Pratha Smarana Stotra

Pratha Smarana Stotram
[Prayer to be recited in the morning]
By Brahmananda
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Pratha smarami phani raja thanou sayaanaam,
Nagaamaraa sura naraadhi jagannidhanam,
Vedai sahaagama ganai rupageeya maanam,
Kanthara ketha navatham paramam nidhanam. 1

I meditate in the morning on Him,
Who sleeps on the king of serpents,
Who is the cause of the universe consisting of
Nagas, devas, asuras, men and others
Who is being praised by those who learn Vedas,
And who is the final aim of those greats who live in the forest.

Prathar Bhajami bhava sagara vaari paaram,
Devarshi sidha nivahair vihithopahaaram,
Samthruptha danava kadambha madaapaharam,
Soundarya rasi jala rasi sutha vihaaram. 2

I sing about him, who is the other shore of the sea of life,
Who is worshipped by Devas saints and sidhas,
Who kills the pride of egoistic asuras,
Who is the place where, goddess Lakshmi born out of the sea wanders.

Prathar namami saradambara kanthi kantham,
Padara vinda makara jusham bhavantham,
Nanvathara hrutha bhoomi bharam kruthantham,
Padhoja kambhu radha pada karam prasantham. 3

I salute him who shines like the clear autumn sky,
Who destroys fears of domestic life in them,
Who are interested in the honey of his lotus like feet,
Who is the God of death who lightens
The burden of earth in each of his avathars,
And who is the abode of peace wearing lotus, conch and the wheel.

Sloka thramidham punym Brahmanandena keerthitham,
Ya Padeth pratharuthaya, sarva papai pramchyathe. 4

He who reads these three slokas, composed by Brahmananda,
As soon as he gets up, would get rid of all his sins.

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