Adhyatma Ramayanam

6.26 Rama Ravana Yuddham
[Rama and Ravana Battle]

Saying like this Ravana started for the war,
Along with great happiness,
His main army called "Moola bala (basic strength)", started for the war,
Immediately and came down to earth,
Speedily an army of four regiments,
With an innumerable strength,
Along with ten commanders,
Started after saluting that ten necked one.

Seeing the army which spread like an ocean,
The monkeys including Hanuman,
Became terribly afraid and seeing them,
Retreating, the just Rama told them,
"Monkey warriors, Assuming
Self respect do not fight with them.
I will fight and kill all of them,
And you please see it with joy."

After saying that that god with many forms,
Went and jumped on the army of Rakshasas,
Along with bow and arrows that Rama,
With great anger showered magic of arrows.
It appeared as if there was one Rama,
For every Rakshasa in the battle field,
And the battle field was filled with Rama,
What a great celebration at that time.

For each Rakshasa warrior it appeared,
"Raghava is fighting only with me",
And for about five hours the lord of Raghu clan,
Rained arrows at the crowd of Rakshasa army,
And at that time nobody could recognize anything.

That day night Rakshasa monkey,
Land, ocean, Mountains and forests,
Were filled with arrows without differentiating.
The very huge Rakshasa warriors,
Elephants, chariots, horses, soldiers,
Fell and died and filled the battle field.
Kali, Kooli, headless bodies,
The very dark night, ghosts,
Dogs, foxes. hawks crows,
Devils increased in number making it fearful,
And the sound of the bell attached to bow of Rama,
Was being heard again and again in the sky,
Devas, Gandharwas, Yakshas and groups of Apasaras,
Narada the great deva sage,
Started praising Raghava,
And those travelers in the sky became happy,
And within about five hours the Rakshasas,
Fell all over the earth.

Like the sun coming out of the clouds,
Raghava was being seen by others.
Lakshmana, Vibheeshana, son of Sun God,
Son of wind God and other monkeys,
Saluted him and surrounded him,
On all sides and Rama told them at that time,
"I have been hearing that except,
For Lord Narayana and Lord Shiva,
There is no one to fight war like this."

In the entire country of Rakshasas,
At that time the Rakshasa ladies wailed,
"Father, brother, son, husband,
Lord who is our support now,
Due to the sister of the king of Rakshasas,
Who is a very ugly old hag,
Getting interested in Rama,
All this danger has come and increased,
And there is no other reason for it."

What is there for Soorpanakha, the mistake,
Is more for the very devilish ten headed one,
Ravana, the fool and great sinner longing,
For Janaki has destroyed the entire clan,
Inspite of Seeing that In about ten minutes he killed Khara in war,
Made Sugreeva the king after killing Bali,
And immediately sent the monkeys,
And the acts that Hanuman did here,
And their crossing of the sea by building a bridge,
He did not properly evaluate them and lead to this danger.

Vibheeshana told that it is improper by Sasthras,
And the inebriated one did not agree to it,
Vibheeshana who is good and very wise,
One who tells only truth would have a good future,
And this base one who has destroyed his clan,
Followed what he wanted which is leading to his death.

He sent for death good sons and good brothers,
And also troubled good mother like people,
All for enjoying pleasures for himself.
Did he forget all the bad things he did earlier,
Of taking away the wealth of
The Brahmins as well as the devas?

He troubled all citizens of the country,
And that bad one send them all to forests,
He earned by following unjust means,
He hated all those who are his friends,
Killed Brahmins and made his own,
The wealth of all other just people,
And also he has sinned against elders,
And he does not have mercy at any time,
Due to the acts done by this great sinner,
He also made all of us filled with sorrow.

Hearing these cries of the ladies of the town,
The king of the Rakshasas became greatly sad and told,
"If so let us start to the war so that,
We can kill all our enemies."
Hearing that Viroopaksha and before him,
Mahodhara as well as Mahaparswa,
Came out through the northern tower,
And started showering various weapons.

Bad omens happened at that time and they,
Were disregarded by the great leader of Rakshasas,
And he started and waited near the tower gate,
Without any botheration the monkey warriors,
Opposed the Rakshasas and seeing that,
The Rakshasa warriors neared with increased vigour.

At that time Sugreeva and Viroopaksha,
Started a great war between them,
When Viroopaksha saw that his vehicle,
The elephant was killed by the monkey king,
With great valour, took the sword,
And shield and went to fight with Sugreeva,
And at that time the monkey king,
Threw a huge hill him.
And then Viroopaksha thinking that it is OK,
Cut on the head of the monkey chief,
And with great anger the monkey king,
Hit Viroopaksha on his forehead,
And thus he sent him to the city of death.

Mahodhara approached him riding on a chariot,
Sugreeva destroyed his chariot and also,
Sent him to the city of death, and seeing that,
Mahaparswa neared him with very great anger,
And Angadha killed him at that time,
And Ravana staring with protruded eyes,
And with exuberance to fight neared the monkeys,
And using Thamasathra made them fall on the ground.

Rama then stopped the Thamasathra by,
Sending Indrasthra and then the ten faced one,
Send Aasaurasthra and as soon as it came,
It caused lot of pain to the monkeys,
It came in the form of elephant, pig, cock,
Fox, dog, snake bison, crow,
Monkey, lion, deer, wolf, raven,
Hawk as also weapons like, iron pestle,
Spear, Sakthi, White axe,
Sword, trident another spear and arrows,
And seeing these things coming in a rugged way,
The human hero sent an Agneyasthra.

With sticks of burning embers and like shining stars,
Moon, sun as well as fire,
It came greatly shining and filled the space,
And the Asureyasthra went and disappeared.
Then Ravana sent the divine arrow given by Maya,
And due to its power the Agneyasthra disappeared.

The human hero made it powerless,
By sending the Gandarvasthra,
And at that time Ravana sent the Souryasthra,
And Rama with courage sent another arrow,
And cut it off and then the enemy of Indra,
Sent ten arrows which were equivalent to Sun,
And wounded the essential parts of Rama,
That great man called Rama,
Sent hundred arrows and with that,
The body of Ravana was cut in several places,
And Lakshmana sent seven arrows with great strength,
And at that time cut off the flag of Ravana.
He sent five arrows and killed the charioteer,
And without trouble also broke his bow,
And at that time Vibheeshana attacked,
And killed his horses with a mace,
And at that time the ten faced one,
Jumped on earth and attacked,
Vibheeshana using a spear,
With great anger and Lakshmana,
Cut that spear with three arrows,
And then to kill Vibheeshana,
He wanted to send the spear given by Maya,
And at that time when he was trying to throw it,
Lakshmana came forward and sent arrows.

Ravana was standing with his entire body,
Bathed in blood and being harried and that,
Ten faced one told with great anger,
To Lakshmana, "good, you have,
Now saved Vibheeshana well,
And now again you please save,
Yourself from the Shakthi that I am sending,
If you are strong please cut this spear."

Saying this he speedily threw the Shakthi,
Which went and stuck the chest of Lakshmana,
And though he tried to stop it by arrows,
Since he was not able to, he fell down scared.
Seeing that Lakshmana has fallen due to the spear,
Rama became sad and being confused,
And since none of the monkeys had strength,
To pull out the spear Rama did it,
By his own holy hands and,
With great anger broke and threw it.

He told Sushena, the son of Sun God,
As well as the son of wind God,
"Please take care of Lakshmana,
Sitting all round him, do not be sad,
This is not the time to be sorry.
I am going to kill the Rakshasa lord,
Please see with an auspicious mind.
The mastery of my hands.
My killing of Bali and speedily,
Building a bridge across the sea,
Along with Sugreeva and others,
My killing of Rakshasas,
Are for making killing of Ravana possible,
And now he has come before me.

