Pushpanjali (Tamil)
Salutations with Flowers
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Here is a great prayer addressed to the Goddess taken from a book titled Durga Ambal Storangal published by the Rathnagireeswarar Temple, Beasant Nagar, Madras. In each stanza the devotee offers a different flower and the stanza tells what the Goddess would give back.]

1. Rojappo kondu vandhe - yengal,
Rajeswariyai poojai cheithaal,
Desadhi desam mechum oru,
Raja pola vazha cheival.

If you bring rose flowers
And worship our Raja Rajeswari,
She will make you like a king,
Who is appreciated by several countries.

2. Mullai poo kondu vandhe - yengal,
Mohanangiyai poojai cheithal,
Illai yendru chollamale danam,
Alli alli thanthiduvaal.

If you bring jasmine flowers,*
And worship our epitome of beauty,
She will give without saying no,
Wealth again and again in huge quantities.
* Jasminum auriculatum.

3. Marukozhundu kondu vandhe - yengal,
Manonmaniyai poojai cheythaal,
Thirukkolam kondu ange,
Dinam thorum vandhu nirppal.

If you bring fragrant leaves of Davanam,
And worship the gem of our heart,
With divine dress she will come,
And stand there every day.

4. Jathipoo kondu vandhe - suyam,
Jyothi ivalai poojai cheythaal,
Othi unaratha vidhai yellam thanthu,
Medhai yendru aakkiduvaal.

If you bring jathi malli flowers,*
And worship her who is luminous light,
She would give you knowledge that is not learnt,
And make you a great genius.
*Jasminum grandiflorum

5. Magizham poo kondu vandhe - yengal,
Mathangiyai poojai cheithaal,
Manamagaa kanniyarkku,
Thirumanam nadathi vaithiduvaal.

If you bring Bakula flowers,
And worship the goddess Mathangi,
She would fix the marriage of,
Those maids who have not got married.

6. Thazham poo kondu vandhe - yengal,
Dakshayaniyai poojai cheythaal,
Vazhaa pennai nadanudan,
Vaazhum padiyaga cheythiduvaal.

If you bring flowers of fragrant screw pine,
And worship the Goddess who is daughter of Daksha,
She would make ladies separated,
From their husband to live with them.

7. Pathram pala kondu vandhe - yengal,
Bhagwathiyai poojai cheythaal,
Itharai mel ullavarkke,
Puthira bhagyam thanthiduvaal.

If you bring several types of flowers,
And worship our Bhagwathi (Goddess),
To all those who are on this earth,
She would give the luck of having a son.

8. Thamarai poo kondu vandhe - yengal,
Shyamaliyai poohai cheythaal,
Thamatham than cheyyamale aval,
Thali pichai thanthiduvaal.

If you bring the lotus flowers,
And worship our pretty black goddess,
Without any delay whatsoever,
She would give you the alms of your husband’s life.

9. Malligai poo kondu vandhe - yengal,
Maheswariyai poojai cheythaal,
Billi soonyam, yeval yellam,
Pinnale oda cheyvaal.

If you bring Jasmine flowers,*
And worship our great goddess,
She would send backwards,
The black magic chants done against you.
* Jasminum sambac

10. Chanpaka poo kondu vandhe - yengal,
A mbikayai poojai cheythaal,
Marul choozhntha nenjinile, Jnana,
Oli veesa cheythiduvaal.

If you bring Chenpaka flowers,
And worship our goddess Ambikai,
She would remove all darkness in your heart,
And make the light of wisdom shine there.

11. Iruvakshi kondu vanthe - yengal,
Hiranmayiyai poojai cheithaal,
Marul choozhntha nenjinile, Jnana,
Oli veesa cheythiduvaal.

If you bring Jasmine flowers,*
And worship our golden goddess,
She would remove all darkness in your heart,
And make the light of wisdom shine there.
* Jasminum sambac

12. Arali poo kondu vandhe - yengal,
Aralakesiyai poojai cheythaal,
Arul purinthu aadarithu,
Anugrahavum cheythiduvaal.

If you bring Oleander flowers,
And worship the goddess with curly hair,
She would shower her grace on you,
And also shower her blessings.