of the world,
Lord Indra fell under the influence of God of love,
Lord Indra thought how to enjoy Her mouth which was like a red flower,
Her breasts which were lie ball, and her extremely pretty thighs,
And due to the effect of god of love which extremely increased,
Her pretty form occupied his mind and he became mad with love.

Due to his pain in the inner soul that Indra,
Wanted to find an end this and find a chance,
And Indra took the form of Gowthama, the great grandson,
Of Brahma and during the last ending period of night,
When sage Gowthama went to do his morning oblations,
He entered the hermitage of the sage completely lovelorn.

At the time, When he urgently started from there, after
Making love to Ahalya using a trick, sage Gowthama,
Seeing that the time for rising Sun has not yet come,
And getting a doubt returned early and urgently,
And Indra seeing the sage at that time became scared,
And started shivering all over the body.

Seeing one who has taken his own form,
That great sage became very angry and asked,
"Stop, stop, Hey bad soul, who are you?
Tell, tell the truth to me completely,
Why did you assume my form,
Hey shameless one, which great sinner are you?
Tell the truth and if I do not understand,
Who you are, I will burn and make in to ash."

He told at that time, seeing that great sage,
"I am the servant of passion who rules the heavens,
Due to my weakness and foolishness I have been caught,
All these may kindly be pardoned by your great self."

"From today you would have thousand generative organs,
On you, bear the results of bad acts that have been committed by you",
Thus the great sage Gowthama cursed Devendra and entered the hermitage,
There Ahalya stood sweating and seeing her he told her,
"Alas, hey woman with bad character, this your bad behavior,
Hey woman with a bad mind, your cleverness is really great,
To put an end to the bad acts of yours, I will tell,
A great penance for you, so that you will repent."

"Hey servant of passion, You should take the form of a stone,
And live here always thinking of the feet of Rama,
Suffering in snow, sun, wind and rain,
Without any food during day and night,
And no beings would ever come here,
And live In this pretty hermitage of mine."

"Like that when several holy years have passed,
God Rama and his brother would come here,
And that day when you are touched by the feet of Rama,
Understand that all your sufferings will come to an end,
They you should worship him with great devotion,
And go round him properly, salute him,
And when you pray that Lord, you would get out of this curse,
And if your mind becomes pure, you can also serve me",
Saying like this that sage entered the Himalaya Mountains,
And from that day Ahalya is staying here."

Thinking and thinking that when she will get coated,
By the fine dust of your flower like feet, with a sad mind,
She who is the daughter of Brahma and wife of Gowthama,
Is always living here, Hey wish giving tree of happiness,
Hey wish giving gem, and that lady with a body of stone,
Is here in a form which cannot be found out by any One,
Doing very great penance, and today itself, please destroy,
Completely without leaving even a bit so that,
Ahalya in her very pure form will come here."

After telling thus to Lord Rama, Sage Viswamithra,
Held his hand and lead him inside the hermitage,
And showed him the stone form that,
Was doing the great penance there.

God placed his lotus like feet in a tender fashion,
And that God who is consort of Lakshmi, the lord of Raghu clan,
Good lord, lord of the universe told with happiness,
"I am Rama" and saluted the wife of the great sage.
At that time Ahalya was able to see Lord Rama,
And words cannot tell about how much happiness she felt,
Along with sage Kaushika who was excelling in penance,
With a wish that all her problems should be over,
And along with his brother, that God who can destroy problems,
Appeared with is bow and arrow, dressed in yellow silk,
With Sri Vathsa on his chest, With a pleasantly smiling face,
With eyes that resembled the leaves of a lotus plant,
With a glittering body of the colour of blue sapphire,
With feet that is worshipped by all vasus and devas,
With a shine which lighted all the ten directions,
That God who loved his devotees stood in front of Ahalya.

She now remembered the words that were told earlier,
To her by her husband who is the great sage Gowthama,
This definitely is Lord Narayana, the lord of the universe,
Who has lotus like eyes, who is as pretty as a lotus flower,
And thinking like that in her mind, she stood up and with devotion,
Immediately worshipped him with materials for the worship,
And along with tears of joy flowing from both her eyes,
Due to her pains being over and saluted him on the floor,
With the ebbing devotion in her mind,
She stood up and again and again saluted him,
Along with a body with bristling hair due to real great joy
And with a choking voice that made her not clear,
She saw that great worshipful god with no second,
And was suddenly transported to the great sea of joy and prayed him.

1.10 Ahalya Sthuti
[Ahalya's Prayer]
[The translation of this prayer from the Sanskrit original is given at:]

Oh Lord of the universe, I have been blessed,
Due to my being able to see you, not only that, I will tell further,
By your grace I have been able to get little of the dust,
Which are attached to your lotus like feet,
Which is very difficult to get even by Brahma and Shiva,
And this would not have been possible,
However much penance that I did all my life,
And oh Lord of the universe, this is because of your play,
And today you appear to me as man and make me attracted by your greatness.

Filled with joy, a great magician, One who is complete,
He who does not have differences between low and high,
He who does not move are all your great self,
The dust of your lotus feet is like a Holy Ganges,
And purifies Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma and others,
Due to your great power, and I too was able to,
Get the touch of your feet just now.

Oh Vaikunta, how can I describe the good deeds,
That I must have done earlier, to attain that which was not,
Reachable by lazy souls, Oh Lord Vishnu,
Oh God who was born as a human being,
Oh Rama who attracts the mind by his pretty body,
Oh pure one, Oh wonderful one, oh valour, oh prettiness, Oh expert archer,
Oh principle which does not have a second, Oh truthful one,
Oh God who does not have beginning or end,
Oh God who is forever, who does not change, from now I would sing about you daily,
And I would not pray anybody else with devotion

That lotus like feet that is being searched by Vedas,
That navel was one from which was born Lord Brahma,
That name which is being chanted by Lord Shiva,
That God Is being saluted by me daily in my mind,
Lord Brahma and the goddess who is consort of Brahma,
Daily and always are singing the story of Rama,
Which removes all ills and which is the essence,
For removing passion and other feelings and getting joy,
And I am also daily praying that God Rama.

The primeval one who does not have a second,
One who is not clear, one who is peaceful,
One who is not subject of veda but one who is an expert in Vedantha,
The topmost one, divine among divines, the divine soul, the divine one,
He who is called as divine Brahman, personification of divine happiness,
The Lord, The Purusha, the very primitive one, The one who shines within himself,
The teacher of moving and not moving beings, the personification of mercy.
Has assumed a form that attracts the world,
And has come to the earth to bless it,

I am going to sing with mind completely full of devotion,
The Ramachandra with those properties always,
Let my mind be occupied by that independent one,
That complete joy, that Rama of the soul,
The tricky one, he who with properties which are real,
Wants to be the cause of the creation, upkeep of the universe,
He who is limitless, He who takes up the names,
Of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, assuming different forms,
Though he is one who is bereft of any properties
And the one who is being studied by Vedantha.

Hey Rama, Hey Raghava, I salute your lotus like feet,
Pervading with auspiciousness, it is being worshipped,
By lotus flowers by Goddess Lakshmi with both her hands,
It is also being meditated by countless number of devas,
And it has measured the three worlds in number of steps less than three.

That lotus like feet has been washed by Brahma's hands,
And it is pure and inlaid with conch, wheel and lotus flowers,
It is a place where my mind stays, it removes all ills,
It is the place where the pure souls find a resting place, Salutations,
You are depended upon by the universe, you are the universe,
And you are the primeval being of this universe.
Oh God are you not something that stands alone within each being,
Oh god you are without change and the witness to everything,
You do not have birth nor death, you cannot be won and you purify,
You are that joy which is beyond the description by words.

You are all over the world with difference between meaning and sound,
Be pleased to help my words to describe you who is beyond words,
The differences between action, cause and the doer,
Is shown in various different ways due to illusion.

