Sundara Kandam - Hanuman Odyssey

Sundara Kanda: Hanuman's Odyssey
By BS Murthy

If Mahabharata's Bhagvad-Gita [read the author's versification of Bhagvad Gita - Treatise of Self Help sans interpolations in contemporary idiom] is taken as a philosophical guide, Ramayana's Sundara Kanda is sought for spiritual solace. What is more, many believe that reading Sundara Kanda or hearing it recited would remove all hurdles and usher in good tidings! Well miracles apart, it's in the nature of Sundara Kanda to inculcate fortitude and generate hope in one and all. After all, isn't it a depiction of how Hanuman goes about his errand against all odds! Again, won't it portray how Seetha, on the verge of self-immolation, overcomes despair to see life in a new light? Besides, how Hanuman's Odyssey paves the way for Rama to rescue his kidnapped wife! One is bound to be charmed by the rhythm of the verse and the flow of the narrative in this sloka to sloka transcreation of Valmiki's adi kavya - the foremost poetical composition in the world. After all, it was the saga of Rama that inspired Valmiki the barbarian to spiritualize the same as Ramayana in classical Sanskrit!

1. Hurdles in Skies
2. City in Clouds
3. Prelude to Entry
4. Foray into Fort
5. Life in Lanka
6. Precincts to Beat
7. Palace in the Plane
8. Pushpak's Prowess
9. Harem at Night
10. Women in Want
11. Qualms of Celibate
12. At Wits End
13. Errand in the Bend
14. Garden of Grief
15. Withered Flower
16. She is Seetha
17. Guards all Hideous
18. Ravan on Heat
19. Dame in Despair
20. Womanizer at Work
21. Steadfast in Love
22. Deadline to Death
23. Guards that Pander
24. Carrot and Stick
25. Hapless Soul
26. Wandering Thoughts
27. Dream of a Nightmare
28. On the Verge
29. Good Tidings
30. Hanuman's Dilemma
31. Rama's Ballad
32. Is it True?
33. Genesis of Exile
34. Swings in Mood
35. Winning the Trust
36. More of the Same
37. Aborted Move
38. Story to Tell
39. Doubts to the Fore
40. Repeats the Dose
41. Rampage in the Park
42. Panic in the Town
43. Itching for Fight
44. Takes on Prahastha's Son
45. Marshals in the Mire
46. Generals in the Dumps
47. Akshay's Life on Line
48. It takes Indrajit
49. Ravan's Darbar
50. Cues of Loss
51. Advice to Deliver
52. Placates the Sibling
53. Tail on Fire
54. Arson to Hurt
55. What of Seetha?
56. Havoc of a Take-off
57. Flight sans Hassles
58. Odyssey in a Nutshell
59. Pep Talk to Peers
60. Angad on Rebound
61. Eying the Madhuvan
62. Orgy in the Garden
63. Sugreev's Reading
64. Return of the Platoon
65. News in Brief
66. Tears in Torrents
67. Hanuman's Replay
68. Times of Hope
Peep into Yuddha Kanda

Canto 1 - Hurdles in Skies

Egged on by peers Vayu's son
Enshrined by man as Hanuman
Enthused himself to shoulder
Search of Seetha, Rama's spouse
Snared whom Ravan to Lanka
Sea across that hundred leagues. 1
With his head then held so high
Gained he size for task on hand. 2
On that Mahendra mountain then
Colossus like he sauntered there. 3
Uprooted were trees all those
Brushed as with his chest that strong. 4
Varied hues of elements there
Made that mountain resplendent. 5

Grace angels those hill ranges
For their honeymoon so near moon. 6
At length he reached that hilltop
Lay where elephants in their scores. 7
Besides Brahma 'n Surya
Prayed he Indra and Vayu. 8
Facing east he sought blessings
Of Vayu then his Wind God dad
And grew more by turning south. 9
Grew as Hanuman more and more
To cross that sea vast as it roared
With full tides of full-moon night
Came he face to face with clouds. 10

As though to test that mountain
Whether it's right for his take-off
Tapped it Hanuman with his feet. 11
Shook that mountain his impinge
Shed trees flowers of hues varied. 12
Flowers all fell then covered it full
Spread they fragrance far and wide. 13
Welled out water in thick springs
Such was pressure of Hanuman's feel. 14
From the cracks it developed thus
Creaked out molten metals varied. 15

While huge boulders slid in scores
Out came smoke in thick columns. 16
With that squeeze it came under
Cried all creatures in their caves. 17
Frightened was no less wildlife
Heard were their howls world over. 18
In their state of confusion
Serpents with all fiery fangs
Marks of swastik on their hoods
Spewed then venom in profusion. 19
Venom they spit was fireball like
Turned to tiny stones there rocks. 20

Herbs of anti-venom were there
Turned though antidote none of them. 21
Felt all yogis spirit at play
Took to their heels demigods then. 22
Not to speak of vessels of gold
In their fright gods left all goods. 23
In panic they left mid-meal
Thought they none of gold armour. 24
In their sodden demeanours then
Reached they all their heavenly homes. 25

Amorous angels in their scores
Built their love-nests in those skies. 26
Ascetics of earth ascended
For bird's eye view of Hanuman's feat. 27
Heard all averments of siddhas
As well seers all stationed there. 28
Hill like Hanuman is all set
Agile as ether to cross seas. 29
It was vanar Lord Sugreev
That sent him on Ram's errand. 30

Angels there who heard those words
Looked at Hanuman then wide-eyed. 31
Raring to go then Hanuman
Slapped his thighs and roared like clouds. 32
Stretched he full then his long tail
Jerked it like would eagle its prey. 33
Circled Hanuman his tail then
Looked that eagle-clawed serpent. 34
Set to take off on that flight
Stance he took for task that tough. 35

In that as he shrugged himself
Seemed he eager and vigorous. 36
Stared he long at his flight route
Deep breathed he for take-off then. 37
All set to go Hanuman then
Thought it fit to them address
Folks his who were so anxious. 38
Spoke he thus to assure them:
Won't I dart like Ram's arrow
To Ravan's land there lay yonder? 39
No sooner than I set foot
Find I Rama's spouse Seetha. 40

Were I to happen to fail there
Won't I rush to heaven itself? 41
Were I to land in blind alley
Won't I go back to Lanka? 42
Prevail I over Ravan then
And fetch Seetha unfettered
With him in tow but in chains. 43
As he took-off he declared
Comes it ever if to the brink
Uproot he would all Lanka
And bring it as gift to Lord Ram. 44
By the thrust of his take-off
Sucked in were trees into flight. 45

As he flew at jet speed then
Tailed him trees with birds on them
And buds that flowered in between. 46
In truck with him all of them
Seemed they relatives at send off. 47
Sal trees then too followed suit
Seemed he spearhead of large force. 48
With the flowers and birds in tow
Made then Hanuman wondrous sight. 49
In time weakened as the pull
Dropped all trees in those waters. 50
Covered as he by flowers and all

Hanuman flew then glowworm like. 51
As he shrugged off in mid-air
Fell some flowers on salt waters. 52
Turned as flower-bed sea that vast
Seemed it then like star filled sky. 53
Flowers of varied hues on him
Rainbow on move made him seem. 54
Sonic boom of Hanuman's flight
Scattered flowers on those waters
Seemed then that sea sky at dawn. 55

Arms his outstretched in his flight
Looked like serpents with five hoods. 56
Filled his shadow shore to shore
Though he picked up Mach two speed. 57
Sparkled his eyes as in flight
Seemed some lava there in flow. 58
Wide open were his bright eyes
Seemed they sun 'n moon in skies. 59
With his rosy nose-tip then
Looked he like the setting sun. 60

In flight his tail that was long
Banner then of Indra seemed. 61
With the sparkling teeth of his
And the tail thus well coiled
Sun like aura Hanuman had. 62
Blood red as those Hanuman's hinds
Seemed they red hills well sundered. 63
Wind as passed through his armpits
Roared it then like lightning clouds. 64
Mistook him then sky watchers
For some meteor that was rare. 65

