Sanaischara Kavacham

Sanaischara Kavacham
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Asya Sri Sanaischara kavacham Maha manthrasya Kasyap Rishi, anushtup Chanda, Sanaischaro devathaa

For the great armour of Sani, the Sage is Kashyapa, the meter is anushtup and the god addressed is Sanaischara.

Sam Bheejam, Nam Shakthi, mam keelakam, Sanaischara krutha peeda parihararthe jape viniyoga.

Sam is the root, Nam is the power, Mam is the nail and this being chanted to get rid of the problems created by Lord Sanaischara.

Sanaischaraya Angushtabhyam nama
Mandha gathayai tharjaneebhyaam nama
Adokshajaaya madhmabhyam nama,
Souraye Anamikabhyaam nama
Sushkodaraya kanishtikabhyam nama
Chayathmajaya Kara thala prushtabhyaam nama.

Sainschara, Salutations with thumb,
The slow moving one, Salutation with pointer finger
The one with eternal knowledge, Salutation with middle finger
The son of Sun God, Salutation with ring finger
The one with a thin stomach, Salutation with little finger
The son of Chaya Salutation by the hand.

Sanaischaraya hrudayaya nama
Mandha gathayai sirase swaha
Adokshajaaya Shikayai vashat
Souraye Kavachaya hum
Sushkodaraya nethra thrayaya voushat
Chayathmajaya ashtray a phat
Bhoorbawaswarom ithi dig bhandha

Sanaischara Salutation by the heart
The slow moving one Salutations to the head
The one with eternal knowledge Salutations by the hair,
The son of Sun God Salutations to the armour
The one with thin stomach Salutations to the three eyes
The son of Chaya Devi Salutations by the arrow
Bhoor Bhuva Svarom, I tie all directions


Krishnambaradaram devam dvibujam grudra Samsthitham,
Sarva peedaa haram dhyayeth graham ganothamam.

I meditate on the best among planets who wears black silk,
Who has two hands, who sits on a vulture and who removes all sufferings,


1. Sanaischara siro raksheth mukham bhaktharthi bhanjana,
Karno Krishnambaro raksheth, nethra Sarva bhayakara.

Let the slow moving one protect my head, let my face be protected by killer of pains of devotees,
Let my ears be protected by one who wears black silk and the fearsome one protect my eyes.

2. Krishnango nasikaam raksheth, kantam may sithi kantaka,
Bhujou may subhuja pathu, hasthou neelothphala prabha

Let my nose be protected by the black bodied one, let my neck be protected by one with black neck,
Let my hands be protected by one with good arms, let my forearms be protected by one who shines like blue Sapphire.

3. Pathu may Hrudayam Krishna, kukshim sushkodarasthadhaa,
Kantam may vikata pathu, Sakthini ghora roopa vaan.

Let the black one protect my chest, Let my tummy be protected by one with a thin stomach,
Let my neck be protected by one without mat, Let my thigh be protected by the one who looks fierce.

4. Jahununi pathu deergho may Janghe may mangalapradha,
Gulphou gunakara pathu, padhou may pangu padhaka.

Let the tall one protect my knees and the giver of auspiciousness protect my calves,
Let my ankle be protected by one who does good and let my feet be protected by the lame legged one.

5. Sarvaapy Aapi mamaangaani pathu Bhaskara Nandana,
Ya idham, kavacham divyam Sarva peedaharam nrunAam.

Let all me body parts be protected by son of Sun God,
This divine armour would always destroy all problems.

6. Padathi sradhayaa yuktha Sarvaan kaamaan avapnuyath,
Thila dhanya cha Samsthapya yanthram loha vinirmitham.

7. Krishna gandakshatai pushpai archayen moola manthratha,
Krishna vasthrayutham dadshyaath srothriyaya kudumbine

8. Preetha Sanaischarasthasya Sarva badhaam vyapohathi,
Dadhyath Sarva Samrudhim cha puthra pouthradhi Santhathim.
Aayushyam Deergam Aaroghyam Sarvathra vijayam diseth.

Reading this with attention would make all desires to come true,
After offering Gingili and the Yanthra made of iron,
And worshipping with black rice and flowers,
Wearing a black cloth, if done by learned family,
Sanaischara would be pleased and remove all type of sufferings,
Give everything in plenty and also bless with sons and grand sons,
Make his life long and healthy and give him victory everywhere.

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