Though a very ordinary fact, even your,
Devotees are not able to know about you,
And to the ignorant ones your form hidden by illusion,
And thy are not at all able to understand your greatness,
You who are the soul of the entire universe,
Is considered as a mere human being by the ignorant ones,
You yourself completely fill up all places,
Which are inside and outside daily.

Pure one, one who does not have second, one who is equal,
One who is forever, One who is clear, one who is alone,
One who is knowledgeable, one who is not clear,
One who is peaceful, One who is not in groups,
One who is formless, one who is strong,
In presence of three fold characteristics like Sathva,
The Lord who is the Jeevathma living in all beings,
One who grants salvation to devotees and renounced beings,
One who grants luck to those who have desires,
One who gives occult powers to Sidhas.

You are the god who is the soul of philosophy, you pervade all over the world,
You are expert in philosophy, one who has nothing to compare, one without stains, one who purifies,
You are one without properties, one who never worries, clear one, one who does not have any support,
You do not act, do not have a cause, one without pride and one who is forever,
You are divine, the one beyond Sath Chit Ananda, endless one and one having nectar like soul,
You are the soul which is pure essence, the divine soul, all souls and the Lord,
You are the true soul of divine Brahman, God of all, and the greatest god,
You do not slip, the primeval lord and have all gods within you,
When you are all these, How can I who am very foolish and blind, understand,
The principle behind you but still I always, again and again salute you.

Wherever and whichever place I live, on all days,
My devotion to your golden feet should not,
Change and except for this boon,
I do not request for any other, salutations.

Salutations, Oh Rama, Oh Rama, Oh presiding deity, Oh Vishnu,
Salutations, Oh Rama, Oh Rama, Oh God who loves his devotees, Oh Rama,
Salutations, Oh Hrishikesa, Oh Rama, Oh Raghava, Oh Rama,
Salutations, Oh Narayana, I always salute you,
I am dedicating all the actions that I do to you.
Please pardon all the mistakes that I do, Oh Lord of universe.

The lord of Universe who cures sorrow of birth and death,
The Rama who has the shine of ten million suns,
The one who holds tightly the bow and arrow in his lotus like hand,
The personification of mercy, one who shines like a water rich cloud,
One who wears divine silk of golden colour, The consort of Lakshmi,
One who has shining cheeks as well as golden ear studs,
One who has pretty shifting eyes which are similar to lotus petals,
I pray This Rama who has Lord Brahma as his devotee.

Ahalya, the daughter of Lord Brahma with folded hands,
Prayed, Lord Rama and greatest among men,
Who was god and was standing before her
And later with the permission of the God of the earth,
Went purified and after reaching Gowthama,
Who was her husband, lived with no sorrow from then on.

That man who chants this prayer with devotion,
Would become pure as all his sins would be destroyed,
And he would attain the divine joy of Brahman, not only that,
Without any doubt the men will get pleasures of earth.
If this is chanted with devotion keeping the lord in the mind,
He would achieve all that he wants.
If it is chanted by one wanting a son, he will get good sons,
And if it is chanted by one wanting money, he will get lot of money,
Even He who lies down on the bed of guru, He who steals gold,
He who drinks alcohol, He who kills Brahmins, he who troubles parents,
And even such man who is very base, if he daily,
Keeps his mind on Lord Vishnu who loves his devotees and who is Narayana,
And meditating on Ramachandra and reads this with devotion,
And salutes god, even he would get salvation,
If he is man of good behavior, is there a need to tell,
That without any doubt that he would get salvation immediately.

1.11 Sita Swayamvaram
[Sita's Marriage]

Then sage Viswamithra after becoming very happy,
Told as follows to the Lord of the earth,
"Children, Let us go to Mithila,
We also should not waste time unnecessarily,
After seeing the fire sacrifice and the bow of Lord Shiva,
We will go speedily to Ayodhya to see your father."

After telling like this they crossed the river Ganges,
And immediately went to the city of Mithila,
And when King Janaka heard that,
The Lord of the sages Kausika Viswamithra,
Has reached the gate of the saints,
With a mind completely filled with happiness,
Along with great devotion and great preparations along with,
The materials needed for worship of the sage,
And along with his teacher reached the gate of sages,
And with great joy worshipped him and stood with attention,
And at that time that great king happened to see Rama and Lakshmana.

Seeing the princes who were like the Sun and the moon,
That great king asked with curiosity,
"Who are these most handsome people of the world,
Whom even the God of love will salute? Please tell me,
Are they the form of Nara and Narayana, who have,
Assumed the form of men and came before me?"

Hearing that Sage Viswamithra replied to him as follows,
"Please believe my words, Oh king,
Sri Rama is the eldest of the very valorous Dasaratha,
And Lakshmana is his third son,
For protecting my fire sacrifice, I went,
And brought them along at this time.
As soon as we entered the forest with one arrow,
He killed a Rakshasi called Thadaga,
This destroyed our fears and after entering Sidhasrama,
He protected the fire sacrifice without any difficulty.
And by the dust of his lotus like feet, Ahalya,
Shed all her sins and was made greatly pure.
He has come with a great desire to see,
The illusory bow of Lord Shiva, and please show it to him."

Hearing these words of sage Viswamithra,
Immediately king Janaka treated the princes hospitably,
Those well-deserved princes,
With love for them increasing in his mind,
And sent word for his minister and told him,
"Go and immediately arrange to get Lord Shiva's bow",
And at that time Janaka told sage Kousiga,
"This Raghuvara who is a lad and son of a king,
Has lotus like eyes and this son of Dasaratha is pretty.
Suppose he is able to tie the string to the bow,
And is able to break it, he would become like a son to me."

That sage told then, "All these happen,
As per the words of god. Please bring the bow",
The great minister immediately sent the servants,
And with great sound of Hum, came the bearers of the bow,
And immediately along with another five thousand servants,
They brought the bow of the decider of death,
"Please see the Trayambaka bow along with,
Thousand bells and dressed in finery", said the minister.
Seeing the great bow of Lord Chandrasekara, Ramachandra,
Became greatly happy and saluted it and asked,
"can I take the bow, can I attach the string, Can I pull the string, please tell",
And hearing this sage Viswamithra told,
"Do all that you can, do not hesitate,
By this act an auspicious event will take place."
Hearing that Lord Raghava broke in to a soft smile,
Went slowly and slowly went near and saw the bow,
And with shining luster he took it and with great speed,
Joined the string and by pulling the string, broke the bow with least effort,
During that time in all the fourteen worlds,
There was a great echo and all people were wonder stuck.

With song, plays, dances, flower rain, several,
Types of musical instruments, with several auspicious prayers,
All the devas became very happy, and started serving,
The God of gods and all the apsara maidens,
Became very energetic and became happy,
At the heralding of the marriage of the lord of universe.
King Janaka hugged tightly the God who was the lord of universe,
In the crowd of all the citizens of his kingdom.
Hearing the breaking of the bow, which,
Resembled a great thunder, all the kings shivered,
Like the serpents and Maithili, the princess of Mithila,
Became very happy like a pea hen,
And in the mind of Viswamithra, there was happiness.

Maithili was decorated and made up,
By her servants and her mothers,
The pretty Maithili of the golden colour,
Wore several gold ornaments and with luster,
Wearing a necklace of gold, with respect and slowly and slowly,
Came before Rama (Vishnu), with great reverence,
And as soon as she came, she made him wear the garland of her eyes,
And later the garland choosing him as husband,
And wearing that garland, Rama with the luster of blue lotus,
Appeared extremely nice and pretty.

He shined as a very good match to the daughter of earth,
And all those people who saw that son of a king,
Immediately fell in the ocean of joy and got drowned,
And blessed that "The valorous man must live long",
And at that time King Janaka saluted and told Viswamithra,
"Now without wasting any more time, we should send our emissaries,
Along with a letter to make Dasaratha come here immediately."