It is not possible that in this earth,
Rama and Ravana both would be there,
I have decided to kill that Rakshasa,
If I am born in the clan of the Sun god.
As long as the seven islands, seven oceans,
Seven Mountains, Sun and the moon,
Sky and earth exist,
My fame will keep on increasing.
If I am one who is armed, without any doubt,
I would kill Ravana in this war and let,
Devas, asuras, charanas and sages,
Watch and see my strength.

After saying like this he started war,
By sending arrows with the king of Rakshasas.
That God of the Rakshasas also started to send,
With enthusiasm equal number of arrows.,
At that time when Raghava and Ravana,
Were exchanging arrows similar,
To the torrential rain from clouds,
All the three worlds twanged with the sound of bow.

Thinking of the fact that his brother is lying down,
The lord of Raghu clan was extremely worried,
And told Sushena (the doctor) as follows,
"I do not have courage to do the war,
Instead of living in this world, it,
Would be better for me to die along with my brother,
I am not able to strongly hold the bow,
And I am feeling no strength in the body,
And due to my mind, I am not able to stand,
My nervousness is keeping on increasing,
I am not find the way to kill this bad one,
And in my mind I am losing my, self respect."

When he told like this, Sushena,
Told the God of gods as follows,
"There is no change in colour of the body, It is,
Definite that the lad has only swooned.
Also his neck and eyes are normal,
And so after some time he will wake up."

After saying this and after some more thought,
Sushena told to the son of wind god,
"Please bring like earlier the medicinal,
Plant called Visalya Karni."
As soon as it was told Hanuman speedily,
Went and brought that medicine.
Sushena put its drops in the nose of Lakshmana,
And he got up completely cured,
Again Hanuman took the Mountain back,
To its original place and the younger brother,
Saluted the king and he hugged him tightly.

"Seeing your very bad state,
I lost the courage in my mind",
Hearing that the Lad told him,
"Kindly remember in your divine mind,
That the promise that we have made
To the great sages should not become a lie,
WE should kill this one who troubles the three worlds,
And should take care of the three worlds."

Hearing what was told by Lakshmana, Rama,
Fought with the Rakshasa lord very fast,
Ravana came riding on a chariot,
And Rama opposed him in war.
From the ground fought the great one of Ikshuvaku clan,
And the Lord of the Rakshasas opposed riding on a chariot,
And seeing that Rama was in a great disadvantage,
When Narada and others spoke about it,
Indra was greatly perturbed,
And told Mathali, his chariot driver,
"Without any delay take and give,
My chariot to Sri Rama and also,
Drive the chariot to him in a manner,
That is helpful to him, without hesitation."

As soon as he heard this, Mathali,
Came down on earth and told,
"I have come here as per the orders,
Of Devendra to help you in your war,
With Ravana, please get in to,
The chariot for the war and,
I will drive it with the speed of wind,"
Hearing that, after saluting the chariot,
That king got in to the Chariot,
And seeing Rama in equal position like him,
Ravana with fear looked at the sky.

Rama showered arrows like a torrential rain,
And he also sent Gandarvasthra,
The king of Rakshasas at that time sent,
The Rakshasatra with great force,
To fight with that arrow producing cruel snakes,
That son of Raghu clan sent Garudasthra,
Ravana sent arrows and wounded Mathali,
He also cut off Rama's flag,
And again sent arrows on the horses,
And again the war became very fierce,
And seeing Rama standing tired on the chariot,
Vibheeshana the son of Kaikasi,
Stood there with very great sorrow.
And sorrow increased among all the world,
And that king of Rakshasas said,
I will send you to the city of death, send the trident.

Remembering that it cannot be stopped by arrows,
Rama took a Shakthi from the chariot of Indra,
And sent it towards Ravana,
And Ravana's trident broke in to ten pieces and fell down,
Then Rama wounded the horses,
Of the king of Rakshasas, using arrows,
And Ravana's charioteer became worried,
And parked the chariot away from the battle.

After his tiredness left him, that,
Ravana told his charioteer,
"Why did you ride back forcefully.
Like a blind man, Have I become that much weak,
Did you think that I will run away and hide,
When I am fighting with my enemy?
You are not my charioteer now, as I came to know,
That you are a close relation of Rama."

Hearing the words of the king of Rakshasas,
The charioteer immediately answered,
"Not because I love Rama,
And not because I do not like my master,
I saw that you were greatly drawn out,
When you were fighting with Rama,
And since my love towards you was more,
Till your swoon is completely cured,
I thought you can take rest and get relaxed,
And then again going for war."

"The Charioteer should know the,
Tiredness of their valorous masters,
As well as the tiredness of the horses,
And the victory and defeat time of the enemies,
And the ups and downs in the course of the war,
And He should drive the chariot knowing all,
And then only he is an expert my lord."

Ravana who became clear after hearing this,
Hugged him and gifted a bangle to him,
"Now you take the chariot and join the war,
We will not go back in any circumstance,
By today and tomorrow one thing will be clear,
In this war with the king, know that".
The charioteer readied the chariot very fast,
And Rama with great anger neared them,
And they fought with each other,
And made the entire place covered with arrows.

6.27 Agasthyagamanavum Aadhithya Sthutiyum
[Agasthya's Coming and Sun's Prayer]

When that type war was progressing,
How no one knows, Sage Agasthya,
Who is equal to the sun god came from the sky,
Descended on the chariot of Sri Rama.
Rama stood saluting him and Agasthya,
Told with extreme happiness.
"For bringing prosperity to you,
I have come here now.
This chant called "The heart of the Sun",
Would remove three types of pains and sorrow,
All dangers would go away of their own accord,
Enemies would be destroyed, diseases would be cured,
Life span will increase and good fame will increase,
If it is chanted daily. So please chant it with devotion.

Devas, Asuras, Ragas, Charanas, Kinnaras,
Sages, Guhyakas, Aksharakshas, ghosts,
Kimpurushas, Apsaras and human beings,
Trust in the Sun God and pray to him.

Sun is the god who is the god of all,
He is the one who protects all the fourteen worlds by his rays,
And by it he destroys the world at deluge.
He is Brahma, Vishnu and the great Shiva,
He is Lord Subrahmanya and the kings of the world,
He is Indra, the fire and also lord of death,
He is the Rakshasa lord, as well as Varuna and wind god,
He is Kubhera the lord of wealth, Eesana (Shiva) and the moon,
He is the magic of the stars and the eight elephants lifting the universe,
He is Ganesa, the sun God and also the God of love,
He is the stars as well as the various planets,
He is the aswini puthra (doctors of devas) and the eight Vasus,
He is all the devas, Sidhas as well as Saadhyas,
He is the different manes and the different Manus,
He is the Rakshasas as well as serpents,
And he is the sun god who is the cause of,
Week, month, year and eons and ages.

He is the soul of Vedas who is being studied by Vedanta,
His form is the meaning of Vedas, He is served by those who know Vedas,
One who nourishes, One who brings light, Friend, one who brings brightness,
One who is the soul of the day, one who supports the living, one who brings day,
One who brings light, one who is forever, one who makes day, God,
Witness, Sun, one who takes care of all the world,
One who shines, the one makes others shine, one makes rain, one who shines,
One who is forever, Lord Shiva, one who protects, one who gives protection,
One who removes cold in this world, one who is enemy of darkness
One who steals sorrow, the form which is visible in all worlds.

