Siddha Lakshmi Stotram

Siddha Lakshmi Stotram
By Lord Shiva
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Here is a very musical and holy stotra addressed to the divine goddess Lakshmi. It is purported to be written by Lord Shiva himself and occurs in Brahma Purana.]

Adha Dhyamam:
Now Meditation:

Brahmeem Vaishnaveem bhadram shad bujam cha chaur mukheem,
Trinethram gadga trisula padma chakra gadha daram.
Peethambaram devim nanalankara bhooshitham,
Tejapunjadareem sreshtam dhyayeth Bala kumarikam.

Meditate on the young lass who is Brahmi*, Vaishnavi*,
Who provides safety, who has six hands and four faces,
Who has three eyes, who holds sword, trident, lotus, wheel and mace,
Who is the goddess dressed in yellow, Dressed in various decorations,
And who holds a shining globe and is the greatest.
*The aspect of Shakthi which originated from Brahma/Vishnu

Omkaram Lakshmi roopam thu Vishnum hrudayamavyayam,
Vishnumananda vyaktham hreemkaram bheeja roopineem. 1

She who tells Om, who has the form of Lakshmi,
She who is followed by Vishnu, She gives happiness to Vishnu,
She who is clear, she who has the shape of the sound Hreem.

Kleem amrutha nandineem bhadram sada athyananda dhayineem,
Sreem daithya samaneem shakthim malineem shathru mardhineem. 2

She who is Kleem, she who is the daughter of nectar,
She who provides safety, she who always grants great happiness,
She who is Sreem, she who controlled asuras, she who is power,
She who wears garlands and she who kills her enemies.

Theja prakasineem devim varadam shubha karineem,
Brahmeem cha vaishnaveem roudhreem kalika roopa shobhineem. 3

She who gives out light, the goddess who fulfills desires,
She who does good things, She who is Brahmee,
She who is Vaishnavee, She who is angry,
And she who shines in the form of Kali.

Aakare Lakshmi roopam thu uukareshubhakarineem,
Makara purusho vyaktho devi pranavamuchyathe. 4

In the letter Aa, there is the form of Lakshmi,
In the letter Uu, is she who does all that is good,
And in the letter ma, is her clear form of Purusha,
And thus the goddess is of the form of the letter Om.

Sooryakoti pratheekasam Chandra koti sama prabham,
Thanmadhye nikaram sookshmam brahma roopam vyavasthitham. 5

She who is perambulated by crores of Suns,
She who has the shine of crores of moons,
In the middle of it in the very micro form,
She lives in the form of Brahmam.

Omkaaram paramananda sadaiva sukha sundarem,
Sidhaa Lakshmi Moksha Lakshmi aadhi Lakshmi namosthuthe. 6

She who is Om who is ecstasic happiness,
Who is always pretty and is the form of pleasure,
I salute the divine Lakshmi, the Lakshmi of salvation,
And also the primeval Lakshmi of yore.

Sarva mangala mangalye shive sarvartha sadhake,
Saranye triambike gauri narayani namosthuthe. 7

Hey the power behind Shiva,
Who makes all good things happen,
Who grants all boons,
I bow before you,
She who is the creator, organizer and destroyer,
My salutations to you Narayani.

Prathamam trayambike gauri dwitheeyam vaishnavee thadha,
Tritheeyam yamala proktha chaturtham sundari thadha. 8

First the trinity of goddesses, second Vaisnavi,
Third she who is called the twin goddess,
And fourth the very pretty goddess.

Panchamam Vishnu shakthischa sashtam kathyayanee thadha,
Vaarahi sapthamam chaiva hyashtamam hari vallabha. 9

Fifth the power in Vishnu,
Sixth the daughter of Kathyayana,
Seventh the power of the boar,
Eighth is the consort of Hari.

Navamam gadginee proktha dasamam chaiva devika,
Yekadasm sidhalakshmeem dwadasam hamsa vahineem. 10

Ninth is she who holds the sword,
Tenth is she who is the goddess,
Eleventh, she is Sidha Lakshmi,
And twelfth she is one who rides on a swan.

Yethath stotra varam devya ye padanthi sada nara,
Sarva aapadbho vimuchyanthe nathra karya vicharana. 11

That man who reads this blessed prayer addressed to Goddess,
Would get free from all dangers and will never get worried about anything.

Yekamasam dwimasam cha trimasam masa chathushtayam,
Panchamasam cha shanmasam trikalam ya sada padeth. 12

Either one month or two months or three months or four months,
Or five months or six months if this is read at dawn, noon and dusk,

Brahmana klesitho dukhee daridrya maya peeditha,
Janmanthara sahasraodhai muchyatha sarva kilbishai. 13

The Brahmin who is suffering sad and in the clutches of poverty,
Even for thousands of birth will get rid of all of them.

Daridhro labhathe lakshmeem aaputhra puthravan bhaveth. 14

The poor one would get wealth, the childless one would get child

Eswarena krutham stotram praninam hitha karakam,
Sthuvanthu brahmana nithyam daridryam na cha badathe,
Sarva papa hara Lakshmi sarva sidhi pradhayinee. 15

This prayer written by Lord Shiva for,
The sake of the good of all the beings,
If recited in praise daily by Brahmanas,
Poverty would not stick to him,
And the goddess Lakshmi,
Who can grant all occult powers,
Would destroy all his sins.

Ithi sri Brahma purane Sri Sidha Lakshmi stotram.

Thus ends the prayer to Sidha Lakshmi from Brahma Puranam.

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