Viswamithra and the king of Mithila,
Wrote and send a letter containing all the news,
In such a way that he would get belief.
And the emissaries travelled with necessary rest,
Reached city of Ayodhya, saw the king,
And gave the letter to the king of the world,
And Dasaratha who became happy on seeing the message,
Told that there is no doubt and they should start immediately.

Vasishta who is the teacher as well as a householder,
Along with his wife Arundathi started,
With great happiness along with four types of army,
Along with Kousalya and other wives,
Along with sons Bharatha and Shatrugna,
With musical instruments and cheers suiting the occasion,.
Dasaratha entered the city of Mithila.
The king of Mithila came and duely received him,
And along with Sathanandan (his guru), he saluted,
Sage Vasishta and his wife Arundathi,
Gave them Arghya, washed their feet and
Properly treated them hospitably, that great king.

Rama and Lakshmana saluted their father,
And with happiness saluted the feet of Vasishta,
And saluted in a proper fashion their mothers,
Lotus like feet of Rama was saluted by his younger brothers,
Lakshmana saluted his elder Bharatha,
Shatrugna saluted the feet of his elder Lakshmana,
And the father hugged to his chest, Rama and caressed him,
And tightly embraced Lakshmana.

King Janaka holding the hands of Dasaratha,
Told with joy and sweetness as follows,
"I have four daughters to be married off,
And yourself also has four sons,
So I feel that we can celebrate the marriage,
Of your four sons, Please do not hesitate."
Sage Vasishta, Sathanada and Viswamithra,
Fixed the good dates for marriage of the four,
And a very pretty stage was erected,
Gem studded pillars and decorative hangings
On which gem necklaces Flower garlands and fruits were hanged,
A golden gem studded seat was placed with devotion,
And after washing the lotus like feet of Rama,
Along with auspicious sounds of drums and other instruments,
Offering in the fire was made and king Janaka,
Then he gave his daughter to Lord Rama.

After he sprinkled the washed water of his feet on his head,
And Janaka stood there completely drowned in joy,
For that water that he sprinkled on his head,
Was being worn by Lord Brahma, Shiva and great sages,
The lad Lakshmana married Urmila and,
Sruthakeerthi and Mandavi who had desirable prettiness,
Became the wives of Bharatha and Sathrugna respectively.,
And all people lived there very happily.
Addressing Viswamithra and Vasishta,
Janaka told with a very happy smile,
"Earlier I have heard in detail about the story,
Of my daughter from sage Narada,
When the land for the Yaga was ploughed for purification,
We could see a gem of a girl in the furrow made by the plough,
I called that divine girl born in the sita (furrow),
Sita, because of that fact.
When I was bringing her up as my daughter,
One day sage Narada came to our place.

At that time that great sage told to me thus,
"Please hear about the story of your daughter Sita.
The God Narayana, the personification of divine joy,
That divine soul who is not born, the lord and lover of devotees,
For the sake of devas and to kill Ravana with ten heads,
Has taken incarnation in the clan of God Sun,
As Rama who has dressed as an man of illusion,
Due to the request of Devendra, Brahma and Lord Shiva.

When the Lord of Yoga becomes a man, that time,
The goddess Yoga maya is born as a human being,
In your house due to that reason and,
So give her to Lord Rama without any hesitation."
And after telling this sage Narada disappeared,
And I looked after her as my daughter but with devotion,
And I can give her only to Sri Rama.
How do others know when I have decided in my mind,
And when I thought about this, I got an idea,
About using the blessed bow given by Lord Shiva.

I made up in my mind a condition that,
Only that gentleman who can break the Shiva's bow,
Would become husband of my daughter,
Then I made all the kings to come here,
And all those kings told that they do not have,
The strength to do it and left off their proud nature,
And became very suppressed due to losing their brain,
And today due to your grace, which made you,
Bring this wonderful Rama with lotus like eyes,
I have achieved results to my intention.

Addressing that divine one who is equal to God of love,
Later Janaka talked in the clearest way,
"Now the birth as a man has become fruitful to me,
You who are morn with a form shining like ten thousand suns,
Your honour who has been born in the clan of Sun,
Are like the cloud with the streak of lightning,
Oh God who loves his devotees, The wish of my mind has been fulfilled."

I should get devotion towards your,
Red lotus like feet and I should get salvation,
Wearing the drops of water flowing from your,
Lotus like feet Lord Brahma creates the universe,
Wearing the drops of water flowing from your,
Lotus like feet, Lord Shiva destroys the universe,
Wearing the drops of water flowing from your,
Lotus like feet Mahabali got a post equal to Indra,
Wearing the flow of the dust from your,
Lotus like feet Ahalya came out of her sins and became pure.

By singing the names of your honourable self,
Attachments go away and salvation is also got by,
The great sages who always assume the yogic pose,
And so your two lotus like feet should be remembered.

Like this Janaka prayed him using different words,
And with great devotion, he gave great wealth,
Janaka gave Hundred elephants, ten thousand chariots,
And horses, hundred thousand men of infantry
Three hundred lady servant maids,
Very many different type of divine cloths,
Several types of pearl necklaces,
Different types of divine gems,
And One hundred crore gold coins, to Sita,
With great love they were accepted by Sri Rama,
He also worshipped the sages who were sons of Brahma,
In the very proper manner and saluted them.
He gave very many presents to ministers like Sumanthra,
And with great happiness Dasaratha started his journey.
King Janaka who did not have anything bad in him,
Hugged his daughter Sita and to his daughter,
Who had a pure mien, he taught her,
The way that a virtuous wife should live,
And Lord Rama who was divine,
Started his journey along with his wife.

With glorious sounds from drums like,
Maddala, Aanaka Bheri, and thurya,
With big pipes, small drums like idakka,
With people dressed in pretty romantic way,
With army made up of elephants chariots, horses and infantry,
With great joy, with father, mother and brothers,
With great sages like Viswamithra and Vasishta,
With men and maid servants,
When They started their journey speedily to Ayodhya,
The entire sky was filled with aero planes

When they were walking with all preparations,
Janaka walked with them and after he bid farewell to them,
When they were walking speedily With white ceremonial umbrellas,
With white Chowries, With ceremonial shining rounds saluting the moon,
They covered a distance of three yojanas,
And at that time they started seeing many bad omens.

1.12 Bhargava Darpa Samanam
[Parasurama's Pride Destruction]

At that time Dasaratha went and saluted Vasishta,
And asked him, "please tell me the reason for these bad omens",
"King, now there will be a certain amount of fear,
But afterwards understand that all the fear will vanish,
Do not have any fear, Only good will come,
Do not become sad, your fame will increase".
When Vasishta was replying like this,
They were able to see Bhargava on their road.

When he was of the colour of the rich blue cloud,
The disciple of Lord Shiva, one who is like a forest fire,
Armed with axe, bow and arrows came,
And stood on their way, king Dasaratha,
Greatly afraid and panting saluted him,
And all other people stood completely perplexed.

With great fear Dasratha saluted Parasurama,
And started praising him in various ways,
"Oh killer of Karthaveerya, oh treasure of penance, please protect me,
Oh sea of mercy, protect the clan of the Sun god,
Oh killer of Kshatriyas, Please protect me,
Oh son of sage Jamadagni, protect me,
Oh Lord who is son of Renuka, Oh holder of axe, protect my clan,
Oh Lord liked by Lord Shiva, protect me daily,
Oh Lord who took bath in the blood of the royal people,
And who offered oblations to manes in it, protect me,
Oh ocean of penance, Oh Lord of Brugu clan,
I seek the protection of your feet.

Not bothering about what Dasaratha told,
With great anger as if a fire was starting from him,
With face shining like the Sun at noon,
He immediately told Rama like this,
"In the three words is there any other Rama, other than me?
If you are human being and a Kshatriya,
Wait, wait for a few minutes to fight with me,
It seems you have great mastery over the bow, then hear,
It seems you are the one who broke Shiva's bow with your strength,
And please know that I have a very great bow which is from that of Vishnu,
If you are born in the caste of Kshatriya and if You immediately use it,
I would fight with you or I will kill all of you together as a group,
Understand that there is no doubt about this,
Did you not know that I am the god of death of the Kshatriya caste,
And remember that we two have enmity from a very long, long time.

