Chamunda Sthuthi

Chamunda Sthuthi
[Prayer to Chamunda]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Goddess Durga after killing Chanda and Munda is called as Chamunda by the devas. Before the war with Shumbha and Nishumbha she sends God Shiva himself as her emissary. This is the prayer by Lord Shiva addressed to this terrible form of the Goddess. The prayer says that if this prayer is written and kept in a house, the house would not be affected by any calamities like fire and theft.]

1. Jayaswa Devi Chaamunde, Jaya bhoothapaharini,
Jaya sarva gathe devi, kala Rathri namosthuthe.

Victory to Goddess Chamunda, Victory to her who kills beings,
Victory to Goddess who goes everywhere, Salutations to the night of death.

2. Viswa moorthi yuthe, Shudhe, Viroopakshi, TRilochane,
Bheema roope, Shive, Vidhye, Mahamaye, Mahodhare.

She is with God of universe, pure one, Cross eyed one, three eyed Goddess,
Goddess with huge form, consort of Shiva, Knowledge, Great illusion, Goddess with huge belly.

3. Mano jaye, Mano durghe, Bheemakshi, Kshubidhakshaye,
Mahamari, Vicithrangi, Geetha Nruthya priye Shubhe.

She wins over the mind, She is difficult for the mind, Goddess with huge eyes, One who gets angry but cools down,
Great pestilence, Goddess with peculiar limbs, Goddess who likes music and dance, Auspicious one.

4. Vikarali, Maha Kali, Kalike Papa Harini,
Pasa Hasthe, Danda Hasthe, Bheema hasthe, Bhayanake,

Goddess who is hot, Great black one, One who lasts for a long time, destroyer of sins,
One having noose in her hand, one who has staff in her hand, One who has huge arms, one who is fearful.

5. Chamunde, Jwalamanasye, Theeshna Damshtre, Maha Bale,
Shivayana priye, Devi prethasana gathe, Shive

Killer of Chandasura, One who shines, one who has sharp teeth, very strong one,
She who likes the steed of Shiva, Goddess who travels on corpses, Peaceful one.

6. Bheemakshi, Bheeshane devi Sarva bhootha Bhayangari,
Karali, Vikarali cha Maha Kali, Karalini

One who has huge eyes, One who scares, Goddess who is fearful to all beings,
One with gaping mouth and protruding teeth, one who is hot, the great Kali, one who is terrible.

7. Kali Karala Vikranthe Kala Rathri Namosthuthe,
Sarva Sastra bruthe devi, Namo deva Namaskruthe.

Black Goddess, formidable enemy, night of death, My salutations,
Goddess who is an expert in all Sastras, Salutations to her who is saluted by the devas.

Phala Sruthi

8. Evam sthuthaa Shiva dhoothi Rudrena Parameshtinaa,
Thuthosha Parama devi Vakhyam chaivam Uvacha ha.

When The Goddess who sent Shiva as emissary was prayed by the very angry God of all,
That divine Goddess became happy and told the following words.

Varam Vrushneeva Devesa yath the manasi varthathe

Oh Lord of all devas request for any boon which is in your mind.

Sri Rudra Uvacha: -
God Rudra told: -
9. Stothrena anena ye devi sthoshayanthi thwam Varanane.

Oh Blessed Goddess, you have been made happy with this prayer.

10. Theshaam thwam Varadaa Devi Bhava Sarva gathaa sathi,
Imam Parvathamaruhya Ya Poojayathi Bhakthitha.

You are the Goddess who blesses and all past Karmas would have been destroyed,
To him who climbs the mountain and worships you with devotion

11. Sa Puthra, Pouthra Pasumaan Samruddhim upagachathu,
Yas chaivam srunyad Bhakthyaa sthavam devi Samudhbhavam.

Let him be blessed with sons, grand sons, animal wealth and go towards plenty,
Let him who hears this prayer addressed to the Goddess who came again with devotion

12. Sarva Papa vinirmukthaa, param nirvanamruchathu,
Brashta rajyo yadha Raja, navamyam niyatha suchi,
13. Ashtamyam cha Chathurdasyam Sopavase Narothama,
Samvathsarena Labhatham Rajyam Nishkantakam puna.

He would get rid of all sins and let him get salvation.
That king who lost his kingdom, if becoming clean,
Observes fast on Navami. Ashtami and Chaturdasi,
For one year would get back his kingdom, without any damage.

14. Yesha jnanvitha Sakthi Shivadhoothi chochyathe,
Ya evam srunvan nithyam Bhakthyaa paramayaa Nrupa
15. Sarva Papa vinirmukthaa, param nirvanamruchathu,
Yas chainam padathe bhakthyaa snathwaa vai Pushkare jale

When the Goddess who sent Shiva as emissary heard this she told,
If this is heard daily with devotion by you daily, oh king,
You would get rid of all sins and at the end get salvation,
AS also he who reads it with peace and devotion after taking bath in the waters of Pushkara,

16. Sarva ethath phalam prapya, Brahma loke Maheeyathe,
Yathraithal likhitham gehe sada thishtathi parthiva
17. Na thathragni bhayam ghoram sarva choradhi sambhavam,
Yas chedham poojayeth bhakthyaa pusthakopi sthitham Budha,
18. Thena cheshtam bhaveth sarva trilokyam sacharacharam,
Jayanthe Bahava, puthraa, Dhanam, Dhaanyam, varaa Sthriyaa
19. Rathnaan yasva Gajaa, bruthyass Theshaam aasu Bhavanthi cha,
Yathredham Likhyathe gehe Thathrapyevam Druvam Bhaveth.

After getting all these results, he would go to the world of Brahma,
Oh king if one writes it down in his house and keeps it for ever there,
He will never have fear of fire, all terrible results due to thefts.
If a wise one with devotion worships this stotra written on a book,
All the moving and non moving beings in all the three worlds would like him,
He would get very many sons, wealth cereals and chosen ladies.
Gems, horses, elephants and servants also would become his,
And on whichever home it is written, it would become stable and permanent.

Ithi Paadme purane srushti Khaande Sri Chamunda sthuthi sampoornam

Thus ends the prayer address to Chamunda which occurs in chapter on creation in Padma Purana.

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