In flight he looked like elephant
With its tail spread round its waist. 66
Shadow that he cast on seas
Seemed to all a speeding boat. 67
Concord like he moved in skies
Caused he whirlpools in the seas. 68
With his broad chest Hanuman did
Ward off sea tides that reached him. 69
As he speeded in his flight
Formed a cyclone in the skies
Caused that storm then in the seas. 70

Mean sea level as rose to skies
Made he light of all those tides. 71
As he sped he seemed to count
Mountain tides that so neared him. 72
Splash from tides as foamed the skies
Gave that silver coat to space. 73
Torn as thus the water sheet
Felt all fish as turned naked. 74
Water snakes as sighted skies
Feared they eagle was on prowl. 75

Thick and wide was his shadow
Seemed so symmetric to one's eyes. 76
Sped as he past in high skies
Seemed his shadow like a cloud. 77
Looked then Hanuman in motion
Like a mountain with huge wings. 78
Split as that sea in columns
Cruisers they seemed in his chase. 79
Coursed as he thus Garuda like
In those skies that filled with birds
Wind like then he scattered clouds. 80

Clouds as all then went askance
Shone they well in colours varied. 81
In and out of clouds Hanuman
Seemed he like the moon on course. 82
In awe celestial beings then
Myriad flowers they showered on him. 83
Filtered Surya his heat then
While made easy breeze Vayu. 84
Sang his praises seers all there
Awestruck angels his prowess. 85

Wondered at his endurance
Angels all who watched him then. 86
Felt thus Sagar, Lord of Seas
For whom Rama's cause came first. 87
Were I to fail to help Hanuman
Make I myself blameworthy. 88
Won't I owe my reign and all
To Ram's ancestor, my namesake? 89
For he exerts for Ram's cause
Bound am I to help Hanuman. 90

Spoke then Sagar to Mainak
Prince of hills with golden peaks
Made who ocean bed his home. 91
Confined were thou by Indra
On my bed for ever so long
Barrier though as to netherworld. 92
Demons all for that lay therein
Block thou approach to this world. 93
Prowess such is unique thine
Expand thou the way thy wish. 94
Behold Hanuman as he flies
Head over mine for Ram's sake. 95
Owe that I his ancestor
Seek I now thy helping hand
To let our Hanuma serve Rama. 96
Fail if we to help him out
Enrage we might angels all. 97
Shoot up forthwith in his path
To let him rest on peak thy high. 98
Hanuman is so long in flight
Feel I time he rests a while. 99
Lighten if thou his burden
Brings it end to Rama's plight
Agony as well of his spouse. 100

Shoot up now O golden hill
Graced by varied vegetation. 101
Came out then as Mainaka
Depths of sea from that so deep
Scene it made like mid-day sun
Came out as it from thick clouds. 102
In the midst of sea that vast
Shone then Mainak like Surya. 103
Lovers all there as lay languid
Skimmed its peaks the rim of skies. 104
With his golden peak Mainak
Shone he then like rising sun. 105

In time as he showed up full
Dazzled he like suns in scores. 106
Mistook Hanuman for hurdle
Mainak who rose to the skies. 107
Not the one to get daunted
Hanuman toppled Mainaka
With his bare chest that was strong. 108
Turned as he all turtle then
Mainaka was so dumbfounded. 109
So as a way to woo Hanuman
Assumed Mainak human form. 110

It's my request O Hanuman
That thee rest on my shoulder. 111
It was Rama's ancestor
Helped who seas all to expand
That's why grateful Lord of Seas
Sent me to help thee take rest. 112
Well it's adage that so old
Help we must all those us help
Sees thus Sagar as favour
Rest if thou on my shoulder. 113
Wants me Sagar make thou feel
At home on my peak utmost. 114
Pray thee break now on my back
Non-stop flight leagues eight hundred. 115

Might as well thou savour now
Smell-well fruits of rarest taste. 116
Have as we such ties us bind
Consent thou to strengthen them. 117
Cross as thou sea Concord like
Proud are all of us of thee. 118
Make as thee our V.I.P
Guests all we give due respect. 119
Amongst demigods rank thee high
Speed thine no less than thy dad. 120

Let if am I to serve thee
Feel I served thy dad as well
Hold I whom in special esteem. 121
Had all mountains wings in yore
Hovered thus they all three worlds. 122
Scared all angels and sages
Mischance could well cause us crash. 123
It's thus Indra clipped our wings
With the diamond sword of his. 124
Came in time as my own turn
Unsheathed Indra diamond sword,
Spiriting me off with gale wind
It's thy dad that saved my wings. 125

Owing to thy parent's grace
Wings mine escaped Indra's wrath. 126
See in this I golden chance
Debt to repay benefactor. 127
Pray thee give a chance to us
Redeem that we age old debt. 128
Now thou consent O great soul
Rest have thee as our dear guest. 129
Hanuman at that told Mainak:
Words though thine me move no end
Precedence takes now Rama's cause. 130

Stop if I now in mid-flight
How am I to meet deadline? 131
Token then as of his love
Caressed Hanuman Mainak's head. 132
Moved were Sagar 'n Mainak
At the way thus Hanuman placed
Lord's his interest above all else. 133
Bidding adieu to them both
Picked up Hanuman height in flight. 134
While on course in skies Hanuman
Looked at them both in reverence. 135
Well in awe at what they saw
Praised all angels Hanuman then. 136
Standing ovation gave Indra
With other gods to Mainaka. 137
Heartened then by his gesture
Addressed Indra Mainak thus: 138
Pleased as gods all Mainaka
Feel at ease as I leave thee free. 139
In spite of the threat I posed
Came out thou to aid Hanuman. 140

In thy bid to help Hanuman
Tried thee to aid Rama's cause. 141
Indra as thus assured him
Breathed then easy that mountain. 142
Cherished as Mainak his freedom
Sped past Hanuman by him then. 143
Thought it fit then gods to put
Hanuman to test in his quest
Spoke they thus to mother of snakes: 144
Well O Surasa see Hanuman
Flies he how to find Seetha
Sea this across to Lanka! 145

Pray posit thyself in his way
Obstruct him with ogress frame. 146
Test we must the mettle in him
Moves on or he beats retreat. 147
Egged on thus by gods themselves
Surasa came to confront him. 148
With its ogress look Surasa
Addressed Hanuman in mid-air. 149
Gods all destined thy large frame
Serves as sumptuous meal for me. 150

Without a twitch of his eyelids
Addressed Hanuman that ogress. 151
Let me tell thee what happened
To Ram 'n Seetha as they stayed
With Lakshman in tow in Dandak. 152
Sent evil Ravan Maareecha
Decoy as to lure Rama
And snared his spouse to Lanka. 153
Set as I on Seetha's trial
And live as thou by Rama's grace
Pray thee not put stop to that. 154
Eye me if thou as thy prey
As soon as I finish my task
Return I would to oblige thee. 155

Surasa made him then privy
Boon which Brahma gave to her
That none can ever pass her by
Until and unless she lets go. 156
Having ignored Surasa's threat
Kept as Hanuman his own course
To test him thus she engaged him. 157
None there is an escape route
Settled it all that Brahma's boon
As and when I come in way
Pass all through but mine own mouth. 158
Enraged Hanuman dared Surasa
See if she could swallow him. 159
Neared as she with hill like mouth
Outgrew Hanuman mountain like. 160

Stretched she jaws then undaunted
Tides that took and clouds in stride. 161
Stalling Surasa's great swallow
Assumed Himalayan size Hanuman. 162
Stretched she into troposphere
Touched he then the stratosphere. 163
None less was the mother serpent
Mouth she widened enough for him. 164
Hanuman to thwart her for all
Raised himself to heaven itself. 165

Snarled then she her mouth awful
Enough to engulf heaven and earth. 166
With his presence of mind Hanuman
Turned then simian with thin tail. 167
Before she could drop her jaws
Traversed Hanuman through her mouth. 168
Gaped as Surasa spoke Hanuman:
Came out as I from thy mouth
Boon of Brahma thus fulfilled
Feel I am a free bird now. 169
Seemed he then to Surasa's eyes
Like the moon that's past eclipse. 170