Sun, The golden fetus, one who has golden senses,
One who likes to give, one who has thousand parts, primeval one,
One who has seven horses, One who has white horses, god of all,
One who wakes up people who are sleeping, auspicious one,
Sun, one who is praised, one of purple colour, one who is endless,
One who is full of light, one who heats, Sun, Ravi,
Vishnu, one who divides, Marthandan, Sun,
One who has hot rays, Sun, One who brightens,
One who is in the sky, divine one, one who travels in the sky, one who is not lazy,
One who cannot be divided, One who enjoys knowledge, one who is well lit,
One who is the cause of creation, upkeep and destruction of the world,
One who is saluted by the world, one who has a universal form, the brilliant one,
One who is the friend of the world, the lord of the universe,
One who has belief and devotion, One who goes in proper way,
One whose rays hurts, Sun, the gem of the day,
One who wakes up lotus, one who is habituated to move,
One who has twelve souls, divine soul, god of gods,
Son of Adhithi, the primeval power of the world, peaceful one,
One who destroys sorrows, The pure soul,
One who acquires sound, one who is praised by Naradha and others,
One whose form is wisdom, One who destroys ignorance,
Meditate on this God daily.

Always with devotion salute him,
Salutations to him who destroys sorrow,
Salutations to him who destroys darkness,
Salutations to him who is gem of the mind and divine joy,
Salutations to him who destroys mist,
Salutations to him who destroys attachment,
Salutations to him who is peaceful, angry, submissive
And is blessed with light and has the form of light,
Salutations to him who is teacher to moving and stable beings,
Salutations to him who is the god who is witness of the world,
Salutations to him who is the philosophy of truth,
Salutations to him whose daily form is truth,
Please chant this "heart of Sun God",
And quickly put an end to your enemies.

Hearing the words of sage Agasthya, the mind of Rama became clear,
His devotion increased and that Rama saluted,
And then that great sage got in to the airplane,
And went and stood beside Narada and others.
6.28 Ravana Vadham
[Ravana's Killing]

Rama then told to Mathali,
"Without worry, you please drive the chariot,
Then Mathali very speedily drove the chariot,
But Ravana was not at all perturbed.
The dust raised covered all the directions,
And surprisingly completely covered the place.
Rama cut off the flag of Ravana,
And put them on the earth.
The chief of Rakshasas hit Rama's horses,
As well as Mathali with several arrows,
He then sent trident iron pestle and mace one after another,
And Rama sent a bevy of arrows, cut them all,
And neared for the war.

Going nearby, parting little more,
Going to the right, going to the left,
Retreating little more,
Seeing the great driving ability of the charioteers,
And the great fighting ability of the fighters,
The devas told, we have never seen so far,
Nor do we hope to see in future and praised.
And Narada became clear and told good, good.

Seeing the war between Rama and Ravana,
All the people of the world became scared,
The air became still and the sun set,
The earth trembled a little,
The ocean churned and turned,
The people of Patala trembled.

Even if ocean were to fight with another ocean,
Or if the sky were to fight with another sky,
What is equal to the war between Rama and Ravana,
Is only a war between Rama and Ravana."
Like that the devas were praising the war,
And at that time Rama cut off one head of Ravana,
And as soon as it fell on the earth.
Another head grew in the same place to Ravana,
And again he cut one more of his head.

That also grew up and then Rama,
Cut it off in another half a second and put it on earth,
And like that he cut one hundred and one heads,
And put them all on the earth,
But again there was no problem for his ten heads,
What a surprise, Good, good telling this,
He cut another one hundred thousand heads,
And still there was no decrease to his ten heads,
Due to power of penance of the lord of Rakshasas,
Surprise, great surprise and wonderful.
My arrow which killed bad people like,
Kumbhakarna, Makaraksha, Khara, Bali,
The very powerful Maricha and others,
When used today against this,
Very cruel one is not able achieve it.
Oh god, I am not able to see any trick to kill Ravana,
Thinking like this, Rama again
Showered arrows on the body of that Ravana.

Ravana also rained arrows as much as possible,
On the body of the God of Gods,
At that time Rama did not feel any pain,
By the arrows that hit his body,
And it felt as if they were equal to flowers,
And it indicated that strength of Ravana was waning,
Like this the war went on like this for seven days,
And after fighting with great enthusiasm,
Mathali saluted Rama and told,
"Please do not feel any sorrow in your mind,
Oh Lord of the universe, you can kill him,
By the arrows given to you by Agasthya,
By the Brahmasthra", hearing what,
Was told by Mathali to him Rama told,
"Good that you told, Using that arrow,
Now I will kill the ten necked one definitely."

After telling this Rama took Brahmasthra,
And properly kept it on his bow,
It was equal to sun god and the fire,
Fanned by wind and being covered by,
Meru and Mandhara Mountains,
That arrow shined all over the world,
And with faith and devotion he sent it.

It went and pierced the chest of Ravana,
Entered the earth, went to the sea,
Washed the blood, dipped and
With the speed of the wind entered,
The quiver Of Rama with no problem,
What a surprise and at that time,
Ravana fell from that chariot on the earth,
Like a huge tree falling on earth.

The devas with rising tides of joy,
Showered over, the head of the one born in clan of Sun God,
New just opened flowers of the divine Kalpaga tree.
The eyes of Indra became very clear,
Brahma also became very contented,
At that time Sun rose exactly in the middle,
The wind started blowing like a breeze,
The fourteen worlds were well lit up,
The sages shouting "Victory, victory',
Getting rid of their sorrow started praising.
The rest of the Rakshasa ran and entered the city,
The entire city of Lanka started weeping,
Sugreeva, Hanuman, Neela Angadha and other,
Monkey warriors started shouting and praising.

Vibeeshana seeing that his elder brother has fallen,
Becoming sad, went near and sat beside him,
And started wailing with sorrow,
"This is the strength of fate which has come,
I told about all this earlier and acting,
Like self respect he parted with me,
Oh hero, You who have entered in to the great sleep,
The fact that you are lying like this on earth,
And I am forced to undergo all this sorrow,
Is that decided by God, who can change it."

Addressing Vibheeshana who was crying like this,
The God of gods with love told as follows,
"He is a greatly valorous hero who faced,
And fought me and who died well,
You should not cry about him,
Because it is not good for the other world,
Please understand that the dharma,
For a valorous king is dying in battle.
Unless one is blessed he will not,
Go to the heaven of valour after dying in war.
You please forget about all the bad things,
And start preparations for after death rites.

When he told this and was standing there,
Mandodhari came there crying,
She fell on the chest of Ravana and cried,
And due to sorrow fainted there,
And started telling her sorrow in various ways.
Other ladies who had come there also started crying.
The son of Dasaratha at that time told,
The brother of Ravana with respect,
"Please process the body of Ravana,
And start a fire without delay."

Then Vibheeshana told, "In this earth,
There is no one who has done as much sin as he,
And so I consider that it is not suitable for me,
To prepare his body", hearing that,
With great respect that son of Raghu clan,
Again told Vibheeshana, "This king,
Of the Rakshasa has died after receiving my arrow
And so all his sins have come to an end,
All enmity comes to an end after death,
He has good life in the other world,
So please perform the after death rites,
Because of that no problem will come to you."

Making a funeral pyre by sandal wood,
With joy, along with great sages,
And then they decorated by cloths, ornaments and garlands,
The body of the king of Rakshasas,
And along with playing of musical instruments,
Following the rituals of cremating,
A Brahmin who does fire sacrifice,
Ravana was cremated as an,
Elder brother by Vibheeshana.

Ladies talked with each other
And unburdened their sorrow,
And later saluted the feet of Rama,
Mathali also saluted the lord of Raghu clan,
And with happiness went back to the place of devas.
All the people who were watching the war,
Also went to their respective places of stay.

