Rama Stotram - Indra

Sri Rama Stotram
[Prayer to Rama]
By Devendra [King of Gods)
[From Adhyatma Ramayana]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Bhajeham sada rama mindee varabham,
Bhavaranya dhavanalabhabhidanam,
Bhavani hruda bhavithananda roopam,
Bhava bhaava hethum bhavathi prapannam. 1

I pray always that Rama who has eyes of a blue lotus,
Who is the forest fire that destroys life's sorrows,
Who is meditated in the form of pure happiness by Parvathi,
Who is the way out of sorrows of the world and saluted by all devas.

Suraneeka dukhougha nasaika hethum,
Narakara deham nirakara meedyam,
Paresam parananda roopam varenyam,
Harim ramameesam bhaje bhara nasam. 2

I pray that God Rama who is Hari ,
Who lightens the burden of the world,
Who is the cause of destruction of sorrows of devas,
Who has assumed the human form,
Who is actually without any attachment,
Who is the God of gods,
Who is the form of ultimate happiness,
And who is the greatest among the greats.

Prapanna akhila ananda doham prapannam,
Prapannarthi nissesha nasabhidhanam,
Thapoyoga yogeesa bhvaabhi bhavyam,
Kapeesadhi mithram, Bhaje Rama mithram. 3

I pray that friend Rama,
Who is the friend of the king of monkeys,
Who grants eternal bliss to those who seek his protection,
Who blesses them by complete destruction of their sorrows,
And who can be approached by sages through yoga and meditation.

Sada bhoga bhajam sudhoore vibhantham,
Sada yogabhajam adhure vibhantham,
Chidananda kandam sada raghavesam,
Videhaathma jananda roopam prapadhye. 4

I salute him, who has the form,
That makes the daughter of Janaka happy,
Who is far away for those who enjoy pleasures,
Who is very near to those who are yogis,
Who is the birth place of eternal happiness,
And who is the greatest in the clan of Raghu.

Maha yoga maya viseshanu yuktho,
Vibhasaasa leela narakara vruthi,
Thwadananda leelaa kadha poorna karma,
Sadananda roopa bhavantheeha loke. 5

By the grace of the great enchantress Maya,
You have taken the form of man playfully,
And behave in a manner suited to that form,
And those who hear about you, become eternally happy.

Aham manapanabhi matha pramatho,
Na Vedakhile shobha manabhi mana,
Idhaneem bhavath pada padma prasadhath,
Trilokathipadhya bhi mano vinashata. 6

I by the exuberance of my bloated ego,
Thought that I was the Lord of the three worlds,
But by the grace of your lotus like feet,
I have lost my pride as the king of the three worlds.

Sphurath rathna keyura harabhiramam,
Dharaabhaara bhoothasuraneekha dhavam,
Saraschandra vakthram lasad padma nethram,
Duravarapaaram, bhaje Raghavesam. 7

I salute that God Rama,
Who wears amulets and chains made of precious gems,
Who has a face similar to the full moon of autumn,
Who has eyes similar to the lotus,
Who is the forest fire to the asura army,
Who was the burden of the world,
And who is so deep, that his depth can never be seen.

Suradheesa neelabhra neelanga kanthim,
Viradhadhi rakshovadath loka santhim,
Kiretathi shobham, purarathi labham,
Bhaje ramachandram raghoonam adheesam. 8

I salute that Ramachandra,
Who is the greatest in the clan of Raghu,
Who is as blue as the sapphire and the blue cloud,
Who killed asuras like Viradha for the peace of the world,
Who shines wearing ornaments like the crown,
And who is the God worshipped by Lord Shiva.

Lasad Chandra koti prakasadfhi peete,
Samaseenamange samadhata seetham,
Shurath hema varnam thadith punja bhasam,
Bhaje ramachandram, nivrutharthi thanthram. 9

I salute that Ramachandra,
Who is devoid of all misery and sorrow,
Who sits on the throne with
The brilliance, of billions of moons,
Along with Sita who shines
Like lightning with the colour of gold.

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