Radha Krishna Ashtakam

[Octet on Radha's Krishna]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Chathur mukhadhi samsthutham, samastha sthvathonutham,
Halaudhadhi sayutham, namami radhikadhipam. 1

I salute the Lord of Radha,
Who is worshipped by Brahma and other devas,
Who is always worshipped by good people,
And who is accompanied by Bala Rama and others.

Bhakadhi daithya kalakam, sagopagopipalakam,
Manoharasi thalakam, namami Radhikadhipam. 2

I salute the lord of Radha,
Who killed asuras like Baka,
Who looked after gopas and gopis,
And who had pretty black lock of hair.

Surendra garva banjanam, virinchi moha banjanam,
Vrujanga nanu ranjanam, namami Radhikadhipam. 3

I salute the lord of Radha,
Who broke the pride of Devendra,
Who cured the illusion of Lord Brahma,
And who pacified the gopis.

Mayura pincha mandanam, gajendra danda gandanam,
Nrusamsa kamsa dandanam, namami Radhikadhipam. 4

I salute the lord of Radha,
Who decorates himself with feather of peacock,
Who broke the tusks of the elephant,
And who punished Kamsa.

Pradatha vipradarakam, sudhamadhama karakam,
Suradrumapaharakam, namami Radhikadhipam. 5

I salute the lord of Radha,
Who gave back the children of the Brahmin,
Who removed poverty of Sudhama,
And who stole the tree from heaven.

Dananjaya jayapaham, maha chamookshayavaham,
Pithamahavyadhapaham, namami Radhikadhipam. 6

I salute the lord of Radha,
Who removed the defeats of Arjuna,
Who destroyed huge army of enemies,
And who removed the sorrow to grand father Bheeshma.

Muneendra sapa karanam, yaduprajapa harinam,
Dharabharavatharanam, namami Radhikadhipam. 7

I salute the lord of Radha,
Who was the cause of the curse of sages,
Which destroyed the people of Yadu clan,
And who lightened the load on the earth.

Suvruksha moola sayinam, mrugari mokshadhayinam,
Swakeeyadhamayayinam, namami Radhikadhipam. 8

I salute the lord of Radha,
Who slept below a banyan tree,
Who gave salvation to hunters,
And who attained his place in heaven.

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