After the son of Renuka told like this,
The Mountains shook feeling that earth is not safe,
All directions were enveloped in darkness,
The rivers and oceans went in to great turbulence,
Worried as to what all would happen, all the devas,
Started thinking and great sages started crying,
Dasaratha due to the great fear sweated all over,
Vasishta, the son of Brahma also became very sad.

The lad Rama assumed a tone of humility,
And told like this to the very angry Parasurama,
"If Very famous and great middle aged people,
Start saying like this to young boys,
Where is the source of protection for them, Oh treasure of penance.
How can they observe the right duties of their caste?
Is there something which cannot enter your holy mind,
Would they not be followed at once as they are told.
Always think that the fixing of the character,
Of a simple boy who cannot see, cannot be done.
I was born in the caste of Kshatriyas,
And do not have great ability to use the bow and other weapons,
Nor do I have feelings like enmity, friendship and neglect?
I do not have the power to kill my enemies,
And I know that even the killer of God of death,
Cannot disobey your thoughts and wishes and so,
Please give me the bow, I would try to twang it,
But suppose I am not able to do it, please do not get disappointed.

The pretty one, the good lad and consort of Lakshmi who is Rama,
Having a body similar to God of love, The divine one with the golden eye,
Who is the god saluted by Lord Shiva, Brahma, Indra,
Other groups of devas as also crowds of sages,
With a smile saluted all speedily and happily,
Then that son of Dasaratha took the bow,
And when he was standing there, all the fourteen worlds,
Were filled with a very great light.

He joined the string, took one arrow, put it on the bow,
Pulled the string and without effort stopped it,
And that Lord of Raghu clan asked the Lord of Brugu clan,
Oh treasure of mercy, please tell me with joy,
My arrows never go waste and so,
Oh Bhargava Rama show me its aim."

As Soon as he heard the words of Rama, Sage Parasurama,
Very happily gave answer to what he told,
"Hey Rama, Hey Rama Valorous one, Husband of Sita,
Hey Ramana, Hey Atma Rama, Hey Rama who is pretty to the world,
Hey Rama, Hey Lord who makes Sita happy, Hey Lord who is the joy of soul, Hey Vishnu,
Hey Rama, Rama, Hey consort of Lakshmi, Hey Lord of Raghu clan,
Hey Rama, Hey Rama, Hey best among men, Hey treasure of mercy,
Hey Rama, Hey God who is the cause of creation, Upkeep and deluge,
Hey Rama, Hey son of Dasaratha, Hey Hrishikesa,
Hey Rama, Hey Rama, Hey Rama, Hey son of Kausalya, Hey Hari.

But kindly here incidents of my life in the past,
Oh lotus eyed one, Oh ocean of mercy,
Even when I was a child, I went to Chakra Theertha,
And undertook Thapas of Vishnu for a long time.
By very intense penance, I controlled all my organs,
And daily served the great God.
Lord Vishnu who grants salvation, The God Narayana,
Who is served by the victorious, one who should be sung about,
The God, the Lord, The Madhava became happy with me,
Came in my front in person and told me as follows.

Oh Brahmin get up, get up, I am pleased with your penance,
Understand that you have achieved the fruits of serving me,
Also understand that you are born as my incarnation,
Oh lord of Brugu clan, you have several duties yet to perform.
You have to kill Karthaveeryarjuna, the great king of Hehaya,
Who has killed your father, though he is born as a part of me,
And has great ability in the science of war with arrows.
Then you have to destroy all the kshtriyas on earth,
Twenty one times in war and give all the land to sage Kasyapa,
And then when the entire earth attains great peace,
Live with powerful penance and attain peace.

Then in the Tretha Yuga I would be born as an incarnation,
As the son of Dasaratha and we will see each other at that time,
But without fail transfer my divine power to Rama, at that time,
Then again do penance till the end of Brahma age,
Serve me well and happily live, oh great sage.

Narayana told me like that and disappeared,
And Oh Lord, till now I have been doing all his wishes,
Oh Lord, are you not Lord Narayana himself,
Who is born as the son of Dasaratha.
I am giving to your arrow, all the power of Vishnu,
That I have so that you can take them in you.

Please make in to reality all those wishes through the power of Maya
That were put forward by Brahma and other devas,
Sir, Are you not the real god Narayana, the witness to the world,
God Vishnu and one who is spread everywhere in the world,
Now I have fruitfully achieved the reason for this birth of mine,
And I have today got the positive effect of all penance done by me earlier.
By being able to see your very pure form,
Which cannot be even seen by Brahma and other gods,
I have been honoured, satisfied and became very happy.
Your form should always live within me
The six stages of live from birth to death, which lead to ignorance,
Is not applicable to you oh God, my salutations to you,
You are completely full of the soul without any feelings,
And if we examine, you are the one who gives salvation,
This is like the presence of smoke in fire and foam in river water,
The greatness of the your Maha Maya is wonderful, wonderful,
As long as this world is completely masked by this Maya,
Till then we would not be able to understand your principle.

With the devotion that is got by good desirable company,
The men who are interested in serving you would slowly and slowly,
Would cross to the other shore, the ocean of domestic life,
Created by you using illusion, over the march of time,
But those of the men who have the knowledge of you,
Would get great Gurus, to remove whatever ignorance is left over,
Then through your grace, the knowledge from,
The great Guru would rise inside the mind.

And it would separate itself from the attachment of actions,
And get completely dissolved in your feet,
But to those people who do not have devotion to you,
In spite of billions of eons, this knowledge can never be got,
Understand that the pleasure of divine knowledge is salvation,
And I request you to remove ignorance from my mind,
And make me realize you in my mind and,
I should have a devotion to you without any doubt in me.

Salutations oh lord of universe, Salutations to Lord of Lakshmi,
Salutations to son of Dasaratha, Salutations to the lord of all,
Salutations to Lord of Vedas, Salutations to Lord of devas,
Salutations to Lord of yagas, Salutations to lord of earth,
Salutations to Lord of Dharma, Salutations to Lord of Sita,
Salutations to ocean of mercy, Salutations to one with pretty form,
Salutations to Rama and Rama, Salutations to Ramachandra,
Salutations to Rama and Rama, Salutations to Rama Bhadra,
Always Salutations, Oh my God, Salutations,
I think about your lotus like feet, Salutations,
For getting the heaven, may all the Punya (good deeds) that I have earned,
Become the aim of your arrow.

Hearing that and accepting it, that Lord of the universe,
Broke in to a pleasant smile and told Parasurama,
"I became very happy and I would now give you,
All that your honoured self wants and prays,"
With great love the son of Jamadagni then,
Told with great respect to the son of Dasaratha,
"Suppose you indicate any blessings to me,
Let me always have in my mind great devotion,
To the devotees of your feet as well as your lotus like feet,
Oh Madhava, Oh Lord of Raghu clan, Oh Rama, Oh ocean of mercy."

"Let that gentleman who is able to chant this prayer,
Become a devotee and a philosopher and specially,
When death comes near, let them get to your lotus like feet,
In their mind. Kindly bless for this to happen."

After Lord Sri Rama said, "Let it be like that,"
With great devotion the son of Renuka,
Went round Sri Rama, saluted him with folded hands,
And went with happiness to the Mahendra Mountains.
The king Dasaratha became extremely happy,
And with sorrow removed, tightly hugged,
His son Rama and shed tears of joy,
And along with the very good sage Vasishta,
His sons, army reached the city of Ayodhya,
And lived there with peaceful mind and fame.

Rama and his brothers happily lived,
Along with their respective wives,
And Like Lord Vishnu living along with Goddess Lakshmi,
In Sri Vaikunta Sri Rama lived with Sita,
And that personification of joy, taking up the role,
Of an illusory man lived happily daily.

