Pancha Devatha Stotram

Pancha Devatha Stotram
[Prayer to Five Gods]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[The followers of Sankara worship five Gods viz Shiva, Parvathi, Vishnu, Ganesa and the Sun God. Here is a rare prayer addressed to all of them.]

1. Ganesa Vishnu surya eesa dugakhyam deva panchakam,
Vandhe vishudha manasa jana sayujya dhayakam

I salute Ganesa, Vishnu, Sun God, Shiva and Durga,
Which uplift the pure minded devotees.

2. Yeka roopan, binna murthin, Pancha devan namaskruthan,
Vandhe vishudha bhavane eesa ambenaikaradha achyuthan.

They are same but look different and I salute those five Gods,
I salute with a pure mind Shiva, Amba, Sun God, Ganesa and Achyutha.

3. Kalyana dhayino devaan namaskaryan mahoujasa,
Vishnu, Shambhu shivaa, surya ganesakhyaan namamyaham.

I salute those great devas who grant auspiciousness,
I salute Vishnu, Shiva, Parvathi, Surya and Ganesa.

4. Yekathmano binna roopan, loka rakshana thath paraan,
Shiva Vishnu shivaa surya Heramban pranamamyaham.

They are one but have different forms and interested only in saving the world,
My salutations to Vishnu, Shiva, Parvathi, Surya and Ganesa.

5. Divya roopaneka roopan nana roopan namaskruthan,
Shiva Sankara Herambha Vishnu suryaan Namayaham.

The divine form is but one but they are saluted as different forms,
My salutations to Parvathi, sankara, Ganapathi,Vishnu and Surya.

6. Nithyaan Ananda sandoha daayino, deena palakan,
Shivachyuth Ganesana durgharkyaan noumyaham suraan

My salutations to Shiva, Achyutha, Ganesa and Sun God,
Who daily showers me with groups of joy and
Is the one who looks after the oppressed.

7. Kamaneya thanoon devaan sevaa vasyaan krupavatha,
Sankarena sivaa Vishnu ganesaakhyaan Namamyaham

I salute Shiva, Parvathi, Vishnu, Ganesa and Sungod,
Who are all gods with pretty form and would be pleased by our service.

8. Soorya Vishnu sivaa sambhu vigna raja aabhidhaan suraan,
Yeka roopan sada vande sukha sandoha sidhaye,

By saluting always the unified forms of the Gods,
Sun God, Vishnu, Parvathi, Shiva, and Lord Ganapathi,
We would be blessed with heaps and heaps of pleasure.

9. Harou hare thesehnakare Ganese,
Shakthou ne bhedho jagadhadhi hethushu,
Adha pathathyesha bhidhaam dadhaano,
Bhashantha yevam yathyo achyuthasraya.

There is no difference between Vishnu, Shiva, Sun God, Ganesa,
And Goddess Parvathi who are the cause of this world,
But if we give different meanings to them,
We would be talking like saints who are dependent on Achuyutha.

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