Neelayadakshi Suprabatham

Neelayadakshi Suprabatham
By Nagai V. Ramaswamy
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Goddess Neelayadakshi is the consort of Lord Shiva in the temple city of Thirunagai Karonam (Arulmigu Neelayadakshi Amman Samedha Shri Kayahorana Swami Temple), near Nagapattinam of Tamil Nadu. It is the one of the 108 Shakthi sthalas of India. Neelayadakshi means Goddess with blue eyes. The lord here is called Kayarohanar, because he permitted sage Pundareeka to ascend to the heaven along with his body. Muthuswami deekshithar has composed a great song Amba Neelayadakshi praising this goddess. You can read the original Suprabatham in Tamil script at: The author of this great stotra has also composed several krithis in her praise.]

1. Poo virindu vasamidum Bhoopala neram,
Pullinam pattu isaithu pan padum neram,
Punnagai pagalavan irulagathum velai
Pavaye Neelayadakshi palli ezhundarulvaye

It is the time for Bhoopala, when flowers open and wave,
It is time when the birds make music and sing,
It is time that the smiling Sun removes the darkness,
Oh Lady Neelayadakshi, would you please wake up.

2. Mangala isai nadam mathaa unnai ezhuppida,
Chengamala thiruppadam bhoodevi varudita,
Thanga malar kondu unnai darisikka vandhome,
Mangalam pongidave Neelayadakshi palli ezhuvaye.

When the soulful sounds wake you up mother,
When your red lotus like feet is caressed by mother earth,
We have come to see you along with golden flowers,
And so Neelayadakshi would you please wake up so that good ebbs out.

3. Vandinam cherkkum amudu okkum madhuvum,
Avinam arulum punidhammigu paalum,
Nesamudan vasa migu amudha neerum vaithom,
Neerada Neelayadakshi palli ezhuvaye.

We have arranged, the nectar like honey collected by honey bees,
The milk conferred to us by the grace of cows,
As well the scented nectar like water,
And so Neelayadakshi, would you please wake up to take your bath.

4. Vinnavar, mannavar viyandhu nin parvai pera,
Pannodu pasuram Vedamum odhi nirka,
Vanna migu vasa malar choota vandhom,
Kannazhugu thaye Neelayadakshi palli ezhuvaye.

When people of heaven and earth hunger to be seen by you,
When Tamil songs of the saints and Vedas set to tune are sung
We have come to offer you scented flowers of various hues,
And so Neelayadakshi, who is the mother with pretty eyes, would you please wake up.

5. Kayarohanan kayathil kalandhaval nee,
Maya pirappin mayakkam aruppaval nee,
Chey engal thuyaram thudaippaval nee,
Thooyavale Neelayadakshi palli ezhuvay nee.

You are the one who has merged in to the body of Lord Kayarohana*,
You are the one who cuts off the illusion of the illusory birth,
You are the one who removes sorrow of your children like us,
Oh pure one, Oh Neelayadakshi, would you please wake up.
*Lord Shiva who permitted sage Pundarika to ascend to heaven
with his mortal body.

6. Uyirin Kathai unnagam kondavale,
Uyirinam anaithum ullam kulirndu thuyvura,
Uyya nin padam pothi magizhndida,
Uyarndavale Neelayadakshi, palli ezhundarulvayo.

Oh Goddess who has kept the air of life within you,
For the sake of filling the hearts of all beings with great joy,
When they joyously praise your feet and to get salvation,
Oh great one, Oh Neelayadakshi, would you please wake up.

7. Thedi thedi vanthome deviye nin thaal paniya,
Odi odi vanthome nin arul pethida,
Vadi vadi nirkkum engal vedanai kalainthida,
Koti koti Namaskaram Nelayadakshi palli ezhundarulvayo.

For saluting your feet we came in search of you,
For getting your grace we came running to you,
And so remove the pain from us, who have already wilted,
Billions and billions of salutations, Oh Neelayadakshi, would you please wake up.

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