Yudhajith the king of the kingdom of Kekaya,
Sent a messenger to bring along with him,
Bharatha, and seeing which Dasaratha,
Permitted honorably Bharatha to go,
Along with Shatrugna who was very close to him,
And both of them happily went together,
And seeing their uncle, Bharatha and Shatrugna,
Became very happy and lived with him for some time.

Queen Kausalya happily lived with her son,
And his wife Maithli, and Dasratha,
Lived happily in Saketapura along,
With Rama and Lakshmana and their respective wives,
Similar to Devendra living in his city of Amaravathi,
And The personification of joy and one not moved by emotions,
Took the form of a man for the sake of happiness of the world,
And lived happily in the city of Ayodhya,
Along with his wife Sita, who is the Mayadevi.

Ithyadhyathma Ramayane, Uma Maheswara samvadhe,
Balakandam Samaptham.

Thus ends the "Chapter of Childhood" which occurs
in Adhyathma Ramayana, amidst the discussion between Siva and Parvathi.

2. Ayodhya Kandam
[Ayodhya Chapter]

The chapter on Ayodhya is the second chapter of Ramayana. It describes Narada's visit to Ayodhya to remind Rama, that he should kill Ravana, the fixing of date for coronation of Rama by Dasaratha, the stopping of the coronation by Kaikeyi on the advice of Mandhara as dictated by Goddess Saraswathi sitting on her tongue, the grant of two boons to make Bharatha King and to send Rama to the forest for fourteen years, the advice of Rama to Lakshmana, the leaving of Rama to the forest along with Sita and Lakshmana, their meeting with Guha, their visits to hermitages of saints of Bharadwaja and Valmiki, the story of Valimiki, building of Rama's hermitage in Chithrakoota, relating the old story by Dasaratha of his killing a sage in the forest, death of Dasaratha, the coming back of Bharatha, his great sorrow, the advice of Vasishta to Bharatha, the visit to forest by Bharatha along with his army, the discussion of Bharatha and Rama, the going back of Bharatha with slippers of Rama, visit of Rama to the hermitage of Athri and meeting of Sita with Anasuya in the hermitage.

2.1 Introduction to Ayodhya Kandam

Oh Parrot which is dear to Lakshmi, come here,
Understand that it is not good to delay things,
Please tell with interest and great joy,
The story of Sri Rama further.
Please hear, I will tell it in short,
Many types of problems will disappear,
And sorrows will also not come,
By hearing the stories of the lotus eyed God
Rama who is the treasure house of luck,
Of Sita who is but Goddess Lakshmi,
Put an end to the pride of Lord Parasurama,
Travelled further and entered the city of Ayodhya,
And entered the great palace along with his father,
His mothers, The guru Vasishta who was son of Brahma,
With his brothers, with the army,
With Sita who was the daughter of earth,
And along with the people who received them,
And there was happiness for the earth,
Because they saw the very good qualities of Rama.

When The angry god, the greatest god, the god of the universe,
The god who wears serpents, (the son of Kadhru) as ornament,
One with divine form, he who does not have second, he who is the winner over death,
The divine one, he who grants safety, the god and destroyer of evils of Karma,
Started telling the essence of the story of Rama to the goddess who was his wife,
Who was wearing incomparably great corals and was the daughter of the Mountain,
She was drowned in joy and saluted the feet of her lord,
And he started telling the story with very great devotion.

Even if the story of God Narayana, One with pretty eyes like lotus,
The one who attracts the mind of ladies, Madhava,
One served by Narada, one who likes sit on lotus flower,
One who saves people from hell, an expert archer,
Lord, friend of the people, One who pervades in different worlds,
One who is the soul of several types of learning,
One who has thousand names, One who has pretty lotus like face,
One who is the enemy of Narakasura, one who is born in family of Sun,
Sri Rama the divine, Best of all purushas, ocean of mercy,
One who gives what one desires, one who is the cause,
Of the destruction of clans of very many Rakshasas,
The real Mukunda, One who gives joy, a gentleman,
One who gives wealth as well as salvation to his devotees,
One who frees desires, one who keeps those detached souls in his heart,
One who is clear, one who is not clear, one who is endless, One who is free of the drawbacks,
One who has power, one who loves those who surrender to him,
And One who gave salvation to Ravana who was the king of asuras,
Is heard day and night I would not get satisfied and I do not want even salvation.

When The Goddess Gowri who is pretty.
Told like this with devotion,
Lord Shiva, the killer of God of love smiled,
And told, "Oh pretty one, please hear."

2.2 Narada Raghava Samvadam
[Narada and Raghava Discussion]

One day Rama, the son of king Dasaratha,
One with lotus eye, one who looks after devotes,
One who likes auspicious gods, Raghava,
One who is saluted by Lord Shiva, Kesava,
Was in the private quarters engaged in love sports,
Along with Sita who has an auspicious body,
And he was black like the blue lotus,
Had moving eyes like leaves of blue lotus,
Had the shine of blue sapphire, was incomparable,
Was pure, one who is liked by Shiva with blue neck,
One who is forever, one who does not have any stains,
And his body was covered with ornaments of gems,
And he was sitting on a gem studded throne,
And was being fanned by white fan with gem studded handle,
By his own wife, and he had decorated his crescent like forehead,
By marks of sandal paste, and whose neck,
Was decorated by the shining Kousthubha gem,
And when he was spending his time chewing,
The betel leaf given by Sita with moon like face,
Narada came and decorated the world,
For the sake of all the worlds of universe.

He was with the shine of the full autumn moon,
And had a body shining like a pure crystal,
And came immediately from the sky,
And appeared very fast with great respect.
Sri Rama also immediately got up with agitation,
Seeing Narada and immediately stood up,
And along with the gem of lady Sita,
Fell on the floor and saluted him.,
And he provided water to wash his feet,
And Seat, water for drinking and also for worship,
And after the honourable Narada told,
Raghava, he sat down and smilingly saluted him.

Slowly he told that great sage,
"Salutations to your feet, Oh, Ocean of Mercy,
To us who are family people who are,
With mind embroiled in various matters,
Your lotus like feet, which is extremely,
Difficult to see would make us wise.
It may be due to good deeds that I have done earlier,
That I got a chance to see you,
Oh son of the lotus born, Oh great sage,
Oh treasure of penance, my clan, birth,
And kingdom has become very clean today.

Oh treasure of mercy, kindly tell me,
What I can do to you now?
What reason made you undertake this visit?
Kindly tell this with great joy,
And though I am a fool,
If you have mercy on me, I will be able to do all."

Hearing this, with a slow smile, that great sage Narada
Addressed Lord Rama who likes his devotees,
And also was a great human hero and told with love.

"Why you are putting me in deep illusion,
With words that imitate the usual men,
And which are clever and which were delivered sweetly?
Oh Lord of Raghu clan, please do not,
Increase the illusion of my mind, with sweet words,
Though the words were of domestic nature,
It may be needed by the great ones like you.

"The words of yours that you are a householder,
Are really very true, Oh Lord of Yoga,
It is also true that the Goddess of Illusion,
Who is the cause of all the universe,
Is your divine wife, Oh God who is the father of all universe,
When all the fourteen worlds are your house,
Your word that you are a householder is also true,
And all the different people are born out of your illusion."

Since right from Brahma to the lowly grass,
Which include all the moving and not moving beings,
Are your children, it is only true, when you claimed,
You are a householder and is it not true that,
For all the animals of the world that are seen,
Always, you are chiefly their father,
And is not the Vishnu Maha Maya,
Who takes colours like such as white, red and black,
And character divisions like good, royal and base, your wife,
And she is the one who gives birth to all beings,
And so it is but proper without any doubt that you are a householder.

Oh greatly intelligent being, you are a householder,
Greatly interested in son, friend, wife and in all things,
And for the great house of the three worlds,
You are the one and only one householder.

