Narasimha Panchamrutham

Narasimha Panchamrutham
[The five Nectars on Narasimha]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This prayer is supposed to have been composed by Lord Rama when he visited the temple of Narasimha at Ahobilam. Since each stanza is like nectar, it is called Panchamrutham.]

Introductory Stanza

Ahobilam Narasimham gathwa Rama prathapavan,
Namaskruthwa Sri nrusimham asthousheetha kamalapatheem.

The glorious Rama went to Narasimha of Ahobilam,
Prostrated before him and offered prayers to the Lord of the lotus.

Main text

Govinda, Kesava, Janardhana, Vasudeva,
Viswesa, Viswa, Madhusoodhana, Viswaroopa,
Sri Padmnabha Purushothama Pushkaraksha,
Narayanachyutha Nrusima namo namsthe. 1

Protector of beings, destroyer of persons, he who is everywhere,
Lord of the universe, he who is complete, killer of Madhu, lord with universal form,
Lord having lotus on his belly, best among men, lotus eyed god,
He who lives in water, he who does not slip and Oh Lion man,
Salutations and salutations to you.

Deva samastha khalu yoga mukhya,
Gandharwa vidhyadhara kinnarscha,
Yath pada moolam sathatha namanthi,
Tham Narasimham saranam gathosmi. 2

I have sought the protection of that Man lion,
Whose feet is ever worshipped by,
All devas, certainly by great experts in yoga,
Gandharwas, Vidhyadharas and Kinnaras

Vedan Samasthan khalu Sastragarbhan,
Vidyabale keerthimathim cha Lakshmeem,
Yasya prasadath sathatham labhanthe,
Tham narasimham saranam gathosmi. 3

I have sought the protection of that Man lion,
By whose grace, one receives always without fail,
All the Vedas, essence of all sciences,
Knowledge, strength fame as well as wealth.

Brahma shivasthwam purushothamancha,
Narayanoasoumarutham pathischa,
Chandrarka vayvagni maruth ganamcha,
Thwameva tham thwam sathatham nathosmi. 4

I always salute you and you only as you are,
Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu, Narayana,
The chief of maruths, moon wind,
Fire and all the celestial principles.

Swapnepi nithyam jagatham trayanam,
Srushta cha hantha vibhuraprameya,
Thratha thwameka sthrividho vibhinna,
Tham thwam narasimham sathatham nathosmi. 5

I always salute you and you only as you are,
Who creates destroys and looks after,
The entire three worlds as if in a dream,
And you are the one, who divides,
Yourself in to these three forms.


Ithi sruthwa Raghu sreshta poojayamasa tham vibhum,
Pushpavrushti papathasu thasya devasya moordhani,
Sadhu sadhudwithi tham prochu deva rishi ganair saha

The best of the Raghu clan prayed him thus,
And showered a rain of flowers on the god’ss body,
And the sages and devas told Great, Great.

Deva Ouchu:

Raghavena krutham stotram panchamruthamanthamam,
Padanthi ye dwija vara thesham swargasthu saswatha.

Devas told:

The is prayer sung by Lord Rama is equal to five nectars,
And the twice born who reads thid would permanently attain his heaven.

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