Ganesha Ashtakam [1]

Ganesha Ashtakam [1]
[Octet on Ganesha]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Yatho anantha shakthir anathascha jeeva,
Yatho nirgunadha aprameyaa gunasthe,
Yatho bhathi saravam tridha bedha binnam,
Sada tham Ganesam namamo bhajama. 1

We sing about and salute that Ganesa,
From whose limitless power emerged countless beings,
From whose property less form emerged great qualities,
And from whose power the world is divided in to a triad.

Yathaschaviraseej jagath sarvametha,
Thadhabjasano viswgo viswagoptha,
Thandendradhayo deva sanga manushya,
Sada tham Ganesam namamo bhajama. 2

We sing about and salute that Ganesa,
From whom this entire universe emerged,
And from whom Brahma who sits on a lotus,
Vishnu who pervades the universe,
Shiva who can hide this universe,
Indra, other devas and men emerged.

Yatho vahni bhanu bhavo bhoor jalam cha,
Yatha sagaraschandrama vyoma vayu,
Yatha sthavara jangama vruksha sangha,
Sada tham Ganesam namamo bhajama. 3

We sing about and salute that Ganesa,
From whom, the fire, sun, Shiva earth and water emerged,
From whom ocean, moon and sky emerged,
And from whom stable and movable beings and trees emerged.

Yatho dhanava, kinnara yaksha sangha,
Yatha scharana varana swapadascha,
Yatha pakshi keeta yatho veerudasha,
Sada tham Ganesam namamo bhajama. 4

We sing about and salute that Ganesa,
From whom, the asuras, kinnaras and yakshas emerged,
From whom charanas, elephants and canines emerged,
And from whom birds, insects and creepers emerged.

Yatho budhir ajnananaso mumukshor,
Yatha sampadho bhaktha santhoshika syu,
Yatho vigna naso, yatha karya sidhi,
Sada tham Ganesam namamo bhajama. 5

We sing about and salute that Ganesa,
From whom wisdom and eternal knowledge
Which drives away ignorance emerged,
From whom wealth which pleases devotees emerged,
And by whom roadblocks are removed and,
Success in every action is attained.

Yatha puthra sampadhyatho, vanchithartho,
Yatho abhakthi vignasthadha anekaroopa,
Yatho soka mohaou yatha kama eva,
Sada tham Ganesam namamo bhajama. 6

We sing about and salute that Ganesa,
By whom child wealth and desires are granted,
By whom several forms of problems,
Are created for those who are not devotees,
And who creates sorrow, desire and passion.

Yatho anantha shakthi sasesho bhabhoova,
Dharadhararenakaroope cha shaktha,
Yatho anekadha swargalolka hi nana,
Sada tham Ganesam namamo bhajama. 7

We sing about and salute that Ganesa,
From whom Anantha gets his power to lift the earth,
Who can assume several different forms,
And from whom all the heavens were created.

Yatha veda vacho vikunta manobhi,
Sada nethinetheeti yatha gunanthi,
Para brahma roopam chidananda bhootham,
Sada tham Ganesam namamo bhajama. 8

We sing about and salute that Ganesa,
About whom even the Vedas do not understand,
And stop with searches with This is not, This is not,
Who is the real form of that eternal truth,
And who is the real form of that eternal joy.

Phala sruthi
(Results of reading)

Punarooche Ganadheesa stotramedath paden nara,
Trisandhyam tridinam thasya sarva karyam bhavishyathi. 9

If the man devoted to Lord Ganesa,
Reads this thrice a day for three days,
All his actions will meet with success.

Yo japeth ashtadivasam sloskashtakamidham shubham,
Ashta varam Chathurthyanthu so ashta Sidheravapnuyath. 10

He who reads this holy octet for eight days,
For eight weeks or chants it eight times,
On the fourth day of the moon’s phase,
Would make the eight occult powers his own.

Sa paden masa mathram thu, dasa varam dine dine,
Sa mochayed bandhagatham raja vadhyam na samsaya. 11

He who reads it ten times a day for one month,
Would be freed, even if punished with death by the king.

Vidhya kamo labed vidhyam, puthrarthi puthramapnuyath,
Vanchithaan labhathe sarvan, ekavimsathi varatha. 12

He who repeats it with devotion for twenty one weeks,
Would get knowledge if he desires and Would get children if he desires.

Yo japed paraya bhakthya gajanana paro nara,
Evamukthwa thatho devaschanthrdhanam gatha prabhu. 13

He who meditates with devotion on Ganesa,
Would get salvation and attain the rich world of the Lord.

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