You are Narayana and Janaki is goddess Lakshmi,
You are the killer of god of love and Janaki is Uma devi,
You are the Lord Brahma and Janaki is Goddess Saraswathi,
Are you not Sun god and Janaki the light,
You are the moon and Janaki is Rohini,
Are you not Devendra and Janaki is Sachi Devi,
You are the fire God and the daughter of earth is Swaha,
You are the God of death and she is the law of punishment,
You are Niryathi and she is the darkness.

You are Lord Vishnu and Janaki is Lakshmi,
You are the God of wind, and Janaki is the right course,
You are the Kubhera and she is giver of wealth,
You are the king of kings and she is the earth,
Oh lad who belongs to clan of kings, Oh Lord of Raghu clan,
Oh God with lotus like eyes, Oh Rama, Oh treasure or mercy,
Are you not Rudhra and she Rudhrani,
You are the sacred tree and she is the climbing plant,
Why should I tell these in more detail,
Oh ocean of truth, valour and good character.

All that, all that which is masculine,
Oh God venerated by Vedas, all those are you,
Oh God who attracts the mind, all that which are feminine,
And all that is Goddess Janaki,
Without either of you, I do not see or hear any other thing,
And Oh lord of the Universe how can one,
Search and serve a thing like that.

Are you not the one who is hidden by illusion,
And are you not the one that which should not be made clear,
And only from that arises the great philosophies,
And from that arose pithy formula to make things clear.
Oh Lord of the earth, from the total soul of the mind and body,
The entire world was developed and this would also include,
Pride, the five vital airs and the magic of sense organs,
And then there is birth, death, pleasure and pain,
And that which is called soul by the pure beings,
Is that which is the primeval knowledge, which cannot be described,
And some people call this as the cause of action,
And the three ways of action of the mind, which is the root,
Are the reality, that which is hidden and that which is the cause
And all these together becomes specially the being,
And Lord, you are complete, divine and separated from it.

Are you not that lotus eyed one,
Who is shining divinity and the divine soul,
Which is the reflection of the entire world,
Which exists above all the worlds,
And which is the witness for everything,
From you all these worlds were created,
And all that exists, exists within you,
And at the end all these merge with you,
And proper thought shows that all these are your sports,
And definitely for everything you are the cause,
Oh Narayana, Oh killer of Naraka and lord of human beings.

All beings carry the fear like feeling,
That the real rope is assumed to be a snake,
And once we come to know that we are the divine soul,
Then the sorrow of life, birth and death come to an end,
By hearing your name and stories,
The devotion grows in the branch of mind,
And when that devotion slowly matures,
In the mind, the knowledge of you would arise,
And when that devotion becomes fully mature,
Without any doubt, one gets salvation,
Please count me also as one amongst,
The slave of the slave of your devotees,
Please do not attract me by your illusion,
Oh Lord of universe and bless me daily.
Once upon a time from a lotus growing out of your belly,
My father the Lord Brahma took his birth,
And specially bless me as I am existing,
As your grandson and your devotee,
Again and Again Narada saluted him,
And told these things along,
With eyes completely filled with tears of joy,
And that sage who carries the Veena continued.

I have come here at this time due to,
The wishes of Lord Brahma,
Since you have promised that you would kill Ravana,
And protect the world and have taken incarnation as a man,
And as the son of Dasaratha and though this is assured,
It seems King Dasaratha has decided of crowning you,
So that his country would be protected
And you also would agree for this proposal,
And later there may not be any time or chance,
To kill the ten headed Ravana and though,
You are a truthful man who has told,
That he would protect the truth,
But Brahma has asked me to tell you,
That since you have taken birth as a man,
There is a chance that you may forget it.

Hearing that which was related by Narada,
Sri Rama told the following as the answer,
"I would not break my oath at any time,
And so do not get sad within your mind,
This is only postponing the act,
And I see there is a reason for that.
For completing any task, we have to
Study the suitable occasion, so that task is accomplished.
Does not God Shiva have the form of time,
And sometimes attempts do fail,
And so everything has to be done at proper time,
For otherwise our attempt would be only an apology.

"I am going to the forest tomorrow,
I am telling this as an oath at the feet of Lord Vishnu,
Afterwards we would live in the forest,
In the form of sages for fourteen years,
And I would completely eradicate,
The clan of Rakshasa as well as Ravana at that time,
Making Sita as the causal need for it,
This is a promise that the Rakshasa would be killed."
Said Sri Rama and with mind full of joy,
That time Narada went round Sri Rama,
And after taking permission from devas and sages,
Went with great happiness to the place of devas.

Those men who read or hear or even remember,
This discussion of Sage Narada and Sri Rama,
With devotion would get salvation without any doubt.
Suppose you want to hear the story further,
For removing problems, I am going to continue telling it.

2.3 Sri Ramabhishekam Aarambham
[Sri Rama Coronation Commencement]

Once the king Dasaratha was resting
With a mind full of joy, he saluted,
His clan Guru Vasishta, the son of Brahma and told,
"The citizens and important ministers,
Are always praising Sri Rama, and
When they see many different good qualities in him,
Without any doubt they become happy.
Since I am becoming an old man,
I want to crown Rama, my first son, as soon as possible,
So that he can look well after the earth and rule it,
And I have told about this earlier to you.
And knowing the desire of the people,
Arrangements have to be made quickly.
Bharatha and Shatrugna have gone,
To their uncles place and yet have not returned.
The next Muhurtha day is Pooyam (Pushyam)
Which is a good star and I am thinking in my mind,
That we need not wait for them and perform the coronation now.

So we have to start making the arrangements today,
And start collecting all that is needed immediately.
And you also should tell Rama about it without delay,
Let us erect pretty hangings and decorations immediately,
And along with the pretty flags, The sounds,
Of Big drums should be played so that,
Happiness spreads in all directions.

Then later with great respect,
Looked at Sumanthra his minister and told,
"Please make all auspicious arrangements,
As per the words of Vasishta,
Tomorrow we have decided to crown,
The lotus eyed one, Rama as Yuva Raja (assistant king)."

Sumanthra filled with joy, saluted,
Vasishta and asked him,
Please tell me all that you need,
And I would make arrangements for them without delay."
Sage Vasishta after little thought told Sumanthra,
'Hear, tomorrow morning, in the courtyard,
You should arrange for sixteen pretty maidens,
Who are prettily made up and also,
We need to dress the elephants in gold."

Then the well decorated four tusked,
Elephants who were born in the family,
Of Iravatha should come forward.

Arrangements should be made for,
One thousand gold pots,
Pots with sacred waters in which,
Divine gems should be put and,
Covered with leaves of sandalwood tree,
And also we have to arrange for a new hide of tiger,
And also arrange for a gem inlaid fan with golden handle,
And also clean cloths decorated by pearls,
Garlands, other ornaments, and,
We should ensure attendance of good sages,
Holding the Dharba grass there.

Along with dancers, girls and brides,
Dancing, musical and instrument playing community,
Divine musical instruments should be played,
From the pretty courtyard of the king,
Military consisting of horses, elephants, chariots and soldiers,
To show their strength
And people should come dressed,
In their finery and ornaments and,
in all temples there should be special worship,
And the houses should be decorated with row of lights,
And also send word for other kings to attend,
And let the coronation of Rama be celebrated with luster.

After thus deputing away Sumanthra,
Vasishta immediately rode in a chariot,
To the house of Rama which was lustrous,
And approached it with great joy,
And when Rama came to know of this,
He went and saluted him by falling at his feet.

Rama made him sit in a gem studded seat,
And along with his wife, with devotion,
Using the pure water in a golden pot,
Washed the sage's feet and wore,
That divine water on his head,
And with a happy frame of mind told.

"Hear, I have become blessed today,
As I was able to wear the holy water,
Which has been used to wash the feet,"
Hear this sentence as told by Ramachandra,
"Good, good, are the words that you uttered,
Oh son of a king, I have to tell you something,
By wearing the water washing of your feet,
Even Lord Shiva would become blessed.,
Oh king my father Lord Brahma, only,
Became purified after wearing that water,
And now for the sake of teaching common people,
Oh man of valorous wonder, you told like this.
I have a very good understanding of you,
And I have become what I am because of you."