6.29 Vibheeshana Rajyabhishekam
[Vibheeshana's Coronation Ceremony]

Rama at that time told Lakshmana,
"Please conduct the coronation of,
Vibheeshana, the Rakshasa chief,
To the Lanka kingdom given by me,
To him with a very happy mind."
Hearing that along with the monkey chiefs,
As well as Rakshasas who were left over,
They collected sacred waters including the water of the ocean,
In pots of gold which were worshipped,
By great sages along with music,
And along with great exuberance,
The anointing was completed.

Greeting Vibheeshana that he sould be king of Lanka,
AS long as earth, moon, Sun and story of Rama,
Exist, they decorated him with crown,
And he gave presents as well as honoured many
And the citizens brought presents to,
Vibheeshana and he became very happy,
And along with presents and honours,
He went and met Rama and kept them under his feet,
And also greeted him and to make Rakshasas happy,
Rama also accepted those presents,
And that divine person told, "Now, I am happy and contented".

He again hugged Sugreeva who was,
Standing with humility saluting him,
And That Rama told him with great happiness.
"I got all that I wanted and desired.
Definitely only with your help I could,
Kill with exuberance Ravana, and,
Without any hesitation crown Vibheeshana.

6.30 Sita Sweekaram
[Sita Acceptance]

Then the king saw Hanuman and told him,
"Go with permission of Vibheeshana,
In side Lanka and inform the pretty Sita,
To tell the news of the killing,
Of the king of Rakshasas and others,
And please note down her expression and words,
And inform it speedily to me after coming here."

Hearing that, the son of wind god,
Went and reached the city of Lanka,
And the Rakshasas came and treated him hospitably.
The honourable son of wind god,
Saluted the daughter of earth,
Who was meditating on the lotus feet of Rama.

Seeing the pleased look on her face,
He started telling all the news,
"Rama Along with Lakshmana, Vibheeshana,
Monkeys lead by Sugreeva,
Has killed Ravana, the king of Rakshasas,
And with sorrow going away is remaining relaxed,
Please know that, he told me after
His mind became happy to inform you"

How can any one tell the amount of,
Happiness that Sita had at that time,
With tottering voice due to emotion she said,
"Monkey chief, what should I tell?
What is method to see my husband?
How long should I wait for that?
Please help me to arrange it, sooner.
As I do not have courage to wait for more time."
Hanuman came back and told Raghava,
All that was told by the daughter of Mithila,
Rama thought it over and told Vibheeshana with joy,
"Go quickly and arrange Sita to come over here.
It seems she is sad that she is not able to see me,
Make her take bath, dress her up in divine cloths,
Make her wear ornaments and apply ointments,
And decorate her and bring her here,
In a very pretty palanquin and,
Speedily bring her near me."

Vibheeshana went along with Hanuman,
To the place of rest of Sita with respect,
Made the pretty one take bath with,
The help of some old ladies, made her up,
And later when she was being taken in a palanquin,
A big noise and hubbub was created,
Due to the monkey warriors crowding to see Sita,
And by security driving them away.
To avoid the crowding and causing problem to Sita.

Hearing the tumultuous sound That merciful one,
Spoke addressing Vibheeshana,
"Are you troubling the monkeys?
What did I tell you to do?
Please tell me what is the harm,
If all of them see the lady Sita.
All of you go and see Sita,
As if you are seeing your mother,
Let the daughter of earth.
Come to me by walk, What is the problem in it?

The Sita of illusion who was created,
For a specific purpose, whose form was pretty,
Became angry by the barbed words,
Which were told in several ways by,
The lotus eyed one and that Sita of illusion,
Told Lakshmana, "without any further delay,
For bringing belief to my husband,
As well as all those people living in the world,
Please make fire burn in a pit,
And I do not have any problem to jump in to it."

Lakshmana hearing that, seeing a pleasant,
Feeling In Rama with great nervousness,
Along with very capable monkeys,
Constructed a Homa pit and lighted the fire in it.
And went besides Rama and stood there,
The daughter of earth also became happy,
And seeing her husband, went round him,
With devotion three times with folded hands,
And saluting Gods, Brahmins, great sages,
As well as the fire Told as follows.

"Suppose I have thought in my mind of any other man,
Except my husband, are you not a witness to it,
As you are the witness for everything in this world,
And so please tell the world the real truth today"
Saying like this, she went round the fire three times,
And without even a little fear, she jumped in to the fire.
Indra and other devas were surprised by this,
And the entire world became still at that time.

Indra, Yama, Varuna, Wind God,
The lords of the devas, Kubhera,
The carrier of Ganga (Shiva), Brahma,
The very pretty Apsara ladies,
Gandarwas, Kinnaras and Kimpurushas,
Rakshasas, manes sages,
Charanas, Guhyakas, Sidhas, Sadhyas,
Narada, Dumburu and other important people,
And all other people who travel in the sky,
Came and crowded around the place,
Where Rama was standing at that time,
And the king of men, Ramachandra who is the divine god,
Saluted all of them and they,
With great love started praising him.

Are you not the doer for all the worlds,
You are the witness for everything,
You who cannot be known by knowledge,
Is the one who destroys ignorance,
You are Brahma the creator,
You are the eighth of the eight Vasus (Rudra),
You are the beginning, middle and end of the world,
You are alone and has the forever form,
Your ears are the Aswini devas,
Your eyes are the Sun and the moon.

Pure, forever, not possible for division,
You are the one who gives salvation,
Those who are covered by your illusion,
Think in their mind that you are a man,
In the mind in which your name is there,
The knowledge of soul shines well.
The very bad Ravana controlled,
Our posts without leaving and without mercy.
He is today no more because of you,
And we can live happily because of your mercy.

When the devas were praising him like this,
The god Brahma saluted and praised him,
"I salute your two feet which gives immense joy,
I salute you who is the best reason to pray,
And who is served by spiritual masters,
Who is in the minds of good people, is non decaying and is the god,
Who is in the minds of all, who is all over the universe,
Who is liked by all and all knowing and a great wonder."

"He who wears gem studded crown, who shines like sun,
Who is the gem of mercy, the lord of Raghu clan, the blessing to Lakshmi,
King of kings, the killer of Rakshasas,
Lotus eyed one, killer of Ravana,
Who gives rise to divine illusion, who is full of illusion,
Who is the Lord of men, Who does not have illusion, who hates Madhu,
Who is the man, who does not have pride, who is best among men,
Who is the essence of sweet and pretty and is Madhava,
Who is meditated by sages, who always goes to sages,
Who is an expert in yoga and is complete and is Achyutha,
Who is Rama with a pretty form, the prettiest in the world,
And who is the prettiest to Sita, I salute him who is like this."
When Rama heard this prayer of Lord Brahma,
And was resting with mind full of divine joy,
The fire God brought Sita on whom the world depends,
And who loves people who surrender to her,
As a royal offering and saluted him,
And all people stood there filled with wonder.

"For the sake of destroying Lanka from the forest,
You entrusted this Goddess to me,
Without any doubt accept her from me,
As the sorrow of all the three worlds is now over",
Raghava then in return worshipped the fire god,
And with happiness made that goddess his own.
That lotus eyed one made the goddess Sita,
Sit on his lap and shined much more.

6.31 Devendra Sthuti
[Devendra Prayer]

Devendra along with all the devas
Saluted Rama with devotion and prayed,
"Oh Ramachandra, Oh Lord, save me, save me,
Oh Ramabhadra, oh lord, save me, save me.
Oh milk ocean of mercy who is there,
To protect us like this,
Let my mind always wish to chant your nectar like names, praise the lord,
Please bless me to be able to tell daily,
And also be able to hear with my ears
Your nectar like story always,
Oh personification of Yoga, Oh consort of Sita,
Even lord Shiva always keeps on chanting,
Your name "Rama, Rama"
And that great one always wears the water,
That washes your feet on his head,
For the purity of his soul."

