Dhenu Stotram

Dhenu Stotram
(Prayer to the cow)
By Sridhara Swami of Chincholi
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[From time immemorial cows were considered as God by all Hindus. It is believed that all Gods reside in a cow. This great Prayer has been written by a Holy sage of Karnataka called Sridhara Swami (spiritual-note.blogspot.com/2007/03/sant-shreedhar-swami-maharaj.html). This stotra in sanskrit script with meaning is available at: ioustotra.blogspot.com/2010/11/dhenu-stotram.html. I have referred to this translation while making my own translation.]

1. Mathar namami Charanam sthava pavanamscha,
Samsaranava ithiyadhbha bahu bhava bhakthya,
Param nayasu thava puthramimam surithya,
SAmsara Sindhu tharanam hi thavasrayena.

I salute you mother at your holy feet,
Since this worldly life is full of misery,
Be kind and hear this request of your devoted son,
And help him to depend on you to cross this sea of life.

2. Devascha devyaa ithiyathrivasanthi dheno,
Gopoojanena nikhilascha bhavanthi thrupthaa,
Aayurgrutham paya idham bhavatheeha veerya,
Matha sthuthasi bahudhaa sruthibhisthava mithyam

Oh Cow, all the Gods and goddesses live inside you,
And they get pleased completely by worship to you,
While your milk is our energy, your ghee is our life,
And mother you have been praised in various ways by Vedas.

3. Ojo dhruthi sumathireva matheeva santhi,
Jnanam cha bhakthirapi nithya madainyamevam,
Matha sthwadheeya payaso grutha thastha thasthad,
Vanchanthi nithyam amaraa, kimuthanyamarthyaa,

Power, stability, good brain to acquire knowledge,
Peace and devotion are daily got from you without fail,
Oh mother by the devas out of the Khir* made with your ghee and milk
And so these blessings can also be received by us ordinary people.
*A sweet dish made using milk

4. Agniryeyagdhe ghana midham sthutha Pancha gavyam,
Paapam thadhaa dahathji sathyamitheeha mathwa,
Matha pibanthi khalu Vedarathascha vipraa,
Pushnasi pasi sakalan parishudha deha.

Similar to Fire burning all wood, all sins are burnt.
By the Pancha Gavya*, which is described as pious
And oh mother, it is drunk by Brahmins well versed in Vedas,
For attaining absolute purity due to your blessing.
*Mixture of milk, curd, ghee, cow's urine and cow's dung

5. Yam varnayanthi nikhila sruthya sadhaiva,
Brahmothi krushna Bhagawan sa hi deva deva,
Sevaam thaveha kruthavan kimu madhasascha,
Kim varnayami thava bhagyamithoi mahathmyam.

You have been described by the Vedas with reverence as Brahma,
And the great God of Gods, Krishna did service to you, .
And I being an ordinary man am unable to describe your greatness and virtues.

6. Krunsevam prathyaham bhaava bhgyathaya
Stotram dhenayor yaha pathetharshayuktha,
Praapya dhanam, bhakthim, aishvaryam
Evam deha arogyam modathe modhate cha.

He who serves you with a sense of devotion,
And chants this prayer addressed to the cow without mistakes,
Would attain wealth, devotion and get all types of blessings,
And also health of the body definitely.

Ithi Srimath Paramahamsa parivrujacharya sadguru Bhagwatha
Sridhara Swamina virachitham Dhenu stotram sampoornam

Thus ends the prayer addressed to the cow written by
The great saint and teacher Sridhara Swamin.
Who is a sanyasin and a great sage.