The real divine Brahman, the divine soul,
The one who gives salvation, the one who pervades in universes,
The god has been born in this world,
By this time without any doubt,
For the sake of the devas and with great mercy,
For killing Ravana and removing their pains,
And for giving salvation to his devotees,
Oh great lord, you have been born.
It is extremely secret as it is for the sake of devas,
And that is why I am not bringing it to light now,
Please do all the actions that are needed,
As the man of great illusion, Oh consort of Lakshmi."

You are the student and I am supposed to be your teacher,
Please teach me for the good of the world, oh lord,
You are the teacher of all moving and not moving things,
And really you are the grandfather of father's,
Being hidden from all, but spread within everywhere,
You who are the one who makes all the universes move,
Are a form that is really the real meaning of all philosophies,
You who are the real force behind all actions,
Have taken the human form as son of Dasaratha,
In the earth using the power of Yoga Maya.

I have understood this fact earlier,
As my father Lord Brahma had told it to me,
And after knowing this only, I have become,
The priest of the clan of the sun god,
So that I can have contact with you,
For if something good comes, it is not a mistake.

Today the wish of my mind was fulfilled,
I am only asking one more thing, Oh Lord of yoga
Let the Goddess of great illusion, The bewitcher of the world,
Not make me more attached and attracted to everything.
If you are desirous of repaying me as your teacher,
My desire is that I should not be attached due to illusion,
As per your desire, I am free of everything.
And do not tell what I told elsewhere.

Due to being told by king Dasaratha,
Oh lotus eyed one, I came here.
He wanted me to tell you,
That the coronation would be tomorrow,
Along with Sita, you have to observe fast,
And sleep in the floor today,
Also you should observe Brahmacharya (celibacy).
I am going to make arrangements,
For several things for the coronation.
Without being late come there at dawn,
Saying these that great sage got in to the chariot and left.
Later Sri Rama secretly told Lakshmana with a laugh,
"Tomorrow father wants to celebrate my coronation,
As Yuva Raja, without any doubt,
For that, I am the doer for namesake,
And you are the one who will get the kingdom,
Son, Since you are my soul,
Get dressed and be ready for that,
It is definite that you are equal to me,
And nobody would compete with us for these

When things like these were being talked about,
Sage Vasishta went to the palace of the king,
And told in detail all the news with joy,
And king Dasaratha was happy to hear in detail,
The worships and rituals that are to take place,
Of the coronation of the lotus eyed one,
From Vasishta, the son of the lotus born god.
One gentleman with joyful curiosity,
Told about this news to Kausalya and Sumithra,
When they heard it they became greatly joyous,
And gave him a pure necklace,
Kausalya, for the sake of good luck of her son,
Went and worshipped Goddess Lakshmi with joy,
"Oh Goddess, Oh great Goddess, You are my only help,"
And then she saluted the Goddess with devotion.

2.4 Abhisheka Vignam
[Coronation Obstacle]

The teller of truth, the valorous king, Dasaratha,
Whether he would celebrate the coronation of his son,
Is doubtful, because he is amenable to the daughter of Kekaya
And because of this worry grows in my mind,
Oh Durga, Oh Bhagawathi, Oh destroyer of bad acts,
Avoid bad luck and help us, Oh Ambika,
The king Dasaratha is a lover,
And Oh God, we do not know the will of Kaikeyi,
Let only good should be brought about," saying thus,
When Kausalya was being worried and sad,
All the devas joined together,
And made a request to Goddess Saraswathi.

Oh Mother of the world Saraswathi, Bharathi,
You have to urgently go to Ayodhya,
For stopping the coronation of Sri Rama,
As we do not find any other way,
You have to live on the tongue of Mandhara,
And living there by making her tell Kaikeyi
And induce Kaikeyi to talk and by this means,
You have stop the coronation,
Later without any problem you can return.
When devas requested like this,
Goddess Saraswathi went and lived in the face of Mandara,
And she lived there for the work of devas.

At that time Mandara the hunch back,
With three bends making up her mind,
Entered the palace, and seeing Mandhara,
Who entered speedily Kaikeyi asked,
"Hey Mandhara, tell me about the reason,
For the entire country to be decorated."

"It is definite that the coronation of,
The lotus eyed Rama would be celebrated tomorrow,
Oh ill-fated one, oh fool, Oh very proud lady,
Because of you being asleep all the time,
When a great danger comes to you,
You do not have any friend, definitely.
The coronation of Rama is for tomorrow,
Oh head gem of the lovely women."

Hearing what she told and surprised,
The daughter of Kekaya got up,
And took a very luxurious armlet,
Made of gold and gave it to her and told,
"When times are very happy,
What problem do you expect to come to me?
I am not able to understand, as much,
As I know not of any problems whatsoever."

In my mind I do not love anybody,
More than Rama, You please remember,
And not only that my love towards Rama,
Is much more than my love to Bharatha,
And without any doubt Rama also loves
Me more than Kausalya, and remember
That no one has more devotion, faith,
And Respect to me than Rama.

Would my dear son give good things,
To anyone but me,
He will not utter a word that I do not like,
And he never has any difference between me and his mother,
Without any laziness he would look after me,
With great love, and oh fool.
What is the reason for your fear,
Towards Rama, for my son is liked by all,
As there is no enmity in his mind,
He is peaceful and merciful.
She heard the words of the daughter of Kekaya,
And as soon as she heard them she further told,
"Poor one, Hear from me the reason for that great fear,
Has not the king forcefully sent your son,
Bharatha and Shatrugna who loves him,
To see his uncle, and I am sure this is willful."

If it is the coronation to Rama,
Lakshmana would have great influence with the king,
And so it is luck for Sumithra, and the ill-fated you,
Would daily serve as a slave of Kausalya,
And Bharatha would possibly,
Have to live serving the son of Kausalya.
Do not assume any royal treatment for you,
For there is a possibility that you would be sent away,
From the country or even killed.

When there is pain by the bad treatment,
From co wives, it is better to die,
Rather than live in this world suffering,
There is no doubt to it, please hear what is good for you.

Suppose you are interested to act,
The king would hold coronation for your son,
And Rama would go to forest for fourteen years,
By the rule and order of the king.
Then the entire country will come to Bharatha,
And you can also live with great fame and power,
Suppose you want, Oh bosom friend,
I will tell you a trick for that.

Once when Indra for the sake of friendship,
Invited Dasaratha to help him in the,
War between devas and Asuras,
The king along with the bows and arrows,
Got in to his chariot along with his army.
He entered the country of devas with you,
And when Dasaratha got ready for the war,
And was fighting the war, he did not notice,
That the nail stopping the wheel of the chariot had become loose,
And you seeing this put your hand in the hole and held the wheel,
For the sake of saving the life of your husband,
And stood like that till the war came to an end.

After killing his enemies, the king,
When he got free after the war came to an end,
Saw what you have done and became very happy,
And hugged and caressed your very pretty body,
And with a smile told that king of kings,
"What you have done is great, great and I have,
Decided to give you two boons, because you,
Have saved me, you can ask for them now",
You, after hearing the words of your husband,
Were happy and mixing it with in your mind told,
"Would you permit me to save this offer of boon,
So that I can ask the two of them, on some other occasion,
And this is my request to you now,"
And now you can ask those two boons today,
Without any hesitation,
And I due to the order of the God,
Suddenly remembered about this, which I had forgotten."

With courage immediately you enter,
Your home of anger and lie down there,
After breaking away all the ornaments,
After untying your pretty black curls,
After wearing dirty cloths, lie down
On the floor so that, Your body is full of dust
And after wetting your face and breasts,
Completely with tears by crying and crying,
And then ask the king for those two boons,
And make him firmly to take an oath granting them.

