Adhyatma Ramayanam

6.37 Sri Ramande Rajyabhara Phalam
[Rama's Kingdom Ruling Effect]

Along with Sita Lord Rama,
Lived happily with royal pleasures,
And conducted fire sacrifices like Aswamedha,
And increased his fame to the level of the world,
And also brought perfectly happy life to citizens,
And ruled all over the earth.

No one suffered the sorrow of widowhood,
No one had fear of any diseases,
The earth was lush with all crops,
There was no childhood deaths,
The clouds gave rise to rain in time,
Those who were interested in Rama worship,
Always meditated on Rama,
And people followed their professions,
That were marked by their caste.

Everyone had pity in his mind,
No one had any thought which was not good,
No one looked at anybody else's wife,
No one thought of other person's wealth,
All people were able to control their senses,
No one had any hatred against anyone else,
Rama looked after all his citizens,
Like a father looking after their sons.
To the people who lived in Ayodhya,
What other pleasures were needed?
They lived as if living in Vaikunta,
Without any sorrow or attachment.

6.38 Ramayanathinde Phalasruthi
[Ramayana's Reading Effect]

This Adhyathma Ramayana is best among the best,
Leads to victory over death,
And if it is learnt there is no doubt,
That human beings will get salvation.
It would increase friendship and increase wealth and food,
It would destroy enemies, increase health,
It leads to increase in life span and wealth, is pure and divine,
It leads to pleasure filled life and leads to realization of all desires,
If it is read or heard with devotion, immediately,
He would get freedom from effects of great crimes.

He who desires wealth will get lot of wealth,
He who desires son would get a good son,
He would get recognition from good men,
He who wants knowledge, would become a very wise man,
If a barren woman hears this,
It is definite that she will bear child.

He who is imprisoned would come out free,
One who has desires if he hears would get his desires fulfilled,
The very sad one would win over all difficulties,
And would become one having pleasured life,
If one who is scared hears this, he would get rid of fears,
If a sick man hears this he would become healthy.

All those sufferings which come from,
Ghosts and devas would go away, it is certain,
Devas, manes and great sages,
Would become greatly pleased with you,
All draw backs would go away,
And he would get dharma wealth and salvation.

Lord Shiva told this Adhyathma Ramayana,
To the daughter of the Mountain with love,
Daily with pure mind with devotion to Guru,
If this read or at least heard,
All your desires would be fulfilled,
With great joy, this is the real truth,
The Parrot told this and kept quite,
And this was heard with a clear mind by all.

Ithi Adhyathmya Ramayane Uma Maheswara Samvadhe,
Yuddha kandam sampatham.

Thus ends on the chapter of war, which occurs in the discussion between Shiva and Parvathi,
in the Adhyathma Ramayana.

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