Spoke thus Surasa to Hanuman:
Go on with no hindrance now
And bring Seetha back to Ram. 171
Looked all worlds in wonderment
Hanuman's feat that third in row. 172
Having tricked that Surasa thus
Then in high skies flew Hanuman. 173
Celestial singers there he saw
Stable of Airavat as well. 174
With features of earth's wildlife
Saw he flying beasts in skies. 175
With their aura of angels
Lived all righteous people there. 176
Went he near to sun 'n moon
Saw he Agni conduits who
Oblations to gods all there. 177
It's the region that ruled by
Visvavas the king that fair
Live where angels 'n such like
Besides good souls after death. 178
Entered he then that region
Serves as canopy of three worlds,
Path there sun 'n moon doth share
With Indra's stable of white elephants. 179
Saw them he all in their turn
Martyrs all of great battles. 180

Clouds of myriad colours in skies
Scattered were by Hanuman's thrust. 181
Clouds with playing hide and seek
In skies then he shone like moon. 182
Flying non-stop in high skies
Looked he like a winged mountain. 183
Seeing Hanuman thus speeding
Fiendish Simhik turned greedy. 184
Was there ever a prey like this?
What a sumptuous meal it makes! 185

Gripped she then him by shadow
Cast which Hanuman coast to coast. 186
Ship in sail as up the wind
Slowed down Hanuman in his course. 187
At last as he looked for clue
Found his shadow in fiend's grip. 188
Recalled he in dismay then
What Sugreev said at outset
That one fiend had aptitude
To grip its prey by mere shadow. 189
Stuck as he got in spite of
Effort his great to speed up well
Realized that he was its prey. 190

Grew he then to fill the skies
Cast his shadow on all earth. 191
At that Simhik came jumping
At him with her cave-like mouth. 192
Sensed as he then her intent
Hanuman thought then better of it. 193
As with Surasa so with her
Turned he simian in no time
And thus entered her wide mouth. 194
Seen in awe by all angels
It was as if moon eclipsed. 195

Into Simhik as he went
Vitals her tore with his nails. 196
Moaned as she then in great pain
Opened she wide mouth her large,
Came out as he from her then
Stopped she moaning as she died. 197
Torso as her sank in seas
Flight he resumed in those skies. 198
Saw all demigods his great deed
Showered they praises then on him. 199
Blessed him angels nonetheless
Wished him well on his errand. 200

Felt all Hanuman's great passion
Search for Seetha, Rama's spouse
Worth it was for Hall of Fame. 201
Flew as he leagues eight-hundred
Saw he yonder some island. 202
On that horizon came to sight
Found he tree-lines touching skies. 203
Landed he soon on high peak
Of the Malaya mountain range. 204
Like a mountain on the move
Sauntered Hanuman on that high. 205

Felt he then that his giant size
Won't make spying his easy. 206
It's thus Hanuman thought it fit
Better he assumed simian shape. 207
It was akin to Vishnu
Becoming pygmean to push down
Bali into depths of earth. 208
Before he turned a small fry then
Looked he at his huge frame though. 209
Climbed he Lamba Mountain then
Had which countless coconut crowns. 210

For the close up of the town
Jumped onto ground then Hanuman. 211
Sea across that miles and miles
In the end then thus Hanuman
Made his way to Ravan's land. 212

Canto 2 - City in Clouds

On the landmass of Lanka
Chitrakoot was the king mountain
Kissed its peaks all clouds in skies
Reigned Ravan from peak foremost. 1
Climbed as Hanuman that mountain
Rained all trees then flowers on him. 2
Such was stamina of Hanuman
Fresh he looked from that short rest. 3
Felt he had still left in him
Strength to circle earth itself. 4
Flying wonder that Hanuman
Powerful soldier none the less. 5

Green all yonder found Hanuman
Reached as he that mountain range. 6
Valleys all of that hill range
Had thick trees 'n wide gardens. 7
Had he thus a full measure of
Land of Ravan that was green. 8
Bore all trees there fruits varied
Besides date palms and santras. 9
Thick were bushes on those hills
Fragrant flowers all bloomed therein. 10

Birds well nestled on trees all there
Rustled leaves were by southern breeze. 11
Graced flowers lotus tanks all those
Swans in them swam with rare grace. 12
Grew fruits well in all seasons
Well-grown farms in scores there lay. 13
Itching to search Ravan's town
Hanuman in time reached its gates. 14
Lest Rama should sneak in there
On high alert were Ravan's troops. 15

Bricks of gold made Lanka's wall
Kissed its castles clouds in skies. 16
Mansions it had in millions
Wide 'n well laid were there roads. 17
Climbed creepers green gold arches
Looked like Lanka heaven on earth. 18
Seemed as Lanka city in clouds
Lay dwellings on mountain peaks. 19
Built it was by gods' builder
Earned it fame in Ravan's reign. 20

Lankan fort in that sea then
Seemed like saree clad maiden,
Compound wall its laid in gold
Looked like virgin's narrow waist,
Long-range guns its plaits parted
Seemed as gables gold ear-rings. 21
Moved as Hanuman languidly
Thought he thus in wonderment: 22
Sky scrapers these of Lanka
Won't they lead to heaven itself! 23
None but Kubera owned it once
But vile Ravan grabbed from him. 24
Demons then came to own this place
Teeth that protrude seem them fiends. 25

Such as reside in Lanka
Circled by seas as it were
Foe to fear made king Ravan. 26
Came as cropper demigods all
Of what avail Rama's vanar force! 27
Maginot line that Ravan built
Find would Rama hard to breach. 28
Rich as Lankans 'n powerful
Bribe 'n bravery might not work. 29
But for Angad, Neel 'n Sugreev
Rest might get stuck at these gates. 30

Place why horse before the cart
Makes it sense to strive my best. 31
So felt Hanuman it's proper
Handled he better task on hand. 32
With my normal simian form
Won't I hoodwink Ravan's men? 33
Big and powerful they are all
How to throw wool in their eyes! 34
Why not I turn tinier
And wait till the sun goes down. 35

Lying in wait Hanuman then
Weighed all options on his hand. 36
Not by letting Ravan's men
Smell a rat of my spying
How am I to find Seetha! 37
Without muddling my errand
How to find here Seetha soon? 38
Towel in throws as night at dawn
Confronted by unforeseen
Mid-course dullards leave their jobs. 39
Mission one's awry goes for sure
Meddles if one in half knowledge. 40
Thus for having come so far
Why not carry Seetha's word
For the waiting ears of Ram. 41
Stop me if these in my tracks
Derailed gets then Seetha's search. 42
How to look for Rama's spouse
Unseen by these guards in scores! 43
Given the strength of their network
None the disguise might well work. 44
Were I to surface as it were
Might I as well get captured. 45

Makes it eminent if I move
With darkness to aid me well. 46
It's night that makes conducive
To search Ravan's own premises. 47
Having worked out his plan thus
Waited Hanuman moon to come. 48
When the sun went out of scene
Cat-like instinct showed Hanuman. 49
Airborne was he soon over
Lanka's well-laid avenues all. 50

Pillars silver had buildings
Windows whose wore golden frames. 51
Built were mansions eight-storied
Set on gold floors were cat's eyes. 52
Stuccoes precious gems had walls
Adorned pearls their wide doors all. 53
Domes there were all gold plated
Bright they were by day and night. 54
Having had a bird's- eye view
Flustered Hanuman Lanka's wealth. 55

Land that was of king Ravan
Domicile of those demons varied. 56
As if to show him the way
Moon came out in full bloom then. 57
In the moon rays of full moon
Seen Hanuman the green signal. 58

