Hari Stotram

Sri Hari Stotram
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Jagajjalapalam kachad kanda malam,
Sarahandraphalam mahadaithyakalam,
Nabho neelakayam duravaramayam,
Supadmasahayam Bajeham Bajeham. 1

I worship and worship him,
Who is the protector of the world,
Who wears shining garland on his neck,
Who has a forehead like autumn moon,
Who is the god of death to great asuras,
Who has the blue colour of the sky,
Who has unstoppable powers of illusion,
And who is the helper to Goddess Lakshmi.

Sadambhodhi vasam galathpushpahasam,
Jagatsannivasam sathadhithyabhasam,
Gadhachakra sastram lasad peetha vasthram,
Hasacharu vakthram Bajeham Bajeham. 2

I worship and worship him ,
Who always lives in the sea,
Who has a smile like a flower,
Who lives everywhere in the world,
Who has the sparkle of hundred suns,
Who has mace and holy wheel as armaments,
Who wears yellow cloths,
And who has a sweet face adorned with smile.

Ramakantaharam sruthivrathasaram,
Jalantharviharam dharabharaharam,
Chidanandaroopam manogna swaroopam,
Druthaneka roopam Bajeham Bajeham. 3

I worship and worship him ,
Who is the garland in the neck of Lakshmi,
Who is the essence of Vedas, Who lives inside water,
Who lightens the weight of earth,
Who has a form which is eternally pleasing,
Who has a form which attracts the mind,
And who has assumed several forms.

Jarajanma Heenam parananda peetham,
Samadana leenam sadaivanaveetham,
Jagajjanma hethum suraneeka kethum,
Trilokaika sethum Bajeham Bajeham. 4

I worship and worship him ,
Who does not have birth or aging,
Who is full of eternal happiness,
Who is always interested in peace,
Who does not have anything new,
Who is the cause of birth of this world,
Who is the protector of the deva army,
And who is the bridge between the three worlds.

Kruthamnayaganam khagadhisayanam,
Vimukthernidhanam hararadhimanam,
Swabakthanukoolam jagadvrukshamoolam,
Nirastharthasoolam Bajeham Bajeham. 5

I worship and worship him ,
Who is the singer of the Vedas,
Who rides on the king of birds,
Who is the cause of salvation,
Who kills enemies of Lord Shiva,
Who is very partial to his devotees,
Who is the root of the tree of the world,
And is the exterminator of all sorrows.

Samasthamaresam dwirephabha klesam,
Jagat bimba lesam hrudakasa desam,
Sada divya deham vimukthakhileham,
Suvaikuntageham Bajeham Bajeham. 6

I worship and worship him ,
Who is the lord of all devas,
Who has a pretty hair frequented by bees,
Who has this earth as a part of him,
Who has a body as clear as the sky,
Who always has a holy mien,
Who has no attachments to this world,
And has Vaikunta as his home.

Suralibalishtam Trilokivarishtam,
Gurannangarishtam swaroopaikanishtam,
Sadyudhadheeram mahaveeraveeram,
Bhambhoditheeram Bajeham Bajeham. 7

I worship and worship him ,
Who is the strongest among devas,
Who is the greatest among the three worlds,
Who is the heaviest among heavy people,
Who is always heroic in battles,
Who is the great hero of heroes,
And takes you across the sea of life.

Ramavamabhagam thalanagna nagam,
Kruthadeethayagam gatharagaragam,
Muneendrai sugeetham surai sapareeham,
Ganougairaathetham Bajeham Bajeham. 8

I worship and worship him,
Who keeps Lakshmi on his left side,
Who can be approached by Yagas,
Who is not interested in anything,
Who carried the Govardhana Mountain,
Who is pure music to great sages,
Who is served by Devas,
And who is above all beings.

Idham yasthu nithyam samadhaya chitham,
Padeth ashtakam kashta haram murare,
Savishnor vishokam druvam yathilokam,
Jarajanmasokam punar vidathe no.

The one who reads with peace,
This octet on Hari,
Which is the destroyer of sorrow,
Would definitely reach the world of Vishnu,
Which is always without sorrow ,
And he would never undergo sorrow ever.
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