Hearing several such prayers, Rama told Devendra,
"You have to give life to all the monkeys who died,
And when the monkeys eat ripe fruits,
Make all of them very sweet to them,
And let all the rivers flow as honey for them to drink."
Hearing this Devendra said, let all of them be like that,
With auspiciousness in his mind
All monkeys woke up as if they were sleeping,
And went and saluted Lord Rama.

At that time Lord Shiva, the wearer of moon,
Saw Ramachandra and told him.
"You father Dasaratha has come and is,
Sitting in a plane to see you. Please go and salute him."
As soon as this was told with love that king,
Became agitated and went and saluted him,
Sita as well as the son of Sumithra,
Also saluted the father with great respect,

He hugeed the mysterious divine Purusha,
And kissed his head and with love,
Hugged Lakshmana as well as Sita with love,
And addressing the divine one Dasaratha told,
"Oh pure one, since I loved you,
Who was born as my son,
My sorrow of birth and death came to an end,
And Oh destroyer of ills, oh ocean of mercy,
Let not your great illusion attract me."

Hearing the words of his father Ramachandra,
Allowed him to go back with great joy.
And Dasaratha along with Indra and other devas,
Went and reached Amaravathi and lived there,
Lord Brahma saluted the truthful one,
And along with his permission went to his world.
Lord Shiva along with Goddess Parvathi,
Riding on a bull went to his place with love.
Great Sages like Narada went back,
With the permission of Lord Rama.
And those who were filing up the sky,
Without reservations praised,
The lotus eyed one and went back.
6.32 Ayodhyakkulla Yathra
[Ayodhya Journey]

Vibheeshana, the devotee, with happiness,
After saluting requested the king,
"If you have little affection,
Towards this slave, then very happily,
You should take auspicious bath here,
Along with the auspicious Sita.
Then together after partaking in the feast,
You can start from here."

Hearing what was told by Vibheeshana,
The king of kings told as follows,
"My brother Bharatha along with another brother,
Would be waiting for me with great sorrow,
And I would not assume any decorations,
Without him also doing it,
Nor would I go and live in another country,
Nor take bath and accept hospitality,
And all that would only be done along with him."

He is living waiting for the day,
When fourteen years would be completed.
Suppose I do not go back on that day,
Next day he would jump in the fire and die.
That is why I am making this hurry,
The time for reaching back is coming fast,
And to go back by that time,
Lots of effort is needed.
Not that I do not have affection towards you.
Please urgently show your,
Hospitality to my monkey warriors.
If they become happy, I will also be happy,
Please hear, there is no famine for affection,
If you with affection worship those monkeys,
It would be equal to worshipping me.

After worshipping the monkeys to their,
Satisfaction with drinks, seat, gold, gems,
And many ornaments Vibheeshana,
Went along with the monkeys,
And saluted that lotus eyed one and told,
"For reaching Ayodhya very quickly,
I have the Pushpaka air craft."
When the Rakshasa king told like this,
The best among men accepted it with happiness,
And told, please get it in the morning"
And the air plane of the sons of Paulasthya,
Came and saluted him and he along,
With Sita and Lakshmana got in to it.
Addressing the son of Sun god and other monkey lords,
As well as the Rakshasa king, the lord of Raghu clan,
With a smile and with concern said.
"I would be going speedily to Ayodhya,
You have done the job of your friend well,
There would not be any fear of enemies to you,
Oh monkey king, oh very intelligent Sugreeva,
You go and live in Kishkinda with happiness,
Oh Vibheeshana, king of Rakshasas,
You go to Lanka and live there happily with relatives."

When Rama told like this to them,
They speedily saluted him and told,
"We also would like to come along with you,
To Ayodhya, see and salute Kausalya and others,
Attend the auspicious ceremony of your coronation,
And go back to their own houses and live there.
If this is accepted by your honour,
Then only our unhappiness will end., Oh lord of universe."
"That also happens to be my wish,
And your also thinking in that way is surprising.
So all of you get in to the plane,
With no parting with friends with sorrow now."

Along with the army, Vibheeshana,
And the Monkeys climbed in to the plane.
That Pushpaka airplane obeying the command of Rama,
Rose up in the sky like a swan.
Along with the king of Rakshasas, Sugreeva,
Brother and wife and Rama that plane of Khubera,
Shined like the sun in the sky.

After making Sita sit on his lap,
And showing her all the four directions,
That darling of devotees told,
"Darling, daughter of Janaka, please hear wife,
One who serves me well, one who has lotus like eyes,
See the city of Lanka, which is prettiest in the world,
Resting on the three peaks of Trikoota Mountains.
See the battle field which is drenched with blood,
And full of mud, flesh and bones, which is fearful.
Only there, the fearsome war between,
The monkeys and Rakshasas took place.
And there only Ravana fell and died,
Being hit by my arrow, all for your sake."

Oh wife, Kumbhakarna and Makaraksha,
Died being hit by my arrow,
Indrajith and Athikaya died,
Being hit by the arrows of Lakshmana,
All other Rakshasa lords were,
Killed by the monkeys.
Please also see the bridge that was built,
And reason for building it is yourself.

"Please see the place where all sorrows are to be destroyed,
Please see near there, Rameswaram,
Where the great God Shiva was consecrated by me,
Please salute that God decorated by a serpent.
And near there the very good Vibheeshana,
Came and surrendered to me.
Oh lotus eyed one, and in front of it you see,
Kishkinda the town of the great monkeys."

Hearing with joy the pretty words of her husband,
The daughter of earth at that time requested,
Let us see Thara and monkey beauties and then go from here,
The people of Ayodhya would be interested,
And definitely they would be interested in seeing them,
Also the monkey warriors also for a long time,
Have not been with their wives,
In this world who will know as much as me,
About the sorrow of parting from the husband?
If so we can take their wives also and they
Can also accompany us."

Rama, the lord of three worlds,
Understanding her inner wish, made,
The plane slowly and slowly descend,
And then the lord of Raghu clan told,
"Monkey warriors, all of you make,
Your wives to come with us."
Hearing that monkey warriors, with joy,
Went inside Kishkinda and told,
Their wives, come with them,
And made them get in the plane,
And those monkeys also got in to the plane.

Sita who was the daughter of the lotus flower,
Happily met Thara, Ruma and others,
Saw each other, talked with each other and laughed,
Hugged each other and by the movement of brows,
Quickly became very close to all of them,
Who have contributed and the plane started,
And the lord of the universe told lady Sita,
Along with very great happiness.

"Pretty one, lady please see the wonderful,
And very tall Rusya Mooka Mountain,
And the place where I killed Bali,
Oh pretty one, see panchavati, the place we lived.,
Please salute with devotion the hermitage of Agasthya,
Oh lady with a blue lotus eye, see the hermitage of Sutheeshna.
This is the Chithrakoota Mountain where we lived,
And here we saw Bharatha who came to meet us,
Oh lady, See with joy the hermitage of Bharadwaja,
Which is pure and shines in the banks of Yamuna.
River Ganges is beyond this river,
And this is the country where Guha the king of Srungivara lives,
And then the next is the Sarayu River,
And the pretty one, the next is the blessed city of Ayodhya.

When Rama told like this,
Understanding his wish that plane went down,
They saluted the great sage Bharadwaja,
And the great sage became happy and blessed them,
And Rama asked him at that time,
Are there any serious problems in Ayodhya?
Sage, are our mothers getting along well?
What about our brothers and teachers?"