Canto 3 - Prelude to Entry

Having hovered in the skies
Landed Hanuman in Lanka. 1
Bypassed Hanuman those sentries
Manned who Lanka's gates all there. 2
Such was mirth of Lankans then
Matched in decibels roars of seas
Graced that place with soothing breeze. 3
Lived there people strong 'n stout
Carved were elephants on main gates. 4
Of the star-filled bluish skies
Mirror image so Lanka seemed. 5

Unfurled sea breeze Lankan flags
Unleashed tinkles their trinkets. 6
Onto Lankan wall he jumped
Got he then a bird's-eye view. 7
Doors there all were gold plated
Paved were verandahs with corals. 8
Facades were all filled with gems
Rooftops there had gold elephants. 9
Cat's eyes inlaid staircases
Furnished well were drawing rooms. 10

In tandem with those tinkles
Emanated from women's jewels
Bird calls rent air from courtyards. 11
Wide-eyed he then stared for long
At such splendour never equalled. 12
Marveled as he at such wealth
Thoughts his turned to Ravan's might. 13
Guarded as well Lanka thus
Is there scope for entry then? 14
But Kumud, Angad, Sushena too
Might stand chance as Maind and Dwivid. 15

Not to speak of Lord Sugreev
Kusaparv, Jambavan, Ketumal, and I no less. 16
Be that as it may Lanka
Stands no chance with Ram Lakshman. 17
Won't look Lanka like a dame
With these dwellings as ear-rings
And its workshops her huge boobs? 18
Lights with its on won't Lanka
Look like woman in white saree? 19
Got wind of him Lankin then
Deity Lanka's that huge fiend. 20

Came she forthwith in his way
Hideous with her frame so large. 21
Lost she no time to confront
Him in her tone that was harsh. 22
Value if thou life thy now
Make a clean breast of thyself. 23
How it entered thy little head
Sneak thou might in Ravan's land? 24
Undaunted said thus Hanuman:
Dared as thee to address thus
May I know now who art thou? 25

With thy hideous looks and all
Why thee stand guard at this time? 26
Then the deity in response
Spoke to Hanuman in disdain. 27
Guard I Lanka day 'n night
Serve I Ravan in good faith. 28
Tuck thy tail and run for life
Lest thy soul should rest in peace. 29
That thou realized who I am
Make haste now 'n beat retreat. 30

Hanuman at this grew so huge
Matching Lankin pound for pound. 31
Having come thus face to face
Hanuman then her thus addressed. 32
As I heard of thy Lanka
Know I came as just tourist. 33
All I want is to saunter
All through Lanka in leisure. 34
With that Lankin lost her cool
Flared she thus at Hanuman then. 35

Enough of cunning O simian
Dare if thou cross swords with me. 36
Acting then all innocent
Addressed Hanuman thus Lankin:
Seek as I to see thy place
Wonder why thou make big fuss? 37
Lankin at that turned physical
With her fist on Hanuman's frame. 38
Roused as Hanuman in anger
Roared he loud like lion hungry. 39
Then a left hook he landed
On her huge frame bare fisted. 40

Yet he did no more than that
Out of respect for women folk. 41
With the power of his punch then
On all fours the fiend fell down. 42
Writhed as she in such great pain
Pitied Hanuman the woman in her. 43
Scared no end was wounded fiend
Bagged she mercy from Hanuman. 44
Hurt not women valorous men
Know am Lankin, Lanka's deity. 45

As I was by thee matted
Think I time to tell thee all. 46
Signalled Brahma to Lanka
Nadir as I lose my fight
At the hands of some simian. 47
Lost as I the fight to thee
End I see of Ravan's reign. 48
How can Brahma ever go wrong?
Seetha's kidnap proves him right. 49
Thus O Hanuman get thee set
On thy mission in Lanka straight. 50

Seizes us as Brahma's curse
Go in search of Seetha now
Snared who Ravan to this land. 51

Canto 4 - Foray into Fort

Lankin as thus gave visa
Set then Hanuman on his course. 1
Having Lanka's bird's eye view
Through its back door he entered. 2
So to bring it bad tidings
Put forth he then his left foot. 3
In time he went to King's Way
Had that flowering trees on sides. 4
Dwellings in all either side
Saw he mirth 'n merry then. 5

Glow of Lanka seemed to him
As cloud of silver in the skies. 6
Light as creaked out from houses
Swastiks in their scores rays made. 7
Roamed as he then Ravan's town
Well-pleased Hanuman with himself. 8
Houses he passed one by one
Each was shaped a different one. 9
Sang as dames in those dwellings
The sound of music pleased Hanuman. 10

Wore as women waist-bands all
Trinkets theirs made music scores. 11
Breathed in roars who exercised
Rhapsodic too were Vedic chants. 12
Saw he demons all there gathered
Sang they hymns in Ravan's praise. 13
For men in arms and spies on rolls
In Lanka's heart lay large barracks. 14
Tonsured men in penance he saw
Magical powers all seemed to have. 15

Weird men he found single-eyed
With lone ear some left him dumb. 16
Hideous many such fiends he found
Well armed with their arms varied,
Maces some had furrows-long
Discs rest held that covered acres. 17
Medium built they by and large
Frames theirs neither long nor short. 18
Fair were some and others darkish
Lookers were there in both groups. 19
Turns took sentries to hold high
Ravan's standards of conquests. 20

Flowers men garlands wore pastel
Frames their glowed with sandal paste. 21
Men all dressed in ways varied
Myriad all they arms carried. 22
To guard Ravan's gynoecium
In midst garrison was that laid. 23
Archways wide of solid gold
Adorned Ravan's famed palace. 24
Moats it had of lotus white
Wide-eyed Hanuman witnessed them. 25

Chamber music rent then air
Neighed white horses in courtyards. 26
Lined as chariots in deep files
Lay in hangers airplanes large,
Languid while in move elephants
Scores were horses with long manes. 27
Strolled all over deer in heat
So the sentries on their beat. 28
In spite of the vigil they kept
Threw Hanuman wool in their eyes. 29

Canto 5 - Life in Lanka

Moon in time came overhead
Raged he bull like in cow-pen. 1
Kept he darkness all at bay
Seemed to dispel sins of men. 2
Rays his splendid in columns
Sparkled lotus-like in prime. 3
In those high skies full of clouds
Seemed he like one swan encaged. 4
Spot his that was well visible
Appeared like a well-horned bull. 5

Light the king of stars as shed
Fell that on his cousin blooming
Brought that latter's spots luster. 6
Like the king on diamond throne
Shone as well the moon that night. 7
Ambience moonlight enticed all
Mates estranged to warm embrace. 8
Went as wanton to walk streets
Women married were ever eager
To mate their men they loved to core. 9
Men there were no less in scores
Gulped who by then pint or more. 10

Some of them as tried to boast
Rest in fistcuffs took to brawls. 11
Tried to shake their stupor as some
Others took amorous routes to mates. 12
Full of smiles were women fulfilled
Heaved though heavy then unfulfilled. 13
Roared as skies then like trumpets
Swore soldiers like hissing snakes. 14
Saw he many there sober souls
Took place debates informed then. 15

Found he many an ugly folk
Were they none the less decent. 16
Women wondrous had virtuous mates
Matched they stars of cloudless skies. 17
Birds as hidden by flowering buds
Women charming lay in male arms. 18
Went to their men women in want
Fondlers they turned to rouse them. 19
Women lovelorn who rivalled moon
Lacked as they mates turned all pale. 20

Men all who had women to mate
Love they made to them all night. 21
Eye lashes of dove-eyed dames
Hid their eyes in thick black veils,
Jewels that those wore in scores
Cast a charming light on them. 22
None of them though made him feel
Seetha could be one of them. 23
Forlorn Seetha he knew well
Would be lost in Rama's thought. 24
Saw he none of that anguish
In them Seetha would have felt. 25

In her agonized mood Seetha
Won't she look like that crescent
Screened by thick dark clouds in skies? 26
Failed as he to find Seetha
Nonplussed was then Vayu's son. 27

