Abheeshtadha Brahma Stotram

Abheeshtadha Brahma Stotram
[Desire Fulfilling Prayer to Lord Brahma]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[There are few prayers addressed to Lord Brahma. Here is a great prayer addressed to him which would fulfill all our desires.]

1. Namo Hiranya garbhaya, Brahmane, Brahma roopine,
Avijnatha swaroopaya kaivalyamruthaya cha.

Salutations to Hiranya Gharbha,* who is absolute and has the form of Brahma,
Who has an unknown form and is the nectar of salvation.
* The golden generator of the universe.

2. Yam na Deva Vijananthi, mano yathrapi kuntitham,
Na yathra vaak prasarathi namasthasmai chidathmane.

When devas do not understand you, then they have worries in mind,
And their voice does not advance from them, salutations to the divine soul.

3. Yoginio yam Hrudayakase pranidhanena nischala,
Jyothi roopam prapasyathi thasmai sri Brahmane nama.

When Yogis with no activity in their mental sky mediate on you,
They will see you in the form of a flame and so salutations to Lord Brahma.

4. Kaalaath paraya kaalaya swechaya purushaya cha,
Guna thraya swaroopaya nama prakruthi roopine.

Oh God, who is beyond time, is time and is an independent Purusha,
Who has the form of Sathva, Rajas and Thamas, salutations to form of nature.

5. Vishnave sathva roopaaya Rajo roopaya Vedhase,
Thamase Rudra roopaya Sthithi sarganthakarine

Oh God who is Lord Vishnu in Satva form, Lord Brama in Rajo form,
And Lord Rudra in the base form, Oh god who creates maintains and destroys.

6. Namo Budhi Swaroopaya tridahamkruthaye nama,
Pancha thanmathra roopaya, Pancha karmendriyathmane.

Oh God of the form of intelligence Salutations to him who has three types of egos,
Who has the form of five subtle elements and who is the soul of five organs of action.

7. Namo mana swaroopaya, Pancha budhendriyathmane
Kshithyadhi pancha roopaya, namasthe vishayathmane.

Salutations to God of the form of mind, who is the soul of the five organs of knowledge,
Salutations to God who is the soul of five type of dwellings, who is also the soul of material objects.

8. Namo Brahmanda roopaya, thad antharvathine nama,
Arvaacheena paraacheena, viswarooopaya they nama.

Salutations to God of the form of universe, salutations to god who works within it,
Salutations to God who is modern and ancient and has the form of supreme form.

9. Anithya nithya roopaya sadasadpathaye nama,
Samastha bhaktha krupayaa swechavishkrutha vigraha

Salutations to him who is stable and unstable and who exists and does not exist,
Oh God who of his own manifest s himself due to mercy to his devotees.

10. Thava niswasitham Vedaa, thavaswedho akhilam Jagath,
Viswaa bhoothani they padaa, seershno dhvow samavarthatha.

Your breath are the Vedas, your perspiration is the entire world,
All beings of the world are at your feet and your two head return back .

11. Nabhyaa aaseed anthareeksham, lomaani cha vanaspathi,
Chandrama manaso jatha, chaksho surya sthava prabho.

Your belly is the atmosphere, your hairs are the trees,
Moon was born out of your mind and Oh Lord. Sun is your eye.

12. Thwameva sarvam, Thwayee deva sarvam,
Sthothaa Sthuthi, sthavya iha thwameva cha,
Eesaa thwayaa vasyumidham hi sarvam,
Namosthu bhooyopi namo namasthe.

You are everything, you are all the Gods,
One who prays, the prayer and the one who is prayed are all you only,
Oh God, you are the one whose place of stay is in all places,
Salutations, again salutations and salutations.

13. Ithi sthuthvaa vidhim devaa nipethur dandavath kshithow,
Parithushta sthadaa Brahma prathyuvcha dhivoukasa.

After the Devas prayed like this to Lord Brahma, they fell down on earth and saluted him,
And Brahma who was greatly pleased told like this to the Devas.

Brahmo Uvacha: -
Lord Brahma said: -

14. Yadatha yaanaaya sthuthyaa thushtosmi pranthaa suraa,
Uthishtatha prasannosmi vrunu thwam varam uthamam.

I am greatly happy with your prayer, Oh devas who are saluting me,
Please get up as I am extremely pleased and request for good boons.

15. Ya sthoshyanaya sthuthyaa sradhavan prathyaham suchi,
Maam vaa haram vaa Vishnum vaa thasys thushtaa sadaa vayam,

Daily in a pure state with devotion if you pray using this prayer,
I or Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu would be greatly happy with you.

16. Dasayaama sakalaan Kaman puthran pouthram, pasun vasu,
Soubhagyam ayur arogyam, nirbhayathwam rane jayam.

I am granting you fulfilment of all your desires, sons, grandsons, cattle wealth,
Luck, long life, heath, fearlessness and victory in battle.

17. Aihikamushtikan bhogaan apavargam adhakshayam,
Yadyath ishtathamam thasya thathath sarvam bhavishyathi.

You will get firm grip on all the pleasures which would not be divided nor vane,
And whatever you desire most that will happen that way.

18. Asmad sarva prayathnena padithavya sthavothama,
Abheeshtasha ithi khyathaa stavoyam sarva sidhidha.

If you put is effort and chant this great prayer addressed to me,
This prayer which would be famous as "fulfiller of desires" would get you all that you want

Ithi Skanda purane, Kasi Khanda anthargatham Abheeshtadha Brahma stotram.

This is the desire fulfilling prayer addressed to Lord Brahma which occurs in the chapter of Benares in the Skanda Purana.

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