Vishnu Bhujanga Stotram

Vishnu Bhujanga Prayata Stotram
[Prayer to Lord Vishnu]
By Adi Shankara Bhagawat Pada
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Bhujanga prayata is a meter for writing poems in Sanskrit. It means moving of a snake. Adi Shankara has written several prayers using this meter. There is a very interesting story about this stotra. Adi Shankara reached his mother's death bed before she died. He wanted to help her get salvation. So he composed a great stotra called Shiva Bhujanga Prayata Stotra in praise of Lord Shiva. As soon as it was completed, The servants of Lord Shiva came to take Shankara's mother to heaven. But she was terrified to see them, because they wore the dresses of the forest and dressed in tiger skin with belts of snakes. Understanding her problem, Shankara humbly requested the servants of Lord Shiva to go back and composed this prayer to Lord Vishnu in the Bhujanga prayata meter. Once he recited it, the servants of Lord Vishnu, who had polished God like looks came to accompany Shankara's mother to heaven. She was extremely pleased to go with them.]

Chidamsam vibhum nirmalam nirvikalpam,
Nireeham nirakaramongara gamyam,
Gunatheetha mavyakthamekam thureeyam,
Param brahma yam Veda thasmai namosthu. 1

Salutations to that God who is called that which is beyond Brahmam by Vedas,
Who is the Lord of the animated principle of life, who is clarity, who never dies,
Who does not have desire, who does not have form, who is known in Om,
Who is beyond three qualities, who is not clear, who is one and who is thureeya*.

Vishuddham shivam santham adhyandha heenam,
Jagajjevanam jyothir ananda roopam,
Adhigdesakala vyavachadaneeyam,
Thrayeevakthi yam veda thasmai namosthu. 2

My salutations to him who is told as trinity by Vedas,
Who is pure, who is peaceful, who is patient,
Who does not have beginning or end,
And whose limits cannot be fixed by stature or time.

Samanodhithaneka suryendu koti,
Prabha poora thulya dyuthim durnireeksham,
Na seetham na cha ushnam suvarnavadatham,
Prasannam sadananda samvith swaroopam. 3

He has the form having the dazzling light,
Of billions of moon and sun all rising together,
Which is difficult to be seen by the eye,
Having no heat nor cold and as pretty as gold,
And is always happy and pleased .

Sunasaputam sundarabrulalatam,
Kireetochithakunchitha snigdha kesam,
Spurathpundareekabhi ramayathaksham,
Samuthphulla raktha prasoonavathamsam. 4

He has very pretty nose and eyelids,
He has very wide and pretty forehead,
He has curled hair over which there is a crown,
He has eyes as pretty as the petals of lotus,
And wears the red hibiscus flower as ornament.

Sphurathath kundala mrushta ganda sthalantham,
Japarogachoradharam charu hasam,
Aali vyakula modha mandhara malam,
Mahora sphurath kousthubhodhara haram. 5

His shining ear drops dash against his pretty neck,
His red hibiscus colored lips open for a pretty smile,
He attracts the bees because of the flower garland he wears,
And his chest shines because of garland and kousthuba gem.

Surathnanga dwairanvitham bahu dandai,
Chathurbhischalath kanakanalankruthagrai,
Udharodharankrutham peetha vasthram,
Pada dwandwa nirdhootha padmabhiramam. 6

He wears armlets made of pretty gems on his arms,
He decorates his four arms by wearing golden bangles,
He ties yellow silk cloth over his stomach,
And his two feet are able to defeat the pretty lotus.

Swabhaktheshu sandarithakaramevam,
Sada bhvayan sannirudhendriyaswa,
Durapam naro yathi samsara param,
Parasmai thamobhyopi thasmai namasthe. 7

He appears thus to all his devotees,
And he who meditates on this form,
Controlling all his five sense organs,
Easily crosses the difficult to cross sea of life,
And my salutations to him who dispels darkness.