Canto 6 - Precincts to Beat

Having recouped from despair
Roamed then Hanuman all the more. 1
Entered he then Admin block
Came with face-to-face palace. 2
Keep at bay as lions poachers
Looked all scary palace guards. 3
Archways silver, gateways gold
Made that look like heaven on earth. 4
Vigil while some kept on elephants
Rode others tireless horses there. 5

Guards had ivory chariots there
Wheels of which were made of gold. 6
Facades had all well cut gems
Furniture there lay out of world. 7
Deer as ran fast in their stride
Birds went helter-skelter then. 8
Like a diamond in the sky
Lay there palace of Ravan. 9
Wore there dames all such jewels
Made which them all seem angels. 10

Lay shaking hands sandal trees
And that gave it woods like look. 11
Kettledrums as raised high decibels
Conchs in chambers blared in scores. 12
Ocean like spread had that fort
Paved its rooftop with rare gems. 13
Such was splendour of that place
Gaped it Hanuman wonder-struck. 14
Felt of Ravan's place he then
As the jewel crown of worlds. 15

Left he none there bush to search
Peeped he then through all windows. 16
Done with dwellings of hirelings
Prahastha's mansion then he reached. 17
Kumbhakarn 'n Vibhishan
Ravan's siblings both of them
Lived in mansions magnificent. 18
Went in Hanuman one by one
Quarters there of eminent men. 19
Entered he then abodes of
Vidyunmal 'n Vidyujjivih. 20

Spared he not the places of
Sons of Ravan in his search. 21
Sumali's palace he sauntered
Jambumali's own not to spare. 22
Hurried Hanuman in his search
Of Math's as well Yuddhonmath's. 23
Into Sukana's house he went
Came he out of Vikata's place. 24
Got as he in Vakra's suite
Lost his privacy latter then. 25

Karala's residence came under
Hanuman's scanner along with
Pisaacha's palace that was next. 26
In his search of Seetha thus
Laid he bare there all nobles. 27
Having drawn blank with Lieutenants'
Quarters he searched then General's. 28
Hideous ogresses at the gates
Guarded Ravan's high fortress. 29
Fearful they looked head to foot
Carried weapons they weird in shape. 30

As though to catch foes in flight
Harnessed scores were horses there. 31
Battle hardened elephants then
In their hundreds he found there. 32
Mountain-like they move in wars
Make they enemies run for life. 33
Shiver all mighty down the spine
When they come to hear trumpets. 34
In their gold shields soldiers all
Glittered then like mid-day sun. 35

Found he there all palanquins gold
Galleries filled with masters' works. 36
Gyms as there for body builders
Parks to peck for lovers there were. 37
Ravan's place was mountain like
Peacocks there strolled on their toes. 38
Flags there fluttered in their scores
Lent they breeze the roaring sound. 39
Like hot sun of mid-summer
Dazzled Ravan in nightgown. 40

Vessels of gold and ivory cots
Hanuman in scores saw them there. 41
Sauntered as he in aisles then
Spillover on wine he stepped. 42
Women there as had lovely gait
Rustled sarees to rhythmic beat. 43
Women in numbers he found there
Looked who charming dream-girl like. 44

Canto 7 - Palace in the Plane

To probe Ravan's own chambers
Ventured Hanuman further down. 1
Armaments stacked in piles he found
With rare conchs that give war cries. 2
With flaw none in cut or shine
Vessels he found with gems to brim. 3
What he saw in Ravan's place
Made it seem like magic land. 4
To his wonder he found parked
Aircar unique called Pushpak. 5

Stood out for its looks Pushpak
Seemed it was like made for gods. 6
Lodged in it were women of charm
Live wire like they moved in aisles. 7
In its splendour looked Pushpak
Like the moon on earth landed. 8
Insignia it had hills of gold
Bore they trees of flowers diamond. 9
Housed it mansions furrows-long
Lawns theirs had large swimming pools. 10

Seemed it as if on take-off
Sight that made him rub his eyes. 11
Carved were birds on huge corals
Made of gems were horse statues. 12
Birds therein all seemed to him
Like the allies of Love God. 13
Goddess Lakshmi's deity lay
On lotus red in blue waters
With elephants white on either side. 14
Swayed as it him no end then
Went he in thrall round Pushpak. 15

Overawed though he by Pushpak
Resumed his search soon Hanuman. 16
Having failed to trace Seetha
Seized was he with thus sorrow. 17

Canto 8 - Pushpak's Prowess

End to end he searched Pushpak
Cover he could not all its ground. 1
Wonder that was Pushpak called
Like the one that never conceived. 2
Abodes of gods 'n angels too
Add up not to Pushpak's tail. 3
It had in itself to change
Needs to suit of who owns it,
Got it Ravan not for song
For he had to shed his blood. 4
When in flight it acquires speed
Synch which would with pilot's mind. 5

Presence of it then got Lanka
Preeminence in all three worlds. 6
Frescos it had men in rows
With that vigorous look on them. 7
Amidst vernal season then
Looked Pushpak like flower mountain. 8

Canto 9 - Harem at Night

In the midst of Pushpak lay
The Palace Royal of Ravan. 1
Built it was with gems all rare
Plinth it had of two score miles. 2
Went in Hanuman in the hope
Therein he would find Seetha. 3
Having got in he sauntered
In those royal chambers there. 4
With their knives drawn to the hilt
Found he guards there door to door. 5

Saw he Ravan's wives in scores
Maidens that he grabbed by force. 6
Found he ponds of ocean size
Lived where crocodiles with white whales. 7
Amidst the riches it sported
God like Ravan lived in there. 8
With sons 'n siblings there Ravan
Bettered thus lifestyle of all gods. 9
Entered harem Ravan's Hanuman
Pushpak's that was star attraction. 10

Custom built was that Pushpak
By God's own architect for Brahma. 11
In the times of yore Kuber
Sought and got it from Brahma,
Wanting it to serve his needs
Grabbed it Ravan waging war. 12
Spoils of war as it made
Pictured bullfights on its walls. 13
Stretched its ceiling to high skies
Cellars its touched depths of earth. 14
Pushpak's glitter makes Lanka
Seem as daytime during nights. 15

Emeralds it had for doorknobs
Windowpanes were crystal class. 16
Pearls it had all paved for floor
Gave that look of white carpet. 17
Woodwork of its red sandals
Made the place all smell so sweet. 18
Shaped so well were secret vaults
Deceive they would the best of spies. 19
Entered Hanuman its pantry
Feed which could a million mouths. 20

Aroma of all recipes there
Reached him with a come-hither tag. 21
Entered he then that portion
Lived where Ravan as the god. 22
Stairs it had of gems inlaid
Handles of them ivory made. 23
Pillars it had gold ingots
Glowed they all like candlelights. 24
None was taken for granted
Flawless was the way it shaped. 25

With woven Atlas on them bright
Laid were carpets continent size. 26
Birds on heat were perched on trees
Cooed they in their scores well pecked. 27
Smoke that scented sticks emitted
Got spread throughout Ravan's land. 28
Kept its aura gloom at bay
It's where Ravan set his shop. 29
At home Hanuman felt therein
Entered though he enemy's place. 30

Felt he was in heaven itself
Fit for gods of every faith. 31
Finding no scent of Seetha
Seemed he gambler who lost all. 32
With his person 'n harem
No less Ravan added then
Lustre to that bright Pushpak. 33
Maidens there were in thousands
Dressed they like for fashion show. 34
Drunk they were all to the dregs
Bent their eyelids all downward. 35

Slept one by one all of them
Seemed the place as swan filled pond. 36
Postures theirs were well composed
Breath their smelled as flowers at dawn. 37
Petals like lotus their faces
Seemed in sleep all lotus buds. 38
Zoomed all drunken bees in scores
As would go round flowers in bloom. 39
Celibate as he wished they were
Flowers all real and not damsels. 40

Angel like dames made Ravan's
Harem seem like star filled sky. 41
Ravan in their midst then looked
Like the blooming moon in skies. 42
Felt of Ravan's lovers Hanuman
Were like meteors made there home. 43
Skins theirs were like cloudless skies
Pure were demeanours of those dames. 44
Orgasms multiple they had all
Askance went things on them all. 45

