Krishna Stotram

Sri Krishna Stotram
[Prayer to Lord Krishna]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Vande nava Ghana syamam, peetha kouseya vasasam,
Sanandam sundaram shudham, Sri Krishnam prakruthe param. 1

I bow before that Sri Krishna,
Who is as black as the new cloud,
Who wears cloths made of yellow silk,
Who is pretty, happy and clean,
And who is beyond nature.

Radhesam Radhika prana vallabham, vallavee sutham,
Radha sevitha padabjam, Radha vaksha sthala sthiham. 2
Radhanugam Radhikesam Radhanuka manasam,
Radhadharam bhavadharam sarvadharam namami tham. 3

I salute him who is the basis of everything,
Who is the Lord of Radha,
Who is the king of the soul of Radha,
Who is the son of Yasodha,
Whose feet is served by Radha,
Who resides in the breast of Radha,
Who accompanies Radha,
Who is the God of Radha,
Whose mind is attracted by Radha,
Who takes care of Radha,
And who takes care of the burden of our life.

Radha hruth padma madhye cha vasantham santhatham shubham,
Radha saha charam saswadradagna paripalakam, 4
Dhyayanthe yogino yogath sidha, sidheswarascha yam,
Tham dhyayeth santhatham shudham bhagawantham sanathanam. 5

I always meditate on that pure God,
Who always lives in the lotus of heart of Radha,
Who is ever pretty and always does good,
Who is the companion of Radha,
Who always obeys the wishes of Radha,
Who is remembered by yogis through yoga,
Who is remembered by experts in occult by their powers,
And who is without any death or destruction.

Sevantha sathatham santho brahmesa sesha samgnaka,
Sevanthe nirgunam brahma bhagawantham sanathanam, 6
Nirliptham cha nireham cha paramanandameeswaram,
Nithyam sathyamcha paramam bhagawantham sanathanam, 7
Yam sreshteradhi bhoothancha sarva bheejam parath param,
Yoginastham prapadhyanthe bhagawantham sanathanam, 8
Bheejam nanavatharanam sarva karana karanam,
Vedha vedhyam veda bheejam Veda karana karanam. 9

The great saints attain the perennial God,
Who is served always by Gods like Brahma and Shiva,
Who is of the form of truth without properties,
Who is perennial and not related to anything,
Who does not have desires but is the form of pure bliss,
Who always exists, who is the truth and who is beyond the mind,
Who existed before creation and created everything,
Who is the ultimate root of all incarnations,
Who is the cause of all causes,
Who cannot be adequately described by Vedas,
And who is the root and cause of all Vedas.