Saraswati Ashtakam [2]

Saraswati Ashtakam

An octet to the goddess of knowledge]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Amba, thwadeya pada pankaja pamsu lesa,
Sambanda banduratharaa rasana thwadheeyam,
Sambhayudhadhipadamapya amruthathi ramyam,
Nimbhayathe kimutha bhouma padani thasya.1

Oh, Mother, for him whose tongue is pretty,
By the contact with the dust of lotus feet of yours,
Even the position of Devendra,
Made pleasant with holy things like nectar,
Tastes bitter and what shall we say,
About any positions in earth?

Matha, sthwadheya karunamrutha poorna drushti,
Pathakwachidwidhi vasan manuje na cheth syath,
Kaa thasya ghora api dhabhyavaaharanidhra,
Bheethyadhikeshu sama bhavamupeyivalsu. 2

Oh Mother, If your merciful nectar like looks,
Does not fully fall on a man,
What shall we tell about him,
Who does not see even differences,
In food, sleep and in grades of fear?

Vani rema giri suthethi cha roopa bhedai,
Kshoni jusham vividha mangala maadha dhasi,
Naneeyaseem thava vibhuthimaho vivekthum,
Ksheenibhavathyakruthakopi vacha prapancha? 3

Mother, the world of words in this earth,
Is just not sufficient to describe Your greatness,
For you grant all that is good for the earth,
In the forms of Sarasvathi, Lakshmi and Parvathi.

Sarvagnatha giri sutha kamithir vipaksha,
Garvachidhakusalathadivishad guroscha,
Charvaartha sabdha ghatana patutha kaveenaam,
Sarvam thwadheeya karunaa kanika vivartha. 4

Mother, the all time greatness of Lord Shiva,
The ability to kill the pride in enemies
Of Guru, the teacher of devas,
And the ability to arrange words of the poets,
Are but different forms of the drops of your mercy.

Mooka kavirjada iha prathi bhavadhagryo,
Bheekunda durbhalamadhir dharani vijhetha,
Nishkinchano nidhipadhir bhavathi thwadheeya,
Mekam kadakshamavalambhya jagathsavithree.5

Oh Goddess who is mother of all earth,
By one mere merciful look of yours,
A dumb man became a poet,
A fool became the first among the wise,
And a very poor man becomes very rich.

Varnathmike, hima sudhakara sankha kunda,
Varnabhi rama thanu vallari viswa vandhye,
Karnatha deergha karunardhra kadaksha pathai,
Poorna akhilarthamima masu vidathsva devi. 6

Hey Goddess with a colourful soul,
Whose body is as white as the,
Snow, moon, conch and Jasmine,
And who is worshipped by the entire world,
Please rain a merciful look on me,
From your eyes which extend to your ears,
And make me fulfill all my wishes.

Kalam kiyanthamayi they chararavindha,
Malambhya hantha vilapami vilolachetha,
Balam kurushwa krutha kruthyamimam Shubhiaka,
Moolam nidhaya karuardhra mapangamasmin. 7

For how long a time, am I crying,
Near the lotus like feet of yours,
Oh Goddess, who is the source of all that is good,
Please be kind enough to shower,
The merciful look of yours,
So that this child will become contented.

Ananda hethu mayi they karunaam vihaya,
Noonam na kinchidakhilesi vilokayami,
Dhoonam dayarhamagathim karunamruthadrai,
Renam shishum shishirayashu kadakshapathai. 8

Hey Goddess who is the cause of my happiness,
Except for your mercy, I do not see,
Anything in this world to be happy,
And so please make this child drench in cold,
From the rain of mercy from your eyes.
For I am fit for your mercy,
And does not have any one else.

Imam padedhya prayathasthavodhgha,
Mananya chetha jagatham jananya,
Sa vidhwadharadhitha pada peete,
Labhetha sarvam pursharthasartham.9

He who reads the prayer,
To the mother of all the world,
Would become fit to be worshipped by the wise,
And would get all that is to be got.

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