Kaikeyi immediately did as told by Mandara,
Without any deficiencies, thinking,
That all these are very good for her,
And Kaikeyi told Mandara, "Now,
Till Rama goes to the forest,
I would be lying her, if that does not happen,
I would definitely give up my life.,
If the king does coronation to Bharatha,
And make him rule this country,
I would give you for the sake of your enjoyment,
One hundred villages without any doubt."

"If no difference comes to your determination,
Surely, whatever you have thought in your,
Mind would be achieved" saying this Mandara left,
And later that queen followed her advice.
Even if one is brave, very kind, blessed-
With good character, follows rituals,
Follows justice, follows the teacher completely,
Is of good conduct, Is having clear perceptions,
Is interested in knowledge and also disciplined,
By the company of bad people, over time,
You Would definitely became hated by good people.
A good gentleman should keep bad people far away,
And completely avoid them with great effort,
For even gold will lose its luster, with coating of dirt.

Then at that time king Dasaratha, after,
Talking with his ministers about,
The Coronation of Rama with lotus like eyes,
Entered the private quarters of his wives.
There due to not being able to see,
His wife who was his friend of the soul,
He became very nervous and that king,
Thought like this in his mind,
"Normally as soon as I enter the house,
She would come near to me with a soft smile,
And where has that pretty lady gone today,
And this makes my enthusiasm vane slowly."

"Oh maids, please tell me, where is your mistress,
Who has an auspicious form, Where else she has gone",
When the king asked like this,
The Maids of that lady told like this,
"We do not know anything, as she has entered,
The house of anger, Oh king,
Your honour, please go there and follow,
All her wishes, without any delay."
Becoming scared after hearing this the king,
With nervousness went near her and after sitting down,
Slowly and softly patted her and asked,
"Darling, pretty one, Oh wife tell me why,
Why are you lying down on the floor,
With dust coated all over you and with sorrow,
Oh lady who has a very pretty face, Oh lady of good character,
What happened now which made you sad,
I know that all the people in our group,
Will never do anything undesirable,
Oh wife, was it females, males,
Who did something undesirable to you.
If you tell me, I would without hesitation,
Punish him or even sentence them to death."

If you happen to like an extremely poor man,
I would make him extremely rich,
Else suppose you dislike one most,
I would make him forever poor,
I can make one punished by death,
Even if he does not merit such punishment,
For I am always under your control,
Hey lady, what is the reason for your sorrow.

At this time, more dearer than my soul to me,
Is my son Rama, and I am taking an oath,
on him, who is one with sterling character,
Oh gem among women, that I would,
Do as per your wish, and so my wife, do not grieve,
And when Dasaratha told like this to Kaikeyi,
Hearing his taking an oath, she became more alert,
Wiped her tears got up and
Told the king slowly, "you who have taken an oath,
If you have really has been telling the truth,
I would now tell you what I want most,
And Oh king, do not waste your oath."

"At the time of the war between devas and Asuras,
I helped you, by saving you from your problem,
And that day you became very happy with me,
And did you not give me two boons to me at that time?
I have kept the two boons with you,
Saying that I would request them when I want them,
And I desire to have them today, Oh king."

Out of that one is that you have to,
Perform coronation of Bharatha today,
And the other one is that Rama,
Should go to the forest today itself,
That valorous one should wear a tuft,
Dress himself in the barks of trees,
Would dress himself as one who does penance,
And should live in the forest for fourteen years,
Eating only fruits and roots, Oh king.
The country should be ruled by Bharatha,
And Rama should go to the forest in the morning,
And if you do not give these two boons to me,
I would definitely and surely die today."
Immediately after Kaikeyi told like this,
The king fainted and fell down on the ground,
As if a Mountain hit by Vajrayudha fell on the land,
And the king fell as if he is attacked by a fever,
After a moment was over,
The king shedding tears and shaking told,
"Alas, I have to hear these words which cannot be tolerated,
Is it a bad dream alas, Am I seeing it alas,
Have I suddenly become mad,
Has my time of death come near,
Oh Lord Parameshwara, Oh God,
Oh lotus eyed one, Oh Parabrahma,
What can be done by me now."

Seeing and again seeing the face of,
The foolish Kaikeyi who was standing,
Like a tigress near him, Dasaratha,
Was scared of her and told her,
"Oh lady, why are you saying like this,
What harm has Raghava done to you?
What is the reason for your telling words,
That may lead to my death,"
Earlier I have hear you telling me words,
That were praising the character of Rama,
"He does not have any difference in his mind,
At any time between me and the lady Kausalya",
And to you who have been telling like this earlier,
Why these thoughts have come to your mind."

"I can give the country to your son,
Oh Lady with good character, Is it,
Necessary for Rama to go to the forest?
There would be no fear for you from Rama,
Even though Bharatha remains as the kng",
Saying this and crying and crying again,
That king fell down and caught the feet of Kaikeyi,
And then making her eyes red Kaikeyi told,
"Why are you becoming mad Oh king, Sir,
Why are you telling these lunatic words?
If you tell words which are lies,
You would go to horrible hell?
"If the lotus eyed Rama does not go,
To the forest in the morning,
Without any doubt, I would take my life,
In front of you the king, This is certain,
Please protect your name that,
King Dasaratha is the keeper of truth,
And do not suffer pains and sorrows,
By leaving from the correct right path,
Oh king, for nothing do not make the oath,
That you have taken on Rama as an illusion."
Hearing the very firm coercing words of Kaikeyi,
Thinking of the need to part with Rama,
The king was drowned in the ocean of sorrow.
Then he got up, sat up. lied down,
And cried and prattled thinking of his son,
And crying Rama, Rama, Rama,
Spent the night like a year.

By the time that the Sun was raising,
The flatterers, musicians and others,
By playing the auspicious instruments,
And shouting "Victory" and by various,
Forms and types of music, at that time,
Reminded the king that it was time to wake up,
And then the ebbing anger in her mind,
Immediately made them go back,
And they stood there with great sense of wonder

Then by that time for the sake of celebrating the coronation,
The town was completely filled up by people,
Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas and Sudras,
The saints, the maids along with,
The white umbrellas which increased splendour,
Fans, groups with lighted plates, flags, decorations,
And wearing gold ornaments and other make ups,
The army consisting of elephant, horses, chariots and infantry,
The ladies of the rich families, citizens came.
The shining golden throne studded with jewels,
Gold pots, tiger skin and all that Vasishta wanted,
Without any fault in them were arranged.
Women, children, old people and other city people,
Immersed in the very many entertainments,
Had completely not slept at night,
And roamed here and there with great joy.

The lad Rama who is our soul,
Wearing a very pure crown,
With a cheeks well decorated by,
The very pretty ear studs,
With the pretty eyes resembling the lotus leaf,
With the face similar to the full moon,
With the shining smile, cool like that of moon light,
With teeth which resemble the jasmine buds,
With lips which have the splendour of hibiscus flower,
With the Kousthubha gem hanging on his neck,
With the shining and pretty chest and the lips,
With the yellow silk over the body of the colour of the dusk cloud,
With the shining golden belts worn over the flower like dress and the hips,
With the thighs which even a great elephant will salute,
With the knees similar to the forehead of the elephants,
With the shining arrow case shining like the god of love,
With the feet similar to that of a back of a tortoise,
With the pretty back which makes you salute him,
With the end of the feet similar to a lotus,
With the body which would be saluted by the blue sapphire,
Wearing necklace armlets, rings which increase his prettiness,
Wearing dress of silk and riding on the neck of any elephant,
Along with his younger brother Lakshmana,
Would appear before us to be seen,
And we have been hungering for such a sight,
Of Rama who is the son of the Lord of this land,
And could be seen definitely in the morning.
This ogress called night is not going away,
And they, who are the citizens, all with a heart full of anxiety,
Are searching for the Sun God and not able to see him,
And the wish is making them drown in the ocean of joy