That great sage then told,
"In the city of Ayodhya nobody has any problem,
Daily the lads Bharatha and Shatrugna,
Eat the purified fruits and roots,
And wearing cloths of bank and sporting matted hair,
Waiting and waiting for you who is the form of truth,
And keeping your foot wear on the throne,
Sacrificing their attachments, they worship it with flowers,
And dedicating all their work to it,
And are very much popular with citizens.

By your blessings I came to know,
Oh divine Lord all the news about you,
The kidnapping of Sita, the treaty with Sugreeva,
The killing of several Rakshasas.
Your valour in war, the valour of Hanuman in war
You are the divine Brahman who does not have,
Beginning, middle as well as end and one,
Who cannot be understood.

"Your honourable self is definitely,
The real Maha Vishnu, that Narayana,
Sita is the goddess Lakshmi and,
Lakshmana is Aadhi Sesha, Oh lord of universe,
You have to make my hermitage pure by staying here today,
You can go and reach Ayodhya tomorrow,"
Hearing these words which were like nectar to ears,
Rama entered the hermitage of that saint,
He was worshipped by the sage along with his wife and brother,
And the Lotus eyed one was greatly pleased.
6.33 Hanuman Bharatha Samvadam
[Hanuman and Bharatha Discussion]

After thinking for a little time,
Rama told to the son of wind God,
"Go and reach the city of Ayodhya,
See my brother, find out news about him,
And come back, you also have to tell him,
My news without leaving anything to him.
While going there, you also go and see Guha,
And when you are alone tell him my position.

Hanuman took the form of a human being,
And first told news of Rama to Guha,
And immediately went and entered Nandi Grama,
And saluted Bharatha who was a devotee.
Always worshipping the slippers of Rama,
Meditating Rama in his mind being pure,
Along with courtesy to his brother and the ministers,
Wearing matted hair and cloth made of bark,
Eating fruits and roots and with a thin body,
Bharatha was living and was seen by Hanuman,
Who greatly respected him and thought,
There is no devotee like him in the world,
And then saluted him and with humility,
Told the following in a sweet manner.

"Within a short time you would be,
Able to see your elder brother always,
Oh treasure of good behaviour,
Along with Sita, Lakshmana,
The very respected monkey army,
Sugreeva and Vibheeshana.
That merciful one will travel in the,
Pushpaka plane and get down here,
You would be pleased to see Raghava,
Who has killed Ravana, recovered Sita,
And who was greatly appreciated by the devas,
Salute him, remove your sorrow,
From your mind and live for long.

As soon as the lad Bharatha heard this,
Due to the pressure of joy fainted and fell.
Immediately he regained his composure,
Got up and hugged the valorous Hanuman tightly,
And shed copious tears due to extreme joy on his head.

I do not know whether you are a deva or man,
For having so much concern about me,
And telling with mercy these words which are pleasant,
I do not have anything to give you which is equal to it.
To you who have driven away my sorrow,
Even if I give the entire earth along with Maha Meru,
It would not be equal to what you did,
Now please tell me the story of Rama which is comforting.

"How did the king get friendship,
With monkeys in the forest?
How did the Rakshasa chief Ravana,
Manage to steal Sita from forest?"
The son of wind god then answered,
To the prince who asked like this,
"I would be now telling in detail,
About the events which happened,
After you parted with sorrow from Chithra Koota.
I will tell them all without leaving anything,
Please hear them with attention
So that all your sorrow will vanish, treasure of penance."
After saying this he told everything,
About the story of Rama which is divine and holy.
Sathrugna, friends, servants and the mothers,
Thinking it was greatly wonderful and celebrated.

6.34 Ayodhya Pravesam
[Ayodhya Entry]

That Bharatha with great courtesy,
Later requested Sathrugna.
"When the worshipful lord is coming,
The entire country should be decorated,
In all temples, sacrifices, worships,
And lighting of many lamps should be arranged.
We have to make arrangements,
For bringing charioteer, flatterers singers,
And those who sing and pray to be here.
All the musical instruments should be played,
And also arrangements to ceremonially wash,
Their feet also should be arranged".

The consorts of kings, mothers,
Horses, elephant and infantry,
Along with ladies from noble families,
Should come happily decorating themselves,
Add flags should fly on all flag poles everywhere,
And see that the roads are cleaned.
Pots full of water, lamps and incense,
Should all be collected fast and be,
Kept ready in the gates of the city,
The sages, Brahmins and royal warriors,
Should also should be present.
All the citizens including old, and young people,
Should be brought to see Rama.

Shatrugna as per the orders of Bharatha,
Immediately decorated the town wonderfully,
Ayodhya was completely filled,
With the citizens who have come to see Rama,
Ten thousand elephants and similarly,
Ten thousand chariots, hundred thousand,
Horses, five hundred thousand infantry.
The ladies of the royal family came,
In palanquins to see their prince.

Bharatha keeping the slippers on his head,
Started to walk towards it,
With respect Shathrugna his brother,
Also walked behind him.
At a distance they were able to see pretty,
Pushpaka which was looking like a full moon.
At that time with happiness Hanuman,
Told to the many citizens there,
"This is the Pushpaka made by Brahma,
On which the lotus eyed one, Sita,
Lakshmana, Sugreeva, the chief of Rakshasas,
Along with the important parts of their army,
Are riding. Please see that form of joy,
The lotus eyed one and the great Purusha."

Then the sound of approval of the people
Echoed from the sky in a loud manner,
The tumultuous sound made by children,
Old ladies, young ones cannot be described.
Those who were on the elephant, horses and chariots,
Got down and all of them saluted them,
Seeing the cause of the universe riding on the pretty plane,
Bharatha felt as if the resplendent Sun,
Was coming out of the top of,
The meru Mountain and saluted.

As per the orders of the divine god,
That Pushpaka slowly came down,
And at that time, Bharatha with tears of joy,
Along with his younger brother went inside the plane,
Rama kept the brothers who saluted him,
On his lap and hugged tightly those lads,
Whom he was seeing after a very long time.
Then he shed tears of joy on their heads,
And went on shedding tears with great affection,
And when the affection was going on increasing,
Lakshmana the elder brother of Sathrugna saluted feet of Bharatha,
With devotion and Sathrugna saluted Lakshmana with respect.

Bharatha along with his brothers
Fell at the feet of Vaidehi and saluted her.
As per the advice of Hanuman, Bharatha, hugged with joy,
Sugreeva, Angadha Jambhavan Neela,
The ferocious Mainda, Vivdha, Sushena,
Thara, Gaja, Gavaya, Gavaksha, Nala,
Veera Vrushabha, Sarabha, Panasa,
Soora, Vinatha, Vikata, Dadhimukha,
Kroora, Kumudha Sathabali, Durmukha,
The very important Vega Darsi, Sumukha,
The brave Gandamadhana, Kesari,
And several other monkey lords.
The monkeys dressed like human males,
And with love enquired Bharatha's welfare,
And moved with all of them happily.

With affection Bharatha hugged Sugreeva,
And in a tottering voice told him,
Definitely only with your help,
Rama was able to kill the respectable Ravana.
King Dasaratha had four sons,
But from now, it has become five,
You are our fifth brother,
And for that there is no doubt. Know this."

Rama saluted with devotion the feet,
Of the extremely sorrowing Kausalya,
She bent and hugged him and then,
Milk came out of her breasts,
Of that mother at that time.
That Rama saluted mother Kaikeyi,
As well as the feet of Sumithra,
As well as the feet of other mothers,
And all of them hugged him with joy.