In their coitus furious dots
Vermilion theirs smudged foreheads. 46
Passion with such they coited
Crushed were pearls of chains they wore. 47
Breath of theirs as they made love
Withered all flowers of their garlands. 48
Chains of jewels that they wore
Made their boobs seem sun 'n moon. 49
Sank as pearls in their valleys
Seemed they swans that lay in rest. 50

Looked like canal banks their thighs
Waists theirs seemed so tiny streams. 51
Smiled in slumber some sweetly
Dreamt as though of lay they had. 52
Embrace in theirs of Ravan
Breasts of theirs as chest his crushed
Made then imprints of their chains
Seemed that matching pairs on them. 53
Covered as pallus their faces
Pairs of bellows turned their breaths. 54
As was standards of Ravan
Bright were hues of their sarees. 55

Turned as pallus to bellows
Vibed like pendulums their ear-rings. 56
Smelled well as the breath of theirs
Got that better with wine they had. 57
Sexy co-wives of Ravan
Kissed in ardour one another. 58
In their craving for Ravan
Made they lesbian love in turns. 59
Some of them in their slumber
Folded their hands for pillows. 60

Made some thighs of their co-wives
Headrests for their wondrous heads. 61
Used some leggies flat bellies
Of co-wives to spread their legs. 62
Entwined slept as Ravan's dames
Seemed they strings of white roses,
Hair theirs seemed to cover them all
Bees as would all flowers in bloom. 63
Harem Ravan's felt Hanuman
Creeper like grove in full spring. 64
Body odours of those dames
Lent the air all with then scents. 65
With such abandon slept they all
Moved their sarees up their thighs. 66
That Ravan was fast asleep
Gods dared eye his women in sleep. 67
Most of them in Ravan's hold
Came coveting him on their own. 68
Beauty as theirs made him weak
Dragged he some of them to bed. 69
Fetched him some the hearsay true
His great valour spread world over. 70

Found none of them then Hanuman
Found might wanting to share throne. 71
Seeing them all so fulfilled
Wished he Ram 'n Seetha well. 72
That the learned Ravan snared
Seetha who was chaste to Rama
Saddened Hanuman no end then. 73

Canto 10 - Women in Want

Hanuman on the sly entered
Chambers private of Ravan. 1
Such a cot he found lay there
Made to rival Ravan's throne. 2
Meant to impart moon's aura
Had it canopy made of wreaths. 3
Cot his huge was made of gold
Seemed on it sun came to rest. 4
Fanned by lovely handmaidens
Rent air perfumes rare fragrance. 5

Bed it had of soft sheepskin
Stuffed to brim with silk cotton. 6
With red eyes for want of sleep
He-man Ravan lay there spread. 7
Layers thick of sandal paste
Applied on his manly frame
Soothed those scores of love bites deep. 8
Splendid jewels wore he then
Seemed they lightning in grey cloud. 9
In the forest of fair sex
Slept there Ravan like a log. 10

Signs there were for all to see
Left he none there to make love. 11
Hanuman in awe neared Ravan
But the fact that he played foul
Made him stop then in his tracks. 12
Such was aura of Ravan
Made the simian stare at him. 13
Harem in his lay Ravan
Like a trunk with thick creepers. 14
Arms his long with gold epaulets
Looked like poles for Indra's flags. 15

Sported scores both combat scars
Of his battles fought with gods. 16
Like the mythical five-hood snakes
Arms his strong were well tapered. 17
Of hair oils his women had used
Smelled his hands of varied scents. 18
Rings he wore on his fingers
Gave a measure of his strong hands
Made which worlds all bow to him. 19
With the power of his own hands
Subdue he could all three worlds. 20

In that king-size bed Ravan
Lay he like a king elephant. 21
Such was the build of his frame
Looked he like a mountain then. 22
Breaths of Ravan seemed to fill
The insides all of that Pushpak. 23
Thus the aisles of that Pushpak
Were then filled with flowery scent. 24
Diamond ear-studs of Ravan
Seemed as diadem askew then. 25

On his hairy chest that broad
Glistened golden chains he wore. 26
Loincloth he wore of white silk
Left its guard on legs his strong. 27
Lay as he on white bedspread
Looked he like a black diamond. 28
Amidst the candle light that night
Seemed he like rain-bearing cloud. 29
Women that slept on his huge bed
Shone like stars in clear blue skies. 30

Saw Hanuman all Ravan's wives
With their aura that paled moon. 31
While some slept on arms his long
Others lay on his thighs that strong. 32
Had they ear-rings of cat's eyes
Wore they armlets of large gems. 33
It's their aura in Pushpak
Made it Milky Way on earth. 34
Hourglass figure women all had
Had them Ravan all of them. 35

For those in queue to make it to
Ravan's bed of hot pursuit
Thought of his was so pumping
Failed they manage to have wink. 36
Like a wreath that logged to boat
Lasses some hugged their veenas. 37
Slept a dame with drum by side
As would she have her newborn. 38
One with throbbing boobs so big
Hugged a drum like lover in want. 39
Pressed one flute in her valley
As would amorous woman manhood. 40

Hugged as eager a woman violin
Pressed by heaving breasts of hers
Scored it erotic notes on own. 41
Looked one temptress every inch
Hugged she trumpet like a wrench. 42
One who drank all to the dregs
Tabor she locked in armpit. 43
Demure was the one that hugged
Drum so small her breasts could hold. 44
Those that could hold no longer
Made they dildos of their flutes. 45

Tipsy turned a woman in sleep
Jug of lavender thus upturned. 46
One of those whom Ravan had
Drained as she to dress herself
Laid her hands on her nipples. 47
Amorous woman in all her want
Locked one lissome lass like brace. 48
Came to Ravan's women handy
Instruments varied that there lay. 49
Saw he then the gem of all
Slept who on a separate cot. 50

Charm hers was such made the rest
Seem like stars of full moon night. 51
Woman of golden hue there lay
None other than king Ravan's queen 52
Heard as he all gods coveted
Mandodari the marvellous one
Yet felt Hanuman that peerless
Woman might as well be Seetha. 53
In his joy he found Seetha
Got he into simian ways. 54

Canto 11 - Qualms of Celibate

Felt soon Hanuman that Seetha
Forsake would not her Lord Ram. 1
How could forlorn Seetha then
Would have had that happy look? 2
Could ever Seetha find a man
Who would out tempt her Rama? 3
In his search for Rama's spouse
Went in Hanuman further down. 4
To his surprise there he found
Many more in wait for Ravan. 5

After a bout of game of dice
Worn out there lay some on beds. 6
On their sexiness lasses
Indulged then in innuendos. 7
Some as cracked crude party jokes
Rest of them had heck of time. 8
Praised all each other's wantonness
Bragged they all about ways of flesh. 9
Felt then Hanuman if at dawn
Should Ravan all lay them true
Makes him raging bull in pen. 10

Finds as he his mates on heat
Looks he no less king elephant. 11
Meant to succor their sex urge
Sweets varied were well laid there. 12
Found he there lay on platter
Meat of deer and boars deep-fried. 13
'Use-me' vessels of solid gold
Brimming there with leftovers. 14
Beasts assorted were slaughtered
For the sumptuous meal they had. 15

Recipes all of fish he found
Flesh as well of birds roasted. 16
Plentiful lay food vegetarian
Fresh that was and spicy too. 17
Besides silver jars of wine
Desserts were there in gold plates. 18
On the cots that lined furlongs
Spread were jasmines one foot deep. 19
Corals those that filled the floors
Seemed they all like burning coals. 20

Aroma of the food there lay
All the more them made hungry. 21
Served were juices of fresh fruits
Spirits they raised in there gathered. 22
Mean it was no that quarter
Than those chambers of Ravan. 23
Entered storeroom as Hanuman
Found he racks and racks of gold. 24
Saw he wine in vats of gold
Studded which all with rare gems. 25

