Datta Panjara

Datta Panjara
[Armour of Dathathreya]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This prayer is written in a Dandaka style and definitely is not a Kavacha.]

1. Om namo Bhagwathe, Dathathreyaya, Maha Gambheeraya, Vaikunda vasaya, Sankha chakra, gadha soola dharine, Venu nadhaya, Dushta samharaya, Sishta paripalakaya, Narayanasthra Dharine, Chith roopaya.

Om salutations to God Dathathreya, who is greatly serious, who lives in Vaikunta, who carries wheel, mace and spear, who sings using flute, who kills bad people, who looks after good people, who carries Narayana arrow, who has a divine form.

2. Brahma Jnana, Brahma maha vakyaya, sakala karma nirmithaya, sachidanandatya, sakala loka sancharanaaya, sakala devatha vaseekaranaaya, sakala Raja Vaseekaranaya, Sakala Yoga Vaseekaranaya, Lakshmi aiswarya sampath karaya

Who has knowledge of Brahman, who is according to great words of Brahma, who can do any work, who is divinely happy, who travels all over the worlds, who can attract all devas, who can attract all kings, who can attract all Yogas, who can bless with all types of wealth.

3. Mama Mathru, Pithru, sathi Sahodhara, puthra, pouthradhi vrudhikaaraya. Kudodhaka kalasa poojaya, Ashta dala padma peedaya, Bindhu madhye Lakshmi nivasaya, Ashta dala bandhanaya, Chathur dwara bandhanaya, Rik Yajus Sama Atharvana Pranava samedhaya.

Who improves me, my mother, father, brothers, sons and grandsons, who is worshipped by keeping water in a pot, who sits on the seat made of eight petal lotus, Who lives with Lakshmi in the centre point, who ties the eight petals, who ties the four doors, who is with Rik, Yajus, Sama, Atharvana and Om.

4. Udatha anudatha swaritha prachayaya, Gayatri Savithri Saraswathi Devathaya, Avadhoothachara mayaya, Ajabha Gayathri samedhaya.

Who is worshipped by raised and low sounds, who is the goddesses Gayatri, Savithri and Saraswathi, who acts like a mendicant and who is with Ajabha Gayathri.

5. Sakala sampathkaraya, Para manthra, para yanthra parath thanthra uchdanaya, Athma manthra, Athma yanthra Athma Thanthra samrakshanaya sadho chith Sakala Madha sthapithaya, sad guru dathathreyaya, Namo nama.

Who has all types of wealth, who chants divine Manthras, thanthras and Yanthras, who protects, manthras, thanthras and Yanthras of the soul who always establishes all religions at proper time and who is the great Guru Dathathreya, Salutations and Salutations.

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