Lakshmana saluted the feet of his mothers,
They hugged him with a very melting mind,
Sita also saluted the mothers,
And with happiness they embraced her,
Sugreeva and others also saluted,
There Thara stood with great humility,
Bharatha who was immersed in great devotion,
With a melting mind deposited,
The two slippers to the lotus feet of Rama,
And fell on the floor and saluted him.

"This kingdom which was given to me earlier
Is being returned with respect to you who is worshipful.
Today my life has become fruitful,
I have definitely become blessed today,
And all my wishes have been fulfilled today,
And lord, today all my actions have become fruitful,
Oh, king compared to the earlier days,
Our treasury has grown ten times.
The elephants, chariots, horses have,
Grown beyond thought and have grown several times.
Since your grace was with me,
I was able to protect this kingdom.
And you sir cannot give away this kingdom,
And so please protect your kingdom, us and this entire world,
For you sir, there is no other job, Oh treasure of mercy.

6.35 Rajyabhishekam

All those who saw Bharatha who told this,
Praised him a lot and blessed him.
The son of the Raghu clan who was satisfied,
With joy went by the plane went to Nandigrama,
After being respected and went to,
Bharatha's hermitage and got down on earth slowly.
He then respected the Pushpaka plane,
And the divine person later told.

"Now you go and start carrying Khubera like earlier
Specially, you have to come here happily when I call you,
And nobody will prevent you from coming."
Hearing that, Pushapaka Vimana saluted,
Rama and went back to Alakapuri,
Along with his brother, Rama saluted,
The feet of his Guru Vasishta,
The great sage Vasishta blessed him and
The great seat was given to sage Vasishta,
And with the permission of the teacher.
That Rama sat on the throne.

Then Bharatha and Kaikeyi,
As well as Vasishta the son of Brahma,
Great Sages called Vamadeva,
Brahmins and ministers,
Requested, please protect this world,
To Rama, the consort of Lakshmi at that time.

"That Rama of the soul is the form of Brahman, God,
The auspicious one who does not have birth or death,
Pure one, One who is forever, one who cannot be compared, one who does not have two,
Unselfish one, one who does not have stains, one without properties, one who is change less,
The divine one, the one who is moving and not moving things,
One who is full of good, one who is form of truth, one who is primeval,
And he using his great illusion creates,
Upkeeps and destroys all the worlds,"
Hearing this as told by them,
That one skilled in expression along with a smile told,
"Let none of you have any sorrow in mind,
I would live as the king of Ayodhya,
So, you may please make arrangements"
Once the lotus eyed one told this,
With alacrity Shatrugna with eyes full of tears,
Immediately sent for the barbers.

Collection of material for the sacred bath
Was done by everyone with happiness.
Lakshmana as well as Bharatha,
Along with Rakshasa chief, son of Sun God,
First cut off Rama's matted hair,
And with great happiness he took bath,
Wore divine cloths, garlands, ointments,
And make up and all people became extremely happy,
Then they further with great happiness,
Decorated Rama as well as Lakshmana,
With ear studs and matching ornaments given by Bharatha.
The Royal ladies decorated Sita,
With great respect and happiness.
Kausalya gave ornaments and,
Other decoration to the monkey ladies.

At that time Sumanthra brought,
The big chariot after decorating it,
The king of kings, the valorous man, the merciful one,
Along with a royal splendour got in to the chariot.
Sugreeva, the hero Angadha, Hanuman and Vibheeshana,
Dressed in divine ornaments and other decorations,
Along with divine elephants, Chariots and horses,
As accompaniments walked as company,
Sita, wives of Sugreeva and other monkey ladies,
Travelled in vehicles along with company of army,
Behind them the conches were blown as well as,
Various musical instruments were played,
Bharatha became the charioteer,
The white chowries were waved by Vibheeshana,
Sathrugna held the white round fans,
And another brother waved the fans.

There were ten thousand monkey lords,
Who had dressed as men, And they rode,
On the necks of royal elephants,
And their assistants walked along,
When Rama was marching like this,
The ladies also went outside their houses,
Seeing that divine man who was a feast to the eyes,
Who is the blessed man, those ladies,
Forgot all their household chores,
And were very much attracted by him.

Slowly and slowly Rama went and saw,
His father's palace equivalent to Indra's palace,
He saluted went inside saluted his mother's feet,
And also saluted the other wives of his father,
And with love told his brother Bharatha
At that time "You please make arrangements to,
See that Sugreeva, Vibheeshana and other,
Monkey Lords to stay comfortably in separate houses,
This should be done quickly," hearing this,
Bharatha went and made arrangements,
To allot individual houses for all of them.

Bharatha told Sugreeva,
"We have to give sacred bath to elder brother;
You have to get it done auspiciously,
Along with ladies as per rules.
Please get water from the four seas,
Early as it is now first required.
Jambhava, Hanuman, Angadha,
And Sushena were asked to bring,
The waters in golden pot, with,
Their mouth covered with sandal leaves,
After they are filled with water."
And when he sent them to do it,
They brought it immediately.

Waters from sacred rivers, lotus,
And water from other sacred sources,
And also other materials that are needed,
Were all immediately brought by monkey groups.
Sathrugna along with ministers collected,
All other pure products needed.
In the gem studded throne Rama sat,
And to his left sat Sita and
Sages Vamadeva, Jabali, Gauthama,
Valmiki and along with them Vasishta who was their Guru,
Along with great Brahmins,
Gave the sacred bath to the son of Dasaratha.

They then chanted the Vedas keeping.
The one thousand eight pots of gold,
The lord of Rakshasa as well the monkey warrior,
Fanned with a fan having gem studded handle.
The valorous Sathrughna held the umbrella,
And many heroes of royal lineage did other helps,
The keepers of the world and minor devas,
Stood all over the sky praising him,
Devendra send a divine Garland,
Studded with all precious gems,
In the hands of the God of wind,
To the king of human race,
And the lord of earth wore it.

Devas, Gandarwas, Yakshas and Apsara groups,
Started praying that God of gods,
They also rained flowers on him with full devotion,
And they all started praying that treasure of mercy,
"He who is black like the doorva leaves, he who is pretty,
He who has eyes like lotus leaves, He who shines like billions of suns,
The Raghava who shines in garlands and crown,
Who is pretty and has beauty like god of love,
He who looks after earth and shines in yellow silk,
He who shines with Sita on his left side,
King of kings, lord of Raghu clan,
He who is born in the clan of friend of lotus flower (sun),
He who killed Ravana, Rama who is divinely merciful,
He who is dear to those who serve him.
He who serves and is free from all ills,
And at that time with devotion Goddess Parvathi came there,
And then Lord Shiva started praising him.

Salutations to Rama who is strong,
Salutations to one who is black and handsome,
Salutations to one who sleeps on Aadisesha,
Salutations to one who wears ear studs in ears and garlands in neck,
Salutations to the god Rama who sits on the throne,
And wears necklaces and crown,
Salutation to one who does not have beginning, middle and end,
Salutations to Rama who is the form of Vedas,
Salutations to Vishnu who is being studied by Vedas,
Salutations to the ever present one who is saluted by expert in Vedas,
And after being thus praised thus by Lord Shiva,
Devendra also started praising him with devotion,
"The bad Rakshasa called Ravana becoming proud,
Because of the boons of Brahma,
That rogue took away my position,
And his son put me in prison in the great war,
And by your grace now he is dead,
And because of that I got a pleasant life,
Oh very great Purusha, no one has as much mercy as you,
To save me as and when such danger comes,
Is there a need for me to tell this,
And all this is due to the strength of your mercy,
And I do not have support except in you, Oh Lord, Salutations.
Sun, Rudra, Vasus and other nobles,
And all great devas at that time,
Praised separately Rama,
Who is the destroyer of Rakshasa clan,
"He took for himself our shares from fire sacrifices,
That ignorant Rakshasa called Ravana,
And by your merciful look we got it back,
And Oh god, thus our sorrows came to an end,
Oh divine person, oh lord give us blessing,
For us always praying your lotus like feet,
Salutations to Rama who has lotus like eyes,
Who is beauty of the world, and,
Who is also handsome one of Sita."