Sriya satha kumbha dhyuthi snigdha kanthya,
Daranya cha doorva dala shyamalangya,
Kalathra dwayenamuna thoshithaya,
Triloki grahasthaya Vishno namasthe. 8

My salutations to Vishnu, the householder of three worlds,
Who leads a very satisfying life with his two wives,
One of them is Lakshmi who shines like gold and has slender waist,
And the other is Bhoomi Devi with the black color of the Dhoorva grass.

Sareeram kalathram sutham bandhu vargam,
Vayasyan dhanam sathma bruthyam bhuvam cha,
Samastham parithyajya ha kashtameka,
Gamishyami dukhena dhooram kilaham. 9

I have traveled a long way with sorrow,
In search of you, after forsaking,
Body, wife, sons, relatives,
Friends, wealth land and servants.

Jareyam pisacheeva ha jeevitho may,
Mrujam asthi raktham cha mamsam balam cha,
Aho deva seedhami deenanukampin,
KImadhyapi hantha thwayodh basithavyam. 10

The old age is attacking me like a devil,
And destroys my blood, bones, flesh and strength,
And Hey God, who is merciful to the oppressed,
How come you seem to be not bothered at all?

Kapha vyahathoshnathbana swasa vega,
Vyadha vispurath sarvamarmasthibandham,
Vichinthyahamanthyam asahyam avastham,
Bibhemi prabho kim karomi praseedha. 11

I am scared thinking about those,
intolerable state of death,
When I would be troubled by
Phlegm, heavy breathing,
Pain in all bone joints and so,
Be pleased to tell me what I should do?

Lapannachythananda Govinda Vishno,
Murare hare Rama Narayanethi,
Yadha anusmarishyami bhakthya bhavantham,
Thadha may daya sheela, deva praseedha. 12

I cry, hey limitless one, Hey Govinda, Hey Vishnu,
Hey killer of Mura, Hey Hari, Hey Rama, Hey Narayana,
And think about you with devotion,
And so Oh merciful one, be pleased with me.

Krupalo hare kesavasesha hetho,
Jagannadha narayananda Vishno,
Namasthubhym ithyalapantham mudha maam,
Kuru sripathe thwad padambhoja bhaktham. 13

Hey merciful one, Hey Hari, Hey Kesava,
Hey cause of everything, Hey Lord of universe,
Hey Narayana, Hey Vishnu, Hey happiness,
I cry like this saluting you and so,
Please make me devotee of your lotus feet.

Namo Vishnave Vasudevaya thubhyam,
Namo Narasimha swaroopaya thubhyam,
Nama kala roopaya samhara karthre,
Namasthe varahaya bhooyo namasthe. 14

Salutations to Vishnu who is Vasudeva,
Salutations to him who took the form of man lion,
Salutations to him who destroys in the form of Kala,
Salutations and salutations to him who is a boar.

Namasthe Jagannata Vishno, Namasthe,
Namasthe Gadha chakrapane namasthe,
Namasthe prapannarthiharin namasthe,
Samasthaparadham Kshamaswakhilesa. 15

Salutations and salutations to Vishnu who is lord of universe
Salutations and salutations to him who carries a mace and a wheel,
Salutations and salutations to him who destroys sorrows of his devotees,
And Oh Lord of everything, be pleased to pardon all my lapses.

Mukhe mandahasam, nakhe chandrabhasam,
Kare charu chakram, suresadhi vandhyam,
BHujange sayanam, bhaje Padmanabham,
Harenanya daivam na manye na manye. 16

I salute the God with lotus flower on his belly
Who has a smile in the face and the shine of moon in nails,
Who holds pretty Chakra in the hand and
Who is being saluted by devas and who sleeps on a serpent,
And again and again affirm that there is no God except Hari.

Bhujanga prayatham padedhyasthu bhakthya,
Samadaya chithe bhavantham murare,
Sa moham vihayasu yushmath prasadath,
Samasrithya yogam vrajathyachyuthathwam. 17

Hey killer of Mura that devote who reads this prayer,
With a calm mind, would due to your grace,
Get rid of passions and attain yogic excellence,
And later attain that indestructible after life with you.

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