Prana Pranya Sthavam

Prana Pranya Sthavam
[The song of Love of the Soul]
Composed by Rupa Goswami
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Rupa Goswami (1489-1564 CE) is a devotional teacher, poet, and philosopher from the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition of Hinduism. He belonged to Karnataka and has written large number of prayers. Alongside Sanatana Goswami he was considered the leader of the Six Goswamis of Vrindavan - a highly influential group of devotees made up from a number of disciples of the Vaishnava saint, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. This stotra is included in his collection called Sthava Mala.]

Kandarpa kodi ramyaya,
Sphuradindeevara twishe,
Jagan mohana leelaya,
Namo Gopendra soonave. 1

Salutations to the son of the king of Gopas,
Who is as pretty as billions of cupids,
Who is having the colour of blue lotus,
And whose play charms the entire world.

Krishna lakrutha haraya,
Krishna lavanya shaline,
Krushna kulakareendraya,
Krushnaya karavai nama. 2

My salutations to Lord Krishna,
Who wears garland of gunja beads,
Who shines in his black colour,
And who lives in the shores of black Yamuna.

Sarvananda kadambaya,
Kadamba kusuma sruje,
Nama premavalambaya,
Pralambareeka neeyase. 3

Salutations to the only support to love,
Who is mixture of all happiness,
Who wears garland of Kadamba flowers,
And who is the brother of Lord Balarama.

Kundala sphura damsaya,
Vamsayatha mukha sriye,
Radha manasa hamsaya,
Vrujaothamsayathe nama, 4

Salutations to the chief of Vraja,
Whose ear studs touch his shoulder,
Whose face shines because of his flute,
And who is the swan of the mind of Radha.

Nama Shikanda choodaya,
Danda manditha panaye,
Kundala krutha pushpaya,
Pundarikekshanaya they. 5

Salutations to the lotus eyed God,
Who wears a peacock feather on his head,
Who carries a stick to mind the cattle,
And who wears flowers on his ears.

Radhika prema madhweeka,
Madhri mudhithantharam,
Kandarpa vrunda soundaryam,
Govindam abhi vadaye. 6

Salutations to that Govinda,
Who is the honey loved by Radha,
Whose heart is filled with sweetness,
And who is as pretty as many cupids.

Srungara rasa srungaram,
Karnigaratha karnigam,
Vande sriya navabraanam ,
Vibranam vibramam harim. 7

Salutation to him who by his colour,
Makes the pretty clouds confused,
Who is interested in the emotion of love,
And who wears karnigara flowers on his ears.

Sadhwee vrutha mani vraatha,
Pasyatho hara venave,
Kalhara krutha choodaya,
Sankha chooda bidhe nama. 8

Salutation to the enemy of Sankha chooda,
Who is surrounded by the good gopis,
Who can be seen with a flute,
And who wears the kalhara flowers.

Radhikadhara bandhooka,
Makaranda madhu dwajam,
Daithya sindhura pareendram,
Vande gopendra nandanam. 9

Salutations to the son of the king of gopas,
Who is bee which is drinking honey,
From the hibiscus flower like lips of Radha,
And who is a lion to the elephant like asuras.

Barhendraayudha ramyaya,
Jaga jjevana dhayine,
Radha vidhyudwathangaya,
Krishnambodhavya they nama. 10

Salutations to the cloud like Krishna,
Who is with a streak of lightning,
Caused by the shining peacock feathers,
Who is the giver of life like water to the world,
And who is with the lightning called Radha.

Premanda vallavee vrunda,
Kashmeera thilakadyaya,
Nama Peethambaraya they. 11

Salutations to him who wears yellow silk,
Who is like a moon to the lily flower like eyes,
Of Gopis who have become blind due to love towards him,
And who wears thilaka with the Kashmiri musk.

Geeravana samadhor dhama,
Dhavanirvana neeradham,
Kanduki krutha sailendram,
Vande Gokula Bhandavam. 12

Salutation to the friend of Gokula,
Who is the cloud that put off.
Raging fire caused by the proud Indra,
And who played with the Govardana mountain like a ball.

Dainyarnave nimagnosmi,
Mandu grava bharadhithe,
Drushte karunya paarena,
Mayi Krishna krupaam kuru. 13

Oh, My Krishna, shower mercy on me,
Who is drowning in the sea of sorrow,
And who has committed mistakes,
For you are known as the Lord of all mercy.

Adharopya aparadha nama,
Aviveka hathopyaham,
Thath karunya pratheekshosmi,
Praseeda mayi madhava. 14

Though I have committed many wrongs,
And am killed by my unwise acts,
I am waiting for your mercy,
And so my Krishna, be pleased with me.

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