With devotion manes with a melted mind,
Started praising the God Rama Bhadra,
"Today the very bad Ravana is no more,
Oh god we have come here with happiness,
Happiness has again come in the three worlds,
And fire sacrifices are now offered,
For the fulfillment of all desires,
And because rice balls and water is being offered,
Oh god, our punishment has come to an end."

Afterwards the Yakshas praised,
Rama who is the destroyer of Rakshasas,
"We have now become protected,
Because you killed the lord of Rakshasas,
Oh Lord, who rides on king of birds, oh destroyer of sins,
Protect us Lord, we salute you daily,"
Then the group of Gandharwas started praying,
The killer of Ravana, who is untainted,
"Fearing that blind Ravana,
We were in hiding always,
And from today onwards,
We can pray and sing your stories always,
And travel all over the place, Oh treasure of mercy,
We salute your lotus like feet daily."

Then Kinnaras started praising,
That king in a very pretty way,
"You saved us all by killing that Ravana,
With a very bad character,
We have now a chance to pray you,
And this is because of the strength of your mercy,
We salute you, we salute you,
You who are sleeping on the snake."
Kimpurushas speedily started praising,
With great devotion the feet of that divine god,
"When we heard the name of Ravana,
Shivering with fear we used to hide,
And were not able to walk in the sky,
And so we must be able to sing about your feet."
At that time Sidhas whose wish was fulfilled,
Started praising, "Oh ocean of mercy,
Who killed the ten headed one in war,
And completely cured our mental fear,
We daily salute, daily salute and salute,
Your feet which has the luster of red lotus flower."
And then great Vidhyadharas started,
Praising him with prose and poetry,
"Salutations to the divine God,
Who is the soul of philosophy,
Which is not understood,
By even very wise people."

The Apasara group who search for the pretty form,
Charanas, Uragas, Maruths, Thumburu, Narada and Guhyakas,
And all other people who dwell in the sky,
With sweet words with pregnant meaning,
Prayed him till they were satisfied.
And then with the blessings of Rama,
With desires fulfilled they reached their homes.
And after reaching there they meditated on Rama,
And lived without the three types of sufferings.

Thinking of the lotus like feet of that god,
Who is Filled with the true divine Brahman who makes soul joyful,
Who is Achyutha, who cannot be divided, who is alone and who is free of all ills,
The inhabitants of the three words served him.
Sitting on the throne was that Rama, as valorous as a lion,
And who was shining like billions of Suns along with Sita,
Whose bodies were drenched by the water used for the holy bath,
And who were served by brothers, monkeys, sages,
Rakshasas and the Brahmin groups
And that Rama who was black, pretty, shining like gold,
Was resembling the full moon and was having long perfect hands.
And was shining the atmosphere with his moon like smile,
Was fulfilling desires of all those thinking about him,
And all people seeing and seeing him were extremely joyous.

6.36 Vanaradhikalukku Anugraham
[Blessings to Monkeys]

When the lord of the universe was,
Ruling over the universe and living,
The earth was full of healthy crops,
All houses were fit to celebrate,
All trees were standing with,
Very tasty ripe fruits,
And in the earth all the flowers with bad smell,
Were giving rise to sweet smell.
That Rama gave to good Brahmins,
Hundred thousand horses and cows,
And gold loads of thirty crores,
Added with hundred, hundred thousands,
He also gave those devas of the earth,
Cloths, ornaments and garlands,
Which is beyond the possibility of counting.
He gave greatly shining gem studded gold necklace,
Which is without faults and incomparable,
And which was coloured and peculiar.
To Sugreeva, the son of Sun God.
After he gave two armlets to,
The son of the son of Indra,
He gave to Sita who had an auspicious form,
A necklace whose cost would be more than,
The price of all the three worlds as well as Meru,
And Sita was very happy with it and with a smile,
Wore it in her neck and saw it again,
Holding it with both her hands and saw,
Her husband's face, Hanuman's neck,
And in the middle that gem studded necklace.

That great Purusha who knows the will of her mind,
Told the auspicious goddess,
"Oh pretty one among the people here,
Whom do you really like and to him,
If you give it to him, here there is no one,
Who will go against your wish, darling,"
Hearing that Sita laughed, and,
Slowly called Hanuman and gave him,
The necklace and Hanuman wearing
That necklace was looking extremely happy.

Rama seeing the son of Anjana,
Who was standing saluting him,
Slowly called him and with,
Great joy and with sweet words told,
"Son of wind god, Oh valorous one,
You demand any boon that you want,
Without any hesitation," hearing that,
The king of monkeys saluted him,
And requested the king as follows,
"God, Lord, till your name and,
Your pretty story exists, bless me,
To live in this earth and to always hear the name of Rama,
For by hearing the name of Rama,
My mind would never get satisfied,
I do not want any other boon, Oh treasure of mercy,
Also I should have always firm devotion to you."
Hearing that, the lotus eyed one blessed him.
"Till my story exists, please live, you please,
Live with detachment, Oh friend only,
Through devotion you can merge in Brahman."
Sita also blessed him to live a life of happiness.
He whose eyes became filled with tears of joy,
Again and again he fell on the ground and saluted,
Rama and Sita and with their permission,
With great difficulty, thinking of the lotus feet of Rama,
Went and reached Himalayas for penance.
Then that great human being called Guha and told,
"Hey friend, please go to Srungivara,
And live there thinking of my stories,
Enjoy all pleasures and later,
Get the feeling of oneness with me."

After giving divine cloths and ornaments,
He bid farewell to that great devotee.
With burden of love and sorrow of parting,
Guha who was embraced by Rama,
Went and lived in Srungivara,
Which is made pretty by the river Ganga,
After giving the priceless cloths and ornaments,
Garlands and sandal pastes again and again,
Till they were satisfied the king hugged,
Tightly the monkey chiefs and requested,
Them to go back to their town Kishkinda.
Sugreeva sad because of the parting,
Went to Kishkinda and lived there happily.

Rama after pleasantly talking, hugged,
Janaka the father of Sita and made.
Sita give him a very peculiar new silk cloth,
And also ornaments and requested him,
To go back to his Videha kingdom,
And embraced him and bid him farewell,
He also gave cloths and ornaments,
To king of Kasi with love so that he became happy,
And then for all other kings,
This king gave pure ornaments and,
With great happiness they left to their places.

The Rakshasa chief Vibheeshana at that time,
Saluted with devotion his lotus like feet,
"Due to your helping me as a friend,
Somehow I have won over enemies,
You please live in Lanka as long as moon and stars live,
For you destruction will not take place due to enemies,
Do not forget me and with proper thought,
Live as a pious chief of the people."

Live in a detached way worshipping,
Idol of Vishnu as a devotee of Vishnu,
And as pure person," said Rama,
He gave him pearl, jewels and,
Golden ornaments and bid him farewell.
With sorrow he again embraced him,
Due to the sorrow of parting and due to that,
Shedding tears drop by drop and saluting,
And telling farewell in a tottering voice.
Somehow Vibheeshana started from there.
After going to Lanka along with friends,
He led a pleasant life reducing the sorrow.