Vats of silver there he found
With half full of wine still left. 26
Lay there mounds of food so fresh
Feed which could scores hungry souls. 27
Found be broken goblets there
Stamped by maidens in their haste. 28
Stepped he out of that quarter
Straight into that banquet hall
Lesbians full in their couplings. 29
In their pairs they shared blankets
Which in turns they pulled on each. 30

Breath of some made own pallus
Ripple like reeds in windy climes. 31
Aroma from their breath then matched
With those dregs of wine they left. 32
Sea breeze that was so profuse
Scent theirs took to all corners. 33
In that banquet hall were found
Beauties black 'n blonds as well. 34
Worn out as by excess sex
Looked some then like shrunken bees. 35

Women of allure though they were
None had charms of Rama's spouse. 36
Celibate that he was Hanuman
Developed thus he qualms of own
If the sight was right for him! 37
Doubts came thick and fast to him
Turned if he then peeping Tom. 38
Blamed he Ravan for his plight
Act whose brought him to that pass. 39
Single minded that Hanuman
Aside he set his doubts in time. 40

For he had no covetous look
Women all failed to excite him. 41
Felt he nice that his own mind
Helped his celibate intent then. 42
What else could he do to find
Seetha than to scan fair sex. 43
Would one expect to find her
Amidst a flock of deer on run. 44
With no stone as left unturned
Alas, Seetha he couldn't find. 45

Lovely women all he found there
But not Seetha his Lord's spouse. 46
Looked he then back at Pushpak
Searched he which from tip to toe. 47
Not the one to leave mid-course
Pursued Hanuman Seetha's search. 48

Canto 12 - At Wits End

In his search for Seetha thus
Sauntered Ravan's place Hanuman. 1
Failed as he to find her still
Felt she could have died of grief. 2
Finding her no yielding type
Ravan could have got her hanged. 3
Or else Seetha should've gone
Underground in Ravan's land. 4
Were he to go with blank page
Would Lord Sugreev approve that? 5

Would not all the pains it took
For him to reach Ravan's land
Come to naught were she not found? 6
When he would go back in time
Won't his peers and Lords as well
Get round him for Seetha's news? 7
Were he to show empty hand
Won't that break the hearts of all? 8
What would elder Jambavan say?
How Prince Angad would take it! 9
So as not to fail them all
Not by finding Seetha now,
Better I pull up socks my well
So to pass through pathless woods. 10

If one gives up not on hopes
Tends that towards goal his own. 11
Resolved he thus not to sulk
But to press then even more. 12
Having felt thus he went back
To all those places he had been. 13
After making one more round
Of the harem of Ravan
Stepped he out of Pushpak then. 14
Entered he then those dwellings
Annexed to Ravan's Royal Court. 15

Searched he then the town proper
That was Lanka's headquarters. 16
As though to leave none to chance
Sauntered Hanuman suburbs there all. 17
Left he none of private parks
Nor he spared a public place. 18
But for woman of hideous looks
Found he not there Rama's spouse. 19
Saw he though there stunners too
Found he Seetha nowhere there. 20
Saw he many an angel there
In them in vain he searched her. 21
Drew he blank in captive cells
Lodged where women by Ravan brought. 22
Having failed to find her there
Agonized Hanuman even more. 23
What a waste of time it was
To come to Lanka in her search! 24
Sank he on his knees Hanuman
Despaired of that mission failure. 25

Canto 13 - Errand in the Bend

On the rebound then Hanuman
Like a lightning reached Pushpak. 1
Staring at the place he searched
Thought he errand of his failed. 2
How come Seetha was not found
Left I though no room to search? 3
In all entire land of this
Had I left a stone unturned? 4
If I go by Jataayu's words
And fetch Rama here forthwith,
Failing to see her he would
Take his wrath on all of us. 5

Would have Seetha in despair
Succumbed to Ravan in secret! 6
Sped as Ravan her in arms
Out of range of Ram's arrow,
Preferring death to his amour
Did she into ocean drop? 7
Flew as Ravan her in skies
Having seen never ending seas
Lost she might have been her nerve
And thus died in mid-air then. 8
Chaste as Seetha to her man
The thought of rape by Ravan then
Would have led her heart to seize. 9
Committed that she to her Lord
Tried as she to wriggle herself
Would have slipped from Ravan's grip. 10

With none around to rescue her
Drowned she might have Ram in mind. 11
For that matter Ravan's wives
Would have killed her by envy. 12
Or else forlorn Seetha might
Have died in her great despair. 13
For Lakshman to help her out
Seetha would have surely cried. 14
Maybe in some secret vault
Ravan could have confined her. 15

Seems it absurd even then
Seetha would to Ravan turn. 16
With no news of Seetha now
Makes it no sense to go back. 17
Reported dead or found missing,
What a breaking news it makes? 18
What an end to such beginning
Should that ever end in deadlock? 19
Were I to go now without a clue
What's the worth of my errand? 20

Not for Sugreev sent me here
Have I count of Ravan's wives. 21
What would Rama have to say
Were I to face him blank faced? 22
Were I to state that found her not
Wouldn't he die of broken heart? 23
Hears if he of mission failure
What for he would like to live? 24
Seeing Rama slip in coma
Lakshman too would come to grief. 25

Back home Bharat 'n Satrughna
Break down hearing breaking news. 26
Won't on hearsay go to grave
Mothers three of brothers those four? 27
Having failed to keep his word
Won't our Sugreev die of shame? 28
Unable to bear her man's death
Wouldn't then Ruma forego life? 29
Mourns as Tara, Vali's death
Won't her new Lord's death kill her? 30

Wont' then follow suit Angad
Tara's son to Vali born. 31
If ever enemies eye our land
What would come of our empire? 32
Made all prosper Sugreev's reign
Won't they feel all orphaned now? 33
In the wake of Sugreev's death
Sport 'n pastime suffer no end? 34
Won't feel vanars fatherless
And get scattered world over? 35

In that depressed state of theirs
Many might as well end their lives. 36
Were I to go without her sight
It's like taking death sentence. 37
Serves no purpose going there
Without the news of her welfare. 38
Were I to stay put here itself
Might they as well live in hope. 39
Better I remain in her search
Feed I would on fruits 'n roots. 40

As and when I reach dead end
Can't I immolate without a trace? 41
Or unto death I would fast
Upon my frame let beasts all feast. 42
Why not I let myself drown
In the selfsame sea I crossed? 43
It was such a good beginning
Why should it ever end different? 44
Fail in case to find Seetha
What if I turn ascetic here? 45

Live if I in Lanka thus
Won't I let live my folk there? 46
Downs as curtain death on life
Takes none further part on stage. 47
At not finding Rama's spouse
That's how Hanuman's mind wavered. 48
Brave that he was rose in time
And thought of seeing Ravan's end. 49
Or else I could lift Ravan
And fly across the sea I crossed. 50

Confined somewhere in these parts
How that would serve Seetha's cause? 51
As he thought the better of it
And thought none of Ravan more
Came to sing the same old tune. 52
Were I to go by Jataayu's words
And fetch Rama here forthwith
Finding her not he would sulk
And his wrath would harm us all. 53
Stay if I back in Lanka
Harm I none in Kishkindha. 54
Oh, isn't yonder garden there?
Well, how I failed to notice that! 55

Seems like gods are guiding me
In my search of Rama's spouse. 56
What if that grove yields that fruit
Brings which joy to Rama's heart? 57
Buoyed by that thought he set
Sights his all then on that grove. 58
So to bring him good tidings
Prayed he Ram 'n Seetha then
As well Lakshman and Rudra,
Besides Indra and Vayu
Yama 'n Surya not to speak
Angels all there in the skies
Prayed them all he in reverence. 59
Hoping to find her in grove
Sought he as well Sugreev's grace. 60
Striding there in long strides
Worked out moves his in advance. 61
Find I would there guards for sure
With swords drawn to stop trespass. 62
For the comfort of someone
Breezes past that he that grove
Seems that Vayu is concerned. 63
Assume I might tiny form
And turn needle in haystack. 64
Hope gods all of heavens there are
Help me in my mission on earth. 65

If I were to go blindfold
Moonlight hope would lead me to
Rama's spouse in Ravan's land. 66
Sure to bless is Lord Vishnu
That I would see Seetha now. 67
How I wish to see Seetha
With such beauty that is rare. 68
Pining for so long for Ram
May not she look at her best. 69

Canto 14 - Garden of Grief

With Seetha in mind Hanuman
Reached that garden royal soon
Perched he then on compound wall. 1
In that grove that's thick and wide
Saw he scores of full-grown trees. 2
Besides Asoka trees there were
Flowering neem and mangoes too. 3
Like Ram's arrow then he sped
Towards a climber in that grove. 4
Flowers there all pleased him much
Thrilled him sounds all birds then made. 5

Shone there flowers North Star like
Sauntered there then deer languid. 6
Craving cuckoos cried on trees
Bees on heat on flowers there zoomed. 7
Hovered birds then for their mates
Clamoured peacocks there on ground. 8
Jumped as he from tree to tree
Woke up birds all from their sleep 9
Birds as fluttered into skies
Severed by their wings flowers all there. 10

Fell as flowers those on him thus
Made they mountain on his frame. 11
To get rid of that flower burden
As he grew in size Hanuman
Seemed he Spring God on the rise. 12
Flowers as scattered all over
Gave that mother earth maiden look. 13
Toyed as he then with trees there
Fell all balance flowers they wore. 14
Tried as he to test his strength
Dropped were ripen fruits they bore. 15

Spared not his push leaves even
Trees there stood like lost gamblers. 16
Bare as turned thus trees all there
Birds were then left with no shades. 17
Pulled he trunks then with his tail
Broke them all with arms and legs. 18
Like the ravaged women by him
Battered there lay Ravan's grove. 19
As would scatter clouds by wind
Severed lay creepers from tree trunks. 20

Found as he his way inside
Saw he footpaths paved with gold. 21
Ponds were there of pure water
Steps which had with gems inlaid. 22
Beds of those had pearls for sand
Grew there golden trees on banks. 23
Made flowers lotus red carpets
Swans like royal guests sauntered. 24
Serviced were they by canals
Brought they water nectar like. 25

Lined on banks of those canals
Trees that nearly kissed skyline. 26
In the midst of that vast grove
Mountain there lay that was huge. 27
Had it numerous caves so deep
House which could a million men. 28
Found on it a stream Hanuman
Seemed that like a dame enraged
Sprang who up from beloved's lap. 29
As would desist her friends then
Her from leaving estranged mate
So bent branches on those banks
Touching waters at mid-stream. 30

Wound its way then back that stream
As would pacified woman backtrack. 31
On those branches of thick trees
Birds of same feather flocked together. 32
With clear water that was cool
Laid there was a swimming pool. 33
Change rooms built for both sexes
Gave that complex ambiance rare. 34
Gardens lay there in the scores
Walkways were all coral paved. 35

Flowerpots plenty of pure gold
Contained colorful crotons there. 36
Spread there Sinsupa far and wide
Dais of gold all covered its ground. 37
Round the dais of spick and span
Grown were tropical trees varied. 38
In that grove of golden hues
Shone Hanuman like rising sun. 39
Trinkets tied to branches there
Set they tune for passing breeze. 40

Soared as hopes his sky high then
Climbed he Sinsupa's topmost branch. 41
Had a premonition Hanuman then
Seetha would grace that place soon. 42
Wonder as was that Pushpak
Seemed the garden none the less. 43
Forlorn so long that Seetha
Wouldn't she find this grove soothing? 44
Why not as she got used to
Strolling in the thick jungles. 45

Fatigued as would be Seetha
By the constant thought of Ram
Might come her for recouping. 46
As she saunters in that grove
Recall she would with fondness
Time she spent with her man then. 47
Besides she was so fond of
All that goes for life in woods. 48
Fail she might not to turn up
For her morning bath downstream. 49
Think I not of another place
Better which would for morning walk. 50

Were she to be alive still
Won't she be drawn to this stream? 51
Driven by hope of finding her
Lay there Hanuman in hiding. 52

Canto 15 - Withered Flower

Failed as Seetha to turn up
Came in open then Hanuman. 1
Deep breathed as he so he felt
Scent there that of sandalwood. 2
Ventured as he further down
Thought he was in Indra's grove. 3
Wildlife he found there so rare
Thought he visited other planet. 4
Buildings there were five-storied
By boulevards wide hundred feet. 5

Fruits they bore all golden hues
Seemed they street lamps in their scores. 6
Perched as they in their thousands
Seemed as trees had birds for leaves. 7
Birds as flew with flowers in beaks
Looked they all like well-decked brides. 8
For their flowery burden then
Developed branches some hunchbacks. 9
Garden plants in some courtyards
Peeped over their compound walls. 10

Find them would a passerby
In their varied shades of green. 11
Wondered Hanuman how he failed
First to search that wondrous place. 12
In the gardens of all earth
Won't it score a perfect ten? 13
What other place can Ravan find
Helps which Seetha change her mind? 14
Saw he then that hall supreme
Built by Ravan to rival
God's own pavilion in grandeur. 15

Raised on thousand gold pillars
Glowed that like one thousand suns. 16
When he could his sight adjust
Saw he towers its kiss the clouds. 17
As if it were by sixth sense
To Sinsupa turned back Hanuman
Only to find there seated
Woman so young with dress so old. 18
Heard her sighs he on and off
Circled her as demonic guards. 19
Seemed she like a flame so bright
Shrouded then by smoke that thick. 20

Clad she was in soiled silk
Wore no necklace on herself. 21
Grief her wore down to core
Sat she bowing head in shame. 22
Cried she with her tear-filled eyes
Looked she distraught 'n famished. 23
Like a hare that lost its way
Into hounds on hunt she looked. 24
Dark hair hers in plait that thick
Touched the ground on which she sat. 25

In spite of her soiled dress
Demeanor hers was lady like. 26
Well she could be Rama's wife
Kidnapped by the Lankan king. 27
No doubt it was Rama's spouse
For she matches thumbnail sketch
That Lord Rama drew for him. 28
Charm her golden frame oozes
Brings forth brightness to darkness. 29
Waist her narrow lends her frame
The flowing look that aids her gait. 30

Eyes her wide like lotus leaves
Were shaped to acquire amorous looks. 31
But, in her grief they lost lustre
As would stars by clouds shrouded. 32
As would spendthrift his holding
Agony of hers shrivelled her frame. 33
With signs none of her rescue
Seemed she lost her will to live. 34
Wanted she her man to know
Ravan by force brought her there
Though she would not yield to him. 35

Swollen were her tearful eyes
Sunken were her crimson cheeks. 36
Ever since Ravan brought her there
Looked she had no bath since then
Made which seem her cloudy moon. 37
Found in dilemma Hanuman then
If she could be Rama's spouse. 38
But then aura he espied
None but Seetha could have that. 39
Looked he then on for jewels
As though they were missing links. 40

Those to him Ram made privy
Found them lying on low branch. 41
To help Seetha please Rama
Well-crafted were all of them. 42
Dust as they all thus gathered
Turned those into dirty brown. 43
Missing indeed from that lot
What she let go from mid-air
So to give clue to her man. 44
It was vanars who found her
Shawl with jewels hers tied in
That she dropped on Rushyamook. 45

How well these all now I see
Match with those that dropped by her. 46
That she wears the same saree
Wore she when was abducted
Won't that shawl well go with this. 47
Who else would have this aura
Than dear Rama's spouse Seetha! 48
Bound am I to rescue her
From the clutches of these guards. 49
Won't that gladden Rama's heart
Saddened for so long for her? 50

Paired as well as Seetha-Ram
Were there ever a couple on earth! 51
Ravan though had parted them
Minds in their they stay as one. 52
Robbed as he of his Seetha
Rama still has will to fight. 53
What a wonder Rama lived
Sans his spouse for so long now. 54
Felt glad Hanuman that he could
Find the beloved of his Lord. 55

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